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Mother Mary - Shine Your Light

Mother Mary - Shine Your Light

sheryl pedersen

I have asked to speak to you today and my scribe has agreed, although a bit reluctantly because she knows that something is up with us in the spirit realm today.

All of you who are reading these words are amazing beings of light and yet, so many of you do not know this to be true. You are hiding out, staying out of sight and keeping yourselves small. My message to you today is that you need to stop doing this. Your planet needs your light right now – and I mean NOW.

So much energy was released to planet earth with the 10-10-10 opening and the download of light to the planet, yet this energy has not yet been fully anchored in. Until it is anchored it, it can not be emanated from you, the receptors of this light energy and shared with the world that is in need of this energy today.

This is a somewhat urgent matter as there are forces at work with the intent to keep things exactly as they are, the people who hold the purse string so to speak. When people stay afraid, powerless and hidden, it is really easy to control the masses. This balance of power is shifting and as it shifts some people will scramble to take back power.

To balance this, more light is needed in every corner of the globe. It’s not about doing anything special, it’s about being the specialness that you already are. This shift is knowing your light and letting it shine out into the world.

Shining light can be helping you neighbour with a job that needs doing, it can be smiling at the child who looks distressed, it can be giving a thank you and a compliment to a clerk in a store, it can be letting the car get into the line ahead of you. All of this is spreading the light. And as you shine light on others, they tend to pass it along, making the world energetically lifted up.

It starts with you acknowledging that you are connected to the source of light, to God, the angels, the universe, your spirit guides or however you choose to call having a connection with the divine. Just knowing you are connected and being open to acting as a channel for this divine energy is the first step.

Step 2 is bringing this light out into the world. You do this through your everyday activities. It’s as simple as acknowledging this connection each day by doing a prayer, meditation or ritual that reminds you of this connection.

Step 3 is taking action based on the knowledge that you do have this connection, doing what a divine being would do at all times, sharing the light that you are.

This simple change in how you face each day will make a huge difference in the world around you. What you are in fact doing is being the eyes, voice and hands of the divine here on earth. This is what you are all here to do, to bring the light of the divine into your world.

Where we are seeing one block is that many of you are not making a conscious connection daily and many of you are hiding out, staying small, acting shy and limiting what you do to make a positive impact in the world. Many of you are so afraid to stand out by doing things differently, that you just stay hidden.

It is like the old sunday school song about hiding your light under a bushel. Now is the time to say, “This little light of mine. I’m going to let it shine.” for that is the need of the planet, every one of you doing your part to shine. This will make a difference, not only for you, but for everyone and everything around you.

Let go of the fears of being seen or standing out in the crowd for in a world of pain and sorrow, being happy and kind and bright is not usually the norm. We are asking you to help create a new norm for your world by modeling what it is like to live life with a connection to the divine, sharing the love and the light that you are.

So consider making these small but important changes to your daily routine. Tune in to the divine and share the energy of the divine with those around you through everything that you do. Simple and yet profound.

Thanks to all of you who choose to do this simple work for that is the role of a lightworker.

Blessings, Mary, your divine mother

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