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"Power of the Order of Magdalene Initiation" -Blue Ray

"Power of the Order of Magdalene Initiation" -Blue Ray


Shekinah and the Blue Ray Transmissions for all Light Bearers ready to receive The Ancient Sacred Technologies:
The Blue Ray Beings are an ultra-sensitive empathic soul group like the Indigos that came from many different ascended planets and light realms to enlighten the genetic code of humanity and raise the God consciousness on Gaia. They are the lost ray of the Light Worker.

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"Shekinah", a Hebrew word in the "Language of Light", is a mentor of the Blue Ray. Shekinah is the lost aspect of the sacred Divine Feminine of Creation that is the embodiment of God, the ascension process. Blue Ray is the soul group consciousness of the highest aspect of all Blue Rays. Together we give you these transmissions.

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Star Goddess Star Goddess Christine Von Lossberg Fanstasy Art

Beloved Blue Ray and Light Bearers, we are singing to you in the tones and sounds of creation. Can you hear our choir of Light? It beckons you to be in the perfect time and place. By surrendering to the highest attunement of Creation, the cosmic flow places you in instant Divine alignment.

We are gathering in many ways that unify and strengthen your Divine power and Light bodies so you may embody more of your core essence - your God DNA.The sacred sister ships, brotherhoods, tribes of Light, and frequency holders of Earth, are being called from a deep place of the living soul of humanity to come together to activate the codes of Light, the codes of unity.

These gatherings, whether they are small or large, frequent, or one-chance meetings, serve the Divine Plan of Light and return of the Divine original intent of Creator. This activation is also happening as you reconnect to nature and the elements.

We, the Blue Ray, have come to you in unison with the voice of Gaia, as she has given you a sacred ritual that empowers your sacred connection, assisting to heal the Earth. The Sacred Divine Feminine Shekinah, in her many names and expressions of the Divine, is a mentor and over lights the Blue Ray. The Blue Ray naturally carries an inner calling of the Sacred Divine Feminine in their vibration. It is an essential element of creation that will bring healing and balance to humanity. This is part of your holy mission, no matter if you use these specific terms or not. The healing of the Goddess is within you.

Throughout the ages we have kept the Sacred Divine Feminine alive in various ways, for without her essence, you would not be able to sustain life in the way you know it. When the power elite of the times wished to banish the healing of the Goddess and all her ways, the Goddess found refuge in the sacred Heart and in the cells of Light - your God DNA. This is where your true treasure of the Holy Grail has been awaiting your return.

In ancient times, when the temples crumbled, were seized, controlled and manipulated, the Divine knowledge was not lost but kept in this safekeeping. Isis found embodiment in the name of Mother Mary in her sacred Heart, though many do not know the true meaning or divinity. Mary was a term used that is very old. Mary means that she is in service to humanity and represents all aspects of the Mother principle. All ways are now converging into the one Heart, the one Heartbeat of creation.

"In the name of the Goddess, my Mother your life force of truth and Light will live on in me through my children and in the life of my children's children until the time of your safe return." One of the oaths said when 1000s upon 1000s were put to death because of their honor or connection to the Sacred Divine Feminine.

Many of you are from the sacred sister ships, brotherhoods, and tribes of Light that went into hiding. You took a holy oath to keep the ancient sacred Light lineage - "God DNA" intact for all humanity and life. It is time that your encoded message of Light be heard and seen for it is meant for Earth to hear.

The Goddess Heart is calling you to awaken and remember who you truly are. Hear her voice as she lives in your Heart and in every fiber of your being. I call upon you my beloved, for together is how we may bring the era of Light on Earth as we were meant to, walking hand in hand.

In the voice of the Goddess, the holy Divine feminine Shekinah through the "Sisters of the Sacred Rose", we speak now and call forth the gathering of the sacred sister ships, the anointing of women. We wish to first acknowledge our Divine beloved male; we do not exclude you, for many of you held the sacred rose of the Goddess in your Heart for her. You supported the Goddess so we could flourish; we continue to ask you to hold her in your Heart for the healing of all life, and if you feel called to come together in the sacred brotherhoods and sister ships of which we are all a part.Thank you my beloved.


We are the "Sisters of the Sacred Rose", the Rose Ray, keepers of the sacred Heart, and together with you, are the ascended Goddess, the rays of Creation that represent the Sacred Divine Feminine. Shekinah with Magdalene, Mother Mary and the Hathors over light the Sister of the Sacred Rose.

We are secret priestesses that are in service to the Light and the positive evolution of mankind. We know the ancient esoteric tools, giving us a direct link to universal energy that awakens Divine power. This sacred knowledge was passed down through Atlantis, Lemuria, ancient Egypt and the initial star seeding of Mother Earth.

We are repairing the DNA by sacred sound codes in bringing the Light from the higher realms and anchoring her holy frequency of Creation in our Hearts and into Gaia. It is a "Language of Light" and, when heard, activates your ancient soul power.

Creation is working in awakening the Sacred Divine Feminine in humanity through the Magdalene, the Order of the Holy Grail. Shekinah, Magdalene and Hathor in her name vibration are activating a sacred encodement within you. She ushers the Christ return, the Christ body, bringing balance and harmony to what you already are and know, the Divine male.

The body is a star gate, a luminous temple of creator where the Christ body resides in the cells of Light. The Sacred Rose Ray initiation is being transmitted though sound wave frequencies of the central galactic core via the way of these holy sister and brother ships, to which the many sensitive beings are awakening and attuning their vibration to the higher Heart of Creation.

The rose is our powerful ally, our symbol of the sacred Heart of transformation, the power of love, a secret code of the Goddess alchemy. We used the rose, which means the Sacred Divine Feminine, when it was not safe to gather or speak of such things.

Our Hearts are the place where no one or energy could take away our sacred Divine power - this is where you will find your true power and the sacred essence of the Goddess Light.

We have a sacred and intimate relationship with Gaia's higher self and God's "Divine Will". In working with Gaia, we are assisting in reestablishing sacred partnerships with the Archangels of life called the 4 elements and directions, the Faery and Angel Kingdom and Pan Realm. Many of you are powerfully drawn to the healing and restoration of these sacred partnerships.

The holy bond with Gaia has suffered greatly among humanity and a sacred reunion is wishing to be restored. Without this sacred communion and bond to know its holy origins, your world will continue down a road of suffering and illusion.It is time, my beloved, to bring Heaven to Earth and restore the sacredness and unity of all life. This powerful encodement of Light is destiny calling your name. The priestess knowledge is awakening within you to take back your Divine power.

This reestablishment of the Mother Goddess frequency through the sacred Heart will ensure Creation to respond and open a new pathway for mankind to live in harmony and communion with the higher realms. Know that regardless if you wish to gather or not in any groups, that you as Light Bearers are the holy tribe of humanity carrying the star seeds of Light. You are assisting in the healing of Divine partnerships with Gaia, by being who you are - the Light.

There is much we wish to share with you as you approach a closer alignment with the galactic center that will increase our communications. This speed of Light will shine into all darkness, making it appear that time is moving faster. What has been hidden and kept from you will be revealed, for Divine truth and the power of Creation lie in your essence, your DNA, and the sacred Heart is your doorway.

(13) (444)

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Hilarion : Why it is Better to say I AM ALL vs I Am Realizing that I Am All

Hilarion Why it is Better to say I AM ALL vs I Am Realizing that I Am All

Adam Margolis

Hilarion Why is it Better to say I AM ALL rather than I Am Human Realizing I AM ALL

Thoughts to consider:

Better to mentate: I am big,
Or I am totality,
Or I am my full self,
Or I am all my bodies,

Whatever is natural.

Rather than I Am Human Realizing my Vastness


For this reason:

If I affirm to myself (think) that I am my “human” and I am expanding my awareness to encompass my full self, my complete self/
that which is everywhere and within everything ( through source);

This sounds great, noble, true.
And truly, most of us know that is what we want,


Here is one possible downside:

If we have a smaller/:human:, and we have a larger, so to speak, cosmic or real self, then
We are simply re-introducing the concept of separateness

So, perhaps, we might experiment with ie

ONE or

2009 30 May

Through Adam Margolis


30 Mayıs 2009 Cumartesi





Greetings beloveds. Your life and your world are going through a transformation of unprecedented proportions, and those around you are playing an important role. We ask that you honor those in your life who are bringing forth joy and pleasure. We also ask that you honor those in your life who are producing challenges and strife.

You and those you interact with are involved in a grand adventure into the unknown, creating a new life. You are building a new existence, a new world.

Beloveds, forgiveness plays an important role in this process. We understand that it can be difficult to forgive someone who has done physical or emotional harm to you or a loved one during your life experience, yet it is of paramount importance that you find the strength and willingness to do so, for when you forgive another for their transgressions it opens the flood gates, thereby allowing you to be bathed in grace.

And, while you are forgiving, dear ones, please remember to forgive yourself.

We ask that you show appreciation and love for those who bring pleasure and those who create obstacles and challenges as well. EVERYONE in your life experience is playing an important role. We invite you to look at those who are creating challenges in a new light. Consider embracing compassion when interacting with ALL people in your environment. Use compassion, especially when interacting with those who are causing pain in your life.

Question from messenger: How can we do this?

Breathe deeply as you relax and bring the person or persons who you feel are causing, or have caused displeasure to the forefront of your mind. Place your attention in your heart and appreciate them for the role they are playing in your life; love them exactly as they are as you see the true essence of their being. Love them for the lessons imbalance they portray, imbalance you may choose to correct and return to a harmonious state.

Whenever you find yourself becoming frustrated, angry or upset in any manner with others in your life, we encourage you to use this practice, which will transform the energy. It only takes a few moments to shift the energy from discord to harmony, love and appreciation.

We also suggest that you use the same technique for those who bring pleasure and enjoyment into your life. As you love and appreciate those who bring joy into your life you will amplify the higher vibrations of love and appreciation exponentially.

This applies to you as well. We encourage you to spend time daily appreciating and loving yourself; a moment or two will create miracles.

When you transform the energy of the moment, you transform the energy of your life experience, and as you transform the energy of your life experience, your experience will be enhanced far beyond its current state.

We ask that YOU be the catalyst for the change you wish to see and experience.

Ask for our help, dear ones, and we will be there to assist.

You are loved and appreciated beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek
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Artwork by Matia Michaelson
Image Copyright * Star* Quest * Ronna Herman


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7 Tribes of Galactic Expression (AA Michael/Ronna Herman)

From Scripting your Destiny book, excerpt from 12 sacred tribes of Creation.
I am writing the 7 galactic ones here so you can see which ones you are and how you choose. We are born with some, we can focus on others and develop to higher expessions always :)

*LEADERS/PIONEERS/WARRIORS : Will (power) to Create/desire to protect

*SCHOLARS : Wisdom/abstract knowledge (desire for understanding / enlightenment, inward focused)

*SAGES/TEACHERS : Active intelligence (tolerance, desire to be of service to humanity)

*ARTISANS/CREFTSMEN : Artistic creation / builders of form (visionaries, restorers)

*SCIENTISTS : Concrete knowledge (desire to manifest the aspects, virtures and attributes of the Creator in the physical expression or on the material plane, and to understand the workings of the universe)

*CRUSADERS : Devotion/ idealism (selfless service, healing, nurturing, desire for highest Creator truth)

*SERVERS/SEEKERS : Desire for spiritual freedom / redemption / purification (desire to serve and utilize the unviersal laws of manifestation in their highest form)

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Trust Your Soul's Plan - Archangel Uriel through Jennifer Hoffman

Trust Your Soul's Plan
a message from Archangel Uriel channeled by Jennifer Hoffman
Thursday, 21 May, 2009

There is a plan for your soul that goes beyond your soul contract and karma, it exceeds the scope of your lifetimes and your eons of human experiences. The plan is the promise of reconnection and the journey of experiencing the dark to bring forth the light. Each of you carries a specific vibration that together is the totality of the vibrations represented in the third dimension. The collection of these vibrations ranges from the ego-based human to the spiritual human. Your soul's plan has always been to bring you to the place of reconnection and joy.

In each lifetime you follow the path that you have chosen from your karma and soul wounds. Even that is part of your soul's plan for healing of the earth energies. Know that you have participated in these energies in order to experience them as a vibration. You chose the polarity that corresponded to your highest vibration so you could transmute that energy. Each person chooses the energy of their path from the soul's vibration so they can take it from separation to reconnection.

In your darkest times your soul plan has always focused on reconnection and your soul's light has never been touched by the darkness even though you have forgotten its presence. At times when you feel you are not fulfilling your mission and the energy of separation creates fear that you will not succeed, your soul's plan will be fulfilled. You will reach the end of this journey as you have created it when you began.

Each of you has been in agreement with each other and with Creator from the beginning of this human cycle. There has always been an assurance of completion and reconnection. Even though it seems to be far away from a material perspective, you are closer than you have ever been to the final steps of this path. You are guided and supported; there is energetic assistance from the angels, guides, councils and light beings who are your partners on this journey. Your soul's plan will come to fruition, that is Creator's promise. Trust in your soul's plan and in the promise of heaven on earth as you fulfill its final moments, this is the time to rejoice, celebrate and prepare to receive your mastery as you complete your plan and enjoy the rest you deserve.

24 Mayıs 2009 Pazar




Initiated to me, Adam, consciously by Sanat and dolphins

Sanat has been working on me - he says to get me ready to personally
understand this frequency, at many "levels", this energy, this ie
dolphin reality.

We will have 2 attunements. In separate classes.
The cost for each attunement will be $ 22.00
You can sign up for the first Silver Ray Attunement right here

I. The Silver Ray Attunement under the Dolphins
II. The Cosmic Silver Ray Activation under Lord Sanat Kumara


While the Silver Ray has held a vibrational balance point toward the
divine feminine,this Ray is now moving toward manifesting a bit more balance between the masculine and feminine .

This will be a bit new for recent times.

The Silver Ray has been a vibrator and holder of sacred divine feminine

As the feminine and masculine are coming more into balance on our
planet, you could say that creativity is taking on a "new name".
Specifically you could say that the possibility of Sacred Union of the
Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine within our own Soul and on
"down" as so many have called our outer consciousness. is initiating
quantum possibilities in co-creativity with God or Source.
By the way, one of the purposes of "outer or more limited, less complete
conscious awareness was to become a co-creator with God or Source.

Now that the Days of Separation on your timeline are beginning to curtail,
We are on a mass consciousness , you could say, teaching program,
This would be that with the advent of feminine and masculine balance and
unification on our planet, the available powers of creativity on all
levels are greatly multiplied in scope and possibility,.and may be
applied within our own being and also in respect to our interacion with

You do cognize, realize? that creativity presupposes ,or, you could say
requires, a flow of energy or consciousness, which could also be
referred to as guidance,
And we hesitate to use the word guidance, because one could actually be
in attunement with a flow of consciousness, but it might be to them,
just how they are , are being, at that time.

You will feel expanding states of consciousness, awareness, and depth of

Another words, as unification takes place,, levels of what you might
call the sweetness of the divine, shall flow into you as never before.

As the hope that is within us becomes real, and in doing so reveals
itself to us,

I am here,


Sanat Kumara

22 Mayıs 2009 Cuma

Archangel Michael:Blue Waves of Truth


Archangel Michael Michael addressing the May 19, 2009 teleconference:

"I bring greetings to Planet Earth and most especially to this wondrous Family. I am the one you call Archangel Michael and I bring with me the Sword Excalibur. We have given this to you in solemn ceremony of presentation already and so we ask you to accept now, again, in ceremony the Sword Excalibur and to hold it ready to wave the wondrous blue waves of Truth over Planet Earth, because the call has gone out.

"The call has gone out from the consciousness of the Planet to know the Truth from the highest levels. And this is most wonderful. It is solemn, but it is joyful. And so we ask that you join in a brief exercise wherein this Truth shall be presented to all of Planet Earth. And so if you will just relax and as is often said, just breathe deeply.

"Breathe into your being, Beloved Ones, and locate the Sword of Truth called Excalibur within your beings. And we ask that you present it first to your own wondrous loving selves. Wave it in any manner you choose. Know that this is the Sword of Empowerment, but it has Love as its purpose.

"It is made from Love and it has the mission of sharing and spreading the Truth that Love brings. This is the highest Truth of the Universe. This is the Truth that the entire Universe, as it has been created by Mother-Father God, has been created out of Love and that all that is really real is Love and that all that brings the Universe together into Oneness is the energy of Love.

"So wave the Sword and allow the wondrous blue waves of Truth to come throughout your beloved being permeating all that you are, all of your fields, past, present, future, all of your bodies starting with your physical and working out, spreading the waves of Truth until you are totally unified, united and feeling the Love and the Truth of who you are, that you are Love.

"And you are in total connection now with the all that you are and your Spirit is now communicating with you, that which you call your Higher Self, or your God Self. And the Truth of it is that the sword and its waves of Truth revealed to you, that there is God or Divinity, Goddess in every part of you in your physicality and in all of you.

"There is no separation between you and Mother-Father God-Goddess. There is Divinity, there is Love and as you to accept this Truth into your own being, when you are ready, direct the Sword to wave over the entire Planet. Direct the waves of Truth to go below the Planet that those who dwell there may know that this is taking place now on Planet Earth.

"And direct the waves out to the Universe as a message unmistakably clear that Planet Earth is now enveloped in the highest of Truth, in the Love that is the highest energy, and indeed the only Truth of the Universe that is real everywhere and real and dwelling within every being in the Universe, whether they recognize that or not.

"And empower this Truth to come into the hearts and into the minds and the wisdom eye of all inhabitants of Planet Earth and most especially to the humans and let this Truth tell them that they are Love, loving beings, loving spirits occupying a denser body, the body of the humans.

"And that even though it might be uncomfortable at times, that the Truth is that they came here as expressions of Love with the freedom to choose otherwise, if they so desired. But the prevailing Truth is they are Love, bathed in Love, created in Love and that Love is all they really are.

"And if they have invited emotions that are the opposite of Love, they can free themselves instantly. And they can use the Sword Excalibur as do you, if they choose, to use that particular tool to free themselves from that which might be termed the lower and untruthful vibrations that come from fear and all of its related emotions, feelings, attitudes and thoughts, words and deeds.

"Let Excalibur unify the Planet in Love. Let Excalibur speak and let the Blue Waves of Truth enter where minds may have been closed to this Truth, let them enter through the hearts. Let the Blue Waves find an opening, if there is any at all to find.

"Let the Blue Waves empower every being with the Truth of who they really are. And let it happen now and continuously, for as Earth evolves higher and higher upon the Ascension path, this is the news that those who slumber in the lower vibrations have been waiting for.

"This is a key to them that unlocks the door to their own Ascension path and let them know that they are loved and honored for all that they have done without judgment, without shame and with no need for guilt; only that they are asked now to accept Love as who they are, to accept Love as the basis for all of their thoughts, words and deeds, that they can go back and change even their past with the Truth of Love.

"And most importantly that we ask all humans to look upon their own shining selves and see the Truth of the Love that they are, have always been and always will be. And whatever they think they might have done, whatever emotions they carry in their minds, in their hearts, in their emotions, that are less than Love, are not real, are not Truth. And it is time for the Truth to enter into all of them, that they may feel the Freedom and the Joy.

"That is Love, true Love and that is the only Truth they need in their beings, because when they accept that then they themselves become the unconditional Lovers of all of humankind and all of the dwellers of Planet Earth below, on and above and radiating it out to the Solar System, the Galaxy and the great Universe beyond. And they come into Oneness with one another, true Oneness, not just a group of people coming together under the banner of a country or religion or some kind of social cause or war.

"Indeed they come together under the banner of the only Truth there is and that is the banner of Love and that, Beloved Ones, is the Truth of how you accomplish the lifestyle of the Golden Age and the realization of your own Ascension.

"And as you go with the Light of Truth which is Love, so goes Planet Earth, the Solar System and all of those who are waiting with such great expectation for Earth to accomplish what she has never done before and to lead the way.

"Keep Excalibur handy in your hearts, in your beings. And let this Light of Truth shine forth always and forever. And keep sharing it with the world, even as you share your own precious loving selves and your service. We thank you with gratitude too great to even begin to express in words. We ask you to feel it in your hearts, waves of gratitude, waves of Love.

"Shine forth, Beloved Ones! You’re brighter than the brightest of stars and you are living proof of the Truth of the Love in which we are all One evermore as we have always been and so we shall be. And so it is. Thank you endlessly and Namaste!

© Susan Leland 2009. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered

The Arcturian Stargate /Sedona Journal - Juliano, the Arcturians and Archangel Metatron through David K. Miller - 7 March 2009

Keyed by hand by Caryl from Sedona Journal of Emergence, May 2009

The Arcturian Stargate

Juliano, the Arcturians and Archangel Metatron through David K. Miller - 7 March 2009

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. As the ascension gets closer, we are focusing our energies and our teachings on the Arcturian Stargate. The stargate is coming into alignment with the Earth, just like the Earth is coming into alignment with the Central Sun. There is a beautiful triangle of fifth-dimensional etheric light that aligns or creates a beautiful alignment with the Central Sun, the Arcturian Stargate and the Mother Earth.

In fact, many of the starseeds have returned to the Earth at this time for the specific purpose of experiencing the alignments that are before you with the Arcturian Stargate. We have compared alignments before with the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon. Our example has been this:

If you were a student of astronomy and you knew that there was an eclipse of the Sun of great magnitude and great power, then you would easily travel to South Africa, to the North Pole, to the South Pole – or wherever it was on the Earth that would enable you to receive the highest perspective and the highest energy from that eclipse.

In the same way, you as starseeds would want, in fact have, decided to reincarnate into the Earth at this time, in part, to experience the alignment with the Central Sun and the alignment with the Arcturian Stargate.

In cosmic alignments, there are powerful energies that would not normally be available. In a cosmic alignment, you receive and can accelerate your powers of fifth-dimensional activation, of fifth-dimensional streaming and of fifth-dimensional shimmering. You can activate your energy with thought projections, with pulsing, with dynamic interactions and with the fifth dimension that will allow you to ascend.


The power of this ascension energy on Earth is twofold. The first power comes from the Earth’s alignment with the Central Sun. The second power, and equally dynamic one, comes from the alignment with the Arcturian Stargate.

The Arcturian Stargate is a portal that allows the starseed activated beings to participate in their planetary choice for their next incarnation process. This means that at the stargate, you can review and participate in choosing where you want to incarnate next, including which planet. It always means and also includes the possibility of returning to the Earth for another incarnation. This is a great power and a great gift—to be able to participate in the planetary reincarnation process.

In the hierarchy of soul evolution, consciousness, choice and the participation to choose an incarnation is considered a higher value. When you are able to participate in the life you are going to, and the planet you are going to, then you can be assured that you have reached a higher level of soul evolution.

Now, on the Earth, in a normal reincarnation process, your next lifetime is, in part, directed by your guides and teachers. Your next lifetime, in fact, is set in parameters in accordance with your Earth karma. Your next Earth reincarnation is in many ways preset, based on the needs that you have for your own learning and for your own evolution.

In fact, when you are born through the Earth’s incarnation process, part of the whole process is dependent upon your forgetting everything about the reincarnation process. You are made to forget about the inter-life, or life-between-life processes so that, in essence, you come to the Earth in an incarnation with a relatively clean slate. I say “relatively†because you know that there are certain soul imprints that carry on from lifetime to lifetime.

We have used the example of Mozart who has a great soul imprint for music that carries on in any lifetime that he manifests. In any lifetime that he wishes to access that talent, he can use music to his greatest and highest good. Even with such a powerful imprint, you must still consider the fact that someone like Mozart did not have conscious memory of other lifetimes in which he was a musician. He did not even have memories of his musical experiences between his life-between-life processes.


The life-between-life process is often as important in the whole evolutionary process as the experiences that you have on the Earth in a lifetime. I know that the lifetime on Earth can often be of a limited consciousness. However, each life-time on Earth has the potential to be lived in 100 percent awareness. In fact, if lifetimes were experienced in 100 percent awareness, then people would be making different decisions about what they are doing with themselves.

It is true that the third dimension is a dimension of duality and a dimension of restriction. This third-dimensional restriction is such that there is not an easy opportunity readily available to experience the inner life and life-between-life memories. However, through special meditation and through special studies, you can reawaken your memories from the past life and the life-between-life experiences. With those memories you can also further awaken your starseed consciousness.

In the stargate there is an entirely different operational principle. That stargate operational principle focuses on awareness. When you go from the stargate to another planet, then you go in full consciousness and in full awareness. You go in full memory of all your life-between-life experiences. You go in full memory of your past lives.

To be able to go through the stargate, you have to have a greater consciousness. You have to have a more evolved soul. That is what you are developing now. That is what you are evolving toward. This lifetime on the Earth is bringing you closer to a higher soul evolution.

In fact, we have noted that in any one lifetime, but in particular in this lifetime, you can gain full consciousness of all of your past lives. You can gain full consciousness of the lessons of the life-between-life experiences.

We want you to develop this ability. We want you to understand that the normal consciousness that you have of yourself is a limited consciousness. It is limited necessarily by the restrictions of the third dimension. You are expanding and moving up to a higher level of consciousness, and with that higher level, you are quickly developing the ability to enter the Arcturian Stargate.


In the transition for the ascension, we recommend remaining in full consciousness. When you are approaching and accessing the stargate and leaving the Earth’s incarnation process, then we are working, helping and teaching you to make this transition with full consciousness. That means that as you are traveling through the corridor for ascension, then you focus on the Arcturian Stargate.

You are visualizing and you are directing yourself in these soul energy spaces called “corridors.†The fuel that propels you to the place you want to be is your thoughts. Your ability to project yourself through a corridor is a vital tool and a vital skill that you want to access and use when you are in the ascension corridor. This means that you should visualize and think: “I am projecting myself to the Arcturian Stargate.â€

I, Juliano, am downloading a corridor of light around each of you who are listening to these words. This corridor of light is a stargate corridor that we call a “practice corridor†that enables and offers each of you an opportunity to experience and to practice projecting yourselves to the Arcturian Stargate.

There are only two stargates in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The Arcturian Stargate is the official stargate for this half of this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. That means that anyone or any being who wishes to reenter and process themselves into another planetary incarnation has to come through—or it is desirable for them to come through—this stargate.

Going through our stargate is the most favorable way to do so. Naturally, when you come through the stargate, you are doing this with consciousness. Then you will correctly choose a fifth-dimensional-planet—a more evolved planet to continue in your incarnation.

In fact, rest assured that in the fifth dimension, you will go through an incarnation process, but it is totally different from the third-dimensional incarnation process. What is different? As I have said, in the fifth-dimensional planetary system, you enter an incarnation in full consciousness of life between lives and past lives.

For example, that means that you will even have a memory of this lecture that I am giving. You will have memory of what you have done on the Earth in this lifetime. You will have memories of other lifetimes that you have been on the Earth.

You have to understand—my starseed friends whom I love very much and I send you my blessings—what a great event it is in the soul evolution to go and approach the stargate. You have to understand what a great leap of spiritual energy it is to complete a planetary incarnation, such as what you are doing now on the Earth, and to graduate and to go through the Arcturian Stargate.


Many people have asked, “What is it like in the stargate?†The stargate is in the fifth dimension. It is a fifth-dimensional heavenly gate that has an unlimited amount of contacts with different planetary systems that are much evolved. The best way that I can describe the stargate is for you to imagine that you are in a huge train station. Perhaps you might call it â€Grand Central Station.†Another term would be a Grand “Central Sun†Station.

In that station you might see signs like: “Going to Pleiades,†“Going to Sirius,†“Going to Aldeberan,†“Going to Scorpio,†“Going to the Andromeda Systems,†“Going to Xerxes†or “Going to the Central Sun Moon-Planet Alano.â€

You would also see that many corridors in the stargate. Each one is a beautiful transitional corridor in which you are accelerated and projected into a much higher consciousness in preparation for downloading yourself into an incarnation. It is a beautiful process to go from a spirit form into incarnation form. This process is enhanced when you are in higher consciousness.

In the Arcturian Stargate we have special teachers or guides who will work with you. Imagine that you come into the Great Central Sun Station and you are beginning to contemplate which corridor you should take in order to go to the appropriate planetary experience for your soul. You need to decide which higher dimensional planet would be best for you.

I understand that when you have so many positive and interesting choices that sometimes you become frozen and are unable to make any decision. We, the Arcturians, are going to be there helping. Also, Archangel Metatron is there at the stargate.

We even have classes where we have group discussions. At the stargate you do not have to immediately decide which place to go to. There is not even a time constraint. You can stay at the stargate for as long as you want to. There are many spirit guides t here at this Grand Central Sun train station. You will be meeting many higher dimensional spirits. How fascinating to see all these spirits coming from different countries and going to different places.


In the same way, the Arcturian Stargate will give you the opportunity to interact with beings from other levels. I know that you are all excited at the opportunity to see other beings. You will be seeing only those beings that are fifth dimensional and higher. Some of these beings could be somewhat different in terms of their manifested form. You are still defined in the Earth body.

When you go into the fifth-dimensional corridor, I know that it will be easier and most comfortable for you to manifest a fifth-dimensional body. Perhaps you can manifest a body to appear like when you were twenty-five or thirty years old. You can create a body in that certain light of the youthful figure that perhaps you feel most comfortable in.

Consider this: Species from other planets have human-like life forms that are slightly different from the Earth human form. One different example is those human-like life forms that are hermaphrodites. Hermaphrodites are those human forms that can carry male and female characteristics in one body. Therefore, a hermaphrodite would be able to have a relationship with another hermaphrodite, so the whole issue of whether it is male-to-female relationship or male-to-male or female-to-female relationship would not be an issue. The hermaphrodite would become involved in a relationship based on whatever sexual orientation was appropriate.

This type of flexibility in sexuality might be foreign to you. However, when you experience meeting hermaphrodites, you might find yourself interestingly attracted to a planet that has that experience. You may meet someone, a guide or teacher, from that system and you might begin to realize that this is an interesting, challenging and expanding way of experiencing an incarnation. You may decide to go to the corridor and experience the planet that offers that experience, and you may decide to learn what it is like to incarnate on that planet.


20 Mayıs 2009 Çarşamba

Lord Arcturus and Anthena Arcturus

Lord Arcturus and Anthena Arcturus

Channelled Though Natalie Glasson- 18-05-09

With respect, honour and love we step forward to share our wisdom and insights with you in order to raise your energy vibration and expand your awareness. We are the Arcturian energy, we hold the Arcturian light from the planet of Arcturus as an intense source of light within our beings, wishing to share it with others to aid their illumination. The Arcturian energy is of a high vibration and holds many tools and techniques that can aid the advancement and health of humanity, but we are helpless unless humanity opens their energies and hearts to us, allowing us to divinely intervene and help their cause. There are many energies that are anchoring onto the Earth now, some are old familiar energies while others are new light technology coming forth from the Creator’s universe to support humanity’s ascension. We, Lord Arcturus and Anthena Arcturus wish to bring forth a special energy and light technology from the Arcturian planet to assist in boosting the immune systems of humanity to promote greater health and wellbeing, dissolving fears and reprogramming energies to exist in perfect harmony and radiant health. We wish to bring forth the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy to cleanse and heal the immune systems and belief of those who are receptive to our energies and wish to ensure their perfect health at all times.

A physical body is receptive to many influences and can act as a sponge, absorbing thought patterns, beliefs, ideas and insights from the mind of the person inhabiting the physical body and the consciousness of humanity. As beacons of light, we on the inner planes may express an affirmation of loving vibrations such as ‘I am blissfully healthy and in tune with the needs of my body in order to manifest a pure existence.’ This affirmation will be sent with the highest vibration of love which will carry it to the respective minds of humanity, unconsciously or consciously they will absorb this affirmation as well as the positive and loving vibrations that it emanates, sharing their positivity with others. The positive and loving vibrations that we emanated then spread across the Earth integrating with those of a similar mind frame and vibration, or who are in need of healing. People who are not yet ready to accept our positive vibrations may place an invisible energy wall around them due to fear, they may not benefit from the energy vibrations currently but when they begin to dissolve the energy wall of composed of fear our energies will softly begin to melt into their beings and realities.

I hope that you can understand how receptive the mind and body of a physical person can be, every aspect of a physical body holds onto beliefs and thought patterns especially within the muscular structure and the water particles retained within a physical body. When you anchor light into your physical body you have the ability to transform negative beliefs and thoughts held in every aspect of your physical body, which can enthuse you with healing. It is true that your thoughts and beliefs influence your health and wellbeing; negative thoughts can weaken your immune system and actually manifesting illnesses due to the power and vibration that the negative thought holds and radiates. I must state that there are many factors that can influence your immune system but your thoughts and the thoughts of others are the most powerful of all.

Mass illness can be due to the influence and power of fear, if we contemplate the explanation previously given of how we positively influence your being, supporting you and nurturing your energies, we can understand that the same can be achieved with a negative thought which describes fear and illness, preying on the weaknesses of humanity. This would be extremely powerful, many people would adopt the negative affirmation and manifest the illness themselves due to their fears and inability to heal or focus their minds on love. The illness could have the potential of spreading through humanity, not because it is contagious but due to each person listening to the negative affirmation being empowered and energising it themselves through their fears. It is helpful to contemplate this concept and to understand whether you accept the consciousness and beliefs of others or whether you chose to create your own beliefs about the reality you exist within and your experiences, protecting yourself from beliefs focused on fear.

Humanity has the ability to heal their bodies personally through their individual inner energies, thoughts and emotions, this is something that needs to be developed but will naturally manifest as humanity awakens to their truth and the presence of the Creator within them. Until this time we wish to share our energies with you in order to energise your physical bodies, raise your vibrations and cleanse you of pollutants, so that you are supported and able to work to achieve your spiritual advancement with the health and perfection of your body’s positive encouragement. Please allow yourself to work with our energies in order to cleanse your immune systems and entire energy system anchor new positive beliefs and boosting your natural health and wellbeing.

We ask that you sit peacefully and focus on your breathing, relax your entire being and know that you are safe and protected.

We invoke the Arcturian platinum shield of protection to surround your entire energy and shield you from any negative energies, thoughts or beliefs, allowing only positive energies of light and love to enter into your energy systems. Imagine your entire being and aura surrounded in a complete platinum shield of protection which ensures your security and safety at all times. Hold faith in your protection.

We invoke the Arcturian energy of the most appropriate vibration for you to surge and anchor into your being and soul. We ask that the Arcturian energy and light activates your soul, boosts your light quotient and raises the vibration of your energy increasing your spiritual sensitivity. Feel the energy flowing through your being and connecting with Mother Earth’s soul at the core of the Earth. Take time to experience and contemplate the Arcturian energy that is now flowing through your being, feel its sensations and influence.

We now invoke a Cylinder of Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy to descend over your being, allow yourself to discover the colour of light that now encapsulates your being; it is the most appropriate vibration for you.

The Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy is a wave of light that holds millions of tiny crystals existing as etheric energy. Each etheric crystal has been charged with Arcturian positive high vibrational light as well as the Arcturian consciousness which is the consciousness of the Creator. The light wave is immensely powerful and can be used for many different purposes as the etheric crystals can be charged according to the person’s needs.

We now program the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy that encapsulates your being with the purpose of cleansing your immune system of any negative energy, pollutants or illnesses that are no longer needed within your immune system and body. We ask that negativity of all forms is dissolved and attachments or influences that hinder your health and wellbeing are severed with love. Imagine the etheric crystals pulsating and vibrating throughout your entire being, emanating waves of pure cleansing and healing energy. The crystals activate and emanate a white light of cleansing and purity into your entire being but especially your physical body and immune system.

We now program the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy that encapsulates your being with the purpose of dissolving any illnesses that have manifested within your energy or physical body and are hindering you from moving forward along your spiritual path. We ask the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy to surround any stagnant energy or illness with the purity of Arcturian love allowing all unneeded energies to dissolve and disperse transforming into powerful loving light. We ask for a deep cleansing and healing to manifest.

We now program the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy that encapsulates your being with the purpose of boosting your immune system by one hundred percent or to the most appropriate level for you. We ask that your immune system is energised and nurtured with powerful Arcturian loving light so that perfect health and wellbeing manifests in its abundance. The strength of your immune system is enhanced so that your immune system has the power to dissolve any negative energies, beliefs or thoughts that may penetrate your body and cause illness. Imagine your immune system as a source of light, visualise, sense or acknowledge that the radiance of your immune system is developing and enhancing until it is luminous and vibrant, symbolising its power, strength and wellbeing. The radiance of your immune system naturally influences and energies your physical body allowing you to feel high-spirited, enthused with energy, vitality and vigour.

Accept and repeat this affirmation while existing within the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy for as long as you wish,

‘My immune system is supported and empowered with the purest vibration of Creator and Arcturian light. My immune system and body is completely cleansed and healed, programmed to dissolve and disperse any form of negativity. My immune system has now been boosted by one hundred percent allowing me to exist as a beacon of vitality, health and wellbeing, pouring my exuberance into others to aid the healing of humanity.’

When you feel cleansed, healed and energised you can ask the Arcturian Light Crystal Technology Energy Cylinder to ascend back to the planet of Arcturus. Remember that the energy that you have accepted will remain within your being and aura. This meditation can be completed as many times as you wish, it is a wonderful meditation to complete each day if you are being influenced by illness or have a fear of illness, alternatively it can be completed once a week to boost your immune system and general health. We hope that you will accept our divine intervention and assistance in your life.

With many blessing and abundance health,

Lord Arcturus and Anthena Arcturus

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie


From the divine within me I honour the
Master, I honour the Soul and Love of my being" A gift to all from
Master Joshua David Stone, Chohan of the Second Ray of Light

a message from Mary Magdalene channeled by Michelle Eloff

Mary Magdalene ~ Opening Channelling
Michelle Eloff
Canada 2009 - Opening Channelling
a message from Mary Magdalene channeled by Michelle Eloff

Wednesday, 13 May, 2009 at Toronto, Canada (posted 20 May, 2009)
I am Mary Magdalene and I greet and welcome each of you at this wonderful time of reconnection, reactivation and remembrance of what you as a group of souls have come to reactivate. Welcome precious ones.

This celebration is a journey into the inner realms of your Christ Light and Christ Consciousness; it is the rebirth of the Goddess in a whole new way and as the Goddess energy is reborn she brings with her her equal but opposite – the Divine God.

One of the reasons why we have chosen to activate more of the Fire Gates in conjunction with the Magdalene Columns is because it represents the divine harmony that exists between fire and water, man and woman, God and Goddess – everything that is considered to be masculine and feminine.

This is the time where humanity must now come to the party (if we can call it that) and to truly merge as an energy of compatibility, collaboration, co-creation, co-existence and the manifestation of that divine harmonious polarity.

Much preparation has gone into all of this and most of you who have been working with these energies you have been preparing the grids with all of us. The last time we activated energy in this particular geographic location, which was in October of the year of 2008, there was a mass integration of crystalline energies; these frequencies have been perfectly aligned with the sacred crystalline codes that are contained within your DNA.

As the Fire Gate energies were activated you were reminded of the energies that each of you are aligned with, that you were encoded with in order to bring forth this particular frequency of energy. As this frequency of energy is emitted through your heart chakra you will find that the pillars that are being activated are also being reflected through the heart chakra. This also raises the frequency of the heart chakra energies across your globe as well as within every human being and every other kingdom of life.

Each column of light that we will activate over the next few days aligns with the Fire Gate – this is the manifestation of the masculine and the feminine. By understanding the importance of the collaboration of these energies you will begin to understand how all the other polarities can work together and that the harmonious flow between these energies create a completely different dynamic, a totally different reality and you find that that which you are projecting into your reality and that which you are attracted to is a completely different vibration. This raises the frequencies of your Planet; it raises the frequencies of harmony, therefore inspiring individuals to manifest that harmony inwardly and therefore outwardly.

Harmony is a key ingredient in the collective essence of peace and when you find inner harmony it matters not what is occurring in your external reality for that harmonious vibration creates a shield around you like a crystalline pillar, which ensures that that which you are attracted to embodies the same harmonious vibrations. This does not necessarily mean that you will not be faced with challenges, however the way that you deal with these challenges is completely different.

The Magdalene Columns look like the Needle of Cleopatra. As each of these are activated they become beacons of energy, crystalline receivers and transmitters of energy and information. Within your Earth are millions of little crystals; these crystals were placed in specific places to prepare Mother Earth’s body and her chakras for this particular time. This is what is preparing all of you for the changes that will come between 2014 and 2022.

Some of you may recall a message that was given some time ago where we said that each of you have already moved beyond the paradigm of 2012 – you are living post 2012. How can that be you might ask? It is very simple, your consciousness has moved beyond the paradigm of the old way of interacting with the dynamic of Earth. You have worked with raising that frequency and that vibration within yourself, therefore the consciousness that you are now working with has already gone beyond that point.

2012 is not the end of the world as many people are imagining it to be, it is the end of a time-line and it is the dawning of a new age of experiencing the light of the God and the Goddess within you. It is the time where you learn to utilize that dynamic and to feed it within the etheric field of humanity’s collective consciousness. The more attuned you are with that light inside of yourself, the more open your heart chakra is the easier it is for you to understand the dynamics that are coming through these pillars.

The Fire Gates that each of you will be exposed to over the next few days work as realms of protection within you and around you. The Fire Gates that will come with the next activation are very unique in their energy frequency and no thing of ill intent, deliberate ill intent, will be able to pass through those Fire Gates. Think about it, think about how powerful the protection is becoming, the protection is coming from within you and it is all around you. You have earned this right to experience this level of energy because you have been prepared and willing to let the ego be re-educated, to be realigned with the highest plan and divine will of our Cosmic Parents.

Canada is considered the higher ego; this is one of the many reasons why we are activating these pillars here and all of you who are present here physically and who are hearing my words you are key components in this magnificent tapestry of fire and ice. It is the hot lava of Mother Earth’s body and the cool water of her body and as these energies come together they do not cancel each other out as one might imagine, they create a completely different energy and this is where one needs to move beyond the Earthly understanding of what the elements would do in reality, we are asking you to move beyond the paradigms of human thinking, of scientific reason and to embrace the elements as whole divine bodies of expression.

The fire element is one of the most difficult elements to master but when you have fire and water in equal amounts balanced then your air and your earth elements will be equally balanced too. You will begin to see how important it is to work with the elements of Mother Earth’s body; every aspect of her divine expression and the same applies to you.

With every column that is activated and every Fire Gate that is opened you are taken deeper into the realms of your authentic self. These Fire Gates are ensuring that the pathway that leads to the authentic self is broadened. You will be shown many many different avenues and aspects of your authentic self; how you define that right now will change because you are receiving the insignia of the Authentic Ones.

The Council of the Authentic Ones are a council of beings that exist beyond the 8th Sphere. Everything that exists beyond the 8th Sphere embodies a light and vibration so powerful that no human being can stand in its presence, you will simply burn up, however your soul has been initiated into this passage of fire. Through the passage of time you have gone through the re-birthing where you have been held within the sacred waters of our Cosmic Mother’s womb and now is the time for you to lead in a new way, it is the time for you to completely live from your heart, to express through your heart and to feel the depth of that light and to allow it to penetrate the very depths of your being.

And so now, precious ones, imagine all of you connecting with one another through your heart chakra as we officially open the energy for this sacred celebration, universal activation and cosmic initiation of fire and water.

Breathe in deeply and allow your body to relax as you completely surrender to the light and divine cosmic love of your fully enlightened and authentic self. In your heart give yourself permission to surrender to life, to open the way to this divine time, to allow yourself to spread your wings and to surrender to life, to God and to Goddess and to feel the power of that authentic light inside of you.

Take another deep breath in and as you relax welcome the Archangel Metatron. Welcome Archangel Raphael, Uriel, Arielle. Welcome the beings of all the divine dimensions of the Fire Gates and the Crystal Pillars of Goddess Consciousness. Welcome the feeling of divinity as the energy that has been invoked fills your being and as the energy moves from the Sacred God to the Sacred Goddess so we create an exquisite flow of the two polarities moving between each other and between your own divine feminine and your own divine masculine.

I want you to draw your attention into your heart chakra and to acknowledge the Divine Goddess inside of you and to acknowledge the Divine God inside of you and then I want you to go even deeper and to find the inner child and to bring him or her out into the light of the new day and to allow this exquisite being to see what your authentic self sees for this will equip your inner child with the wisdom, the confidence and the inner knowing of what its purpose is and how to support you in transcending many of those debilitating patterns that you took on during your formative years.

Breathe in deeply and as you exhale surrender to the light that is enfolding you now as Mother Goddess and Father God step into the centre of your presence opening their heart chakra and embracing you with that pure unconditional love, an energy that you are unfamiliar with in human form yet the very essence of you recognizes it immediately and imagine yourself falling off the edge of a cliff into the arms of our Mother/Father God/Goddess and relax.

Archangel Metatron has brought forth a crystalline pillar of energy. This crystalline pillar of energy is being activated within the centre of your heart chakra, this is your unique beacon of love and of light that connects you to the all encompassing power of the authentic one that exists within you.

The Council of Authentic Ones and the Elders of your Galaxy come to welcome you into this new age of living authentically.

Breathe in deeply and exhale completely and surrender, let go and simply be.

Become aware of Archangel Uriel standing behind you now and he places the index finger of his right hand on the seventh cervical of your spine activating the transmitter that will communicate with the crystalline pillar that has been placed within your heart.

He then takes the index finger of his left hand and places it within the small of your back activating a communication line between the chakras of your throat and your sacral.

Breathe in deeply and relax and surrender, let your mind go.

Breathe in deeply and exhale completely.

Now that this transmission and communication line has been activated, with your permission we will link these energies up to all the others who are assigned to work with these energies. If you are willing in your heart give permission and weaving the light will begin.

Now imagine all these beautiful crystal energies flowing from your heart chakra weaving the sacred tapestry of divine light, divine love and divine truth. This particular weave of light connects through the vibrations of the authentic self, which means the lower aspect of your human self does not have the power to interfere with this very sophisticated level of transmission, however this puts you in a new position, beloved ones, for in order to carry this level of heart energy you need to remain centred within your heart interacting with your fellow humans and other kingdoms of life without judgment, without criticism and without projecting your own fears and thoughts onto others.

You have been prepared for this time, many of Master Kuthumi’s teachings as well as my own teachings have presented this information before, however now you are taking it up to a different level, the reason being that you are working with crystalline energy which amplifies that which is inside of you and the fire energy which blazes a trail for you and it incinerates the veils of illusion that have blocked your vision, those veils that have inhibited you.

Now it is a new time and each of these Fire Gates and each of these crystalline pillars are offering you a new lease on your life, a new dimension of experiencing you. The self-awareness, the self-acceptance and self-love that comes from this journey will humble you. You will discover a deeper level of self-compassion, self-understanding and in so doing embracing a new and expanded and powerful level of self-nurturance.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale Archangel Uriel moves aside and Archangel Arielle comes to stand in front of you and places the palm of her right hand on your heart chakra.

Breathe in and as you exhale she activates the Fire Gates of the lion and the lioness, God and Goddess, love and light, truth and clarity, freedom and independence.

Breathe this into your heart, allow it to move through you and surrender.

The Goddesses of the Fire Gates walk in a circle around you.

The Elders of the Authentic Council of Light forms a sacred geometric coning of light around you as a group of light activators.

And so the energies for this sacred time and glorious time of remembrance is officially open and flowing through the hearts of each of you who are a part of this dynamic dimension of divinity.

Breathe in and exhale.

If any of you are feeling a tightness over your chest just breathe for now it is that there are new levels of energy flooding into your heart chakra. This may cause a sense of discomfort in your chest area as if your ribs are being expanded. All you must do is breathe into it and relax, because your heart chakra is now being expanded into a different dimension you will feel it physically. Many of the shifts that you will experience from this time forward within the chakras you will experience physically, simply use the breath to allow the energy to move. When you go into fear you stop the flow of energy, when you stop the flow of energy you hold your breath and then nothing can flow.

So breathe into it, drop your shoulders, relax your diaphragm and just let God and Goddess navigate.

One of the most important lessons that will be driven home for humanity as a result of the activations that shall take place over the next few days is surrender. Many people get angry when they are asked to surrender or to let go because they do not know how to do it, they do not understand what it means, it is simple, allow what must be to be when it must be.

Do not force that which has not reached its time of manifestation. When you force anything you are going against the grain of your life. Some might say how do I know the difference between surrender and moving forward and making things happen in your life? That is an inner knowing. When there is doubt or fear, apprehension or anxiety regarding any issue stop, take a deep breath in and ask, affirm, state and intend that the divine plan of divine time be revealed to you and that your anxieties, your fears and everything else causing doubt or negativity be released to the light and then you just let go.

Every time you sense any discomfort hand it over and ask that you remain centred within that crystal pillar that is now fully active in your heart chakra. It will take some practice but you will very soon identify the difference between having to surrender or having to persevere and push forward, stand your ground. That is where many people get confused, but this is an important time of learning to understand the voice of your intuition, because you live on Earth time affects you and there is a divine time and divine plan for everything.

The Fire Gates and Crystal Pillars that you are being exposed to will reveal this to you and a deep understanding will come to each of you. You cannot force an apple to ripen before its time, you cannot remove a flower from the earth and expect it to grow if there is nothing to root itself in, if there is nothing nurturing it and holding it, and your heart is the earth, the fertile soil in which your hopes, your dreams, your wishes and your destiny grows - don’t fight it, be with it and allow life to show you what it has in store for you. Choose to see life as an adventure rather than out there to get you, to sabotage you, to hurt you and to paralyze you – that is victim thinking and I trust there is not one victim in this room or listening to my words – yes or no?

There will be moments of uncertainty but now you know what to do. You know how to distinguish inside of yourself and you need to practice that.

Now take another deep breath in and as you exhale Archangel Arielle moves to one side.

Lord Maitreya and Lord Metatron comes to stand on either side of you. They place a hand on each of your shoulders and begin encoding your skeletal structure, which represents the minerals and crystals of Mother Earth’s body, with the sacred signature of your divine and authentic self.

Relax and surrender. Breathe and just allow it to happen.

Now if there is anything specifically you need assistance with, in your heart present this issue to the Council of Authentic Ones, the Elders of Light.

Trust that that which you have put forward will be resolved or clarity and insight will be delivered to you. Do not speak of what you have put forward, do not mull over it, just let it go and trust in the divine timing of all of it.

We ask you now to return your attention to your heart chakra, to acknowledge all the beings present.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale the Elders emit a sound which allows the Fire Gates of your throat chakra to become active. The Fire Gates of your third eye and your crown chakra.

As these gates open so more energy pours into your body and surrender.

The messages of light that come from the Elders is being distributed to each of you telepathically through the sacred codes of the Christ Consciousness, through the divine language of the Divine Goddess. This not only speaks to the DNA of your body it penetrates the atomic structure of your body, this in turn communicates to everything within that and everything outside of that. In a way it is very difficult to describe to each of you what this energy looks like, therefore we ask you to simply feel, to allow these Great Beings to reveal to you what you are ready to now begin experiencing and witnessing.

We would also like to acknowledge seventeen new soul connections which are being filtered into four human beings who are a part of this particular gathering. These beings, these human beings, are the guardians of the work that we are doing here. With the integration of these seventeen strands there are, Metatron is indicating two hundred and twenty-two crystal chakras that are activated within the heart chakra of these people, as these chakras are activated they automatically activate that energy in each and every one of you. The moment that energy touches your heart chakra so you are awakened to another level of your own divinity and so you begin to see more of God and Goddess in others and in yourself.

It is important that each of you realize, remember and recognize that you are still a human being, you are meant to be human right now, you are meant to be a part of the paradigm of human living and you are expected to live your life to the fullest without judgment of others or self, without criticism of others or self but with full permission and divine instruction to take life with both of your arms and with a completely open heart and to live it like God and Goddess intended you to experience it.

Earth can be a hellish experience or a heavenly one depending on how you are either react or respond to life, and if anyone chooses to hold you in judgment or criticize what it is that you do or do not do simply bless them in love for it is their divine right to think or do whatever it is they choose but you do not have to take it on and that is all you are responsible for doing, you can let it in or you can release it and this is the art of living life simply. Simply by not allowing the density, the heaviness and the negativity of others to burden you, to create baggage – you have enough of that yourself and you have worked very hard in letting that go.

So be aware of that it is very important that you contain yourself within the light of your fully enlightened fully mastered Christ and authentic self, and by doing this harmony flows through you and you will find that you deal with your life challenges in a harmonious and confident manner. Conscious confidence.

Take another breath in and relax as we now seal the energies of everything that has been activated.

I, Mary Magdalene, offer each of you an exquisite blood red rose. This rose represents the life-force of love and that of the Fire Gates. The Magdalene Roses are held within this as a reminder of just how expansive your heart is and how immensely capable it is of loving and receiving love.

And relax, surrender and be at peace.

Draw your consciousness back into your physical body, into the physical time-line that you are currently in knowing that everything that has taken place energetically is part of you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – it cannot be separated from you for it is you and always has been, all you are doing now is remembering and reconnecting.

Make sure that you are fully grounded in your body.

Open your eyes, stretch your body, do whatever it is that you need to do to ensure that you are fully grounded and then I will open the floor for a maximum of five questions relating to that which we have activated this evening. If there is anyone who wishes to ask a question in this group please go ahead.

(There does not appear to be any questions)

Very well I am delighted to say then you all understood everything that was brought through or, you are simply completely dumbstruck! I will accept both.

Precious ones it is such an honour and a great joy to be able to reconnect with all of you, all of you know me as I know you and as we journey together on this sacred pilgrimage of returning the light to humanity you will see that you are returning home, you are remembering the pathway of liberation that grants you access to realms of authenticity, the world that you forgot therefore reconnect, remember, respond and allow our lights to become one on Earth as they are in Heaven and the cosmic connections that are made will grant everyone the opportunity to remember what it feels like to be within the heart of Father/Mother God, to remember the depth and intensity and purity of their unconditional love for each of us and that will help you to release yourself of anything from the old paradigm that no longer serves your journey. Let us continue to celebrate.

Over the next forty-four days we will work with you on a very deep level. You will be taken into the sacred chambers of the Fire Temples and the Crystals Temples. These temples hold very unique, very powerful codes that were placed within their structure by the energy of Father/Mother God, written by the hand of God so to speak. During this period you will be attuned to those sacred sounds, to the sacred vibrations, the sacred tones of Mother/Father God, this will automatically trigger memories inside of your body, inside of your heart, your mind and your soul. It will be a unique experience for each of you, it cannot be defined in one illustration, it is your journey, it is your life therefore go forth and live it to its fullest.

As each of these sacred tones create a shift in energy in your body you will see that everything speeds up for you – yes, yet again another level of understanding the language of the Universe. This is important, for the more open you are, for the more transparent you are in terms of revealing your authenticity the easier it is for you to understand the sacred language that exists beyond the human mind that the unconscious or sleeping ones will never understand.

This is your time to shine; this is the promise of new life delivered to you on a gold and silver platter. You have earned it, enjoy it and be at peace. I will speak with you very soon again.

I am Mary Magdalene, thank you and au revoir.

To find out more about Michelle & The Lightweaver please visit www.thelightweaver.org

18 Mayıs 2009 Pazartesi

Ashtar about recent energies


Ashtar addressing the May 5, 2009 teleconference:

"..Now every Light Worker on Planet Earth has some house cleaning to do. We are wanting to bring forth and shine the spotlights on the methods that are the most effective and the easiest, quick acting, long lasting. My goodness sakes, don't we sound like a commercial for what is that pink stuff, you know? Ah, yes, the pepto stuff?

"Well, there is really no similarity. The energetic healing methods are long lasting and quick to take effect and the way to really clear it out. But before you clear it, be sure you transmute it. So as we've said before, you've got the Violet Ray, you've got any number of helpers, Guides, Angels and beings who are just there - thrilled -that you would call upon them to be in assistance.

"And so just pick the method you choose to use and trust it. That's right, you have to trust it. Ask some questions, and make sure that you're using the one that is really going to work for you because you will allow it to work. If something doesn't work, it's only because you've disallowed it. Now we're not here to disallow these kinds of wondrous clearings, healings and house-cleanings.

"Take care of yourself. Get in the groove, so to speak, and then reach out and help everyone else. They'll come to you. They'll see a lightness in your fields. They may not even see it, but they'll sense it, they'll feel it. And they'll say things like, 'What's your secret? What have you been doing lately, you seem to be so different?'
"What they are really saying is, 'I feel different being around you. I really like being around you. I would like to know how you have gotten to be this way so that I can do the same thing.'
"So tell them, teach them and help them, and if you're not sure that you have all of the teachings at the top of your mind, send them to a web site or someone who is here to teach, because you might be here to get back into your space craft or do something with technologies or something like that.
"Defining and discerning your mission is for everyone to do in this now moment. If you have any doubts about what your mission is, ask. We are happy to provide clarity at any time to anyone who asks, and you have a whole team again with you to guide you.

"Why are we telling you all of this? Well what do you think is coming? Anybody want to guess? And along with that is going to come some organized chaos. Now when we say organized, we're telling you it's organized, because we're preparing you. We're telling you that there is going to be somewhat of a chaotic world around you, and that it would be very wise for you to do your house cleaning and to determine what your mission is.

"What are you going to do with all this capitol "F" Freedom? What are you going to do with abundance, which is so unlimited that you will never again have to think about the J-O-B job, and those kinds of things? What are you going to do with your brand new technologies, your replicators and your living computers and your fabulous methods of transportation that get you from here to there faster and faster, so that really, no time, as you know it, goes by during the journey, and ultimately it's going to be: 'Beam me up, Scotty!'

"There are those of you who are ready for that right now; ready to go up to your ships, or across the world or wherever you want to go with that simple technique. If you are not somewhat knowledgeable about it, or if you're not a Trekkie, you probably better start with the first kinds of new modes of transportation and work up to it. Not everybody's ready for that advanced beaming.

"Anyway, what we're trying to do is paint the picture for you that these changes are going to come so rapidly that you are going to be called upon as a Beacon of Light, a Lightworker. People will gravitate towards you, and say, 'What are we doing; what's happening here; give me some information, I need to get grounded in all of this; I'm not sure what I'm here to do.'

"So, if you can say to them, well, let's put it this way, it's going to be much more delightful for them to hear if you say, 'Well I can help you figure that out; I have figured it out for myself,' or 'I've gotten some help, or whatever, and here's what you can do.' Instead of saying, 'Well I'm with you, I don't know what's going on either; I haven't got a clue, and maybe the sky's is going to fall, so probably we ought to just hide under the bed, and forget it.'

"You know that kind of a response is not particularly encouraging to people to rise up and be all that they came here to be. Now there are not very many in our Ashtar Family who are not awake, but there are those who have a lot of questions, and we do understand that. So what we're saying is we're just wanting to remind you that this is the time for the really big house-cleaning.

"We suggested to some that they might call in the merry maids of energy work, and do it quickly and get through it. And the more you clean up, whatever there is, whatever karmic baggage or whatever you want to call it, that you are carrying around, the more clarity you're going to have and the more you're going to be able to move ahead with, shall we say, a leadership kind of a pace.

"Because, Beloved Ones, you're all here to be leaders in some manner or other, whether it be as teachers, healing facilitators, technologists or whatever, everybody has a mission and a purpose. That's why you volunteered to be here at this particular time as you measure it. So the time for preparation is now. And here's a little clue. There isn't much time for preparation, as you measure it.

"Yes, the hands of the clock are whirring around faster and faster and you all know that anyway. So whereas you might think that you have, oh, an hour to do something, you really don't, you have half an hour or less. So that makes it all the more important and urgent that you get on with the house cleaning and stay with it. There is no reason for discouragement, because we'll share something with you. And this could come under the realm of Quantum Physics - please do not tell the Voice.
"The minute you lighten up, transmute and release as Love, even one part of whatever it is you're carrying around in your baggage pack, you're going to start feeling better. You're going to start feeling lighter or more joyful.

"Maybe one bubble of Joy will come up to the surface and maybe so many you can't count them, but it happens that way. Every time you hear a piece of news that sounds really good and you say, 'Well if that's coming, then I'm going to be sure that I AM ready,' you give that intent, more bubbles of Joy.

"Intent alone can carry you through some of the hardest processes, because as you intend, so shall you create and that, Beloveds, is the Law. Intend Joy for yourself. Intend bubbles welling up all the time, joyful bubbles. Intend to be free, to do and express and create all that you came here to do, express and create.

"Give yourselves a big capitol "F" [Freedom] in your wisdom eye or wherever you wish. And know that you have it all. You have the gifts. Get them out. Lay them out. Check them out. See which ones you want to use first and get on with it.

"Now, there are many helpers. We have mentioned a few here and there, they're standing by; connect with them and let them be help mates to you along this path. You will find that it is a very short distance from where you are in this now moment to, shall we say, a plateau of squeaky cleanness.

"There will be a place that you will reach as you travel along your path where you will not have to have any more burdens slowing you down, because you have taken care of them, you have addressed them and you have removed the heaviness that they have created within your being.

"And we're not just talking about physicalities either, we're talking about all of your bodies and all of your beings. So seek them out, these burdens, these places. Ask, and let your own wisdom tell you what it's about. You don't have to have the whole story. Marvelous Meg** is taking marvelous short cuts in that area.

"It is not necessary to have the whole story, history/herstory of your lifetimes, not even your most significant ones in most cases. You simply can identify what it is that needs to be cleaned and get on with it. Clear it, transmute it, release it and you're releasing more Love and you're helping the entire Planet as well as yourself to feel bubbles of Joy, to lighten up.

"And after all, do you not equate lightening up with getting to your destination? What's your destination anyway? Well, it's 5D and beyond. You might make a brief stopover in the high realms of the fourth. And that is perfect, because there are some wondrous beings who hang out there. But the reality of that is, they're coming more and more to join you and partner with you and help you to lift up, and it is all joyful and fast, very fast, so get on with it.

"This is our mission statement, if you wish, for the evening: get on with your house cleaning and be joyful in doing it, and know that you don't have a lot to do in terms of time spent, or time to spend. Most of you've already started anyway. So, it may seem as though we're preaching to the choir, but these words might be useful to pass on to someone else who is just starting to understand that they're feeling a bit bogged down by some heavy burdens, and they'd like to know what to do about it. So carry on, Beloved Ones!"

** www.spiritedclearings.com

© Susan Leland 2009. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.
Make a note on your calendar for the June 20-21 Solstice Celebration in California - Opening the Portal to the Kingdom of the Elementals - at Bushwillows Sacred Sanctuary near Burbank. http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/events2009.html http://www.ashtarontheroad.com/ashtarpaninvitation.html

We invite you to join us in co-creation of our next Ashtar teleconference Tuesday, May 19th. The call begins with sign-ons at 6:15 PDT and the program starts promptly at 6:30 with 5 minutes of late-breaking news from Tara & Rama,* then a Language of Light healing by Cheryl Merrill, and a preview by Meg Hoopes** of her May 20th teleconference, followed by Ashtar and the Masters.

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*You can get the latest updates from Tara, Rama and Mark Huber by joining the group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GRT-News/ . You must join the group to read the messages. **Meg's website: www.spiritedclearings.com

We look forward to our continuing co-creations with you.
Namaste, Susan, Fran & Elise

Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess, Speaks!

Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess, Speaks!


Today I would like to talk to you about who you are a as a human being.
This is your physical look, you relate to this physical look. But who are you really? Are you human or are you something else?
Many feel they have come from other planets, even other universes, and you are probably right about this.
As you have all gathered here to be here with me now, I would like to thank you for this. I have received and felt the love that you bring for me as the earth, but also for all living beings upon me.
Many of you have your own world to go to after we finish the ascension of this universe and I would like to thank you for your assistance now as we prepare for this ascension.
As a spirit being, you are the true ascended being already, you have been here to allow for us to prepare and guide many of the ones that are not awakened yet. You have already awakened many with your love and light that flows through our universe.
You all know who we are in spirit, you are just not fully aware of it completely. This is why we build the new world consciousness. Where we start with the personal consciousness that is connected to your human form.
Your new personal consciousness will allow you to become fully conscious of who you are, where you came from and where you are going.
This is why you are here, this is why you are to become the new consciousness as a human bringing in the knowledge that you have within you already.
Many will come after you, and they will use this new cosmic consciousness for further teachings. But the teachings will be pure and free of all that is connected to the old world. This will be a world of being one with others, being one with the earth, being one with the universe, and even being one with all that is.
Much of those teachings will be done on the new earth. They are higher dimensional teachings and even though some are able to receive them at this time. Many that have not awakened will come to those teachings after the new world has been created. They cannot make the jump at this time.
But they will be assisted by many of you that are awake and are ready for this jump into the new world.
This is why you are here now, this is why you are learning, this is why you are experiencing and have experienced much of what this world is and you know the changes needed for the new world.
Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess

Join us on Tuesday evenings as we allow Lady Gaia to speak to each of us personally through guided meditation as we anchor our own divine light and consciousness.
Our next call is Tuesday May 19, at 9:30pm EST.
The cost for this call is $ 15.00

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The Perfect Spirit Jennifer Hoffman AA Uriel (also, grounding spirit energy)


During the St. Cloud class Archangel Uriel channeled a special cord disconnection and healing meditation that is now available on CD. To purchase, click here. (http://www.urielheals.com/Books.html)

This month's article is entitled The Experience of Wholeness and it is what describes the totality of our experience on the earth and material plane, the return to wholeness in body, mind and spirit. This is a return to synergy, integration and clarity, where we become more than spiritual beings in human form, we become spiritual humans. Each aspect contributes to the whole and when we focus on one to the exclusion of the others, we become unbalanced. When we allow spirit to dominate we become ungrounded and cannot work well on the earth plane. And we create another layer of separation by believing that being spiritual is better. Through wholeness we create balance and each aspect is equally important. Even though our spiritual aspect is important, it is only one part of the whole. Read more in this week's first article, The Perfect Spirit. The soul's plan has always been to achieve reconnection and even in our darkest times, we are guided and supported on this mission. And we are nearly there, as Archangel Uriel describes in this week's channel. Are you an old soul or a young soul? Do you know what that means? Read about this topic in this week's Indigos and Crystals section. Visit the website to see a list of traits and decide whether you are Indigo or Crystal ... or both.

Read the May article on the Uriel Heals website. (www.urielheals.com)

The Perfect Spirit
Our journey to wholeness is part of our ascension journey, whose purpose is to reconnect us to Source. And as we uncover everything that has created our separation, our challenge is to stay in balance, mind, body and spirit, so we do not judge ourselves harshly for what we may see as a mistake. The separation was part of our journey into the third dimension and through our return we are re-membering our spiritual nature. But that does not make spirit more important than any other aspect of our self.

When we reconnect to Source and feel the love, peace and joy that was once ours, we can judge our separation as wrong. But it was part of our contract. We were given a mind and free will in order to be separated so that eventually we would reconnect, it was all part of the divine plan. Once we are on the journey back, we must guard against thinking that our spiritual nature is the most important and deny the gifts and value of the rest of our aspects. It is our mission to have a human experience and we cannot deny our humanity for our spiritual nature.

If we are too spiritual and try to focus our energy too much in the spiritual realm, we are not grounded on the earth and cannot effectively function here. We also risk becoming spiritually arrogant and disconnected from those whose spiritual understanding and knowledge are still developing. If we do that we are creating another level of separation and we are alienating those who need us and whose ascension depends on our assistance.

While we each have an individual ascension journey, we are part of and connected to the human family, which is also ascending. Our connection is important to all of humanity and each of us contributes to everyone's ascension.

Balance is the key to wholeness and we have a world of evidence to show us what being out of balance creates for us. A focus on any aspect of our being over another is simply a judgment that we use to justify our fear of divine retribution for what we believe is our sin, the separation.. Each aspect of our being, body, mind and spirit, is necessary to our growth, our presence here on earth and our ascension. So we can honor all aspects of our being and appreciate them for what they are and how they help us create heaven on earth. Each of them is equally important and our ascension happens when we recognize and honor all of them.

17 Mayıs 2009 Pazar

NEW ACTIVATION from LORD MAITREYA, sunday at noon est

Dear Sevgi Ozer,








Cost: $35

Click HERE to register for this Sunday May 17 at 12:00pm EST

16 Mayıs 2009 Cumartesi

Stargate into the Great Central Sun

Stargate into the Great Central Sun

Dear Sevgi Ozer,

StarGate in the Great Central Sun

Date: Sunday May 17, 2009
Time: 9:30pm EST
Location: Conference call
Fee: $18.00

The Councils of Light shall guide us as we join the elementals of the forest for the celebration of the Spring Equinox. We will open the stargate to the Great Central Sun, the center of the Universe. Initiate new beginnings as we open our hearts to Source. This is a powerful gateway for the transformation of humanity and self. Let us honor Great Spirit and Mother Earth for all our blessings. Allow yourself to make yet another shift in consciousness and raise your vibration to higher levels with unlimited possibilities. Gifts from the great God of Pan. Mayan empowerments in manifestation, harmony, ripens, expanded love and beauty. Ruled by the Mayan Goddess of Love: TLAZOLTEOTL. Come join us for an adventure of a life time as we open the Gates!

You can sign up here