22 Mayıs 2009 Cuma

Archangel Michael:Blue Waves of Truth


Archangel Michael Michael addressing the May 19, 2009 teleconference:

"I bring greetings to Planet Earth and most especially to this wondrous Family. I am the one you call Archangel Michael and I bring with me the Sword Excalibur. We have given this to you in solemn ceremony of presentation already and so we ask you to accept now, again, in ceremony the Sword Excalibur and to hold it ready to wave the wondrous blue waves of Truth over Planet Earth, because the call has gone out.

"The call has gone out from the consciousness of the Planet to know the Truth from the highest levels. And this is most wonderful. It is solemn, but it is joyful. And so we ask that you join in a brief exercise wherein this Truth shall be presented to all of Planet Earth. And so if you will just relax and as is often said, just breathe deeply.

"Breathe into your being, Beloved Ones, and locate the Sword of Truth called Excalibur within your beings. And we ask that you present it first to your own wondrous loving selves. Wave it in any manner you choose. Know that this is the Sword of Empowerment, but it has Love as its purpose.

"It is made from Love and it has the mission of sharing and spreading the Truth that Love brings. This is the highest Truth of the Universe. This is the Truth that the entire Universe, as it has been created by Mother-Father God, has been created out of Love and that all that is really real is Love and that all that brings the Universe together into Oneness is the energy of Love.

"So wave the Sword and allow the wondrous blue waves of Truth to come throughout your beloved being permeating all that you are, all of your fields, past, present, future, all of your bodies starting with your physical and working out, spreading the waves of Truth until you are totally unified, united and feeling the Love and the Truth of who you are, that you are Love.

"And you are in total connection now with the all that you are and your Spirit is now communicating with you, that which you call your Higher Self, or your God Self. And the Truth of it is that the sword and its waves of Truth revealed to you, that there is God or Divinity, Goddess in every part of you in your physicality and in all of you.

"There is no separation between you and Mother-Father God-Goddess. There is Divinity, there is Love and as you to accept this Truth into your own being, when you are ready, direct the Sword to wave over the entire Planet. Direct the waves of Truth to go below the Planet that those who dwell there may know that this is taking place now on Planet Earth.

"And direct the waves out to the Universe as a message unmistakably clear that Planet Earth is now enveloped in the highest of Truth, in the Love that is the highest energy, and indeed the only Truth of the Universe that is real everywhere and real and dwelling within every being in the Universe, whether they recognize that or not.

"And empower this Truth to come into the hearts and into the minds and the wisdom eye of all inhabitants of Planet Earth and most especially to the humans and let this Truth tell them that they are Love, loving beings, loving spirits occupying a denser body, the body of the humans.

"And that even though it might be uncomfortable at times, that the Truth is that they came here as expressions of Love with the freedom to choose otherwise, if they so desired. But the prevailing Truth is they are Love, bathed in Love, created in Love and that Love is all they really are.

"And if they have invited emotions that are the opposite of Love, they can free themselves instantly. And they can use the Sword Excalibur as do you, if they choose, to use that particular tool to free themselves from that which might be termed the lower and untruthful vibrations that come from fear and all of its related emotions, feelings, attitudes and thoughts, words and deeds.

"Let Excalibur unify the Planet in Love. Let Excalibur speak and let the Blue Waves of Truth enter where minds may have been closed to this Truth, let them enter through the hearts. Let the Blue Waves find an opening, if there is any at all to find.

"Let the Blue Waves empower every being with the Truth of who they really are. And let it happen now and continuously, for as Earth evolves higher and higher upon the Ascension path, this is the news that those who slumber in the lower vibrations have been waiting for.

"This is a key to them that unlocks the door to their own Ascension path and let them know that they are loved and honored for all that they have done without judgment, without shame and with no need for guilt; only that they are asked now to accept Love as who they are, to accept Love as the basis for all of their thoughts, words and deeds, that they can go back and change even their past with the Truth of Love.

"And most importantly that we ask all humans to look upon their own shining selves and see the Truth of the Love that they are, have always been and always will be. And whatever they think they might have done, whatever emotions they carry in their minds, in their hearts, in their emotions, that are less than Love, are not real, are not Truth. And it is time for the Truth to enter into all of them, that they may feel the Freedom and the Joy.

"That is Love, true Love and that is the only Truth they need in their beings, because when they accept that then they themselves become the unconditional Lovers of all of humankind and all of the dwellers of Planet Earth below, on and above and radiating it out to the Solar System, the Galaxy and the great Universe beyond. And they come into Oneness with one another, true Oneness, not just a group of people coming together under the banner of a country or religion or some kind of social cause or war.

"Indeed they come together under the banner of the only Truth there is and that is the banner of Love and that, Beloved Ones, is the Truth of how you accomplish the lifestyle of the Golden Age and the realization of your own Ascension.

"And as you go with the Light of Truth which is Love, so goes Planet Earth, the Solar System and all of those who are waiting with such great expectation for Earth to accomplish what she has never done before and to lead the way.

"Keep Excalibur handy in your hearts, in your beings. And let this Light of Truth shine forth always and forever. And keep sharing it with the world, even as you share your own precious loving selves and your service. We thank you with gratitude too great to even begin to express in words. We ask you to feel it in your hearts, waves of gratitude, waves of Love.

"Shine forth, Beloved Ones! You’re brighter than the brightest of stars and you are living proof of the Truth of the Love in which we are all One evermore as we have always been and so we shall be. And so it is. Thank you endlessly and Namaste!

© Susan Leland 2009. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered

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