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a message from Mary Magdalene channeled by Michelle Eloff

Mary Magdalene ~ Opening Channelling
Michelle Eloff
Canada 2009 - Opening Channelling
a message from Mary Magdalene channeled by Michelle Eloff

Wednesday, 13 May, 2009 at Toronto, Canada (posted 20 May, 2009)
I am Mary Magdalene and I greet and welcome each of you at this wonderful time of reconnection, reactivation and remembrance of what you as a group of souls have come to reactivate. Welcome precious ones.

This celebration is a journey into the inner realms of your Christ Light and Christ Consciousness; it is the rebirth of the Goddess in a whole new way and as the Goddess energy is reborn she brings with her her equal but opposite – the Divine God.

One of the reasons why we have chosen to activate more of the Fire Gates in conjunction with the Magdalene Columns is because it represents the divine harmony that exists between fire and water, man and woman, God and Goddess – everything that is considered to be masculine and feminine.

This is the time where humanity must now come to the party (if we can call it that) and to truly merge as an energy of compatibility, collaboration, co-creation, co-existence and the manifestation of that divine harmonious polarity.

Much preparation has gone into all of this and most of you who have been working with these energies you have been preparing the grids with all of us. The last time we activated energy in this particular geographic location, which was in October of the year of 2008, there was a mass integration of crystalline energies; these frequencies have been perfectly aligned with the sacred crystalline codes that are contained within your DNA.

As the Fire Gate energies were activated you were reminded of the energies that each of you are aligned with, that you were encoded with in order to bring forth this particular frequency of energy. As this frequency of energy is emitted through your heart chakra you will find that the pillars that are being activated are also being reflected through the heart chakra. This also raises the frequency of the heart chakra energies across your globe as well as within every human being and every other kingdom of life.

Each column of light that we will activate over the next few days aligns with the Fire Gate – this is the manifestation of the masculine and the feminine. By understanding the importance of the collaboration of these energies you will begin to understand how all the other polarities can work together and that the harmonious flow between these energies create a completely different dynamic, a totally different reality and you find that that which you are projecting into your reality and that which you are attracted to is a completely different vibration. This raises the frequencies of your Planet; it raises the frequencies of harmony, therefore inspiring individuals to manifest that harmony inwardly and therefore outwardly.

Harmony is a key ingredient in the collective essence of peace and when you find inner harmony it matters not what is occurring in your external reality for that harmonious vibration creates a shield around you like a crystalline pillar, which ensures that that which you are attracted to embodies the same harmonious vibrations. This does not necessarily mean that you will not be faced with challenges, however the way that you deal with these challenges is completely different.

The Magdalene Columns look like the Needle of Cleopatra. As each of these are activated they become beacons of energy, crystalline receivers and transmitters of energy and information. Within your Earth are millions of little crystals; these crystals were placed in specific places to prepare Mother Earth’s body and her chakras for this particular time. This is what is preparing all of you for the changes that will come between 2014 and 2022.

Some of you may recall a message that was given some time ago where we said that each of you have already moved beyond the paradigm of 2012 – you are living post 2012. How can that be you might ask? It is very simple, your consciousness has moved beyond the paradigm of the old way of interacting with the dynamic of Earth. You have worked with raising that frequency and that vibration within yourself, therefore the consciousness that you are now working with has already gone beyond that point.

2012 is not the end of the world as many people are imagining it to be, it is the end of a time-line and it is the dawning of a new age of experiencing the light of the God and the Goddess within you. It is the time where you learn to utilize that dynamic and to feed it within the etheric field of humanity’s collective consciousness. The more attuned you are with that light inside of yourself, the more open your heart chakra is the easier it is for you to understand the dynamics that are coming through these pillars.

The Fire Gates that each of you will be exposed to over the next few days work as realms of protection within you and around you. The Fire Gates that will come with the next activation are very unique in their energy frequency and no thing of ill intent, deliberate ill intent, will be able to pass through those Fire Gates. Think about it, think about how powerful the protection is becoming, the protection is coming from within you and it is all around you. You have earned this right to experience this level of energy because you have been prepared and willing to let the ego be re-educated, to be realigned with the highest plan and divine will of our Cosmic Parents.

Canada is considered the higher ego; this is one of the many reasons why we are activating these pillars here and all of you who are present here physically and who are hearing my words you are key components in this magnificent tapestry of fire and ice. It is the hot lava of Mother Earth’s body and the cool water of her body and as these energies come together they do not cancel each other out as one might imagine, they create a completely different energy and this is where one needs to move beyond the Earthly understanding of what the elements would do in reality, we are asking you to move beyond the paradigms of human thinking, of scientific reason and to embrace the elements as whole divine bodies of expression.

The fire element is one of the most difficult elements to master but when you have fire and water in equal amounts balanced then your air and your earth elements will be equally balanced too. You will begin to see how important it is to work with the elements of Mother Earth’s body; every aspect of her divine expression and the same applies to you.

With every column that is activated and every Fire Gate that is opened you are taken deeper into the realms of your authentic self. These Fire Gates are ensuring that the pathway that leads to the authentic self is broadened. You will be shown many many different avenues and aspects of your authentic self; how you define that right now will change because you are receiving the insignia of the Authentic Ones.

The Council of the Authentic Ones are a council of beings that exist beyond the 8th Sphere. Everything that exists beyond the 8th Sphere embodies a light and vibration so powerful that no human being can stand in its presence, you will simply burn up, however your soul has been initiated into this passage of fire. Through the passage of time you have gone through the re-birthing where you have been held within the sacred waters of our Cosmic Mother’s womb and now is the time for you to lead in a new way, it is the time for you to completely live from your heart, to express through your heart and to feel the depth of that light and to allow it to penetrate the very depths of your being.

And so now, precious ones, imagine all of you connecting with one another through your heart chakra as we officially open the energy for this sacred celebration, universal activation and cosmic initiation of fire and water.

Breathe in deeply and allow your body to relax as you completely surrender to the light and divine cosmic love of your fully enlightened and authentic self. In your heart give yourself permission to surrender to life, to open the way to this divine time, to allow yourself to spread your wings and to surrender to life, to God and to Goddess and to feel the power of that authentic light inside of you.

Take another deep breath in and as you relax welcome the Archangel Metatron. Welcome Archangel Raphael, Uriel, Arielle. Welcome the beings of all the divine dimensions of the Fire Gates and the Crystal Pillars of Goddess Consciousness. Welcome the feeling of divinity as the energy that has been invoked fills your being and as the energy moves from the Sacred God to the Sacred Goddess so we create an exquisite flow of the two polarities moving between each other and between your own divine feminine and your own divine masculine.

I want you to draw your attention into your heart chakra and to acknowledge the Divine Goddess inside of you and to acknowledge the Divine God inside of you and then I want you to go even deeper and to find the inner child and to bring him or her out into the light of the new day and to allow this exquisite being to see what your authentic self sees for this will equip your inner child with the wisdom, the confidence and the inner knowing of what its purpose is and how to support you in transcending many of those debilitating patterns that you took on during your formative years.

Breathe in deeply and as you exhale surrender to the light that is enfolding you now as Mother Goddess and Father God step into the centre of your presence opening their heart chakra and embracing you with that pure unconditional love, an energy that you are unfamiliar with in human form yet the very essence of you recognizes it immediately and imagine yourself falling off the edge of a cliff into the arms of our Mother/Father God/Goddess and relax.

Archangel Metatron has brought forth a crystalline pillar of energy. This crystalline pillar of energy is being activated within the centre of your heart chakra, this is your unique beacon of love and of light that connects you to the all encompassing power of the authentic one that exists within you.

The Council of Authentic Ones and the Elders of your Galaxy come to welcome you into this new age of living authentically.

Breathe in deeply and exhale completely and surrender, let go and simply be.

Become aware of Archangel Uriel standing behind you now and he places the index finger of his right hand on the seventh cervical of your spine activating the transmitter that will communicate with the crystalline pillar that has been placed within your heart.

He then takes the index finger of his left hand and places it within the small of your back activating a communication line between the chakras of your throat and your sacral.

Breathe in deeply and relax and surrender, let your mind go.

Breathe in deeply and exhale completely.

Now that this transmission and communication line has been activated, with your permission we will link these energies up to all the others who are assigned to work with these energies. If you are willing in your heart give permission and weaving the light will begin.

Now imagine all these beautiful crystal energies flowing from your heart chakra weaving the sacred tapestry of divine light, divine love and divine truth. This particular weave of light connects through the vibrations of the authentic self, which means the lower aspect of your human self does not have the power to interfere with this very sophisticated level of transmission, however this puts you in a new position, beloved ones, for in order to carry this level of heart energy you need to remain centred within your heart interacting with your fellow humans and other kingdoms of life without judgment, without criticism and without projecting your own fears and thoughts onto others.

You have been prepared for this time, many of Master Kuthumi’s teachings as well as my own teachings have presented this information before, however now you are taking it up to a different level, the reason being that you are working with crystalline energy which amplifies that which is inside of you and the fire energy which blazes a trail for you and it incinerates the veils of illusion that have blocked your vision, those veils that have inhibited you.

Now it is a new time and each of these Fire Gates and each of these crystalline pillars are offering you a new lease on your life, a new dimension of experiencing you. The self-awareness, the self-acceptance and self-love that comes from this journey will humble you. You will discover a deeper level of self-compassion, self-understanding and in so doing embracing a new and expanded and powerful level of self-nurturance.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale Archangel Uriel moves aside and Archangel Arielle comes to stand in front of you and places the palm of her right hand on your heart chakra.

Breathe in and as you exhale she activates the Fire Gates of the lion and the lioness, God and Goddess, love and light, truth and clarity, freedom and independence.

Breathe this into your heart, allow it to move through you and surrender.

The Goddesses of the Fire Gates walk in a circle around you.

The Elders of the Authentic Council of Light forms a sacred geometric coning of light around you as a group of light activators.

And so the energies for this sacred time and glorious time of remembrance is officially open and flowing through the hearts of each of you who are a part of this dynamic dimension of divinity.

Breathe in and exhale.

If any of you are feeling a tightness over your chest just breathe for now it is that there are new levels of energy flooding into your heart chakra. This may cause a sense of discomfort in your chest area as if your ribs are being expanded. All you must do is breathe into it and relax, because your heart chakra is now being expanded into a different dimension you will feel it physically. Many of the shifts that you will experience from this time forward within the chakras you will experience physically, simply use the breath to allow the energy to move. When you go into fear you stop the flow of energy, when you stop the flow of energy you hold your breath and then nothing can flow.

So breathe into it, drop your shoulders, relax your diaphragm and just let God and Goddess navigate.

One of the most important lessons that will be driven home for humanity as a result of the activations that shall take place over the next few days is surrender. Many people get angry when they are asked to surrender or to let go because they do not know how to do it, they do not understand what it means, it is simple, allow what must be to be when it must be.

Do not force that which has not reached its time of manifestation. When you force anything you are going against the grain of your life. Some might say how do I know the difference between surrender and moving forward and making things happen in your life? That is an inner knowing. When there is doubt or fear, apprehension or anxiety regarding any issue stop, take a deep breath in and ask, affirm, state and intend that the divine plan of divine time be revealed to you and that your anxieties, your fears and everything else causing doubt or negativity be released to the light and then you just let go.

Every time you sense any discomfort hand it over and ask that you remain centred within that crystal pillar that is now fully active in your heart chakra. It will take some practice but you will very soon identify the difference between having to surrender or having to persevere and push forward, stand your ground. That is where many people get confused, but this is an important time of learning to understand the voice of your intuition, because you live on Earth time affects you and there is a divine time and divine plan for everything.

The Fire Gates and Crystal Pillars that you are being exposed to will reveal this to you and a deep understanding will come to each of you. You cannot force an apple to ripen before its time, you cannot remove a flower from the earth and expect it to grow if there is nothing to root itself in, if there is nothing nurturing it and holding it, and your heart is the earth, the fertile soil in which your hopes, your dreams, your wishes and your destiny grows - don’t fight it, be with it and allow life to show you what it has in store for you. Choose to see life as an adventure rather than out there to get you, to sabotage you, to hurt you and to paralyze you – that is victim thinking and I trust there is not one victim in this room or listening to my words – yes or no?

There will be moments of uncertainty but now you know what to do. You know how to distinguish inside of yourself and you need to practice that.

Now take another deep breath in and as you exhale Archangel Arielle moves to one side.

Lord Maitreya and Lord Metatron comes to stand on either side of you. They place a hand on each of your shoulders and begin encoding your skeletal structure, which represents the minerals and crystals of Mother Earth’s body, with the sacred signature of your divine and authentic self.

Relax and surrender. Breathe and just allow it to happen.

Now if there is anything specifically you need assistance with, in your heart present this issue to the Council of Authentic Ones, the Elders of Light.

Trust that that which you have put forward will be resolved or clarity and insight will be delivered to you. Do not speak of what you have put forward, do not mull over it, just let it go and trust in the divine timing of all of it.

We ask you now to return your attention to your heart chakra, to acknowledge all the beings present.

Take a deep breath in and as you exhale the Elders emit a sound which allows the Fire Gates of your throat chakra to become active. The Fire Gates of your third eye and your crown chakra.

As these gates open so more energy pours into your body and surrender.

The messages of light that come from the Elders is being distributed to each of you telepathically through the sacred codes of the Christ Consciousness, through the divine language of the Divine Goddess. This not only speaks to the DNA of your body it penetrates the atomic structure of your body, this in turn communicates to everything within that and everything outside of that. In a way it is very difficult to describe to each of you what this energy looks like, therefore we ask you to simply feel, to allow these Great Beings to reveal to you what you are ready to now begin experiencing and witnessing.

We would also like to acknowledge seventeen new soul connections which are being filtered into four human beings who are a part of this particular gathering. These beings, these human beings, are the guardians of the work that we are doing here. With the integration of these seventeen strands there are, Metatron is indicating two hundred and twenty-two crystal chakras that are activated within the heart chakra of these people, as these chakras are activated they automatically activate that energy in each and every one of you. The moment that energy touches your heart chakra so you are awakened to another level of your own divinity and so you begin to see more of God and Goddess in others and in yourself.

It is important that each of you realize, remember and recognize that you are still a human being, you are meant to be human right now, you are meant to be a part of the paradigm of human living and you are expected to live your life to the fullest without judgment of others or self, without criticism of others or self but with full permission and divine instruction to take life with both of your arms and with a completely open heart and to live it like God and Goddess intended you to experience it.

Earth can be a hellish experience or a heavenly one depending on how you are either react or respond to life, and if anyone chooses to hold you in judgment or criticize what it is that you do or do not do simply bless them in love for it is their divine right to think or do whatever it is they choose but you do not have to take it on and that is all you are responsible for doing, you can let it in or you can release it and this is the art of living life simply. Simply by not allowing the density, the heaviness and the negativity of others to burden you, to create baggage – you have enough of that yourself and you have worked very hard in letting that go.

So be aware of that it is very important that you contain yourself within the light of your fully enlightened fully mastered Christ and authentic self, and by doing this harmony flows through you and you will find that you deal with your life challenges in a harmonious and confident manner. Conscious confidence.

Take another breath in and relax as we now seal the energies of everything that has been activated.

I, Mary Magdalene, offer each of you an exquisite blood red rose. This rose represents the life-force of love and that of the Fire Gates. The Magdalene Roses are held within this as a reminder of just how expansive your heart is and how immensely capable it is of loving and receiving love.

And relax, surrender and be at peace.

Draw your consciousness back into your physical body, into the physical time-line that you are currently in knowing that everything that has taken place energetically is part of you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – it cannot be separated from you for it is you and always has been, all you are doing now is remembering and reconnecting.

Make sure that you are fully grounded in your body.

Open your eyes, stretch your body, do whatever it is that you need to do to ensure that you are fully grounded and then I will open the floor for a maximum of five questions relating to that which we have activated this evening. If there is anyone who wishes to ask a question in this group please go ahead.

(There does not appear to be any questions)

Very well I am delighted to say then you all understood everything that was brought through or, you are simply completely dumbstruck! I will accept both.

Precious ones it is such an honour and a great joy to be able to reconnect with all of you, all of you know me as I know you and as we journey together on this sacred pilgrimage of returning the light to humanity you will see that you are returning home, you are remembering the pathway of liberation that grants you access to realms of authenticity, the world that you forgot therefore reconnect, remember, respond and allow our lights to become one on Earth as they are in Heaven and the cosmic connections that are made will grant everyone the opportunity to remember what it feels like to be within the heart of Father/Mother God, to remember the depth and intensity and purity of their unconditional love for each of us and that will help you to release yourself of anything from the old paradigm that no longer serves your journey. Let us continue to celebrate.

Over the next forty-four days we will work with you on a very deep level. You will be taken into the sacred chambers of the Fire Temples and the Crystals Temples. These temples hold very unique, very powerful codes that were placed within their structure by the energy of Father/Mother God, written by the hand of God so to speak. During this period you will be attuned to those sacred sounds, to the sacred vibrations, the sacred tones of Mother/Father God, this will automatically trigger memories inside of your body, inside of your heart, your mind and your soul. It will be a unique experience for each of you, it cannot be defined in one illustration, it is your journey, it is your life therefore go forth and live it to its fullest.

As each of these sacred tones create a shift in energy in your body you will see that everything speeds up for you – yes, yet again another level of understanding the language of the Universe. This is important, for the more open you are, for the more transparent you are in terms of revealing your authenticity the easier it is for you to understand the sacred language that exists beyond the human mind that the unconscious or sleeping ones will never understand.

This is your time to shine; this is the promise of new life delivered to you on a gold and silver platter. You have earned it, enjoy it and be at peace. I will speak with you very soon again.

I am Mary Magdalene, thank you and au revoir.

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