2 Mayıs 2009 Cumartesi

The Golden Christ Ray Attunement with Hilarion and Sananda

The Golden Christ Ray Attunement
with Hilarion and Sananda



There will be an attunement class held this Sunday May 3, 2009 at 1:00pm EST, through conference call.
The Cost is $ 65.00
You can sign up here: http:/ascendedmasters.org

The activation will re-strand your DNA and add more
strands to that DNA. The activations unlock inner doors so
you can open them on your own.
This activation open doorways to divine and unified consciousness so you
can access the connection to your source being more easily. During the attunement you will be attuned to the 12th ray, the Golden Ray, the highest energetic
grid matrix on earth.

The Golden Christ Ray is
the Ray of Planetary Peace and Completion.
It isn't that you don't become one with it, and it's not that it doesn't fill every part of you. It's that after it does, you will find yourself taken to a sphere of existence, of focus, of being, of integrated feeling of yourself.
And this is a wonderful platform from which to communicate with your own very being, your higher self, your child, your emotional self, your soul, your source being. Just like once space ships/shuttles or satellites leave the earth's atmosphere, they just find themselves at a clear vantage point, free of gravity, and most light. They just don't see a better view from there, but the astronauts will tell you - they actually feel a better view.
This also translates to: You are more in a state of active understanding of the energies which dance, which are occurring within your spine, your abdomen, your sides, and more. All of which have meaning. You can see that the Golden Ray is lovingly interactive, and in this way we would say has a "personality". Peace, understanding of our self, our experience right now, a feeling of wholeness, and Golden beingness. This is our way, this is the way of the Golden Light, of the Golden Ray. This is the freedom it offers.
May we see and feel clearly our ongoing, unbroken connection back to source within the Golden Light, within the Golden Ray.

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