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The Arcturian Stargate /Sedona Journal - Juliano, the Arcturians and Archangel Metatron through David K. Miller - 7 March 2009

Keyed by hand by Caryl from Sedona Journal of Emergence, May 2009

The Arcturian Stargate

Juliano, the Arcturians and Archangel Metatron through David K. Miller - 7 March 2009

Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. As the ascension gets closer, we are focusing our energies and our teachings on the Arcturian Stargate. The stargate is coming into alignment with the Earth, just like the Earth is coming into alignment with the Central Sun. There is a beautiful triangle of fifth-dimensional etheric light that aligns or creates a beautiful alignment with the Central Sun, the Arcturian Stargate and the Mother Earth.

In fact, many of the starseeds have returned to the Earth at this time for the specific purpose of experiencing the alignments that are before you with the Arcturian Stargate. We have compared alignments before with the eclipses of the Sun and the Moon. Our example has been this:

If you were a student of astronomy and you knew that there was an eclipse of the Sun of great magnitude and great power, then you would easily travel to South Africa, to the North Pole, to the South Pole – or wherever it was on the Earth that would enable you to receive the highest perspective and the highest energy from that eclipse.

In the same way, you as starseeds would want, in fact have, decided to reincarnate into the Earth at this time, in part, to experience the alignment with the Central Sun and the alignment with the Arcturian Stargate.

In cosmic alignments, there are powerful energies that would not normally be available. In a cosmic alignment, you receive and can accelerate your powers of fifth-dimensional activation, of fifth-dimensional streaming and of fifth-dimensional shimmering. You can activate your energy with thought projections, with pulsing, with dynamic interactions and with the fifth dimension that will allow you to ascend.


The power of this ascension energy on Earth is twofold. The first power comes from the Earth’s alignment with the Central Sun. The second power, and equally dynamic one, comes from the alignment with the Arcturian Stargate.

The Arcturian Stargate is a portal that allows the starseed activated beings to participate in their planetary choice for their next incarnation process. This means that at the stargate, you can review and participate in choosing where you want to incarnate next, including which planet. It always means and also includes the possibility of returning to the Earth for another incarnation. This is a great power and a great gift—to be able to participate in the planetary reincarnation process.

In the hierarchy of soul evolution, consciousness, choice and the participation to choose an incarnation is considered a higher value. When you are able to participate in the life you are going to, and the planet you are going to, then you can be assured that you have reached a higher level of soul evolution.

Now, on the Earth, in a normal reincarnation process, your next lifetime is, in part, directed by your guides and teachers. Your next lifetime, in fact, is set in parameters in accordance with your Earth karma. Your next Earth reincarnation is in many ways preset, based on the needs that you have for your own learning and for your own evolution.

In fact, when you are born through the Earth’s incarnation process, part of the whole process is dependent upon your forgetting everything about the reincarnation process. You are made to forget about the inter-life, or life-between-life processes so that, in essence, you come to the Earth in an incarnation with a relatively clean slate. I say “relatively†because you know that there are certain soul imprints that carry on from lifetime to lifetime.

We have used the example of Mozart who has a great soul imprint for music that carries on in any lifetime that he manifests. In any lifetime that he wishes to access that talent, he can use music to his greatest and highest good. Even with such a powerful imprint, you must still consider the fact that someone like Mozart did not have conscious memory of other lifetimes in which he was a musician. He did not even have memories of his musical experiences between his life-between-life processes.


The life-between-life process is often as important in the whole evolutionary process as the experiences that you have on the Earth in a lifetime. I know that the lifetime on Earth can often be of a limited consciousness. However, each life-time on Earth has the potential to be lived in 100 percent awareness. In fact, if lifetimes were experienced in 100 percent awareness, then people would be making different decisions about what they are doing with themselves.

It is true that the third dimension is a dimension of duality and a dimension of restriction. This third-dimensional restriction is such that there is not an easy opportunity readily available to experience the inner life and life-between-life memories. However, through special meditation and through special studies, you can reawaken your memories from the past life and the life-between-life experiences. With those memories you can also further awaken your starseed consciousness.

In the stargate there is an entirely different operational principle. That stargate operational principle focuses on awareness. When you go from the stargate to another planet, then you go in full consciousness and in full awareness. You go in full memory of all your life-between-life experiences. You go in full memory of your past lives.

To be able to go through the stargate, you have to have a greater consciousness. You have to have a more evolved soul. That is what you are developing now. That is what you are evolving toward. This lifetime on the Earth is bringing you closer to a higher soul evolution.

In fact, we have noted that in any one lifetime, but in particular in this lifetime, you can gain full consciousness of all of your past lives. You can gain full consciousness of the lessons of the life-between-life experiences.

We want you to develop this ability. We want you to understand that the normal consciousness that you have of yourself is a limited consciousness. It is limited necessarily by the restrictions of the third dimension. You are expanding and moving up to a higher level of consciousness, and with that higher level, you are quickly developing the ability to enter the Arcturian Stargate.


In the transition for the ascension, we recommend remaining in full consciousness. When you are approaching and accessing the stargate and leaving the Earth’s incarnation process, then we are working, helping and teaching you to make this transition with full consciousness. That means that as you are traveling through the corridor for ascension, then you focus on the Arcturian Stargate.

You are visualizing and you are directing yourself in these soul energy spaces called “corridors.†The fuel that propels you to the place you want to be is your thoughts. Your ability to project yourself through a corridor is a vital tool and a vital skill that you want to access and use when you are in the ascension corridor. This means that you should visualize and think: “I am projecting myself to the Arcturian Stargate.â€

I, Juliano, am downloading a corridor of light around each of you who are listening to these words. This corridor of light is a stargate corridor that we call a “practice corridor†that enables and offers each of you an opportunity to experience and to practice projecting yourselves to the Arcturian Stargate.

There are only two stargates in the entire Milky Way Galaxy. The Arcturian Stargate is the official stargate for this half of this sector of the Milky Way Galaxy. That means that anyone or any being who wishes to reenter and process themselves into another planetary incarnation has to come through—or it is desirable for them to come through—this stargate.

Going through our stargate is the most favorable way to do so. Naturally, when you come through the stargate, you are doing this with consciousness. Then you will correctly choose a fifth-dimensional-planet—a more evolved planet to continue in your incarnation.

In fact, rest assured that in the fifth dimension, you will go through an incarnation process, but it is totally different from the third-dimensional incarnation process. What is different? As I have said, in the fifth-dimensional planetary system, you enter an incarnation in full consciousness of life between lives and past lives.

For example, that means that you will even have a memory of this lecture that I am giving. You will have memory of what you have done on the Earth in this lifetime. You will have memories of other lifetimes that you have been on the Earth.

You have to understand—my starseed friends whom I love very much and I send you my blessings—what a great event it is in the soul evolution to go and approach the stargate. You have to understand what a great leap of spiritual energy it is to complete a planetary incarnation, such as what you are doing now on the Earth, and to graduate and to go through the Arcturian Stargate.


Many people have asked, “What is it like in the stargate?†The stargate is in the fifth dimension. It is a fifth-dimensional heavenly gate that has an unlimited amount of contacts with different planetary systems that are much evolved. The best way that I can describe the stargate is for you to imagine that you are in a huge train station. Perhaps you might call it â€Grand Central Station.†Another term would be a Grand “Central Sun†Station.

In that station you might see signs like: “Going to Pleiades,†“Going to Sirius,†“Going to Aldeberan,†“Going to Scorpio,†“Going to the Andromeda Systems,†“Going to Xerxes†or “Going to the Central Sun Moon-Planet Alano.â€

You would also see that many corridors in the stargate. Each one is a beautiful transitional corridor in which you are accelerated and projected into a much higher consciousness in preparation for downloading yourself into an incarnation. It is a beautiful process to go from a spirit form into incarnation form. This process is enhanced when you are in higher consciousness.

In the Arcturian Stargate we have special teachers or guides who will work with you. Imagine that you come into the Great Central Sun Station and you are beginning to contemplate which corridor you should take in order to go to the appropriate planetary experience for your soul. You need to decide which higher dimensional planet would be best for you.

I understand that when you have so many positive and interesting choices that sometimes you become frozen and are unable to make any decision. We, the Arcturians, are going to be there helping. Also, Archangel Metatron is there at the stargate.

We even have classes where we have group discussions. At the stargate you do not have to immediately decide which place to go to. There is not even a time constraint. You can stay at the stargate for as long as you want to. There are many spirit guides t here at this Grand Central Sun train station. You will be meeting many higher dimensional spirits. How fascinating to see all these spirits coming from different countries and going to different places.


In the same way, the Arcturian Stargate will give you the opportunity to interact with beings from other levels. I know that you are all excited at the opportunity to see other beings. You will be seeing only those beings that are fifth dimensional and higher. Some of these beings could be somewhat different in terms of their manifested form. You are still defined in the Earth body.

When you go into the fifth-dimensional corridor, I know that it will be easier and most comfortable for you to manifest a fifth-dimensional body. Perhaps you can manifest a body to appear like when you were twenty-five or thirty years old. You can create a body in that certain light of the youthful figure that perhaps you feel most comfortable in.

Consider this: Species from other planets have human-like life forms that are slightly different from the Earth human form. One different example is those human-like life forms that are hermaphrodites. Hermaphrodites are those human forms that can carry male and female characteristics in one body. Therefore, a hermaphrodite would be able to have a relationship with another hermaphrodite, so the whole issue of whether it is male-to-female relationship or male-to-male or female-to-female relationship would not be an issue. The hermaphrodite would become involved in a relationship based on whatever sexual orientation was appropriate.

This type of flexibility in sexuality might be foreign to you. However, when you experience meeting hermaphrodites, you might find yourself interestingly attracted to a planet that has that experience. You may meet someone, a guide or teacher, from that system and you might begin to realize that this is an interesting, challenging and expanding way of experiencing an incarnation. You may decide to go to the corridor and experience the planet that offers that experience, and you may decide to learn what it is like to incarnate on that planet.


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