30 Mayıs 2009 Cumartesi

7 Tribes of Galactic Expression (AA Michael/Ronna Herman)

From Scripting your Destiny book, excerpt from 12 sacred tribes of Creation.
I am writing the 7 galactic ones here so you can see which ones you are and how you choose. We are born with some, we can focus on others and develop to higher expessions always :)

*LEADERS/PIONEERS/WARRIORS : Will (power) to Create/desire to protect

*SCHOLARS : Wisdom/abstract knowledge (desire for understanding / enlightenment, inward focused)

*SAGES/TEACHERS : Active intelligence (tolerance, desire to be of service to humanity)

*ARTISANS/CREFTSMEN : Artistic creation / builders of form (visionaries, restorers)

*SCIENTISTS : Concrete knowledge (desire to manifest the aspects, virtures and attributes of the Creator in the physical expression or on the material plane, and to understand the workings of the universe)

*CRUSADERS : Devotion/ idealism (selfless service, healing, nurturing, desire for highest Creator truth)

*SERVERS/SEEKERS : Desire for spiritual freedom / redemption / purification (desire to serve and utilize the unviersal laws of manifestation in their highest form)

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