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Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess, Speaks!

Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess, Speaks!


Today I would like to talk to you about who you are a as a human being.
This is your physical look, you relate to this physical look. But who are you really? Are you human or are you something else?
Many feel they have come from other planets, even other universes, and you are probably right about this.
As you have all gathered here to be here with me now, I would like to thank you for this. I have received and felt the love that you bring for me as the earth, but also for all living beings upon me.
Many of you have your own world to go to after we finish the ascension of this universe and I would like to thank you for your assistance now as we prepare for this ascension.
As a spirit being, you are the true ascended being already, you have been here to allow for us to prepare and guide many of the ones that are not awakened yet. You have already awakened many with your love and light that flows through our universe.
You all know who we are in spirit, you are just not fully aware of it completely. This is why we build the new world consciousness. Where we start with the personal consciousness that is connected to your human form.
Your new personal consciousness will allow you to become fully conscious of who you are, where you came from and where you are going.
This is why you are here, this is why you are to become the new consciousness as a human bringing in the knowledge that you have within you already.
Many will come after you, and they will use this new cosmic consciousness for further teachings. But the teachings will be pure and free of all that is connected to the old world. This will be a world of being one with others, being one with the earth, being one with the universe, and even being one with all that is.
Much of those teachings will be done on the new earth. They are higher dimensional teachings and even though some are able to receive them at this time. Many that have not awakened will come to those teachings after the new world has been created. They cannot make the jump at this time.
But they will be assisted by many of you that are awake and are ready for this jump into the new world.
This is why you are here now, this is why you are learning, this is why you are experiencing and have experienced much of what this world is and you know the changes needed for the new world.
Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess

Join us on Tuesday evenings as we allow Lady Gaia to speak to each of us personally through guided meditation as we anchor our own divine light and consciousness.
Our next call is Tuesday May 19, at 9:30pm EST.
The cost for this call is $ 15.00

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