16 Mayıs 2009 Cumartesi

Stargate into the Great Central Sun

Stargate into the Great Central Sun

Dear Sevgi Ozer,

StarGate in the Great Central Sun

Date: Sunday May 17, 2009
Time: 9:30pm EST
Location: Conference call
Fee: $18.00

The Councils of Light shall guide us as we join the elementals of the forest for the celebration of the Spring Equinox. We will open the stargate to the Great Central Sun, the center of the Universe. Initiate new beginnings as we open our hearts to Source. This is a powerful gateway for the transformation of humanity and self. Let us honor Great Spirit and Mother Earth for all our blessings. Allow yourself to make yet another shift in consciousness and raise your vibration to higher levels with unlimited possibilities. Gifts from the great God of Pan. Mayan empowerments in manifestation, harmony, ripens, expanded love and beauty. Ruled by the Mayan Goddess of Love: TLAZOLTEOTL. Come join us for an adventure of a life time as we open the Gates!

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