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The very foundation of Earth's character has been changed

The Pleiadian Light: An Energy Shift in Ancient Power Sites
through Hannah Beaconsfield
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Question: I recently visited Egypt, as I have several times in the past. This time I could not feel the special energy I have always felt. I also remembered a psychic saying that the energy in Egypt was "turned off." Can the Pleiadian Light comment on this? - B.A.

We can say there has been a shift in world energies to support the distaff side of the ancient sources of the various cultures on your world.

The Atlantean heritage, as expressed through the Egyptian civilization and others in the region, has dominated your world consciousness for your recorded history. It has resonated through the development of Western cultures.

The "companion" heritage from Lemuria is now being felt as more and more of your world consciousness takes in the ascension energy. (Or perhaps, more correctly, ascends to an expanded dimension.) Generally speaking, the Lemurian heritage carries more of the characteristics you designate as feminine. It has also been the underpinning of many Eastern cultures and their development.

The power areas on your world that resonate Lemurian energy have been in recessive positions since the Lemurian demise and diaspora. They have been sleeping, if you will. Now, they are waking up. The energy that supported the Atlantean power points is being withdrawn (not entirely, of course, since the goal is balance) and shifted to support Lemurian power points.

In the United States there are particular power areas in the Pacific Northwest and in the Four Corners section of the Southwest. However, the sites charged with the energies of highly developed cultures descended from Lemuria are primarily in Central and South America, Hawaii and Tibet. Other presently unknown sites will emerge, as the energy grows stronger.

We emphasize that this energy is emerging as a balancing force and as such, will be blending with the Atlantean/Egyptian signature to form a new cultural formula that will evolve into the ascended Earth human.

There has been a major shift in your world consciousness in your very recent past. This change has been on a foundational level. It has shifted the Earth signature energy pattern from divisive (moving apart, differentiating, polarizing) to conjunctive (moving together, unifying, blending).

The very foundation of Earth's character has been changed. This change will resonate through all levels of Earth life. It will occur at a pace that can be handled with a minimum of discord as long as people help each other. It will not happen as slowly as change occurred in the past. In fact, this transition is happening very quickly. Your perception of time however, is changing so the effects will not feel as jarring as they would have been in the past.

There is another aspect to the Earth shift that is important to consider. It is not just the Egyptian power energies that are changing, but the whole Middle Eastern area will experience an energy change. The Middle East has been considered the root chakra for the Earth's energy system.

Some of the major religions of your world claim their inception in the area. As a result this area has been engulfed in conflicts for millennia. Battles for the survival of world reality views have kept this area in fear and fighting for power. This reflects some prime characteristics of the root chakra: survival issues.

Unlike the charkas in the human body, the body of Earth has more than one energy system. As energy is withdrawn from the power center of the Mideast, in order to share support with another energy system aligned with the Lemurian civilization, you will see the hostilities in the Mideast start to calm down and steps taken to eventually develop harmonious interactions in the area. This is one of the multidimensional aspects of the predicted, expected, and presently unfolding BIG SHIFT.

Regarding this big shift, you have a saying, "all bets are off." If we understand it correctly we would use this to tell you that you can no longer project the future based on your past. This has been a means of dealing with your reality - learning from the past. All bets are off, the future will involve a whole new set of parameters. You can no longer depend on the past to help you move into the future.

We would guide you to avoid resistance to the changes because they don't align with your past. This resistance is the primary cause of discomfort. Calm yourselves and deal with what is in your present. That's all you can do. And the future will reveal its new dimensions as you concentrate on one present at a time.

We will confide that the accumulation of these presents will form a world culture that is utopian compared with your present state of chaos. Be at peace. We are working with you.

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**Excerpted from: THE BEACONSFIELD REPORT (8-eReport-09) - An eLetter of Channeled Metaphysics Publisher: Hannah Beaconsfield * Editor: Laura Christensen

Hannah Beaconsfield has been channeling for many years, beginning with automatic writing, which she still uses most of the time. In 1989 she began voice channeling with the help of Lyssa Royal and her channeling course. Hannah is a metaphysician, Choreographer, and Artist.

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