12 Mayıs 2009 Salı

Isis, Manifesting ABUNDANCE

Isis, Manifesting ABUNDANCE

Dear Sevgi Ozer,

I am Isis and I come to you today on the Golden/white Ray of Love, Wisdom and Compassion.

You as light workers have accomplished so much and we have been following your progress throughout time as you are becoming more and more a being of light.

As your process continues into the new energies and you are creating the new earth, we are with youand are here to assist you in every way possible.

We feel the urgency of many of you to further advance yourself in the area of manifesting and creating an abundant life right now.

We see how many of you are in the process of creating such a life for yourselves and many are succeeding in this new energy that has been sent onto earth.

Many are afraid to release the older energies that are preventing them from creating this abundance in the new way in the now. By in the now, I mean right here, right now, this is what you take with you into the new earth energies.

This is why it is important to start manifesting that abundance, that knowing and feeling of abundance and gratitude.

The first thing you have to let go of is the thought that someone else is responsible for your abundance. Your life is your abundance and responsibility.

This is why many are not able to manifest their own abundance at this time. Too many are still thinking that others that do have abundance are responsible to provide the abundance for them.

It is essential to let go that someone else is responsible for your abundance in order for you to manifest your own abundance.

This is not about others, this is only about you. You manifesting and creating your reality in your new world. And taking your manifesting ability further, once you are in your new world.

Even we, the Ascended Masters and Spiritual Guides are not responsible for your abundance. We can only guide you in the right direction to create and manifest this abundance.

So lesson one in this is to take your responsibility for your abundance and realize that all is possible and you are the creator of your own reality. Let go of any limitation that is blocking your abundance and that could be preventing you from manifesting your abundance.

There are no limits as to what you can manifest and create in the light.


Through Petra Margolis

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