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Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess, Speaks! The Elementals are here to assist you!

Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess, Speaks!
The Elementals are here to assist you!


The elementals, the deva's, all spirits that you consider to be non human in a way. They are here to play with you while you create your new world, as they want to be part of your new world. They are the fun you create in this new world, as you have become a newborn, you can enjoy again the fun, love and joy that comes from being with the elementals.

Learn again how to talk to them, listen to them and play with them as they assist you in creating full of love, joy and compassion for all beings.

Learn to talk to the plants, the trees, the animals again as they are all moving with us into this new world, as we are all creating this new world.

The new world you are creating from this place, this time, as we prepare and receive the energies that are available for us to release the old and embrace the new.

We will move into this new world, as many are moving into the 5th dimensional energies and higher. And this is not just about moving into, but bringing them back with you. These higher dimensional energies will fill us up as we return them to ourselves.

Just like you humans, all other beings represented on earth are preparing to move forward into the new world, or they will leave this world and move to their own world when the time is there. Some of them have fulfilled their purpose on earth and will return to their planet of origin.

Many beings were however created when you were created and many of them were created before you. They have been with me so long and they have been waiting with me for this time to come.

Now we are here and we ask of you to be the light of your soul, and become source as we all return to our original state of being. Bringing with us the knowledge that we accumulated over time.

This is our time, where we create the new world, the new cosmic world, and the new cosmic world consciousness that will be assisting us while we are moving into the new world that we are creating together.

The New Heaven will be build upon me, as I am the earth and will become your new world to create in a way that that is in harmony with all that are upon me and inside of me.

Lady Gaia, the Mother Goddess.

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