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Lord Buddha Channelled Though Natalie Glasson- 11-05-09

Lord Buddha
Channelled Though Natalie Glasson- 11-05-09

Let us rejoice in the glory of enlightenment, let us take pride in the
acceptance of wisdom, information and knowledge that brings forth the
truth of the Creator onto the Earth. Presently we are moving into a
period of high vibrations and increased sensitivity to the wisdom of
the Creator, this occurs each year because of the celebration of the
Buddha or Wesak and the greater focus of humanity and the beings of
light on the inner planes. This special time of year allows a merge or
integration on a deeper level between the physical reality and the
spiritual world or inner planes, many people send their prayers,
positive thoughts and intentions to the Creator and the inner planes
while the Ascended Master, Angels, etc, allow greater volumes of light
to flow through their being and penetrate the Earth and receptive
beings of humanity. It is this united focus that merges the lower
vibrations of the physical world with the high vibrations of the
universe composing a special period of time when wisdom,
enlightenment and new knowledge may be accessed and accepted with
greater ease. It is my mission to make you aware of this period of
time so that you may use it to access guidance for your own spiritual
The Festival of the Buddha or Wesak may have many meanings and names,
all are valued but I wish to share with you my understandings and
beliefs. The term ‘Buddha’ signifies an enlightened being holding a
connection with the Creator’s soul, thus awakening to the
consciousness of the Creator. To rejoice in the Buddha at this time of
year is to express praise, delight and joy in the fact that every soul
is open to enlightenment, is able to accept enlightenment and achieve
a new level of enlightenment. In truth every soul on the Earth and
throughout the Creator’s universe has already achieved the highest
point, vibration and acceptance of the enlightenment, wisdom and
understanding that is held within the Creator’s soul, it is simply
that many have not realised this. Realisation is the key to spiritual
enlightenment; it washes away all blockages and limitations which are
hindering your acceptance of greater enlightenment. A person’s
attitude, past experiences and the challenges that the soul wishes to
achieve can cloud the purest form of enlightenment extending from the
Creator’s soul hindering realisation. This is of course a process of
spiritual growth. As the Planetary Logos, Lord Buddha, I am constantly
accepting the process of realisation, which is understanding, learning
and appreciating the light of the Creator and focusing on integration.
The Creator’s energy and soul is so expansive that one must slowly
move through levels of growth in order to gradually accept the
magnitude of power, love, wisdom and truth that the Creator holds.
Acceptance of enlightenment can be gained by rejoicing and being
thankful for the enlightenment and truth that you already hold, this
is because when you are thankful your energies naturally soften and
become expansive attracting new enlightenment, vibrations of wisdom
and understandings to flow into your energy, mind and reality. It is
because of this that we encourage all to rejoice in the enlightenment,
truth and understanding that they hold, creating an excitement within
them of realising greater spiritual comprehension. The celebrations
began on the 9th of May and still there is high vibrational energy and
essential wisdom pouring into the Earth and those who consciously open
to become receptive to our energies. These light vibrations are
flowing with great intensity from the ashram of the Planetary Logos,
the Shambhala Ashram, where many magnificent Ascended Masters and
Archangels are gathered and will remain for some time to enthuse the
Earth with
new vibrations of enlightenment. Light pours from all aspects of the
Creator’s universe and can be anchored deep into your being; the
energising of enlightenment to allow many to gain new alignments will
take place until the end of May 2009 but of course can always be
accessed with intention at any time.
The process of anchoring enlightenment through divine alignments is
not only to increase humanity’s awareness but to dissolve all false
beliefs that cause confusion and self doubt as well as obscuring the
truth of the Creator from view. The Creator wishes all to focus on the
acceptance of divine and sacred truth, allowing the devoted light
beings on the inner planes to begin to dissolve all false beliefs and
thoughts that have a hold on humanity and are hindering the expansion
of humanity’s awareness. You may not realise this, but a cleansing
process is always instigated each year around this time in order to
remove a certain proportion of negative and false beliefs from the
atmosphere, consciousness and thought process of humanity, replacing
any dissolved energy with pure enlightenment that extends from the
Creator’s soul and is appropriate for the present growth of humanity.
Many people whether they are spiritually focused or not, usually
from a belief concerning themselves, their lives or humanity without
realising, adopting a new view or understanding. These changes can be
minuscule and unnoticeable but over years and with more people
aligning to the energy of the Creator, this process can create
tremendous changes to the Earth’s spiritual vibrations and understand.
It is my purpose through this communication to now make you aware of
the subtle changes that occur. With your focus and effort you can
assist us in creating miraculous changes to the beliefs of the
humanity, allowing the truth of the Creator to manifest in greater
abundance on the Earth.
To make the most of the high vibrations of light holding enlightenment
filtering into the energy of the Earth, there is a need for you to
create a divine alignment, I offer to you this special invocation to
assist you,
‘I ask to be aligned to the energy, soul light and consciousness of
the Planetary Logos Lord Buddha. Please align me to the planetary
white ray of light and the Shambhala ashram on the inner planes where
many light beings of high vibrations gather with Lord Buddha to pour
profound light vibrations holding essential wisdom and enlightenment
for all to access.
I ask that Mother Earth and humanity opens their hearts and souls to
accept this divine wisdom of truth, allowing truth to prevail across
the Earth.
Lord Buddha, allow the flow of enlightenment most appropriate for my
present spiritual growth to pour into my entire being. I ask for a
renewal in my energies and the vibration of enlightenment that I hold.
Please synthesis the enlightenment already realised by me within my
being so that I may accept a greater comprehension of my current
awareness before accepting new wisdom.
Lord Buddha, I invoke you to now anchor new wisdom, enlightenment,
awareness and understandings into my soul, being and mind that are
appropriate for my current growth. Allow any unneeded beliefs to be
dissolved as I gain a new Buddha perspective of my life, spiritual
path and actions on the Earth. I am open and receptive to the
enlightenment energy, vibrations and boost that extend from Lord
Buddha, the inner planes and the Shambhala Ashram.
May the truth of the Creator energise the Earth and prevail.’
Sit and absorb the peaceful vibrations of enlightenment as they shower
over and into your entire being. Know that patience, faith and the
focus of acceptance is essential, experiencing and bathing within the
light will allow integration.
Rejoice in the enlightenment within your being, allow all false
beliefs to be dissolved and open your heart to realising the
enlightenment that we share with you.
In divine appreciation and love for your acceptance of my communication,
I am Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie
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