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Ashtar about recent energies


Ashtar addressing the May 5, 2009 teleconference:

"..Now every Light Worker on Planet Earth has some house cleaning to do. We are wanting to bring forth and shine the spotlights on the methods that are the most effective and the easiest, quick acting, long lasting. My goodness sakes, don't we sound like a commercial for what is that pink stuff, you know? Ah, yes, the pepto stuff?

"Well, there is really no similarity. The energetic healing methods are long lasting and quick to take effect and the way to really clear it out. But before you clear it, be sure you transmute it. So as we've said before, you've got the Violet Ray, you've got any number of helpers, Guides, Angels and beings who are just there - thrilled -that you would call upon them to be in assistance.

"And so just pick the method you choose to use and trust it. That's right, you have to trust it. Ask some questions, and make sure that you're using the one that is really going to work for you because you will allow it to work. If something doesn't work, it's only because you've disallowed it. Now we're not here to disallow these kinds of wondrous clearings, healings and house-cleanings.

"Take care of yourself. Get in the groove, so to speak, and then reach out and help everyone else. They'll come to you. They'll see a lightness in your fields. They may not even see it, but they'll sense it, they'll feel it. And they'll say things like, 'What's your secret? What have you been doing lately, you seem to be so different?'
"What they are really saying is, 'I feel different being around you. I really like being around you. I would like to know how you have gotten to be this way so that I can do the same thing.'
"So tell them, teach them and help them, and if you're not sure that you have all of the teachings at the top of your mind, send them to a web site or someone who is here to teach, because you might be here to get back into your space craft or do something with technologies or something like that.
"Defining and discerning your mission is for everyone to do in this now moment. If you have any doubts about what your mission is, ask. We are happy to provide clarity at any time to anyone who asks, and you have a whole team again with you to guide you.

"Why are we telling you all of this? Well what do you think is coming? Anybody want to guess? And along with that is going to come some organized chaos. Now when we say organized, we're telling you it's organized, because we're preparing you. We're telling you that there is going to be somewhat of a chaotic world around you, and that it would be very wise for you to do your house cleaning and to determine what your mission is.

"What are you going to do with all this capitol "F" Freedom? What are you going to do with abundance, which is so unlimited that you will never again have to think about the J-O-B job, and those kinds of things? What are you going to do with your brand new technologies, your replicators and your living computers and your fabulous methods of transportation that get you from here to there faster and faster, so that really, no time, as you know it, goes by during the journey, and ultimately it's going to be: 'Beam me up, Scotty!'

"There are those of you who are ready for that right now; ready to go up to your ships, or across the world or wherever you want to go with that simple technique. If you are not somewhat knowledgeable about it, or if you're not a Trekkie, you probably better start with the first kinds of new modes of transportation and work up to it. Not everybody's ready for that advanced beaming.

"Anyway, what we're trying to do is paint the picture for you that these changes are going to come so rapidly that you are going to be called upon as a Beacon of Light, a Lightworker. People will gravitate towards you, and say, 'What are we doing; what's happening here; give me some information, I need to get grounded in all of this; I'm not sure what I'm here to do.'

"So, if you can say to them, well, let's put it this way, it's going to be much more delightful for them to hear if you say, 'Well I can help you figure that out; I have figured it out for myself,' or 'I've gotten some help, or whatever, and here's what you can do.' Instead of saying, 'Well I'm with you, I don't know what's going on either; I haven't got a clue, and maybe the sky's is going to fall, so probably we ought to just hide under the bed, and forget it.'

"You know that kind of a response is not particularly encouraging to people to rise up and be all that they came here to be. Now there are not very many in our Ashtar Family who are not awake, but there are those who have a lot of questions, and we do understand that. So what we're saying is we're just wanting to remind you that this is the time for the really big house-cleaning.

"We suggested to some that they might call in the merry maids of energy work, and do it quickly and get through it. And the more you clean up, whatever there is, whatever karmic baggage or whatever you want to call it, that you are carrying around, the more clarity you're going to have and the more you're going to be able to move ahead with, shall we say, a leadership kind of a pace.

"Because, Beloved Ones, you're all here to be leaders in some manner or other, whether it be as teachers, healing facilitators, technologists or whatever, everybody has a mission and a purpose. That's why you volunteered to be here at this particular time as you measure it. So the time for preparation is now. And here's a little clue. There isn't much time for preparation, as you measure it.

"Yes, the hands of the clock are whirring around faster and faster and you all know that anyway. So whereas you might think that you have, oh, an hour to do something, you really don't, you have half an hour or less. So that makes it all the more important and urgent that you get on with the house cleaning and stay with it. There is no reason for discouragement, because we'll share something with you. And this could come under the realm of Quantum Physics - please do not tell the Voice.
"The minute you lighten up, transmute and release as Love, even one part of whatever it is you're carrying around in your baggage pack, you're going to start feeling better. You're going to start feeling lighter or more joyful.

"Maybe one bubble of Joy will come up to the surface and maybe so many you can't count them, but it happens that way. Every time you hear a piece of news that sounds really good and you say, 'Well if that's coming, then I'm going to be sure that I AM ready,' you give that intent, more bubbles of Joy.

"Intent alone can carry you through some of the hardest processes, because as you intend, so shall you create and that, Beloveds, is the Law. Intend Joy for yourself. Intend bubbles welling up all the time, joyful bubbles. Intend to be free, to do and express and create all that you came here to do, express and create.

"Give yourselves a big capitol "F" [Freedom] in your wisdom eye or wherever you wish. And know that you have it all. You have the gifts. Get them out. Lay them out. Check them out. See which ones you want to use first and get on with it.

"Now, there are many helpers. We have mentioned a few here and there, they're standing by; connect with them and let them be help mates to you along this path. You will find that it is a very short distance from where you are in this now moment to, shall we say, a plateau of squeaky cleanness.

"There will be a place that you will reach as you travel along your path where you will not have to have any more burdens slowing you down, because you have taken care of them, you have addressed them and you have removed the heaviness that they have created within your being.

"And we're not just talking about physicalities either, we're talking about all of your bodies and all of your beings. So seek them out, these burdens, these places. Ask, and let your own wisdom tell you what it's about. You don't have to have the whole story. Marvelous Meg** is taking marvelous short cuts in that area.

"It is not necessary to have the whole story, history/herstory of your lifetimes, not even your most significant ones in most cases. You simply can identify what it is that needs to be cleaned and get on with it. Clear it, transmute it, release it and you're releasing more Love and you're helping the entire Planet as well as yourself to feel bubbles of Joy, to lighten up.

"And after all, do you not equate lightening up with getting to your destination? What's your destination anyway? Well, it's 5D and beyond. You might make a brief stopover in the high realms of the fourth. And that is perfect, because there are some wondrous beings who hang out there. But the reality of that is, they're coming more and more to join you and partner with you and help you to lift up, and it is all joyful and fast, very fast, so get on with it.

"This is our mission statement, if you wish, for the evening: get on with your house cleaning and be joyful in doing it, and know that you don't have a lot to do in terms of time spent, or time to spend. Most of you've already started anyway. So, it may seem as though we're preaching to the choir, but these words might be useful to pass on to someone else who is just starting to understand that they're feeling a bit bogged down by some heavy burdens, and they'd like to know what to do about it. So carry on, Beloved Ones!"

** www.spiritedclearings.com

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