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Kuan Yin:Wesak & Mother's Day Blessings

Kuan Yin:Wesak & Mother's Day Blessings

Kuan Yin addressing the May 5, 2009 Ashtar Teleconference:

"Greetings Beloved Ones, it is I Kuan Yin, standing here with Beloved Mother Mary, and Beloved Mary Magdalene, at my side. We are here to speak of a very special event that comes during the weekend of Wesak. It is not always the case, but in this particular Year of Eleven it is the way that your calendar is presenting to you, and it is most appropriate, and most joyful.

"And so I speak for all of us, about the day you call the Day of the Mother. And what is that anyway, except an honoring of the Feminine? And what could be more appropriate than in this year of celebrating the anchoring of the Feminine upon Planet Earth, and the balance that is here now, even. Even though there may be some remnants of war going on, the consensus of the World, the consciousness of the World is calling for that great balance, is calling for the Feminine energy to bring forward the Love and the Peace for the entire Planet.

"And so as you experience this day of honoring of the Mother, think of us here together with you. And we ask that you join us now in a little bit of a ceremony, in a welcoming to this, this Planet, if you will, the energies of all of the Feminine and perhaps to honor especially the Love of the Mother. Think of Mother Gaia, who has provided such nurturing for you. Think of the two Marys, who are here in the role of the Mother, in the role of the Mother and the Wife.

"And it is I Kuan Yin, who am honored to ask you to join now in this exercise. And so let us breathe and let us open our hearts and let us go into our hearts, and let us go into the room that is specially prepared with sweet smelling and beautiful flowers with music, with colors and crystals, and the room is the room of the Compassionate Mother. Makes no difference if you’re wearing the body of the male or the female, you all have this room in your hearts.

"Stand at the entry to the room and notice, there are no doors, there are no locks, because you have opened this room so beautifully and with such great Love. And now let us go together into this room that you may fully experience all of the Love, all of the Light that is there. Partake of it. Fill your entire being with it. Feel the Peace of it. Feel the Joy of it. And along with the Peace and the Joy and the Love, there is an empowerment, and it is the empowerment of knowing that all is well, that the Divine Feminine is indeed here within you, and that there is a marriage to celebrate of the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine. The Divine Masculine no longer needs to stand alone in lonely leadership, ruler-ship, of the Planet.

"But it is for all of the Feminine principles and energies found in both, male and female humans, that we are here to celebrate the official acknowledgement of, in order to have balance upon Earth and indeed to have union. Let the energies come and dance with each other now. You are the choreographer of that dance. Play the music and feel the dance going on within your own heart. Feel the Joy as the room lights up even more. Feel the warmth. Feel the hugs of the Love that sweeps through your entire being now, because there are no doors, no locks on this room, and so it is that you can allow with Joy and absolute confidence and trust.
"Allow this grand Love, this grand reunion celebration to sweep through your entire being. It will never leave your heart, it will only expand. Let it expand you Beloved Ones. Let it permeate every part of your entire Being-ness, your energy fields, all that you are, all of your bodies, all of your past, your present, your future, your parallel and dimensional selves, as you are complete within your own identity. And then notice, because you have not prevented it from reaching out beyond you, notice how it unifies others and connects them with you.
"And this, Beloveds, is how the energy of Love works. It brings all of you individual identities together, and we come in togetherness with you as the One we all are. It’s Divine. It’s the god/goddess within, meeting and joining with the All of the Divinity of the Universe, Mother-Father. Indeed, you reach everywhere.
"And Mother Gaia rejoices because this coming together means that she, too, can celebrate. She can be free from the upheavals of the male energies and free from the grief of the females, at least that’s a way of simply looking at the Joy of Mother Gaia. And indeed the World is blessed with this grand gift that you give, this acknowledgement, this celebration, this honoring of the Divine Feminine coming into its full blossom, and glory upon Planet Earth.
"And as you honor the Mothers, so you honor all. There is not one among you who has not served as a Mother in some lifetime or other, just as you have served as a father in some lifetime, or other. This is the time to acknowledge the full return of the energy of the Mother of the Divine Feminine, of the Love, and the nurturing, and the Compassion, that is always associated and indeed is a quality of the Mother. No difference whether you are serving in motherhood in this lifetime or not, you have done so before.
"Let it well up in your heart this tenderness, this nurturing. See the World as your child to nurture, and to bring into full empowerment, the empowerment of Joy and the empowerment of Love. Breathe that in Beloved Ones. Breathe that in. You have shared it and brought it to all of Planet Earth, this grand Compassion, this grand nurturing, this grand Love. Let it flow now in an endless stream radiating through your being and out into the World and the Universe beyond, and then coming back to you multiplied and even more strong, even more empowering to you. And know that you have called forth the Love and the Joy and the Peace everlasting for Planet Earth.

"And so I and the Marys offer you our thanks and our loving gratitude and appreciation. And as you may have already noticed, Mother Mary has brought so many Roses that all three of us offer them to you now. There are so many we must all hold them in our arms and offer them to you, and it is such Joy. So please take as many as you would have. And know that in this coming together in your precious heart spaces that we have created and presented yet another joyful step along the Ascension Path to all of beloved Planet Earth. And Mother Gaia stands in awe of you, and thanks you with all of Her Being. And so it is, Beloved Family, and so it is! Namaste!"

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