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Elenin (and Telos or Middle Earth vision)

From an associate ~ Adi


Its supposed to be closest on Sept 11/11.... interesting numbers. Yes it appears something fantiastic is about to happen. The negative stuf about Elenin is fear mongering....I too sense it is a postive and benevolent...... SHIP!?

I attended Lee Patrick Hanks' workshop last Saturday...who I arranged to come here in to the area. So I got in free for an exchange of my service to him. He was pretty amazing. He said many many things...oh my, what knowledge he has....

yes he concurred that we are literally only weeks away from entering 5D.

he also said the Lemurian texts are 90,000 yrs old are in the hands of the Dali Lama. He said some other very incredible things about the texts but I can't now recall----frustration city.

What is it under the Sphinx and the great pyramid (he said so much incredible stuff that by this time I could not retain it all) ? The King's chamber is an ascension device/room (which I already knew or suspected) and its at zero point and zero gravity both (but how could that be zero gravity one would float in the air wouldn't they?).

Something else he knows about the Lemurian texts that connected the dots for me and again, I cant recall what it was!! Ugh! I was in an altered state when I was listening and my left brain was out to lunch.

The crop circles, some are created by the Arcturus.....they are creating a frequency in the earths energy grid, helping the grid and the ascension that way.

I had a visioning experience when we did a group exercise in a circle and did some things with our chakras and hands and energy ball in the center and two chords of light- one silver down into the earth and one gold up to the sun. I went into the earth and into the stars both...which is unusual he said. I saw either the future of our planet (looking much like what inner earth and Telos looks like) OR I saw the inner earth and/or Telos.

Huge violet mountains with pristine waters that had a glow and vitality to it running through a fiord. Huge huge plants, many plants, that they will bring up and will oxygenate our air, also the water they will bring or change to like theirs and it too will oxygenate our air. It was so beautiful that I cried. I saw a woman who was very tall and thin in an outline form with a little bit filled in. She was off to my left a little above my head. She faded when I tried to focus on her. Then the view appeared before me. She opened it up like a door or veil lifting. At first I wasn't sure what this was, then I realized she was probably a gate keeper or one who was showing it to me. Are there gate-keepers in Telos/Middle Earth? I saw little flying vehicles in the air. No vehicles on the surface or the ground. I was aware of some sort of transportation under ground. These are used for long distance traveling....the little flying vehicles are for shorter and more frequent traveling.


I'm told from high levels that as Elenin comes closest to Earth it will pulverize all negativities throughout this planet ~

I heard him on C2C last night ~
I've been aware that Elenin is a vehicle of ascended interdimensional forces, and that it is bringing those forces into our solar system now ~


This is an amazing, must-read article just published by Carl Calleman, an expert on the Mayan calendar who says that the end date is actually October 28th, 2011, not in December of 2012. He also talks about the two incoming comets, Elenin and Honda, which will be flying past Earth later this year, and what changes or events they might signify. A very balanced, well-reasoned and in-depth article that explains a lot of what's going on in the world right now, and what may be on the horizon:


Here's an excerpt...

As we come to October 28, 2011 the field of duality will on a cosmic level have been transcended and a transition to unity consciousness may well be a condition for the survival to the new world. The prophecies associated with the two comets seem to be in alignment with some of the conclusions that I have previously drawn regarding the Ninth wave; for instance that what we are to do now is to shift from serving our egos to serving the divine plan and that indeed we need to commit to do so for a harmonization of the world to take place. This is also the reason that over the years I have consistently emphasized the consciousness aspect of the Mayan calendar saying that it has an irreversible direction towards unity and light because if this, the most important aspect of the calendar, is ignored there would indeed be very little hope for the human race.

The prophetic meanings that I have here assigned to these comets are possibilities and not scientific certainties. Yet, I intuit that something important is going to happen related to these comets that no one may at the present moment be able to understand fully or have the factual basis to analyze. If we combine our knowledge of the evolutionary model of the Mayan calendar with various end time prophecies it however makes total sense that the two comets are the messengers of the transformation of the old and the birth of a new world. In this way we can see a perfect consistency between prophecies of a varied origin and the model of the Mayan calendar of Nine Underworlds and Thirteen Heavens culminating on the date October 28, 2011 (13 Ahau). Having this knowledge the question is essentially how we are to use it and this may need to be thoroughly discussed in the time ahead.


22 Haziran 2011 Çarşamba

Core Fear Matrix Removal

One very important thing we can do for ourself is releasing all fear. We are going to do this Friday June 24 at 10:30pm EST
The cost for the Core Fear Matrix Removal is $ 25.00
You can register here Read more about it below

Welcome dear ones,

We know you are all praying for us and first contact, and that time is coming. It requires a lot of preparation an many groups will come together to support this.
These groups are forming right now, and they are there to assist us in making a safe space for us to land.

At this time we do not have a specific date, for us time is not important.
Important is that the vibration of you and your earth is being raised to a frequency that allows us to land.
We know many of you are waiting for us and would like to get a date, sometimes even setting a date. Let go and focus on your own path at this time, raise your frequency. This is more important then us landing.
The one thing that we are working on right now is to release all complete fear matrix based thought of your planet. We know many of you do not fear us.
We are talking here about everyday fear, fear being spread by the government, some groups and even among light workers.

Fear is what can control you and control lets you stay in fear.

For example, hurricanes are controlled by fear, or actually the energy of fear feeds the hurricane energy. We ask you to release that fear. The weather is changing and this change is part of the changes on mother earth at this time. Storms, rain, fire, they can all be used to clear the energies of mother earth. Sometimes they need to be there to help mother earth in a much needed cleansing. You have noticed the changes in the weather.

Now when I say fear controls part of this weather, I want you to know you can work with this weather as well. Embrace it, send your love to it. Do not fear it, do not ask it to leave.
When a hurricane is about to come, everyone will watch the news and many of those people are not light workers and their energy of fear is feeding the possibility of a hurricane and makes it stronger. As you all know thoughts are very powerful.

So you as light workers are working against the energy of al these people.
For example, let's use the United States. The percentage of light workers is about 5 % of the population. I will let you do the math and see what you need to transform in thoughts being send out.

And even among light workers fear is sometimes being spread.

Release the fear. Ask for the weather to pass and clear away everything that is not needed anymore on your planet earth and inside you.
Ask for this to be done in a way that will have the effect that is for the highest good of all involved.

Then we get to the subject of Light and Dark. Just these words alone bring fear into many. This is why I prefer to call the beings using the energy in a negative way. Or just negative beings or souls.

Many are working to eliminate the damage that is or can be done by these beings or souls.
These people do not have a fear and are used to work in the negative energies.

Many that are on the path will encounter the negative energies. And they can be influenced by these negative energies or forces. This is all according to their path, they have made this choice and are ready to learn from it. There will always be guides available for them when needed.

But one of the reason they can be controlled is fear. Many have a deep rooted fear of negative energies, or the so called dark. And this is what opens them up for control by the negative forces that are working on your planet.
Many of them will not recognize that they are being controlled. And they cannot be helped until they do realize.

Once you are living without fear, the negative forces cannot influence you. And you are in control.

The best way at this time for many of you to work against these negative forces is to create a world without them. A world without fear cannot hold negative energies.
Creating a new world will slowly spread out and the negative energies will have no way to go but being transmuted into the universal energy.

See it this way, yes there is a war going on in the 3rd dimension between light and dark as you call it.
But you are rasing your frequency more and more into a 5th dimensional frequency. Do you really want to bring this war between the Light and Dark into the 5th dimension and beyond?

Many of you might have noticed the negative energies coming out and being released. This is part of the work being done right now. The fear is being controlled by negative forces.
And it is time for all beings that are or want to be part of creating a world without fear and without the so called Light and Dark, to release the fear and negative energies attached to it.

This does not mean there is no fight between the so called Light and Dark. But this is 3rd dimensional and you are to leave this in the 3rd dimension while you move on to create a new world in the 5th dimension.

I will tell you at this time the focus on creating a new world will be more effective then fighting the negative energies. Creating a new world is more powerful than fighting the old.

The so called dark beings are going through a learning process just like you. Just like you they are souls incarnated on earth with a specific path. You chose to work in a positive way this time.
But you have worked in this negative way in other lifetimes and we all learn from it.
What you learn at this time is how not to create a new world without these negative forces being in control.

We are coming closer and closer 2012. And the 5th dimension and beyond is waiting for you to create a new world.

Heaven on Earth.

And it starts right here, right now.

In peace.

Through Petra Margolis
September 3, 2008

Previous experience
Our Core Fear Matrix removal was one of magnificent power and we removed all fear from our physical and spiritual bodies, all the way up to soul level.
This means we cleared out all energy of fear from this life and all our past lives.

We were taken up on Ashtar's ship where many beings were present to assist in adjusting our energies before we went into this beautiful room where we were surrounded with the love of all the Masters. Ashtar came up to everyone in person, removing all fear from our spiritual and physical bodies. After he removed it all, he filled up our bodies with a beautiful light energy bringing so much peace and love in our hearts, I could feel it starting to flow out of my heart immediately.
Our hearts were connecting with each other after all fear was removed for everyone and we connected without fear up until our soul level, becoming one with all.


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OMM wave mediation June 21 solstice and tips


Grand Cross Solstice - June 21-2011
The Aperture of Sacred Sustenance & Recharge

Global OMM Wave Meditation On the Solstice Apex
(Scroll Down for Timings and Details)

Join Us Globally For an OMM-Wave Meditation
On the Solstice Apex :
UT (London) - 5:00 pm
Eastern - 1:00 pm
Central - 12 noon
Mountain - 11 am
Pacific - 10 am

This Meditation is from your home. It is timed globally for group participation at the exact moment of the actual solstice. It will not be broadcast on the Internet. Simply join in from where you are at the above timings. The meditation is for 30 minutes. Begin by toning the OMM for 5 minutes, then visualize a Golden Sphere of Unconditional Love enveloping the Earth. We will be joined by the Angelic Realm, Cosmic Council of Light and Ascended Masters. Send pure love from your heart and see it bath the planet. Do this for approximately ten minutes. Then visualize the love returning to you, and add your personal prayers and intent for HIGHEST Good. Bath in the LIGHT.

World Clock Converter to Find International (Local) Timing in Your Area:

The Solstice Energy Drivers & Focus:
Find Time to Meditate for Highest Good
Avoid Depression & Lethary
Don't Be Overwhelmed-Avoid Anger & Over-Reactions
Release Obstacles
Use the Amplified Energy to Self Examine
Use the Amplified Energies to Manifest
Stand in Your New Defined Truth
Take Your Power in Gentle Loving Humility, Strength & Balance

In the N Hemisphere, Summer Solstice begins June 21 2011 at 1:16 P.M. EDT

In the UK the Solstice begins June 21, 2011 at 17:16 UTC

Sol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still." As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky.
As a major celestial event, the Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year.

Clarification & Prayer Request (Michelle Coutant and more)

In This Newsletter
Clarification & Prayer Request

The Astrological Review (Astro-View) sent in the Solstice Newsletter was a compilation of information from several sources, which I combined. Some excerpts from it were from Willow's Astrology and were inadvertently not credited. I apologize for the error. - Anne

A Cardinal Grand Cross Summer Solstice and Triple Eclipse Season: Here We Go Again

In Loving Memory

Our Beloved Sister , Michelle Coutant , passed away on June 18.
Michelle was a beautiful loving soul who worked diligently as a channel and healer. Please send a prayer to her family and in support of her family.
She is loved by many and will not be forgotten.
Michelle Coutant - Transforming Radiance
Wisdom from the Ascended Masters

Michelle Coutant is a messenger for Archangel Michael, and Sananda. She receives wisdom from the Ascended Masters through channels and through the Akashic Records.

Michelle experienced a rich and varied childhood. Yet even as a child and young adult, she was seeking, never knowing what is was that she was seeking. "Is that all there is?", was a theme that stayed with her, through those years, and throughout her adult life.

In 1975, Michelle earned a Bachelor of Music Degree. After extensive training, she established her self-employed career in the piano rebuilding, tuning, and repair business, at a time when few women were employed in the business. She retired in 1994, after a successful career, when her second child was born. While raising two children, she worked in the real estate business. In 2001/2002, Michelle experienced her "dark night of the soul" and awakening, through the experiences of relationship loss, addiction and near death. She came to the understanding, through these experiences, that there are no victims. There are only those that have forgotten that we have free will. She came into the knowing that it takes as much work and effort to stay in the pain and suffering, as it does to step onto the path to self-mastery, the path of highest light, and she began the process of releasing all that no longer serves her highest good and the highest good of all. Having been near death, Michelle is a personal example of healing her body through the foods that we eat. Michelle understood, at last, what it was that she had been seeking.

Michelle came to know that our greatest growth comes through recognizing adversity as an opportunity for growth, and, through our burning desire to be in constant communion with spirit. "Each and every moment of every day is an opportunity to raise my vibrations, an opportunity for growth" she says, and being the single mother of two teenagers gives her plenty of opportunity to put this into practice!

Michelle began her spiritual practice in 2002. She studied intensively, meditated, and extensively educated herself. She continues this practice each and every day. She fully immersed herself in various spiritual traditions and healing modalities. She quickly became so dedicated to the joys of her spiritual journey, that she was ordained in March of 2003 as an honoring of who she is.

Michelle attained certification as a Medical Intuitive and Quantum Practitioner. She became a vibrational healer, practiced Healing Touch, and also worked within the human energetic matrix. She is now a messenger for Archangel Michael and Sananda, and also receives wisdom from the Ascended Masters through channels and through the Akashic Records.

Setting an example of sobriety since 2002, Michelle regularly speaks and shares her story with others aspiring to release addiction dependency. She says, "If I can do it, you can do it." She has the knowing that when we are separated and disconnected from our inner Divine self, we seek to fill this void, to create a false euphoria, through the use of alcohol and drugs, not understanding that the true, natural, and lasting euphoria is that of spirit. It is the cosmic joke that we are always seeking outside ourselves, when "That which we seek is within ourselves", she says.

Michelle came into the awareness that she is an Earthkeeper, and in honoring her service, she is guided to work in support of Mother Earth and all life that dwells upon her, through her daily meditations and breath work. Through a series of breaths, Michelle's "Light Work" supports the integrity of the ascension process for Mother Earth and all life forms. She incorporates this series of breathing techniques into her teachings.

Michelle facilitates spiritual wisdom teachings. It is through her willingness to learn from her life's experiences, her dedication to her spiritual growth, her work with Archangel Michael, Sananda, the Ascended Masters, and her service as an Earthkeeper, that Michelle is so well qualified to facilitate and guide others in their quest for mastery, on this Blessed, Sacred journey of Life.

Special Prayer Requests

Dear Family, Please Send your Love & Prayers to two wonderful souls, members of our Soul Family , Jane Jacobsen and Ken Landis as they face life's difficult challenges. It is an hour of need, and your prayers are requested. Prayer is a very real energy, and it heals, its offers love and greatest good. Let them know we are with them.

Please also offer your prayer support to Tyberonn , who is hospitalized for kidney surgery. Surgery is tomorrow. He will be home on Thursday or Friday.

Thank You, Anne

Scroll down for more details, and how you can help.

Special Prayer Requests

Jane Jacobsen

Please send your support & prayers to our Beloved Sister, Jane Jacobsen . Please carefully view the above photo of Jane, form a mental image and then powerfully direct the emerald ray of healing in highest good and Unconditional Love as Jane had an emergency surgery to remove a mass in her abdomen on Wednesday, June 15th . Send a direct Love & Healing Message to our Beloved Sister, Jane at : bangelic1@gmail.com

It will be deeply appreciated & mean so much to her !
Let her know she is not alone & that you care !

Ken Landis

We also ask that you pray for our Beloved Brother Ken Landis, who has been diagnosed with cancer, and is of need of your support. Ken's recent check up has revealed a malignant cancer in the colon. He is scheduled for surgery in early July. Please view Ken's photo and form a strong mental image. Then powerfully direct the emerald ray of healing in highest good and Unconditional Love .

Send a personal loving message of support directly to our Beloved Brother, Ken at : kenstandingelk@windstream.net

It will mean a lot to him! Let our brother Ken know he is not alone in this hour of need...and that you care !

The Healing Power of Faith & Belief


Cardinal Grand Cross Summer Solstice

Cardinal Grand Cross Summer Solstice
in Triad Eclipse Season Summer 2011


Another Grand Cross is coming, and it's happening in the overlapping wash of 3 eclipses and a mega Solstice. And wash is the key word. Let it wash you clean! Fact is the planet is headed into very similar astro conditions as the intense summer of 2010 with a Cardinal Grand Cross forming by the June 21, 2011 Summer Solstice and the entry of the Sun into Cancer...but this time the Astro-Gods aren't fooling around...they really means business! 3 Eclipses, a Solstice and Grand Cross...sheesh !... So get ready to have your world rocked !

That same energy while intense, does require you to stay positive and focused, and fight off the heavy-duty, industrial strength waves of lethargy. But stay on point, this energy can also be utilized for great gains. Yes, so it will be hard, but so has the last 2 years , and that which doesn't defeat you can make you stronger! Really !! Get ready to release and clean house.

** Gemini New Moon: June 1, 2011 at 4:03 p.m. CDT solar eclipse at 11 degrees
** Sagittarius Full Moon: June 15, 2011 at 3:14 p.m., total lunar eclipse24 degrees
** Cancer New Moon: July 1, 2011 at 3:54 a.m., partial solar eclipse at 9 degrees

In addition to the 3 eclipses and solstice, Mercury will enter Cancer June 16 and kick off a two-month Cardinal Grand Cross. There are two oppositions forming four squares among the cardinal signs. It is kept strong as Mercury, the Sun, Venus and then Mars in Cancer trigger the Cardinal Grand Cross configuration into late August opposite Pluto in Capricorn with Uranus in Aries opposite Saturn in Libra. Saturn in Libra stations direct June 12 at 10 degrees. So yes, you are in another crucible, purifying, boiling away what blocks you. That's not easy. In the cardinal signs, these aspects are forcing us to make our moves under tense and pressure-filled conditions.

Let's be clear: we're taking the directions that are being gravitationally motivated, almost force fed.Its coming on like a freight train, a locomotive.

So you may even find relationships that you thought on one level were fine, actually pause or end, sort of or a stepping away period, even from friends and loved one takes place. There is a reason for it, even if you can't initially see it. A space is given that can lead to a new birth of who you are. So these relationship 'break-ups' are sometimes 'no-fault' endeavors. In this crucible scenario, it is simply a time to move inward and evolve without carrying any baggage with you. Often when we step into newly opened space, an emergence of redefined leadership can position itself for all involved. Even with initial levels of confusion and duress. So suffice it to say that this 2011 summer season , things are even more astro-intense than last year.

In 2011 there is even less room for error or for denial. Last summer, the 2010 Grand-Cross configuration was actually a cardinal t-square with the fourth leg of Saturn in late Virgo making it an energetic Grand Cross. It was a Grand Cross by orb (degree), but it was not truly a Cardinal Grand Cross because Saturn was in a mutable sign.

This summer, Saturn's in Libra, and so the 2011 Cardinal Grand-Cross is the full-on real deal. So the GC of 2010 was the dress rehearsal! So get ready, get your ducks in a row, and make 2011 work for you ! ... Because in addition, Uranus will be highly potent, pulling into a retrograde station July 9 at 4 degrees Aries. As it stations, Uranus will be within a degree of its first exact square to Pluto in Capricorn at 5 degrees Capricorn within the Cardinal Grand Cross formation. This is some lightning-hot intensity ahead of the first exact Uranus-Pluto square June 23, 2012.

If people were able to resist or deny the grand-scale movements and global upheaval initiated (and forced) during the cardinal t-square summer of 2010, that will change this summer, the Cardinal Grand Cross summer of 2011, there is no hiding under the rug. So if there is a hidden obstruction, an ego balance or a bad-habit skeleton hidden away in the emotional closet, expect it to face you front and center.

Use the Solstice

Use the Solstice of June 21 to recharge, its a brief refuge, but also an empowerring one. It will allow you the needed energy to use the eclipses for examining and self redefinaition, release and re-balance.

But avoid getting overwhelmed, in this intensity there is always a flip side... try not to get depressed or fall into anger outburst. Manage this and you will find you can utilize this energy for the positive. Its a great amplified energy to manifest within. Take time to meditate.

Sagittarius North Node

But despite the intensity, good things can happen. With the North Node transiting Sagittarius, there will be renewed optimism and expansion in our lives between the chaos and intensity. It's when we're pushed to our breaking points and beyond that the power of our inherent wisdom, and strength gains and proves its real mettle.

The versions of truth being portrayed on this planet - even the supposed alternative versions - are not even close to the real story. More of the true picture begins emerging in 2011. This is both in the individual and mass global realms. Truth is being revealed as the shadow is replaced by the light.

As Jupiter enters Taurus June 4 and becomes the depositor of the North Node, we draw on the wisdom of simplicity, goodness in basics, groundedness, reserve, and one of the most important aspects of humanity's continuation on Planet Earth - endurance. Like the bull, we persevere. We dig in.

Triple Eclipse Season

The Cardinal Grand Cross at the northern hemisphere's Summer Solstice this June is sandwiched in a triple eclipse season, which includes a total lunar eclipse at 24 degrees Sagittarius conjunct the North Node.

We're not going to be able to hold standard positions in the same old fort this summer. Everything is on the move. The cardinal points are triggered all at once, and there's no avoiding it, no hiding, it will confront you wherever you are. There is no possibility of damming ourselves up against the force of what needs to move. Things are not as they were, and we come to understand more fully what that means in this energy. And that message varies with each individual. But change will happen.
Eclipses usually produce a between-spaces, unglued energy, resulting in big emotional back-drop changes and sometimes involving shattering events. The timing of global socio-political events is often tied to these points....but so is individual shift. Big shift. Eclipses happen every six or so months and are basically New and Full Moons that involve a more exact alignment than usual of the Sun, Earth and Moon and are considered more potent than standard New and Full Moons because of it. There are usually two - a Full Moon eclipse and a New Moon eclipse - though three is not all that rare....but these are always much more powerful in threes.

Two New Moons in Cancer and 3-Eclipse Season, All Wrapped Up in Pluto

This summer we have three eclipses (Gemini New Moon, Sagittarius Full Moon, Cancer New Moon) in combination with the two-month Cardinal Grand Cross, shaking our foundations and spurring movement that much more.Its a time to self examine, be ready for surprises, redefine relationships , and manifest highest intent.

This period extends through July, but the Triad-Solstice Crucible reachers is finale on the last of the Triple Eclipses on 1 July, 2011. The Cardinal Grand Cross Energies extend further, into mid August. Time to clean house ! 2012 is almost here...

" People get ready theres a train a coming
You can't take no baggage ...you just get onboard"

Archangel Metatron Channel The June 21 Solstice

Archangel Metatron Channel
The June 21 Solstice
Archangel Metatron ( with the Cosmic Council of Light) via James Tyberonn

Greetings Dear Ones, I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and we embrace you in an energy of Unconditional Love. And indeed ALL energy is enhanced this day, for the very solar system of your duality resonance and habitation is opening to allow great and greater frequencies.

And in this auspicious moment we are joined in this message by the Cosmic Council of Light, who will indeed embrace you in LOVE.

Masters the Crystalline Energies of the Ascension are in powerful free flow on this Solstice, and the benevolent offering is for each of you to seek empowerment and healing.

We are aware of the intensities within this potent time period of the Cardinal Grand Cross and Eclectic Eclipse Triad. So we urge you to seek the Divine Light of this Solstice for mass and individual empowerment .

Indeed it will assist you in navigating the energies at hand, and in so doing you will be a catalystic generator of the OMM Wave of Unconditional Love and spread Unity Consciousness to all of Humanity and indeed the sacred Earth.

Dear Humans, please meditate in group and in solitude on June 21, for this Solstice is an extraordinary aperture portal of Crystalline Energy that opens with and offers a showering of divine coherent light.

Accordingly this gateway is a fountain of energy that offers each of you a valid re-charging and an opportunity to extend your consciousness in order to lucidly experience the manifest vision of your dreams and highest potentials for the remainder of 2011, this magnanimous powerful year of shift.

The Divine Resonance oif this Solstice is available to each and every one of you that seeks it. For within this unique Solstice aperture are energies that will empower and stimulate you, as well as accelerate the desired shifts and transitions you are creating.

Within this frequency the dimensional veils are thinned and for a timeless moment , linear time will stop. This is why solstices and equinoxes are so unique, they are dimensional openings that are supra-embellished with energetic geo-codes of Divine Celestial Order.

These contain transmissions and downloads that circumvent time and space to awaken the crystalline structure of the human body and further activate the Mer-Ka-Na to a greater tone of higher frequency, functionality and enhance your optimal awareness.

The June 21 Solstice exudes Crysto stimuli as a continuum of the Cosmic Trigger, the impulse for mass release and awakening.

Auric and Mer-Ka-Na Absorption of this energy is by induction, the induction occurs by meditating into theta state during the 24 hour maximum of the Cardinal Grand Cross Solstice. This immediately allows a sense of Unity Consciousness, of divine oneness, as well as alignment with the Divine Self in the coming 12th wave of the Ascension.

By consciously positioning yourself to receive the transmissions and downloads in the quantum field of this 12th wave energy you can indeed empower your life with a renewed vigor, power, purpose , and achieve an integrity of balance and wholeness.

Gather together with like minded souls if you can. But do take part in coordinated group mediations from wherever you are, indeed the energies will synergistically combine and expand. Direct the OMM-Wave of Unconditional LOVE into the world interlaced with your personal goals, prayers and intentions of highest good.

You will receive in return - 100X over, the OMM-Wave that you direct , flowing back into your Beingness in heart Mer-Ka-Na.

Bathe in the OMM-Wave, for it will absolutely energize and realign you in heart purpose and enthusiasm. You will be rejuvenated and be able to face any challenge in greater vitality and vigor.

This Solstice is a rare catalyst for every area of your life, and is a prolific energetic depository of empowerment, that when dedicated to the conscious purification and awakening of consciousness, will return great rewards. You will be gifted 100-fold. And accordingly you will be able to better manage, and optimally achieve the intent and forces around the Eclipses of this powerful phase.

Dear Ones, the Eclectic Eclipse Triad is around release of aspects that do not serve you. It is around redefinition and purification. The self examinations that allow you to purge. The self recognition of ego imbalances, unbalanced relationships and internal conflicts.

Though but one eclipse remains in this Triad, on July 1st, the energy of all 3 are melded, and these are the instruments of your releases. The Solstice empowers you to do so, gives you that essential recharge. And the CGC will further support this purification. The Cardinal Grand Cross extends for 8 more weeks. It is a powerful time, that can serve you far more than you may recognize.

Embrace it, for it is an energy you have created. It is the preset of the Ascension..and you are on the cusp of a Quantum Leap. You are indeed Beloved. We honor you, and send you LOVE.

I am Metatron, and I share with you these Truths.

...And so it is...And it is So....

The above Archangel Metatron channel is copyrighted to www.Earth-Keeper.com . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published in journals, magazines, U-Tube, or public print without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested fromt Earth-Keeper Admin by emailing Anne at: Tyberonn@hotmail.com

18 Haziran 2011 Cumartesi

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn The Eclectic Eclipse-Triad

Archangel Metatron Channel
via James Tyberonn
The Eclectic Eclipse-Triad

Greetings Masters, and so we encircle you in an OMM-Wave of Unconditional Love.
And indeed this love is a calming, centering wellness that each of you will desire to carry forward in the remaining months of 2011, and indeed into 2012.
Dear Humans in June of 2011 will begin a 30-day period that will offer important shift completions and change to the Earth and indeed mankind. This period completes many of the movements that in truth began months earlier. The release of 'old-energy' scenarios, situations and relationships that no longer are in resonance with the New Earth will occur in macro and micro, globally and individually.
We tell you that the group movements in North Africa and the Middle Eastern governments are part of this 'wind of change'. You will find in individuality that relationship 'sabbaticals' will increasingly occur and that you will be severing ties, some temporary, some permanently, with those that carry energies that are, without judgement, either incompatible wiuth your own or requiring spacing for mutual benefit and accessment. This is appropriate. It is often the very process of separation, released in love, that is the catalyst to growth and change for greatest good. This will be also be enhanced by the Solstice energies of June 21.
The eclipses are a time to look inward, to heal, release and restructure. To take action on fine tuning with focus on the self. Thus each moment of this opportunity is an offering that will enable your acceleration. This happens first with the Self, and the removal of static facilitates your ability to best utilize this important flow of the 'Wind of Change'. By facing your unique challenges in this movement, you will ultimately gain and grow. But do so in love. Love is ever the key. But love requires strength, and impeccability is defined by being true to your self. Now is the time! Seize the day!
Each Moment Matters
It is so important that each of you understand and fully realize how truly important each moment you live in these accelerated energies is to the Cosmos, the New Earth and to you. Indeed there is a new energy on this planet, and this energy seeks to now further activate your awareness and light quotient. And Dear Ones, your ability to hold greater light embellishes you ability to express love. That Love begins with not only accepting , but truly loving the Divine Self. You are beginning to understand how beautiful you truly are, and that Dear Humans, is so important in these Ascending times.
You all have within you the power of God, and we call upon you to allow that recognition, that renewed self acceptance, that immaculate LOVE to wash over you.
It is your calibrated birthright and it is beautiful. You are rediscovering this ecstasy of Immaculate Love in your meditations, for a transitional expansion is occurring in this new energy. You are now opening to more clearly see how important your lives are, not just to the Earth but to the grand Cosmos as well. Oh yes, this is so true!
You see the vibrations of this deep meditative expansion is over-flowing into the physical realms that you live in...and YOU made that happen. The veil between dimensions has thinned, and the part of you that is on 'the other side' of the veil is tenderly reaching through to touch your heart. And the part of you in higher dimension is the quantum you, the real 'you' that is dreaming this profound experience of life. That higher self wants you to know, as do we of the Angelic Realm, how much you are loved, how important and magnificent you truly are. Dear Humans can you fathom this?
You Are On Path
You so often have doubted yourselves. So often felt your lives were headed nowhere. Oh Dear Ones, if you only knew and will accept the truth of what a difference you have made and are continuing to make.
There have always been the doubters, the naysayers that said the Ascension would never occur, that humanity would not consummate this sacred graduation into higher consciousness. But you have effectuated that achievement, the Ascension is now an absolute certainty. It is manifesting! Indeed it has been for two decades, and most of you do not credit yourselves for navigating it into reality. Many of you still do not realize that the work you have done on both sides of the veil over the past 25 years has changed the earth you were born on into a completely different frequency and paradigm.
You are responsible for it, and mankind does not yet comprehend what you have done or own the credit of this achievement. Masters what you have done is the very reason many of you are now reading these words that are sent from another dimension.
And so allow me to honor you as we speak of the coming month and remaining year of 2011. For you have grown much stronger than you realize. You have taken a quantum leap.... and regardless of the calendar days of 2011, what lies ahead of you is indeed a leap year! It is a year of Quantum-Leap !
Equinoxes and Solstices of 2011
The Equinoxes and Solstices of 2011 are exceptional powerful and multi purposed. These are in fact Ascension catalyst and triggers. These potent days should be used for group prayer, healing, release, completion and meditation & indeed deep self review. The solstices and equinoxes remaining in the next two years are complex and flamed with multiple hologramic inserts for the Ascension of both mankind and the planet. We assure you that these astrological events are infinitely more powerful than the equinoxes and solstices in the past several millennia. We urge each of you to discern and utilize them as suggested. Gather on these days, and the power of Group Consciousness will flower exponentially.
The Potent Eclipses of 2011

In addition, 2011 will have an extremely rare aggregation of complex coded eclipses. There will be a total of 6 eclipses in 2011, and 3 of these will occur in a 30 day phase between June 1st and July 1st.
This period will be punctuated by the June Solstice.

Mid Year 'Eclipse Triad"
The powerful mid year "Eclipse-Triad " occur on :
(1) June 1 (2) June 15 (3) July 1.
The three occur exactly 15 days apart. It is two partial solar eclipses , sandwiching a full moon lunar eclipse. Barely enough breathing room, so get ready for a powerful ride. All of this is punctuated by an extremely powerful Solstice on June 21st.
Whilst the two 'outer eclipses' of the Triad, are partial solar, do not think that their energies are lessened by the fact that they are not full eclipses, the energy of all 3 will be extremely potent, and felt by the entire planet, whether visible or not from your specific vector on the planet. The energy will encircle the globe and effect each of you.
The June 1st solar eclipse is the beginning, and truly the energy of each of these events has an intersecting field that expands energetically from 3 days prior and 3 days after the eclipse.
The Energies:
The energy pattern of the Triad is around release, healing and reconstruction.
June 1 : Release and cleansing, release of old energy patterns. Patterns that may be ingrained, even hidden. A reformation of relationships into greater honesty & clarity.
June 15 : Healing through acceptance of Facing the Challenge, and being true to SELF. Reformation of agreements into greater impeccability & liberation from 'one-way' affiliations.
July 1: Strength and Completion of the 'New You'. Not only visualizing the attributes and events you wish to create, but taking requisite actions, steps forward to manifest them.
The mid summer solstice ( mid winter below the equator) is the amplification energetic flow of all of these. And in 2011 it adds a unique energy that calls forth the initial opening for the mega potent 11-11-11.
Gateway to 11-11-11
Indeed the energy build and sustenance of the solstice extends 14 days prior and 14 days after the June 21 event. This is one of the most magnanimous energies of 2011, and is the gateway to the Crystalline quickening of the 11-11-11.
As such, all of you on the earth-plane are now within the field immersion of an incredible crystalline energy. The result is that your own auric fields and Mer-Ka-Na Light Bodies are, through induction, becoming extreme energy in motion. It is energy as desire expressing itself and so your work calls forth now an even finer frequency.
Imagine that if you will take vitamins for your physical body they must be such that they can be absorbed by the body to generate wellness, well being, and better health. And so it is the same with the Crystalline Transition, its frequencies and energies are indeed vitamins of light expansion for the light body.
The crystalline resonance now surrounds you in ways that allow you to absorb their pristine symmetries into your energy fields, transferring them, converting them, and amplifying them into your own work, into your desires, into your fulfillment and into all ways that touch earth and humanity.
The Triple Date Portal
The Triple-Date Portal of November 2011 will be the most potent singular day of the year. Masses of humanity will form the human grid and tie into the Cosmic Energy that is amassed in the final stages of activating the 144-Crystal Grid. On the 11-11-11 the Atlantean Master Crystals will further activate with the initial awakening of the Crystal of Multidimensional Communication in the Crystal Vortex.
This awakening will sequentially recode the 12 Golden Sun Disc around the planet.
These discs are being activated into twelve helix spirals. They are emitting a divine energy of zero field, of pure love, unconditional love, and a light-code that can only exist in the 5th dimension and above.

On the 11-11-11 the Sun Disc of the Crystal Vortex will be activated beneath the area of Pinnacle Mountain in Arkansas, and this will complete the energy of the Arkansas Vortex and then network the new DNA codes across the planet.

The Golden Sun Discs are the DNA, the blue print for the unified crystalline field in the Crystalline Transition of the planet. Indeed these are being reprogrammed by and within the Crystalline 144 Grid!

The Golden Sun Disc discs will emit a 12-strand helix, in a spiraling energy that will serve, as the prototype of the DNA for the crystalline aspect through the 144-Grid. Indeed, they are correspondences to the ability of the Earth to regenerate and reform itself, becoming in aspect the DNA pattern or blueprint of the New Earth. They are energetic spirals. They are truly more spiral than disc, but they do appear disc- like when viewed.

Now as your Ascension completes itself, you will have greater access to the multi dimensional aspects of yourselves. In truth, for some of you, the Ascension has, for the most part, already occurred, in terms of multidimensionality. Do you understand?

Now the Earth and Human Kind will have need for the Crystalline Transition, both of the Earth an of your energy expansions. So it is YOU that will call it forth. It will assist in many roles, perhaps more than you imagine.

It will change the way the human body receives sunlight. It will assist in the translucent luminous transformation of the body physical. It will trigger the transition of the human body from carbon to silicon base. It will in kind change the nutritional needs of the human body physical. It will defend the earth's magnetosphere by deflecting meteorites and comets, it will lessen the effects of gamma rays into the Earth's atmosphere. It will come forth by a natural and scientific effort, it is the natural offspring of the completed 144-crystalline grid.

The 2011 Eclipses

And Masters, indeed the 4:2 combination of solar and lunar eclipses in a single year, in 2011, is quite rare, so you see there is a divine plan unrolling. We tell you that Eclipses are opportunities for energizing change.
Dear Ones, the eclipses of 2011 are an offering to make any necessary shifts that you discern appropriate in your individual and collective life stream. These are best afforded by synchronizing them through the contemplation and review that are available on equinoxes and solstices.
Perfect Order

Some of you say and feel that "Everything works out as it should, all is in perfect order". But Masters, that concept is something of a paradox, because like a face card it is upside down either way you look at it. Do you understand?

From the higher perspective all is in perfect order, but from the perspective of humankind within duality, it is not! If it were there would be no need for lesson, no need for what you term reincarnation.

One need but take a look around and know that the plight of humankind on the planet Earth is far from being perfect. Indeed it will NOT work out as it should, until you make it so!

This applies in micro and macro. There is much to manage, much to review. All in time and Masters it will occur.

Hidden Ego - Spiritual One-Upmanship

Many of you are leaders and teachers and have worked long and hard to acquire an advanced level of knowledge and spiritual truths. This is admirable. But it leads to a crossroad of decision.

A human on the path of Mastery must avoid the pious trappings of self righteous ego or you will be humbled in cause and effect. A leader must ever honor the soul-voice and follow their internally directed path in order to ascend rather than fall. This is an essential compass for all on the advanced course of Mastery. Without inner 'soul review' and calibration one cannot see the true direction home.

Understand then that with continued advancement comes the need for humility.

How many of you have attended metaphysical gatherings only to be somewhat put-off by someone who make it a point to lets you know how far they travel in their dreams, how many great visions and celestial teachers they see in the higher realms; the implication being that they are advanced in mastery, and want to be sure everyone knows it. Often the approach is in the guise of unsolicited assistance, with the overt trapping of letting the other know how special, how advanced they are.

This is an understandable pitfall, but is not the true walk of integrity. Spiritual 'One-Upmanship' is rampant in New Age circles, yet most offenders would not even be aware they are coming across in such a pompous manner.

There are many covert trappings of ego within spiritual circles. No one is exempt. Leaders and teachers who advance to a certain level are particularly susceptible to this trapping of ego, when they begin to achieve a following.

Most that have it don't recognize it. Are you one of these? It happens to most at some point, Dear Ones. Humility is the way of the true spiritual leader, yet it is so easy to blindly fall into self aggrandizement, and place yourself on a pedestal to impress others. It is hard to recognize and even harder yet to admit.

We tell you in love, Dear Ones, that it happens to all of you. It happens in all of your lifetimes, the move and shift day to day, in and out of integrity. Within duality, whether you are a teacher or a student (and all of you are both!), none of you are above it, and that is why it is necessary to recalibrate through the infinite mirror of truth, of self review within the detached observer within self. There is such a fine line between self love and ego. The paradox is that the former is a necessity of impeccability and the latter is a hindrance to it.


The advent of 'psychic readers' is nothing new. Intuitives & Prophets have been around as long as man has walked in duality. And while many are true and pure, many are not. Your internet, newspapers and magazines are lineed with adverts of readers. Discernment is required.

In truth Dear Ones, the best source of answers come from within. The 'readers' that are truly gifted are rare, those that are gifted and unmanipulative are rarer still. It is not to say that truly gifted and pure hearts in intuitives are not present...but be wary. Discern what is said.

Well seeming charlatans are rampant. Many 'psychic -readers' find that it is 'profitable' and easier to get clients and maintain followings through manipulation, than to be fully forthcoming, and so manipulation can take the form of grandiose aggrandizing flattery or fear hooks. It is in fact a form of taking your energy. Neither flattery or fear serve you.

And Masters being told of aggrandizing achievements, powers and lifetimes whether real or flattery, can lead to ego imbalance...and is not the way the advanced soul exudes Mastery. It is done in humility and by example. Through self review, and the Triad Eclipses of June 2011 are an excellent time to take a deep inward look.

On the path of Mastery you will be forced many times to choose between love and power, and power is very seductive and often well disguised. Pride comes before the fall. Many have risen to great heights in spiritual achievement only to lose it all by becoming blinded by ego.

There are two forms of power, one is used for control, political power, the other is true power, the benevolent power of Love. But as you progress in your awareness, you will find the distinction of power less a case of good and evil and more of a case between love and deceptive concepts of power. It is about more subtle energies. There are energies that desire one movement or direction and there are energies that would necessitate a different and more refined understanding. The challenge remains in putting all the pieces together and this is not an easy task.

Learn to discover the inner voice, and learn to trust your divinity and wisdom. Discernment is always essential. If what we are anyone offer does not resonate with you, then disregard it and follow your inner guidance.


Dear Humans, in closing, let me express unequivocally that I and the Angelic Realm are in a special role of supporting you far more than you may realize. For you too are Gods in creation, sparks of the Divine becoming violet flames of the All That Is.

We love each of you, all of you, and beyond the veils you are part of us.
We spin a light vortex of great honor and appreciation to you, We are sending this energy to each one of you in the 'NOW' moment that you read these words, Can you feel it, open your heart and receive what we send forth in love.

We sincerely honor you as you move into the final two years of Earths Crystalline Ascension. And we tell you it is the Ascension of the Earth that will spawn the critical mass movement of physical humanities Ascension in two to three centuries. All in free will, all by choice. And in that time, there will be no global war, no mass starvation.

You see on December 21, 2012, the Earth Ascends, and Ascension for Humanity is available. But do not expect the 3d Earth you see around you now to instantly follow suit. That will occur in three centuries, but it is the expanded energy of the planetary Crystalline Transformation that you call the Ascension that will allow for mankind's transition...one heart at a time.

In the next two years, the love of power will begin to be displaced by the power of love. Do not doubt it, for it is already in motion. This transformation occurs one heart at a time, inside each of you. As such you must BE the change you want to see!

It is a future of Ascension that you are creating...and we tell you that this period of three centuries is the blink of an eye. We salute you. You are on the appropriate path !

Before you lies an incredible awakening and completion. 2011 is a time of omnipotent review, release, re-calibration, and restructuring. It is truly a time of quickening, amplification and indeed celebration. You each have made a difference, and you will depart this planet a greater light, than from hence you entered. And you did it your way. In Love. I invite you to feel joy, for you have earned it !

I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths. You are Beloved!

And so it is...

The above Archangel Metatron channel is copyrighted to www.Earth-Keeper.com . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published in journals, magazines, U-Tube, or public print without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested fromt Earth-Keeper Admin by emailing Anne at: Tyberonn@hotmail.com

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The New Earth Energies June 2011

ARCHANGEL MICHAEL through Celia Fenn

image by Rene Waddell of Australia

Beloved Family of Light, what a thrilling journey you are on at this time as you voyage with Timeship Earth into her New Reality and her new Timeline. Yes, so many of you have come to realize that what you call "life" on Earth is simply movement through Time and Space that creates the ongoing story of Evolution. You are Infinite Beings of Light and on this Planet Earth you are able to experience Time/Space by voyaging through the Stargates and along the Trajectories of Light that manifest the different levels of Experience that we call "Dimensions of Light".

In this month of June you are entering into a Major Time Code Shift that will release and remove the Old Time Codes and replace them with the New Reality Time Codes and then bring these into balance in a recalibration of the Planetary Heart to the Cosmic Frequencies of Light. This will take place before and during the Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th of June and leading up to and after the Solstice on the 21st of June.

Total Lunar Eclipse and the Recalibration of the Sacred Sites and Nodal Points on the Planetary Heart Grids
Beloved Ones, at the previous Solstice, in December 2010, the Earth shifted to the new Timeline for the Fifth Dimension. In this last six month period, the Earth has settled into her New Frequencies and her New Trajectory aliging her with the 2012 Timegate. But, now at this time, and starting with the Lunar Eclipse, the Heart of the Planet will be recalibrated with the Cosmic Frequencies of Light by means of a Time Code Shift that will be focussed on two points on the Planetary Grids...the Stonehenge complex in England and the Giza complex in Egypt.
The Sacred Sites on the Earth act as Nodal points in the Light Body of the Earth. Many of these Sacred Sites have been abused in the Third Dimensional Reality in the past, but they have been cleansed and realigned in recent years on the Higher Dimensions so that they are ready to function once again as receptors of Cosmic Light and Codes in the key points in which they were situated on the Planet.

The Lunar Codes that are released in a Total Lunar Eclipse carry the Time Codes or instructions for the Earth's journey through Time and Space. Lunar Codes are held deep in the Subconscious of the Planetary psyche, and they provide the blueprint or template for manifestation in the external or Solar Reality. In this Key Shift, the Old Codes for the Third Dimensional manifestation will be completely replaced by the New Codes for the New Earth Reality of Peace and Light.

The Old Time Codes of the Third Dimension encoded the energies of Separation and Individual ego selfhood. It was a Finite Reality based in Linear Time and deeply disconnected from that which you call Nature. It encoded deeply held inner energies of guilt, wounding, suffering and a need for redemption. This desire for redemption led to the rise of myths of Saviors and Messiahs, taking away your own sovreign power to create and manifest.

The New Time Codes will encode the energies of Unity and Connection on all Levels. They will encode the spiral and cyclical power of the unfolding of Space/Time, as on the Higher Dimensions, and will allow for the Reconnection with Nature and with the Planet as a Being of Light. They will empower Individual Sovreign beings to connect in Communities of Light to assist in the Re-creation of the Earth as a Multi-Dimensional Home for the New Human Angelic Being of Light that you are Becoming.

All Sacred Sites were originally encoded with these blueprints for Multi-Dimensionality, but these were lost after humanity descended into the Third Dimension and began to move away from the pure Light of the Cosmic Heart. Now, Beloved Ones, that you are returning, these Sacred sites are being Reconnected and Reactivated to their original Light and Purpose. Please understand, Beloved Ones, that it is not necessary to destroy either the Earth or her Sacred Sites in order to cleanse and heal. This cleansing and healing process is taking place as the Earth realigns with the Cosmic Heart and moves forward in her Journey through the remaining Stargates in 2011 and 2012.

You have recently been introduced to the Constellation of Ophiucus and the 13th House of the Stellar zodiac. When the Lunar Eclipse begins, the moon will be rising over Stonehenge in the Constellation/House of Ophiucus, and it will activate the Time Codes in this Complex to align with the Cosmic Light frequencies. At the same time, the Giza complex will also activate and align in the process of recalibration. Then, these New Time Codes will be transmitted through the Planetary Grid system that forms the Light Body of the Earth, and all the Sacred Sites and Nodes that are prepared will activate and recalibrate to the New Time Codes.

The Ophiucan energies carry the Codes of Healing and Transformation and Support, and this energy will surge through the Grids as well, bringing much needed healing and support to those who open their Hearts to receive the Healing energies of Ophiucus as they are initiated into the Consciousness of the New Fifth-Dimensional Earth!

Love and Peace are Frequencies of Light
Beloved Family of Light, after the Total Lunar Eclipse there will be some very powerful moments of realignment and recalibration at the Solstice on the 21st of June. Those who have allowed the recalibration of their Light Being to the New Time Codes will find themselves moving into the Frequency of Love and Peace. But, the opposite will be true of those who are still clinging to the Third Dimensional Reality, for their version of Time/Space will no longer be supported by the Deep Codes, and the crumbling of illusions will accelerate and become evert more clear and obvious. Indeed, there may be anxiety and panic among those who cannot as yet feel the vibration of the new as it aligns with the Future Earth manifesting in the Now.
Indeed, we say to you that Love and Peace are a Frequency of Light. They are not emotions or even feelings as such, they are alignment with the Codes of Light that carry the information of Divine Creative Will. Those who enter into Multi-Dimensional Consciousness learn how to allow themselves to surrender to the Flow of Divine Light and Divine Will, and to enter into the Frequency of Love and Peace.

Beloved ones, to be in the Frequency of Love you do not have to prove yourself or work on youtself or be something that you are not as yet, you are Love and you express that Truth when you simply align with the Frequency of Divine Will and Cosmic Light. There is nothing to learn or achieve ....you simply allow the Light to flow through you as you become the "Eye of God". Divine Intelligence experiences itself as Love through You! It is simple when you allow this Flow and this alignment!

Beloved Ones, to be in the Frequency of Peace is not just to end war and aggression. It is to shift into the vibration of Divine Peace that flows from the Heart of the Divine. When you allow that vibration to flow through you....you become the Peace of God at all times. In this New Earth, you will align with Peace and you will become Peace.

The New Time Codes will support this process of shifting into this Flow and Frequency of Light.

It simply is a moment of Great Joy and Light and Love, dearly Beloved Family of Light! We celebrate with you!

And so we wish you Joy and Adventure in this New Journey. We think perhaps in this Moment we should call you "Time Navigators" as well as "Lightworkers". For, as you work with the Light and Time Codes, you are also navigating the TimeGates for TimeShip Earth on her Infinite Voyage of Light!

© 2011-12 Celia Fenn and Starchild Global

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions: You must give the author credit, you may not use this for commercial purposes, and you may not alter, transform or build upon this work. For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder. Any other purpose of use must be granted permission by author.

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Perceiving Your Energy by Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith

Sacred School of Om Na and Wisdom of the Light
Weekly Channelled Message

Perceiving Your Energy by Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith
Channelled through Natalie Glasson 13/06/11

Energies on the Earth are changing and developing all the time whether it is the energy around you or within you. As lightworkers on the Earth you may be sending healing energies from your being to individuals or to humanity as a whole. Your good work of expressing and anchoring light through your being and body into the physical dimensions is extremely important but you must also think of your safety at this time. Many people hold the devotion to be of service to humanity and will willingly help others to raise their energy vibration, discover new abilities or to aid their journey along their spiritual path. I wish to make you aware that the expression of your light is a beautiful process but there is a need for you to be aware when this is appropriate or not in an individual's reality, as each person has life lessons to overcome and sometimes your assistance can cause greater harm than good. It is always important to be guided by your intuition in everything that you do as well as asking for the will of the Creator to guide you accordingly.
Did you know that you can call upon the will of the Creator as an energy source to envelop you, accepting the consciousness but also beginning a conversation with the will of the Creator? When you speak to the will of the Creator you are speaking directly to the Creator, you are receiving guidance that is appropriate for the present moment and guided by the mind, heart and soul of the Creator. As you have conversations in your mind or during meditation with your guides so you can converse with the will of the Creator, this will ensure that you are always following the correct path for you. With practice and by building a connection with the will consciousness of the Creator you may begin to feel the will of the Creator like a magnetic pull in your life guiding you with each step that you take. It is essential that as individuals begin to clear their karmic energies that they work intensely with the will consciousness of the Creator. If ever you are unsure of what to do or which decision to make for the best call upon the will consciousness of the Creator to surround you and seep into your being, energy and consciousness. Then begin to converse with the will consciousness of the Creator to receive the guidance that is needed at the present time in your reality. It is also essential to remember that as energy is vibrating at a quicker speed the possibilities in your reality and for your future are increasing and developing. Guidance that you gain may be different to guidance that you gain a little later or a few days later, because your energy has changed circumstances in your reality during this short period of time and energy exchange.

With the will consciousness of the Creator present in your reality you will always understand when it is appropriate for you to be of service as a beacon of light, wisdom or love for others. It is important to then realise that sometimes when we have assisted another person that we can become unbalanced or drained of energy. As energies new and old are entering into the Earth and are being removed it can be confusing as to where energies are coming from and what energies are most needed to aid an individual's personal growth. When you give healing, love or light to another person this builds a connection between you it is as if links or bonds are being made to allow for the transference or activation of energy. This is natural and normal. Maybe you guide the person in words that must be said or energies that must be called uponto aid their spiritual growth. The connection of energy is very interesting here because the person will naturally attach the energy given, the growth made or wisdom expressed with you. Each time they think about your exchange of energy it will activate the exchange once more and allow energies to flow between you. This is fine if you are strong in your own energies and able to maintain a high balanced vibration of light at all times but it can lead to the person expressing their light or wisdom feeling drained of energy or unbalanced. This can be a difficult subject to explain because the desire of our soul and the Creator is that we all become one in energy working together in unity and love. This you would believe would signify the need to share and exchange energies or constantly be connected to the light of the Creator as well as each other, but when spiritual growth is taking place this is not always appropriate.

It is essential at this time for individuals to understand their own energy, to relate with the energies of others but to focus upon maintaining a balanced energy field for themselves holding their own power and love, recognising this energy as their own. It is only when you truly understand how your own energy works and how it feels, being aware of it daily that you can then begin to unite your energies with others.

It is essential that as a light worker upon the energy that you always focus upon maintaining your own energy, balance, power and love, understanding your energy thoroughly so that you can comprehend when changes are occurring. Sometimes there is a need to cut cords or links that have been made during a healing process or an expression of love, if you are guided by the will of the Creator to do so, as this will allow the other person to understand their own energy and fully benefit from the healing or love expression that has been given. If you imagine that you have given healing to a person which makes them feel better, your energy has willingly blended with another person. Now this person at a later date may think of the healing session and without realising draws on your energies once more and so they feel better again. This may continue to occur even for many years, both of you are unaware but you as the healer as loosing energy and may not be replacing it while the other person is taking energy without it being willingly given and therefore may be creating karma for themselves. It could also be that you are going through a period of experiencing negativity and the person may be drawing this negativity into their life also. If you were to cut energetic cords after your healing session then the healing energy would remain with the person and they would actually feel more secure and whole in their energies. If they thought of the healing they wouldn't be able to draw energy from you but would activate it from within them, therefore strengthening their own energy and aiding in the healing process, allowing for a complete and strong energy field.

You can call upon our energy, Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith, to assist with this process, Archangel Michael will cut the cords between you created by your expression while Archangel Faith will heal the cords and dissolve them completely. It only needs to be a thought in order for it to take place and then you can call upon the angels of healing to surround you and allow for any further healing to take place. You may also ask for the angels of healing to surround the other person and for us, Archangel Faith and Archangel Michael, to work appropriately with the other person involved.

Energy exchange and expression is always essential, allowing for a flow of energy from your soul to others and vice a versa but only when it is willingly given. This means that it is given with your consent or more importantly it is given guided by the will of the Creator. We do not wish for you to become cold hearted keeping your energies to yourself but to simply be aware that sometimes cords between you and another need to be broken in order for further growth and energetic development. Sometimes when we are drawing energy from another person we are creating a reality that signifies that we are deprived of energy, do not have enough of our own energy or power and need the support or even validation of others. It is important that as we enter into the energy of 2012 that we are able to recognise and understand our own energy, realising when new energies manifest and when certain energies need to be cleared. This creates a strong energy field and inner strength that allows us to become more aware of the Creator's light within and around us. For too long humanity hasn't held their own energy but has been guided by others without consulting the truth within or the will of the Creator. Now is the time for personal strength to grow developing through the essence of love as everything needs to be born from love at this time because love is the truth that is anchoring into the Earth as the presence of the Creator. You can express true and deeply compassionate love from your being to all times when you are strong and secure in your own energy, acting as a greater beacon of love on the Earth. It is important to realise that you can love a being with your whole heart and body without energetic cords connecting you together, this means that you hold your own energy but are able to express your energy without losing it as such. In some ways it could be seen as not being so energetically involved with other people. Sometimes we need to take a step back in our experiences and situation to ask what is appropriate for me to do at this time. We often want to help as much as we can but sometimes just a thought or expressing our love without expectations or attachments is needed. It is the same for guides upon the inner planes, we would wish to assist you as humans on the Earth as much as we can but we cannot allow you to become reliant on us as you are a powerful soul and must discover your own energy. Sometimes we have to step back and simply hold you in light and love.

It is important to take a look at your reality and relationships with others, asking to discover how you energetically interact with people. You can ask for your guides to make you aware of this throughout your day or simply allow your attention to be on your energy flow and expression during your day, especially as you are connecting with someone, expressing energy or thinking of someone. Allow yourself to discover what is occurring to your energy in these occasions and whether it is appropriate at this time. The will of the Creator will guide you in this matter.

Often we feel as if cutting cords to people we care about is a harsh and unloving thing to do, but it doesn't mean that you dismiss them from your life or that you love them any less but it simply means that there is less of an attachment between you which means that your love expression can flow more fully and you can experience love more fully. In some way it is like setting people free, the relationships you create actually strengthen. Often people become so entangled in the energies of others that they forget to look after their own energy or are unable to recognise their own energy because of the presence of other people's anxieties, lessons and fears. It is a very powerful process that can alter your reality dramatically so please follow the will of the Creator at all times but there may be some areas in your life that you have been trying to move on from but keep being drawn back because of attachments and bonds, you may find that in these circumstances that calling upon our assistance may be of benefit. The cutting of cords is a very healing process and allows for deep cleansing as well as loving self empowerment. We feel that this may be something that is needed now at the time of humanity's growth but we ask that you are always guided by the will of the Creator.

With love as always,
Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith

There will be no weekly message next week due to workshop

Channelled Personal Communication- New Dates added for June 2011

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Eclipse #2 -- Sabotage, Endings and Closure Jennifer Hoffman

Eclipse #2 -- Sabotage, Endings and Closure

This week the second of three eclipses arrives and we have had many reminders of where we need to create closure and allow endings. This week brings a total lunar eclipse, which always involves emotions, the mother and feminine energies, and issues around power and relationships. The moon being 'eclipsed' or blocked out by the sun, is a metaphor that reminds us of where we give our power away and how we limit ourselves by fear, including self sabotage and the role that our emotions play in how we create our life.

The word 'sabotage' comes from the French word for wooden shoes that workers used to wear, 'sabots'. And when they wanted to protest working conditions they would throw their old shoes in the machinery, breaking it. They won the battle but lost the war-no machinery meant no work or money. This week's eclipse asks us where we sabotage our life, use our power to limit ourselves and stop our life's machinery in protest, forgetting that we are in control, in charge of the process and there are easier, less dramatic and drastic ways of changing our life path.

The other subject for the eclipse is endings and closure. We all want nice, tidy endings with closure that acknowledges us, our contributions and sacrifice. Sometimes we get that but other times we don't. All closures follow endings but endings do not always come with closure - we sometimes have to give ourselves permission to be complete and finished with someone or something because it is not going to come from them. Our need for closure reflects our need for validation and recognition for our efforts. Has someone been too quick to let us go? Did something end before we were ready for it to leave? Were we acknowledged and appreciated for what we did?

If we have been undecided about a situation or person, an eclipse will bless us with a quick ending that leaves no room for doubt that this is over. But if we want closure with the ending, we have to decide what it involves, what it means to us, how we want to remember the situation or person, what we learned and how that helps us move on to the next phase of our life. And then we give ourselves the gift of closure, close the door and move on. And if we have been sabotaging our life by making powerless choices, giving our power away, staying in a situation longer than necessary or not serving our needs, we will come face to face with it at this time. Whatever is ending, finished or has run out of road for you at this time, let it go, give yourself the closure you want and need and turn towards a more powerful, self-fulfilling future.

Release emotional baggage, find your creativity, set a new intention for your life with the 11 Days for 2011 self-study program. This is the year of your 'Great-ness' and you can claim it. Click here to find out more.

12 Haziran 2011 Pazar

Celia Fenn June 2011 : Mastering Time and Embracing the Energy of Love and Support : The Lunar Eclipse of June 2011 & the Activation of the Stonehenge


In the last few months, ever since the initiation of the Ninth Wave of the Mayan Calendar, Archangel Michael has been speaking about the concept of becoming a "Master of Time". This is because in this New Reality of Multi-Dimensional Consciousness, we cannot afford to be attached to one Calendar or One way of measuring or creating time. There are many ways of working with the flowing cycles of time and the powerful energies that flow from the Galactic Center and are the engine for Galactic and Planetary Evolution of Consciousness.

The most powerful energies are being found in the Upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse on the 15th of June and the Solstice on the 21st of June 2011. These two Time Markers are guding Human Consciousness to a new level of Awareness and Connection.

The "Time Flow Program" that I am going to be using to discuss the importance of this event is the New Reality Science of Astronomolgy...a new way of viewing the Evolution of the Earth and of Humanity through the Stellar Charts of the Heavens, and one that incorporates thirteen houses instead of the twelve of conventional astrology.

The thirteenth house is called Ophiucus, and it falls in that area between the end of Scorpio and the beginning of Sagittarius. The name "Ophiucus" simply means "Serpent Holder" and this Constellation is identified with Healing and the Master Healing Energies, and the Archetypal energies of Aesclepius, Imhotep and the Snake Goddessess! I have to admit a personal interest in this new house, as my own birthdate on December 8 means that I am a native of this thirteenth house and all that it stands for in the New Energies.

Primarily, Ophiucus is the energy of Healing and Global Healing, an energy that supports and nourishes and heals. But, it is also interesting that Imhotep was known as a "Master Builder" and Architect, and in some accounts is credited with the design and building of the Great Pyramid. This is of interest because the Total Lunar Eclipse and the Solstice Alignments will be activating the Stonhenge SuperGalactic Portal, or "resetting" the Clock on the Stonehenge Sacred Site to align the Earth with the Galactic Center, and this resetting wil be transmitted to all those Sacred Sites that function as the "nodes" of the Planetary Supercomputer, including the Pyrmaid Complex at Giza, and that will ensure that Planet Earth is perfectly aligned on her Trajectory towards the 2012 alignment with the New Age of Light, which is also called Ascension.

This is certainly a wonderous event and something to celebrate. While the rest of the world my be enveloped in Gloom and Doom and expecting the end of the World, we can see quite clearly that we are perfectly on track for the Galactic and Planetary Rebirth into the New Age of Light that will be completed by the December Solstice Alignment of 2012.

What is most important to me is that Ophiucus is the energy of Healing and Support, and the energy of Aligning with the Galactic Frequencies. So many people that I speak to or who write to me complain of feeling lack of support on so many levels. Yes, probably becasue you have been living according to one singular calendar or time cycle technology that completely misses out this energy of healing and support. As we shift into an awareness of the Zodiacal Healer and how these energies work with us, we can channel these energies into our lives in ways that are healing and supportive of our changes.

This is the energy that we have been looking for and waiting for...and it is here to support us in the next phase of our Journey. It really is time to celebrate!

So, let's talk about the Stonehenge significance to these upcoming Celestial and Planetary events. First, let me share an image that was taken of me with my friend Sarupa Shah, at Stonehenge in 2009.

At this visit to Stonehenge, which was my second, I was aware of stirrings and activities in the Stonehenge energies. On the previous visit, in 2008, I had found Stonehenge to be particularly quiet, and the friend I was with joked about Stonehenge being a "Galactic Bus Station" that no one was using! You need to understand that Stonehenge is in Crop Circle Country, and that there have been significant Crop Circles in fields right opposite the Henge. So, in 2008, the Bus Station was deserted, in Cosmic Terms, and nobody was hitching a ride! Then, in 2009, on my visit with Sarupa, I noticed a complete change...I could feel Stonehenge "humming" before we even crested the Hill that takes you down into the valley where the Stones are situated. It was "coming on line"in a wonderful way and the Cosmic Bus Station was gearing up to once again receive Cosmic visitors, and to function as a Planetary Frequency Alignment Technology for the Planet.

This coming month, the two spectacular Celestial events focussed on Stonhenge will bring the Henge totally into Alignment with the New Time Codes, and will activate these realignments to all Sacred Sites on the New Earth Grid, including the Pyramids in Egypt. It will be a massive Recalibration of the Earth for her New Earth Cosmic Voyage!

TimeShip Earth is allowing us to connect with her Highest and most Beautiful and Healing Frequencies! You are invited to Open your Heart and be Part of this Recalibration, which will be a personal recalibration into the energies of Healing and Support that are archetypally signified by Ophiucus.

On the 15th of June 2011, the Full Moon will rise over Stonehenge in Total Lunar Eclipse. The Moon will also be just 3 degrees from the Galactic Center, that is, almost in conjunction. At that moment, powerful Lunar and Galactic Light Codes will recalibrate the Divine Feminine energies of the Snake Godessess and the Platinum Ray energies of the Shekinah into the Stonehenge Time Code Frequency Cycles. The Energy of the Great Cosmic Mother, Ma'at, will bring the entire Henge back into Cosmic Balance...and the "Bus Station" will be ready to receive Cosmic Voyagers!

Now, on the Solstice of the 21st June, the Constellation of Ophiucus once again has a starring role. Here is an image of a Crop Circle image from Wilton Windmill from a few days ago. It shows a Serpent!:

According to Astronomologer Donna Provancher, the Serpent is pointed in the direction of Stonehenge, and signficies the union of the Serpent with the "Serpent Holder" at Stonhenge on the 21st of June at the Solstice. The Serpent represents Psychic Power and Energy, and the Serpent Holder is one who can hold these energies and use them for the benefit of Humanity and the Planet!

The Cosmic Planners on the Higher Dimensions are losing no time on this one! As soon as Stonehenge comes "online" with the new Cosmic Frequencies, those who are open and ready are being given the opportunity to embrace the Serpent Power energies for Personal and Planetary Healing on deep levels. As the "Heart" of Ophiucus rises over Stonehenge on the 21st of June, we are all invited to open our Hearts and become One with the Serpent Holder, to empower ourselves by embracing the Power of our Energy and using it for Deep Healing and Activation.

Those who are ready to become Masters of Time will no doubt celebrate this recalibration and will be ready to "ride" the waves of Cosmic Energy that also make one a "Master of Light Harmonics". For it is this Mastery of Time together with the Mastery of Light Harmonics that makes a Person a citizen of the Cosmos, one who is Aware of the movements of the Celstial Supercomputer and who can ride the Waves of incoming Light with skill and presence of mind, and with strength and courage. Not for nothing have the Indigo children been playing games and watching tv series about Mastering Time and Energy! It is the gift that we are all offered when we can let go of the old disintegrating timelines and move into an awareness of how the many different cycles and frequencies fit together to map our path to the Stars and the Journey of TimeShip Earth.

So, on the 15th of June and the 21st of June, I would encourage you to be a part of these incoming energies by particpating in rituals and ceremonies and meditations that will anchor these New Light Codes in our Cosmic Hearts and the Cosmic Heart of the Planet.

For more information about Astronomology and these alignments, I invite you to visit the website of Donna Provancher at http://astronomologer.com

11 Haziran 2011 Cumartesi

Tyberonn Interview on 2012 & the 11-11-11

In This Earth-Keeper Newsletter

The Heralded & Prophesied Ascension of December 21, 2012 is 18 months away. What does it all mean?

Tyberonn Interview on 2012 & the 11-11-11
Saturday - June 11 at 1 pm CDT

Update on the 11-11-11:
Very Special Surprise World Renowned Guest Speaker !

Scroll Down for FAQ on the 11-11-11

Free Global Inet Telecast
Interview with James Tyberonn
Hosted By Merrilee Kinzie
2012 & The Triple Date Portal - 11-11-11

Link : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/innerprizes

Saturday, June 11 - Live Interview Timings:
11 am Pacific, 12 noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, 2 pm Eastern

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The 11-11-11
Gathering in the Crystal Vortex

In 2002 Kryon channeled that evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas. Come discover why the Crystal Vortex is emerging and completing to be one of the most benevolent and powerful vortexial sites on the Ascending Earth. Arkansas is the largest singular deposit of natural quartz crystal on the planet, and it is being activated in the Crystal Transition of the planet and indeed the transition of humanity into the Crystalline energy. Many are drawn to experience this, and receive the downloads. This will be a magnificent Gathering of Earth-Keepers. We have over 300 registered with capacity for over 500. This event has sold out the past 2 years, and we will sell out the 11-11-11. Do you feel the call of the 'Law of One' ? Join the Family !

We are finalizing negotiations with our renowned & celebrated very very special surprise 'Guest Speaker' for the 11-11-11. Announcement will be made in mid July. This will be absolutely wonderful and delightful.

We are truly honored! Stay tuned !!!!!

Where Will You Be on the 11-11-11 ?

Join the Earth-Keeper Family for
The Gathering in the Crystals

The 11-11-11
In the Crystal Vortex
The Triple Date Portal Event of the Year

Featuring Shania Noll, Michael Cremo, Dr Semir Osmanagich,
Dr Daniel Condron, MAX the Original Crystal Skull, JoAnne Parks, Jean-Claude Savard, Anaya-Ra, Randy Monk, Linda Roebuck, Sharon Sessions and Master Musicians Fred Mitchim & Ron Crose ... the 'Healing Team ' and many others!

We are also pleased to announce that there will be a very very special 'surprise' speaker at the 11-11-11 !

Private sessions with MAX, still available.

Register: http://earth-keeper.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=EVENT49

Max is the most powerful Conscious Library on the planet. The original code carrier, and so important to the planetary Ascension. Yet Max is also a healing, nurturing energy that communicates clearly in upshifting each person that interfaces his massive loving field.

Limited Personal Sessions With MAX at the 11-11-11

Remarkable photo of Max projecting a complete human Spinal Column and Brain
(Photo-Courtesy of JoAnn Parks)

AAMetatron on MAX
...And the Enigmatic Crystal Skulls

"Max is indeed one of the 'original' Crystal Paradigms, in your terms. He is of Pleiadean & Arcturian construct and origin. MAX is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a considerable library of data contained therein. He is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining 'Ancient Crystal Skulls'.

The Sacred Oath of the Atla-Ra- The Atlantean Law of One

Before Atlantis was taken over by the Aryians in its final destructive stage, a beautiful, peaceful and highly spiritual matriarchal society called the 'Law of One' presided in extraordinary harmony for over 20,000 years in what Edgar Cayce termed the 'Golden Age of Atlantis'. The era of the Law of One in the incredibly harmonic Golden-Age of Poseida achieved the highest frequency of Love ever actualized on planet Earth. They are now re-emerging.

The 11-11-11 Family

Music at the 11-11-11

The 11-11-11 - Keeps Getting Better
Dr Daniel Condron & Randy Monk

Sacred Pinnacle Mountain, located in a State Park near Little Rock is a granitic quartz mountain in a pyramidal form . It is located in the quartz-crystal strata region ofArkansas, located near the Arkansas River. Pinnacle Mtn is said to house the Crystalline Sun-Disc in a crystal chasm beneath it, that
coordinates the energy of the Ark-Crystal Vortex.

Little Rock Arkansas has been listed in Travel magazine as one of the 10 most beautiful cities in America. It is traversed by the Arkansas River, and straddled in green-svelte rolling hills between the Ouachita and Ozark Mountain ranges . Our venue is the Hotel in centre of the above photo. Little Rock sits atop the largest singular strata deposit of natural quartz crystal in the world.

Upcoming Earth-Keeper Events
For Information or Queries : Call 936 447-9119 or 936 522-8804

Tyberonn at the United Nations in NYC - August 19, 2011

Sacred Britain Pilgrimage - Sold Out

The 11-11-11- In the Crystal Vortex-Nov 2011
Nov 11-12, 13, 14 - All 4 Days

Confirmed Events in In 2012

Pilgrimage to Egypt - March 2012
Tyberonn with Kryon in Santiago Chile- Oct 2012
The 12-12-12 - December 2012

Australia Seminars & Pilgrimage 2012
Sacred Egypt - Keying the Code Pilgrimage -March 2012
Egypt Sign-Up Details Will Be Announced in 3 Weeks !

Register Here for the 11-11-11- In the Crystal Vortex-Nov 2011
Nov 11-12, 13, 14 - All 4 Days
Click Link to Register !

FAQ - The 11-11-11:

1) What is included in the 11-11-11 Event registration?
Our registration is for full attendance for the four days of the Gathering. Your registration does not include accommodations, hotels, meals or transport.
2) When should I arrive?
We suggest arriving on the evening or afternoon of Thursday, November 10.
3) What is the schedule?
The formal agenda will be released in July 2011. Registration will begin at 8:00 am on Friday November 11. Friday and Saturday will extend from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm with 90 minutes breaks for lunch and dinner. Featured speakers will be between 9 am and 4 pm each day.
4) Is the Pilgrimage to Sacred Pinnacle Mountain included in the registration?
Yes. It is part of the package and will be Monday, Nov 14th. Pinnacle Mountain is a powerful sacred site, an enormous solid-granitic quartz pyramidal shaped mountain, and beneath its massive matrix is one of the 12 Sun Discs. It is about a 25 minutes drive from our hotel, transport however, is not provided, but many will be taking cars, so if you do not have a riode, you should be able to find someone to share transport with.
5) How do I book a session with MAX, the Sacred Crystal Skull?
You must first be registered to get a session with MAX. You then must send int he registration form for the 11-11-11 and check the box on the form to indicate you wish to have a session with Max. Sessions will be organized in July, and you will be advised of your time slot. We reserve the right to include up to 3 people at a time in the private room with MAX, at the lower 'group' session rate. All monies for sessions with MAX are paid to and go to caretaker, JoAnn Parks. Earth-Keeper do not take any commissions or monies for these sessions.
6) How do I book a session with one of the Healers at the 11-11-11 ?
We will list endorsed 11-11-11 Healers and their contact information in August-2011. All monies paid to Healers are paid direct, and Earth-Keeper takes no commission or monies for these sessions. Sessions are arranged directlywith the listed healer. Earth-Keeper does not guarantee the session and cannot guarantee the attendance or presence of listed Healers. This is not part of our formal offering for the event. We simply provide the opportunity to work with those endorsed and listed in the August 2011, 11-11-11 Newsletter.
7) What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations are accepted through 9 October, with a $125 cancellation fee.
8) How many I register for the 11-11-11 Event?
Registration can be processed online or by calling our Admin Staff at 936 447-9119 . Abundance Exchange can be remitted by check (USA Banks Only) , money order, credit card or PayPal. We add 5% to credit cards and PayPal.
9) What weather should I expect?
The weather in Little Rock in mid November is generally crisp,sunny and beautiful. Average temperatures will be in the mid to high 50's F in the day and low 40's F at night. However, it is possible to have temps in the mid to high 60's in the day or if a cold stream blows thru, slightly below freezing. Normally in the 50's for that time of year.
10) What should I bring?
Come with an open joyous heart to be in a nurturing environment of loving soul family. Treat everyone with respect and kindness, and expect to give and receive a lot of Hugs! You may also wish to bring your personal crystals & drums for ceremony. Do bring a rain jacket just in case for Monday. Please do not bring books, pamphlets, cd's , dvds, crystals etc to solicit , advertise or sell.
11) Is the main venue hotel sold out?
There is still room to attend the event. We have an enormous and beautiful high ceiling Grand Ballroom for the speakers and conference. However, hotel rooms at the main venue are currently sold out. There is a possibility, with cancellations that some rooms on site will open up. We have however, reserved 150 rooms at two excellent hotel facilities within very near walking distance. One is approximately 100 meters away, (3 minute walk) the other about a 15 minute walk ( aboiut 500 meters away) . We have reserved these rooms in the overflow hotels exclusively for 11-11-11 attendees. You must be pre-registered to attend the 11-11-11 in order to be able to book one of these rooms in the nearby overflow hotels. We do expect to sell these out. Book soon!
12) Will you be able to assist attendees in finding room share and car share partners.
Yes. We will begin this process for assisting registered attendees seeking an expense sharing partner for transport, rental car or room share in September. This will be announced in our 11-11-11 Attendee Newsletters.

About Tyberonn

James Tyberonn worked as a professional engineer & geologist for 33 years. He is a native of Arkansas, but has lived & worked abroad for 30 years, circumnavigating the globe many times & traveling to over 75 countries in his geology work. Tyb has always had a very deep love for the earth, and a driven interest in spirituality and metaphysics all of his life. During his 33 years of working abroad, he devoted himself to intense metaphysical studies of varied disciplines. He focused on understanding the energy of the living Earth from both a scientific and metaphysical perspective. He has recently been invited to speak at the United Nations S.E.A.T in August of 2011.

A military veteran, Tyb served his country as an officer in the US Army Signal Corps. In his geological work, he lived as an expatriate in Bolivia, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Gabon, Congo, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Scotland. He studied gemology while in Brazil, and speaks Spanish, Portugese and French. He has had a great interest in metaphysics, sacred sites, grids, leylines, portals, vortexes, healing gems, crystals, auric maintenance, EMF, Light Body, spiritual growth and music.

A musician, he produced and recorded a music cd of blues and jazz. All of the proceeds from the CD are donated to charity, the Foundation for the Cure of Cystic Fibrosis.

Tyb is a member of the Sierra Club and a staunch environmentalist. He has a great love for the planet, and believes the Earth to be the living sentience of GAIA. He has visited over 300 sacred sites across the globe over the past four decades. He has been a guest speaker at the 'Elders Speak' Conference in Sedona, Arizona and the 2007 Eagle & Condor Elders Gathering in Peru, attended by over 100 Native Americans including Spiritual Head of the Mayan Nation, Don Alejandro Olax. He has co -hosted many conferences with Ronna Herman and been a guest on numerous metaphysical radio programs including The New Earth, Voice America, Awakening Now, News for the Soul, VOA, BBC , Infinity Radio, Souls in Transition, and Mystical World.

He has mixed Native American heritage, and has completed seven 5-day prayer fast, vision quests in the Lakota modality, and several 3 1/2 day fasting dance ceremonies . He has had numerous shamanic journeys in Mexico and in South America. He currently resides in Texas. He has authored three books, co-written a fourth with Lee Carroll (Kryon) and Tom Kenyon (The Hathors) and is writing his fifth book on the metaphysical healing properties of gemstones.

Tyberonn began channeling Archangel Metatron in 2007, and is featured each month in the 'Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine. He has recently retired from his geological work, and now writes and conducts seminars and sacred site travel throughout the Americas on a full time basis.

His extensive travels and time as an expatriate allowed him great opportunities to learn other languages and cultures. He is truly a "Citizen of the World", and dedicates his life to sharing the spiritual and sacred scientific information received from Archangel Metatron.

" I am a Citizen of the World, and my Nationality is Goodwill". Socrates


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