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Tyberonn Interview on 2012 & the 11-11-11

In This Earth-Keeper Newsletter

The Heralded & Prophesied Ascension of December 21, 2012 is 18 months away. What does it all mean?

Tyberonn Interview on 2012 & the 11-11-11
Saturday - June 11 at 1 pm CDT

Update on the 11-11-11:
Very Special Surprise World Renowned Guest Speaker !

Scroll Down for FAQ on the 11-11-11

Free Global Inet Telecast
Interview with James Tyberonn
Hosted By Merrilee Kinzie
2012 & The Triple Date Portal - 11-11-11

Link : http://www.blogtalkradio.com/innerprizes

Saturday, June 11 - Live Interview Timings:
11 am Pacific, 12 noon Mountain, 1 pm Central, 2 pm Eastern

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The 11-11-11
Gathering in the Crystal Vortex

In 2002 Kryon channeled that evidence of Atlantis exists in Arkansas. Come discover why the Crystal Vortex is emerging and completing to be one of the most benevolent and powerful vortexial sites on the Ascending Earth. Arkansas is the largest singular deposit of natural quartz crystal on the planet, and it is being activated in the Crystal Transition of the planet and indeed the transition of humanity into the Crystalline energy. Many are drawn to experience this, and receive the downloads. This will be a magnificent Gathering of Earth-Keepers. We have over 300 registered with capacity for over 500. This event has sold out the past 2 years, and we will sell out the 11-11-11. Do you feel the call of the 'Law of One' ? Join the Family !

We are finalizing negotiations with our renowned & celebrated very very special surprise 'Guest Speaker' for the 11-11-11. Announcement will be made in mid July. This will be absolutely wonderful and delightful.

We are truly honored! Stay tuned !!!!!

Where Will You Be on the 11-11-11 ?

Join the Earth-Keeper Family for
The Gathering in the Crystals

The 11-11-11
In the Crystal Vortex
The Triple Date Portal Event of the Year

Featuring Shania Noll, Michael Cremo, Dr Semir Osmanagich,
Dr Daniel Condron, MAX the Original Crystal Skull, JoAnne Parks, Jean-Claude Savard, Anaya-Ra, Randy Monk, Linda Roebuck, Sharon Sessions and Master Musicians Fred Mitchim & Ron Crose ... the 'Healing Team ' and many others!

We are also pleased to announce that there will be a very very special 'surprise' speaker at the 11-11-11 !

Private sessions with MAX, still available.

Register: http://earth-keeper.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=EVENT49

Max is the most powerful Conscious Library on the planet. The original code carrier, and so important to the planetary Ascension. Yet Max is also a healing, nurturing energy that communicates clearly in upshifting each person that interfaces his massive loving field.

Limited Personal Sessions With MAX at the 11-11-11

Remarkable photo of Max projecting a complete human Spinal Column and Brain
(Photo-Courtesy of JoAnn Parks)

AAMetatron on MAX
...And the Enigmatic Crystal Skulls

"Max is indeed one of the 'original' Crystal Paradigms, in your terms. He is of Pleiadean & Arcturian construct and origin. MAX is a vast consciousness, akin to a super computer, with a considerable library of data contained therein. He is the most powerful, most conscious of all of the remaining 'Ancient Crystal Skulls'.

The Sacred Oath of the Atla-Ra- The Atlantean Law of One

Before Atlantis was taken over by the Aryians in its final destructive stage, a beautiful, peaceful and highly spiritual matriarchal society called the 'Law of One' presided in extraordinary harmony for over 20,000 years in what Edgar Cayce termed the 'Golden Age of Atlantis'. The era of the Law of One in the incredibly harmonic Golden-Age of Poseida achieved the highest frequency of Love ever actualized on planet Earth. They are now re-emerging.

The 11-11-11 Family

Music at the 11-11-11

The 11-11-11 - Keeps Getting Better
Dr Daniel Condron & Randy Monk

Sacred Pinnacle Mountain, located in a State Park near Little Rock is a granitic quartz mountain in a pyramidal form . It is located in the quartz-crystal strata region ofArkansas, located near the Arkansas River. Pinnacle Mtn is said to house the Crystalline Sun-Disc in a crystal chasm beneath it, that
coordinates the energy of the Ark-Crystal Vortex.

Little Rock Arkansas has been listed in Travel magazine as one of the 10 most beautiful cities in America. It is traversed by the Arkansas River, and straddled in green-svelte rolling hills between the Ouachita and Ozark Mountain ranges . Our venue is the Hotel in centre of the above photo. Little Rock sits atop the largest singular strata deposit of natural quartz crystal in the world.

Upcoming Earth-Keeper Events
For Information or Queries : Call 936 447-9119 or 936 522-8804

Tyberonn at the United Nations in NYC - August 19, 2011

Sacred Britain Pilgrimage - Sold Out

The 11-11-11- In the Crystal Vortex-Nov 2011
Nov 11-12, 13, 14 - All 4 Days

Confirmed Events in In 2012

Pilgrimage to Egypt - March 2012
Tyberonn with Kryon in Santiago Chile- Oct 2012
The 12-12-12 - December 2012

Australia Seminars & Pilgrimage 2012
Sacred Egypt - Keying the Code Pilgrimage -March 2012
Egypt Sign-Up Details Will Be Announced in 3 Weeks !

Register Here for the 11-11-11- In the Crystal Vortex-Nov 2011
Nov 11-12, 13, 14 - All 4 Days
Click Link to Register !

FAQ - The 11-11-11:

1) What is included in the 11-11-11 Event registration?
Our registration is for full attendance for the four days of the Gathering. Your registration does not include accommodations, hotels, meals or transport.
2) When should I arrive?
We suggest arriving on the evening or afternoon of Thursday, November 10.
3) What is the schedule?
The formal agenda will be released in July 2011. Registration will begin at 8:00 am on Friday November 11. Friday and Saturday will extend from 8:30 am until 8:00 pm with 90 minutes breaks for lunch and dinner. Featured speakers will be between 9 am and 4 pm each day.
4) Is the Pilgrimage to Sacred Pinnacle Mountain included in the registration?
Yes. It is part of the package and will be Monday, Nov 14th. Pinnacle Mountain is a powerful sacred site, an enormous solid-granitic quartz pyramidal shaped mountain, and beneath its massive matrix is one of the 12 Sun Discs. It is about a 25 minutes drive from our hotel, transport however, is not provided, but many will be taking cars, so if you do not have a riode, you should be able to find someone to share transport with.
5) How do I book a session with MAX, the Sacred Crystal Skull?
You must first be registered to get a session with MAX. You then must send int he registration form for the 11-11-11 and check the box on the form to indicate you wish to have a session with Max. Sessions will be organized in July, and you will be advised of your time slot. We reserve the right to include up to 3 people at a time in the private room with MAX, at the lower 'group' session rate. All monies for sessions with MAX are paid to and go to caretaker, JoAnn Parks. Earth-Keeper do not take any commissions or monies for these sessions.
6) How do I book a session with one of the Healers at the 11-11-11 ?
We will list endorsed 11-11-11 Healers and their contact information in August-2011. All monies paid to Healers are paid direct, and Earth-Keeper takes no commission or monies for these sessions. Sessions are arranged directlywith the listed healer. Earth-Keeper does not guarantee the session and cannot guarantee the attendance or presence of listed Healers. This is not part of our formal offering for the event. We simply provide the opportunity to work with those endorsed and listed in the August 2011, 11-11-11 Newsletter.
7) What is the cancellation policy?
Cancellations are accepted through 9 October, with a $125 cancellation fee.
8) How many I register for the 11-11-11 Event?
Registration can be processed online or by calling our Admin Staff at 936 447-9119 . Abundance Exchange can be remitted by check (USA Banks Only) , money order, credit card or PayPal. We add 5% to credit cards and PayPal.
9) What weather should I expect?
The weather in Little Rock in mid November is generally crisp,sunny and beautiful. Average temperatures will be in the mid to high 50's F in the day and low 40's F at night. However, it is possible to have temps in the mid to high 60's in the day or if a cold stream blows thru, slightly below freezing. Normally in the 50's for that time of year.
10) What should I bring?
Come with an open joyous heart to be in a nurturing environment of loving soul family. Treat everyone with respect and kindness, and expect to give and receive a lot of Hugs! You may also wish to bring your personal crystals & drums for ceremony. Do bring a rain jacket just in case for Monday. Please do not bring books, pamphlets, cd's , dvds, crystals etc to solicit , advertise or sell.
11) Is the main venue hotel sold out?
There is still room to attend the event. We have an enormous and beautiful high ceiling Grand Ballroom for the speakers and conference. However, hotel rooms at the main venue are currently sold out. There is a possibility, with cancellations that some rooms on site will open up. We have however, reserved 150 rooms at two excellent hotel facilities within very near walking distance. One is approximately 100 meters away, (3 minute walk) the other about a 15 minute walk ( aboiut 500 meters away) . We have reserved these rooms in the overflow hotels exclusively for 11-11-11 attendees. You must be pre-registered to attend the 11-11-11 in order to be able to book one of these rooms in the nearby overflow hotels. We do expect to sell these out. Book soon!
12) Will you be able to assist attendees in finding room share and car share partners.
Yes. We will begin this process for assisting registered attendees seeking an expense sharing partner for transport, rental car or room share in September. This will be announced in our 11-11-11 Attendee Newsletters.

About Tyberonn

James Tyberonn worked as a professional engineer & geologist for 33 years. He is a native of Arkansas, but has lived & worked abroad for 30 years, circumnavigating the globe many times & traveling to over 75 countries in his geology work. Tyb has always had a very deep love for the earth, and a driven interest in spirituality and metaphysics all of his life. During his 33 years of working abroad, he devoted himself to intense metaphysical studies of varied disciplines. He focused on understanding the energy of the living Earth from both a scientific and metaphysical perspective. He has recently been invited to speak at the United Nations S.E.A.T in August of 2011.

A military veteran, Tyb served his country as an officer in the US Army Signal Corps. In his geological work, he lived as an expatriate in Bolivia, Brazil, India, Venezuela, Gabon, Congo, Russia, United Arab Emirates and Scotland. He studied gemology while in Brazil, and speaks Spanish, Portugese and French. He has had a great interest in metaphysics, sacred sites, grids, leylines, portals, vortexes, healing gems, crystals, auric maintenance, EMF, Light Body, spiritual growth and music.

A musician, he produced and recorded a music cd of blues and jazz. All of the proceeds from the CD are donated to charity, the Foundation for the Cure of Cystic Fibrosis.

Tyb is a member of the Sierra Club and a staunch environmentalist. He has a great love for the planet, and believes the Earth to be the living sentience of GAIA. He has visited over 300 sacred sites across the globe over the past four decades. He has been a guest speaker at the 'Elders Speak' Conference in Sedona, Arizona and the 2007 Eagle & Condor Elders Gathering in Peru, attended by over 100 Native Americans including Spiritual Head of the Mayan Nation, Don Alejandro Olax. He has co -hosted many conferences with Ronna Herman and been a guest on numerous metaphysical radio programs including The New Earth, Voice America, Awakening Now, News for the Soul, VOA, BBC , Infinity Radio, Souls in Transition, and Mystical World.

He has mixed Native American heritage, and has completed seven 5-day prayer fast, vision quests in the Lakota modality, and several 3 1/2 day fasting dance ceremonies . He has had numerous shamanic journeys in Mexico and in South America. He currently resides in Texas. He has authored three books, co-written a fourth with Lee Carroll (Kryon) and Tom Kenyon (The Hathors) and is writing his fifth book on the metaphysical healing properties of gemstones.

Tyberonn began channeling Archangel Metatron in 2007, and is featured each month in the 'Sedona Journal of Emergence Magazine. He has recently retired from his geological work, and now writes and conducts seminars and sacred site travel throughout the Americas on a full time basis.

His extensive travels and time as an expatriate allowed him great opportunities to learn other languages and cultures. He is truly a "Citizen of the World", and dedicates his life to sharing the spiritual and sacred scientific information received from Archangel Metatron.

" I am a Citizen of the World, and my Nationality is Goodwill". Socrates


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