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Planetary Assigment with Arcturian Starship Fleet

A Call to Planetary Service

First Assignment: Atmospheric Purification
The Earth, North America and your GEO Region

Children of the Sun Humanitarian Foundation

Specialized Planetary Service Begins

June 1 - July 15, 2011

In cooperation with:

The Realms of Illumined Truth

The Arcturian Starship Fleet

The Evolutionary Forces of Nature

We move into highest sacred service for six straight weeks during this potent eclipse season which will pulse intensified radiation of cosmic and solar rays to dramatically transform human consciousness, societal systems and infrastructure.

Please Join Us

3 Eclipses + Solstice + Cardinal Grand Cross

June 1: New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse
June 15: Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse
June 21: Solstice
July 1: New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

The new moon solar eclipse on June 1 initiates this entire sequence and serves as an accelerator. The June 15 lunar eclipse aligns with Galactic Center, and the July 1 new moon solar eclipse forms a volatile Grand Cardinal Cross conjunct the great star Sirius.

Because of the specific ways the eclipse configurations line up in this series, changes will be sudden, forceful and highly transformative. There's enormous potential in that. Not every moment will be comfortable or joyful, but ultimately the process will pay off.

These volatile energies will express as sudden, unexpected changes, chaos, upheaval and movement. At times you're likely to feel off-balance, nervous, agitated and emotional. Other times, a sense of euphoria sweeps you away.

We're in the electromagnetic wobble of the eclipses now, and the Gemini solar eclipse is next week. The period continues through mid-July, two weeks after the final eclipse. That's the window of opportunity. With the support of a loving universe, life on Earth will never be the same.

Eclipse Overview

Navigating Eclipses

Extracts from Allison Rae as she explores this eclipse cycle and other cycles of time, our relationship to the cosmos and what's to come as the evolution of consciousness accelerates on Earth. heyallie.com

Children of the Sun Group Avatar
Moves Into Action NOW!

A Forcefield of
the Sacred Fire

Our ship is lifting off and all Light Servers are called on board who are prepared and ready to engage in highly specialized planetary service. This begins June 1 as we ride within the Cross of Freedom's Cause to free the life that carries destructive patterning.

Standing strong together from our one Omnipresent Body of God, we move into the fields of resistance directing the streams of Sacred Fire and transmuting the division. We are focusing on the swift transmutation of energy and the stability of dissolving systems while simultaneously implanting the new codes of creation.

Planetary Assignment

1. Transmuting Atmospheric Toxicity and Distortions

2. Assisting the Elementals to a Higher Energy Form

3. A three part transmission: For the Earth, North America, your GEO Region

As we are straddling timelines, the Earth is holding precarious balance upon a vulnerable precipice in which intentional acts of malice and mind controlled manipulations continue to plague the human race. More serious acts including geo-engineered activity from the forces of opposition are in advancing plotting stages to deliberately compromise the unfolding Divine Plan.

It is these unwanted building potentials from the dissolving timeline that will immediately be addressed as the great fiat is sounded, LET THERE BE LIGHT, LIGHT, LIGHT!

The amplified outpouring of solar radiation, boosted by the powerful astrological alignments, gives us extraordinary support to greatly assist ourselves, Earth and Humanity through this most sensitive phase of Earth shift. It is imperative that the light of Freedom, Truth and Justice now prevail.

It is from absolute love, compassion and the gratitude of life that we approach this planetary assignment, one which can ONLY be carried out by those who hold absolute harmony in the feeling body and who have cleared victim patterning or other separative attitudes towards "dark forces".

We are called to purely serve as a divine channel and to effectively wield the Sacred Fire, commanding its action from absolute neutrality and the knowing that all malevolent acts have been a necessary part of the game and which now must CEASE AND DESIST.

As disciples of the Holy Spirit, we come to free both the prisoners and the ones imprisoning. All life is given a last call to rise. In this pardoning, we ourselves are pardoned.

Our Scepter of Power

We powerfully know ourselves as an influential "Forcefield", a radiating center of tremendous magnetization used by the Masters of Light as a mighty channel through which the Divine Radiation pours through to give assistance to the Earth.

In the knowledge of the I AM Presence especially in Group Body, there is no limitation that can withstand the power of our collective light. As we stand in our raised consciousness, we wield together our greatest scepter of power... the power of invocation. We are concentrating our group energy through sacred calls to the Great Ones so that the currents of Sacred Fire are drawn down and charged into each and every condition to be transformed. This Divine Intelligence knows exactly where and how to act.

Every call that we make, every action that we decree becomes an established activity in motion. Every request that is issued by and through our I AM Presence to any Ascended Master or Cosmic Being becomes a momentum, substantially increasing in strength and power, by our unified Group Avatar.

For more information:

Earth Changes: Mission and Protocol
The Importance of the Sacred Fire

We are in Cooperation with the Elemental Kingdom

Next 6 Weeks during Planetary Grid Transmissions

Blessing the Water, Earth, Fire and Air

During this next six weeks, we will assist in a great cleansing of elemental life. We are intimately bonding with the elemental kingdom to restore a harmonious relationship with the beings of air, water, earth and fire. Our intention is to liberate the lands, the people and the nature from entrapment, especially that which is being purposely manipulated through heartless intent.

We are blessing the elements and calling upon the Law of Forgiveness for humanity's abuse of this precious life. Our greatest intention is to dissolve unwanted potentials, still the storms and assist Earth's stabilization as her axis moves. As her elements are freed, Mother Earth is able to more gracefully make transition, keeping her body steady so that we may come too.

The accelerating streams of transforming light that is entering into our planet catalyzes a tremendous release of energy that has been held in bondage. The elementals literally bust loose from their entrapment, still clothed in their misqualified substance. This is why we experience the chaotic storms of damaging earth change activity.

The destructive activities of nature can be controlled by those of us in group formation who make the calls for release, for transmutation and for repolarization of discord imposed upon elemental nature. It is "us" that must give authority for the Sacred Fire, the Great Ones and the Earth elements to take action!

June 1 New Moon Solar Eclipse
and the Planetary Grid Transmissions

Join Us Everyone in Group Planetary Service!

In Cooperation with the Air Element and all Air Allies
Transmuting Atmospheric Toxicity and Distortions
Assisting the Elementals to a Higher Energy Form

MP3 Audio Support

Preparation Information

This group activity takes place within the New Earth Crystalline Matrix during the Planetary Grid Transmissions. This assignment from the Ascended Masters is a 3-part energy transmission and one that has highly recommended preparation, see link above.

We travel into the Earth Core and create a Tube Torus Transfiguration Chamber for
atmospheric purification. Our Group Body is used as a conduit for receiving and transmitting.

Design by Nyako Nakar

Our focus of planetary service begins with the Air Element, our breath of life. We love and bless the Sylphs, giving gratitude to these amazing spirits of the air, who are ready and willing to respond to our every call.

Through Compassion and Forgiveness, we are shining the dissolving light of transmutation upon the core, cause, effect, record and memory of all dark clouds of destructive thought forms and planned activity, toxic radiation, air wave distortions, harmful technology and all atmospheric related instruments used as intentional weapons of mass destruction.

From the I AM of our being, we are commanding the release of imprisoned elementals and then assisting their resurrection to a higher energy form.

With Love and neutralizing Harmony at the core of our Group Avatar, the same harmony of the ordered Universes, we are radiating the light of illumination and Divine Direction to all responsible persons including heads of governments and their military systems, corporations, financial systems, science, technology and environmentalists involved in atmospheric activity of each and every type.

We are calling for the Truth to be revealed to all constructive people who can assist in delivering this Truth and that which is preventing the Flame of Freedom from expressing on Earth and in the hearts of all Humanity.

The Arcturian Starship Fleet joins all Children of the Sun
Offers Technological Assistance

Arcturian Spherical Frequencies. On left, Jonash Art. On right, Milk Hill Crop Circle in Wiltshire, UK

The Arcturian Confederation, part of the Galactic Federation of Light, offers their dedicated and unrelenting assistance to our Group Forcefield and all that will be cast into momentum this June. They are already here with a fleet of starships and their sophisticated extraterrestrial technologies. They are ready to respond to our unified calls for Divine Intervention... to cease and desist all manipulative outplay while offering long term solutions for planetary transformation.

The Arcturians are an advanced race from Arcturus, the brightest star in the constellation Bootes. Known as Master Healers with advanced technology far beyond computers, they are the guardians of Humanity and their impressive starship fleet is one of the most advanced in the Universe. They have an unlimited number of ships available upon request and there is no limit to the number of situations or people that they can assist. They are making increased contact with Light Servers through our extra sense abilities especially telepathy and language of light impression.

The Arcturian civilization is thought to be the prototype of the Earth's future. They focus in harmony and cooperation the Ascended Masters and other star nations assisting in Earth's evolutionary leap. The Arcturians are prohibited from interfering with a civilization unless they are specifically requested to come by the members of its race.

Great appreciation goes out to the many Light Servers who have been invoking the assistance of the Arcturians to the Earth through the years. We powerfully join with you now!

Who are the Arcturians:

Message from ARTURUS, Elohim of the 7th Ray I, Arcturus, am especially active in the process of change as I AM of the Violet Fire of Transmutation....We speak to you from Arcturus. We want to tell you that we are coming. Remember when you said that you would volunteer help? We heard and we are taking up your offer NOW...... (through Dr. Suzan Carroll...at multidimensions.com)

Video - Arcturians

Join the Children of the Sun Group Avatar

as a GEO Light Team and Portal for your Community!

The platform of Children of the Sun is establishing Geo Light Teams in all nations of the world. The Light Teams and their developing regional Foundations serve as conduits for the high frequency and transforming photonic energies that accelerate and stabilize the mass awakening and planetary shift.

They also assist as anchoring and stabilizing pillars of light for ensuing earth change activity.

Each and every one of us is called to the front lines to serve as God's Mighty Liberators to help transmute life imperfections. Prepare now your group formations to assist in the upcoming intensity of streaming energy. Where two more more are gathered, there I AM.

Supporting Information:

Description of GEO Teams Join a Team
Become a Regional Coordinator
All Global Locations

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