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OMM wave mediation June 21 solstice and tips


Grand Cross Solstice - June 21-2011
The Aperture of Sacred Sustenance & Recharge

Global OMM Wave Meditation On the Solstice Apex
(Scroll Down for Timings and Details)

Join Us Globally For an OMM-Wave Meditation
On the Solstice Apex :
UT (London) - 5:00 pm
Eastern - 1:00 pm
Central - 12 noon
Mountain - 11 am
Pacific - 10 am

This Meditation is from your home. It is timed globally for group participation at the exact moment of the actual solstice. It will not be broadcast on the Internet. Simply join in from where you are at the above timings. The meditation is for 30 minutes. Begin by toning the OMM for 5 minutes, then visualize a Golden Sphere of Unconditional Love enveloping the Earth. We will be joined by the Angelic Realm, Cosmic Council of Light and Ascended Masters. Send pure love from your heart and see it bath the planet. Do this for approximately ten minutes. Then visualize the love returning to you, and add your personal prayers and intent for HIGHEST Good. Bath in the LIGHT.

World Clock Converter to Find International (Local) Timing in Your Area:

The Solstice Energy Drivers & Focus:
Find Time to Meditate for Highest Good
Avoid Depression & Lethary
Don't Be Overwhelmed-Avoid Anger & Over-Reactions
Release Obstacles
Use the Amplified Energy to Self Examine
Use the Amplified Energies to Manifest
Stand in Your New Defined Truth
Take Your Power in Gentle Loving Humility, Strength & Balance

In the N Hemisphere, Summer Solstice begins June 21 2011 at 1:16 P.M. EDT

In the UK the Solstice begins June 21, 2011 at 17:16 UTC

Sol + stice derives from a combination of Latin words meaning "sun" + "to stand still." As the days lengthen, the sun rises higher and higher until it seems to stand still in the sky.
As a major celestial event, the Summer Solstice results in the longest day and the shortest night of the year.

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