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Core Fear Matrix Removal

One very important thing we can do for ourself is releasing all fear. We are going to do this Friday June 24 at 10:30pm EST
The cost for the Core Fear Matrix Removal is $ 25.00
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Welcome dear ones,

We know you are all praying for us and first contact, and that time is coming. It requires a lot of preparation an many groups will come together to support this.
These groups are forming right now, and they are there to assist us in making a safe space for us to land.

At this time we do not have a specific date, for us time is not important.
Important is that the vibration of you and your earth is being raised to a frequency that allows us to land.
We know many of you are waiting for us and would like to get a date, sometimes even setting a date. Let go and focus on your own path at this time, raise your frequency. This is more important then us landing.
The one thing that we are working on right now is to release all complete fear matrix based thought of your planet. We know many of you do not fear us.
We are talking here about everyday fear, fear being spread by the government, some groups and even among light workers.

Fear is what can control you and control lets you stay in fear.

For example, hurricanes are controlled by fear, or actually the energy of fear feeds the hurricane energy. We ask you to release that fear. The weather is changing and this change is part of the changes on mother earth at this time. Storms, rain, fire, they can all be used to clear the energies of mother earth. Sometimes they need to be there to help mother earth in a much needed cleansing. You have noticed the changes in the weather.

Now when I say fear controls part of this weather, I want you to know you can work with this weather as well. Embrace it, send your love to it. Do not fear it, do not ask it to leave.
When a hurricane is about to come, everyone will watch the news and many of those people are not light workers and their energy of fear is feeding the possibility of a hurricane and makes it stronger. As you all know thoughts are very powerful.

So you as light workers are working against the energy of al these people.
For example, let's use the United States. The percentage of light workers is about 5 % of the population. I will let you do the math and see what you need to transform in thoughts being send out.

And even among light workers fear is sometimes being spread.

Release the fear. Ask for the weather to pass and clear away everything that is not needed anymore on your planet earth and inside you.
Ask for this to be done in a way that will have the effect that is for the highest good of all involved.

Then we get to the subject of Light and Dark. Just these words alone bring fear into many. This is why I prefer to call the beings using the energy in a negative way. Or just negative beings or souls.

Many are working to eliminate the damage that is or can be done by these beings or souls.
These people do not have a fear and are used to work in the negative energies.

Many that are on the path will encounter the negative energies. And they can be influenced by these negative energies or forces. This is all according to their path, they have made this choice and are ready to learn from it. There will always be guides available for them when needed.

But one of the reason they can be controlled is fear. Many have a deep rooted fear of negative energies, or the so called dark. And this is what opens them up for control by the negative forces that are working on your planet.
Many of them will not recognize that they are being controlled. And they cannot be helped until they do realize.

Once you are living without fear, the negative forces cannot influence you. And you are in control.

The best way at this time for many of you to work against these negative forces is to create a world without them. A world without fear cannot hold negative energies.
Creating a new world will slowly spread out and the negative energies will have no way to go but being transmuted into the universal energy.

See it this way, yes there is a war going on in the 3rd dimension between light and dark as you call it.
But you are rasing your frequency more and more into a 5th dimensional frequency. Do you really want to bring this war between the Light and Dark into the 5th dimension and beyond?

Many of you might have noticed the negative energies coming out and being released. This is part of the work being done right now. The fear is being controlled by negative forces.
And it is time for all beings that are or want to be part of creating a world without fear and without the so called Light and Dark, to release the fear and negative energies attached to it.

This does not mean there is no fight between the so called Light and Dark. But this is 3rd dimensional and you are to leave this in the 3rd dimension while you move on to create a new world in the 5th dimension.

I will tell you at this time the focus on creating a new world will be more effective then fighting the negative energies. Creating a new world is more powerful than fighting the old.

The so called dark beings are going through a learning process just like you. Just like you they are souls incarnated on earth with a specific path. You chose to work in a positive way this time.
But you have worked in this negative way in other lifetimes and we all learn from it.
What you learn at this time is how not to create a new world without these negative forces being in control.

We are coming closer and closer 2012. And the 5th dimension and beyond is waiting for you to create a new world.

Heaven on Earth.

And it starts right here, right now.

In peace.

Through Petra Margolis
September 3, 2008

Previous experience
Our Core Fear Matrix removal was one of magnificent power and we removed all fear from our physical and spiritual bodies, all the way up to soul level.
This means we cleared out all energy of fear from this life and all our past lives.

We were taken up on Ashtar's ship where many beings were present to assist in adjusting our energies before we went into this beautiful room where we were surrounded with the love of all the Masters. Ashtar came up to everyone in person, removing all fear from our spiritual and physical bodies. After he removed it all, he filled up our bodies with a beautiful light energy bringing so much peace and love in our hearts, I could feel it starting to flow out of my heart immediately.
Our hearts were connecting with each other after all fear was removed for everyone and we connected without fear up until our soul level, becoming one with all.


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