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Uriel's Message -- Celebrate Yourself

Uriel's Message -- Celebrate Yourself

Your human presence is a cause for celebration because it is the light of transformation for ascension, which is your contract with Source and the earth. You are the embodiment of the light and its manifestation in the third dimension. Your physical presence, lessons, learning and healing are all celebrations of the victory of the transformation and the continuation of ascension. This is the energy you must embody to allow the unfoldment of the ascension process across all aspects of the third dimensional energy.

Each of your emotions corresponds to a specific third dimensional energetic vibration whose presence is undergoing transformation. Your mastery journey includes the re-alignment of your emotional body with your divine blueprint so that you no longer carry the lower vibrating energies of fear-based emotions. When you feel angry, tired, powerless, unworthy or undeserving of the joy and love that are your birthright, you see your human aspect as a burden or punishment. Yet it is a blessing that can be celebrated.

Do you dislike your body, your life circumstances or your reality? Can you celebrate the presence of the energies you are transforming because together with your experience of them you also have the tools for transforming them into higher octaves of light? You can choose to stay in the energy of what you dislike or transform it into its higher vibration. Every energy has a higher vibration but you cannot access it if you are not aware that through your intention you set the vibration of your energetic experiences.

Be in the spirit of celebration at every moment for this is how you transform energy, shed light on the darkness, resolve energetic patterns of chaos and fear and move into the highest possible energetic experiences. Your choice to celebrate or to be in mourning for what you believe is proof of your disconnection from your Source and inner divinity. But you are achieving great things and becoming masters of this dimension, allowing transformation through your experiences and intention to transform them. Celebrate yourself and every aspect of your reality as you set your intention for transformation and mastery as you bring peace, love and joy to your dimension whose ascension is unfolding with every moment.
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Multi-Dimensional and Timeless - Uriel/Jennifer Hoffman

Multi-Dimensional and Timeless
Every lifetime we have centers around our reconnection purpose, which is about the healing we create to resolve our separation. Our multi-dimensional soul chooses the best realities and dimensions that will allow us to fulfill our healing purpose. These are represented by the people and situations we encounter in each lifetime and sometimes, we have several experiences in a single lifetime, all of them occurring simultaneously. This provides us multiple options to heal many different aspects of an energy so we create the most complete, thorough healing process.

Our awareness of life is limited to what we can know through our third dimensional senses, which is whatever is right in front of us at any moment. However, as our raised vibrations expand our awareness, we have access to many other potential realities, all of which participate in our healing. And by becoming aware of the presence of these timelines, we can also become aware of the solutions they provide. Each one represents an aspect of an energy that we must connect with to transform it. We can do this individually or encompass several in a single healing process.

From the ego's perspective, every problem or dilemma has a solution that comes from our past experience. But we can also tap into other dimensions to find solutions that the ego cannot imagine. We do this when we ask our angels and guides for their help. They are aware of a multitude of solutions because they can connect with all of our soul's aspects, besides the one that resides in the third dimension.

One of our ascension challenges is to expand our awareness of ourselves as multi-dimensional, timeless and "super natural" beings and then use that new awareness as we create new realities and access new potentials. We know that we have access to dimensions beyond the third but can we also know that we have aspects of ourselves that are already part of those dimensions? This week, consider a problem or challenge that you are facing and ask for a different solution. Be willing to accept multi-dimensional solutions that go beyond anything you can imagine for yourself. Then be willing to take a risk and allow healing to happen so your path to connection is complete.

Read the December article. You can read the Frog and Scorpion fable in last month's message by clicking here.

The Uriel Heals Enlightening Life radio show
There was no radio show last week but I have posted some comments on YouTube, click here to watch. The next Uriel Heals Enlightening Life radio show will be Wednesday, December 2 at 8PM Central time on Blog Talk Radio. We will discuss the newsletter and readings are available to callers in the second half of the show. Call in at 718-664-6504 . Click
here for show details and to download or listen to previous shows.

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Message from Archangel Michael LM-11-2009

Message from Archangel Michael

Transmitted Through Ronna Herman

Beloved masters, it is important for you to remember that "service" is an integral part of the ascension process. Many of you came to Earth from far-distant Star Systems as cosmic messengers. Time and time again, you have been bearers of truth and cosmic wisdom; however, the task you agreed to for this lifetime is more important than any other you have ever experienced since you came into your individualized consciousness as an aware Spark of Divinity. Much of what you are learning as you traverse the path of ascension is a remembrance of what you already have experienced. We have stressed the fact that what we are asking of you, you have done many times before, so that it will not seem so unattainable. That is why so much of the history and the details of the past we relay to you seem so familiar.

You now have greater and greater amounts of Cosmic Life Force Energy available to you; however, you are responsible for how you utilize that energy. You must stay firmly grounded upon the Earth as you reach higher and higher into the refined dimensions of expression, and it is of vast importance to your physical well-being that you learn to balance and harmonize your energetic grid system (called your auric field or Adam/Eve Kadmon perfected body of Light). You may draw forth as much of the Essence of Divinity as you can hold; however, after integrating that which you need personally, you must radiate forth the remainder out into the world of form. You cannot hoard God Light, dear ones; it is meant to be used and shared for the benefit of all.

Please be aware that there is limited access to the power and magical transformative properties of the Violet Flame within the push/pull duality of the third- / lower fourth-dimensional environment. However, when you attain a level of harmonious vibrational patterns that attune you to the mid-fourth dimension, you gain access to the Divine alchemy of the Violet Flame, and you also have the ability to draw forth the transforming Adamantine Particles of Creator Consciousness. While existing within the lower dimensions of limitation and chaos, it is almost impossible to consistently radiate unconditional love from your heart center. As you have learned, the Creator Particles of life must be activated via your altruistic, loving intention. Be aware, beloveds, that at each higher level of God Light you attain, the power of the Violet Flame and the quantity of White Fire Particles of Creation increase exponentially.

There are two streams of collective-consciousness thought forms surrounding the Earth at this time, instead of one swirling maelstrom of negative thought patterns that has, up until now, made up the aura of the Earth. The negative band of distorted energy is an accumulation of many thousands of years of fear, hate, self-serving interests and actions. It has created the shadow-side of the broad spectrum of Light and Shadow: the illusional world in which humanity has existed since the fall into what could be termed a semi-conscious state of awareness.

Most of humanity has been caught up and stuck in a third- / fourth-dimensional form of mind control throughout their many lifetimes, for they have been ensnared in the beliefs of their forefathers, both racial, political, cultural and religious. Many dear souls have hardly ever had any original thoughts of their own. The negative mass consciousness belief system is all about doom and gloom, unworthiness, strict rules and dogma that discourages original, independent thinking, which has kept everyone in a state of guilt, fear and inertia. This has been called the "Herd State," wherein everyone looked to their religious and ruling leaders to tell them what to do, think and be.

Every great religion began with inspired teachings from a great Master who was given specific wisdom teachings to impart to humanity. They were Over-Lighted by and under the direction of our Father/Mother God, and during their lifetime the concepts were adhered to and remained pure. However, upon the transition of the Master, over time, the teachings became distorted and were changed to suit the selfish interests of those in charge. They veered from the inspired truth and wisdom teachings, which were designed for the particular era to assist the masses in developing a personal relationship with our Father/Mother God as they strove to attain a certain level of Self-mastery and en-Lighten-ment.

We have said before, "You are very brave to step outside of the popular belief system, the collective consciousness of humanity, which has been a prison of sorts for so long." We know you have been criticized, scoffed at, ostracized, and maligned in this and many other lifetimes, beloveds. However, we wish you to know that even though you may presently be in a minority, your numbers are growing by leaps and bounds. Many of what has been called "New Age concepts" are filtering into the minds and conversations of the masses, and the belief in angels and interaction with the Beings of Light from the higher realms is no longer totally discounted as it has been in the past.

The good news is that there is a new band of higher frequency emotional patterns and thought forms circling the Earth above the negative band. This band of energy is filled with Light, hope and a strong desire for self-expression and mastery. Gradually, the Crystalline Grid System is encompassing the Earth, and the Creator-Consciousness Band of Light is growing stronger every day as more and more of you access the Cities of Light and become conveyers of the Adamantine Particles of Creation. The masses are beginning to question their leaders and are holding them accountable for their actions. More and more people are beginning to question the dogmatic rules and restrictions of organized religion and are seeking their own higher truth by alternative means.

We understand that a great majority of earthly Souls are in the throes of pain, suffering and uncertainty. Unfortunately, those who are caught up in the collective consciousness belief system do not learn the lessons of turbulent times. They do not understand that the painful situations they are experiencing have been created by excessive and imbalanced thoughts and actions. The Karmic laws of cause and effect are returning to the "senders" that which has been created much more quickly than in the past, so that it can be rectified and re-qualified. For every Soul on Earth at this time, the most important life task is to strive to return to balance and harmony within both the inner and outer worlds of existence.

Those of you who agreed to come into physical incarnation at this particular time brought with you the major lessons or imbalances in your physical/mental/emotional bodies that needed to be harmonized so that you could begin to work compatibly with your Soul or Higher Self. You have come into this lifetime to balance your masculine and feminine natures: using the Divine will, power and authority of the Father Creator, but also to integrate the love/wisdom, compassion, nurturing, creative aspects of the Mother Creator. You came to experience the Earth and being fully in the physical body, while integrating Spirit into your physical Being and consciousness. You are here to balance knowledge and communications; to learn through intuition what your own truths are and to live those truths as an example for others; to learn the balance of communication skills, when to speak and when to hold your silence; to be non-judgmental, learning that each person is on their own individual path and have their own lessons to learn.

For those of you who have listened to the whisperings of Spirit and who have stepped onto the path of En-Lighten-ment, it is time for each of you to remember that the Earth is not your home; you are on assignment here. You are from far-distant star systems and galaxies and possibly even other universes. It is time for you and the many faithful warriors of Peace/Light to know how magnificent you are, and how brave you were to answer the clarion call to descend into the density of this earthly experiment. The events in your galaxy, solar system and on Earth are quickly moving forward and great change is in the offing. Therefore, it is important that you focus on what is right in your world and not get caught up in all the negativity and fear that is spewing out into the ethers. Remember, you give energy to that on which you focus your attention.

It is time for you to step fully into Self-mastery and reclaim your Divine Birthright. What would you like to become? What would you like to do? You have the ability to become or create anything you can envision, as long as it is in harmony with your Divine Blueprint. You have wondrous Light packets of information stored within your Sacred Mind, just waiting to be called forth. As you build and perfect your Pyramid of Light in the Fifth Dimension, you will find that your creations will manifest more and more quickly. Teaching by example is one of the most effective ways to show others how to become masters of their own destiny. Always ask for the highest outcome and for the good of all—you will not be led astray. We know it is not easy to step out of your comfort zone, for you have allowed others to make you doubt yourself and your abilities. We ask you to be a brave example to those around you, those who are stuck in cultural beliefs and limitations of the collective consciousness of humanity.

Each of you has experienced life many times in either a male or a female body. You have also experienced the physical vessel in a great variety of races, forms and cultures. Beloveds, when you judge others, you are really only judging yourself, for you have experienced most all of the many facets of earthly existence. It is a great privilege to be allowed to incarnate on Earth, and there has always been a list of millions upon millions of Souls waiting to experience the physical reality that the Earth has to offer. You are no exception, for you were anxious to experience earthly creation in as many ways and expressions as possible. Therefore, as the veil of illusion is gradually lifted, you will develop great understanding and compassion for those who are stuck in the pain and suffering of the Third- / Fourth-Dimensional distorted reality. We are asking you to become a brave example for those around you. As you dare to step out and claim your mastery, others will follow your example.

Many of you are experiencing a Divine discontent, as well as dramatic life changes at this time. Things that used to bring you pleasure no longer satisfy, and you may have lost any common interest with many of your friends. This is because your Soul-Self is nudging you to move forward, to expand your vision and to take control of your destiny. You must let go of preconceived ideas about the structure of your life. You must let go of beliefs that keep you stuck in a "binding" set of structural boundaries. "Letting go" gives you the power to expand your consciousness and your picture of reality. The higher your vibrational patterns become, the more fluid the time/space continuum, or the sequence and timing of events become. Structures become habits which bind you to the illusion of the Third/Fourth Dimensions. Do not become attached to the "structured life" you have created. It is important that you are willing to change your life to include new concepts as you expand your vision and awareness of the potential of the future. Never forget, you are cocreators, either of pain, suffering and limitation, or of love, joy peace and abundance. The choice is yours.

It is not by coincidence that so many brave souls chose the Seventh Ray of Transformation as their Soul Ray for this lifetime. See this blessed Sacred Fire blazing up and around you and radiating out in ever-widening circles as you join others in helping to lift the consciousness of humanity back into the frequencies of Love/Light. Remember, during these times when the evolution of the Earth and humanity are being accelerated, you can make a difference. We are aware that many of you are disturbed by all the negativity and injustice around you. However, deep within, you know that the great changes taking place will eventually be for the betterment of all. Be assured that you can be an instrument for change. Allow us to send forth the love of our Father/Mother God to and through you, filling you to overflowing. Dear ones, your radiance and Love/Light, added to that of other Light Warriors, will assist humanity and the Earth to move gracefully into the wondrous New Age of tomorrow. Know that you are dearly loved and you are under my protection.


20 Kasım 2009 Cuma

Grid Visioning : New Moon Monday

New Moon

Planetary Grid Transmissions

Monday, November 16

water consciousness

Visioning Intention

~ Shifting into Higher Dimensional Earth ~

The Crystalline Grid is a Unified Field of Source Consciousness weaving together and fully merging "As the Mantle of Spirit".

This New Moon on the Grid, we inspire collective visioning. Our intent is to create and maintain a higher energetic plane which draws, much like a vacuum, all UP within Itself. The outcome is not predetermined, but allowed to be drawn from Divine Will.

We join in Unified Field as pure and surrendered channels of Universal Consciousness. As we connect into the prismatic diamond grid matrix of crystalline light, we radiate horizontally from the still, center point of our awareness to all of the Earth. As above, so below and through horizontal merkavic access*, we further create and strengthen the dynamic of energetically lifting all into the higher dimensional Earth.

As a prismatic rainbow bridge of information and communication transfer, we make connection horizontally, vertically and spherically while infusing and encircling the entire Earth plane.

"Merkavic access", may be explained as the action of the Divine Merkaba containing both a vertical and horizontal communication. It relates to the spinning of the horizontal axis/plane which draws the Unified Consciousness of matter and antimatter into Center/Zero Point from above, below and within. It communicates through the continuous layer of ethers, the energy, vibrations and frequencies to All.

As Love.

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Aligning the Trinity - This has nice energies to work with

November 19, 2009 Aligning the Trinity 4 teleclass series
8PM US Central time Online teleclass $35 each/$99 for the series
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In the Aligning the Trinity series of teleseminars we will focus on aligning the body, mind, emotions and spirit with our soul purpose of ascending into the miracle vibration. Each class provides information on an aspect of our earth presence that is important to the fulfillment of our divine mission. When they work together we walk in enlightened purpose and joy. When they are separated, we walk in chaos and fear.

In each class we will discuss the aspect, its function in our karmic and ascension journey, its strengths and weaknesses, how to put it into alignment with our purpose, how illness and dis-ease manifest, what we can do to heal its separated aspects. We will do clearing exercises to help you bring yourself into alignment in all areas of your being.

Registration and details are available on the website, click here. Each class is one hour, there are four classs, dates are Nov. 19, Dec. 3, 10 and 17, 2009. You will receive a study guide by email a few days prior to each class. All classes will be recorded and you do not have to be on the call to have access the recording.
* Only available to those who purchase the 4 classes. Your reading must be completed by Dec. 17, 2009
Select your date and time by clicking here, ignore the paypal button on the second page. You must have paid for the classes before scheduling a reading.

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Advanced Lightbody Activations

Advanced Lightbody Activations

Never before has humanity been ready for this transition to seek the higher dimensions of reality. You have but to seek the light inside yourselves to understand your divinity and God-given right to achieve the higher realms of Ascension and evolution! This is no small task, but through devoted diligence, learning your spiritual lessons and tests, and living as examples to your Brothers and Sisters of God, you shall become teachers, leaders and Integrated Spiritual Masters in this lifetime! We give forth this wisdom from God as we, the Ascended Masters, are examples ourselves and are still growing and achieving the higher levels of Ascension. This process is not complete in your physical lifetimes on Earth. It continues to evolve into the higher realms of existence. We are honored to give you this wisdom and knowledge from God and pledge our devotion and service to humanity to help you achieve these goals of constructing your Integrated Light Body!
Ascension is now a higher process of integration and balance in all aspects of the physical/earthly plane, psychological development, mental attunement, emotional even-mindedness, and living in Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God consciousness! The achievement of your higher light bodies can be attained by each and every one of you through the right use of your will and personal power.

The Light Bodies :

1. PHYSICAL/ETHERIC BODY - The physical body is your base structure of light. This dense and wondrous body encases the light of God within. It is a compilation of an entire recipe consisting of DNA, RNA, electrons, neurons, atoms, cells, blood, tissue, intellect, consciousness and your divine blueprint as an individual.
The Etheric body is the body of protection for the physical body. It protects and holds the blueprint or grid work for the physical body. This body of light has a golden-white shimmering appearance with the grid lines for the physical body flowing through it. This grid work is the foundation for electrical and divine energy impulse transmission and reception for the physical body. This is a very intricate body of light and its purpose is not only for protection but also a transducer station for creative light emanation.

2. EMOTIONAL/ASTRAL BODY - This body of light holds and manifests all emotional attributes. Thoughtforms created by our minds emanate through the emotional body. The emotional body decides through the intellect and our free will what action or re-action will occur. If we are continually living in our Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God consciousness, our emotional body will act and re-act in the way our consciousness dictates. It is only when one's negative ego/fear-based / separative consciousness is allowed to dominate, that one's emotional state will become negative and destructive to one's emotional consciousness. The emotional consciousness of a being can certainly affect the physical body in terms of physical illness, physical performance, depression, and a multitude of other conditions. All thoughtforms that are created, emanate through the chakra and meridian system of the body and cause a ripple effect throughout all light bodies.

3. MENTAL BODY - The mental body expands into infinitude! The latitude of space the mental body has to work within has no boundaries. The mental body is the source of all mental thoughts created by the central mind, your brain, the source of thought consciousness for your being. The mental thoughts one can produce is only restricted by one's mind or negative ego/fear-based/separative thinking! So, imagine the multitude of thoughts one can produce! It is mind boggling to imagine the infinite process of the mental body! The mental body holds the highest vibratory rate in the lower base structure of light bodies. Your mental vibration creates thoughts, which are transmitted through the chakra system creating an action or re-action to your mental consciousness at that moment. You are in control of your thought-creating ability and you are in control of mastering Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God consciousness with every level of light body! The mental body's appearance in the aura is the color of red or ruby of the lightest hue. The mental body's vibration takes your thoughts and transmits them through all other light bodies and into the Universe where they are manifested.

4. BUDDHIC/CAUSAL BODY - The Buddhic/Causal Light Body is known as the "Spiritual Body." This body is used and developed with the specific path of developing your soul on every level. This Spiritual Body has a multitude of experiences it uses in service to God and humanity. This Spiritual Body is used in soul travel for the purposes of serving God and also to acquire higher knowledge on the inner plane. This body is used to go to Spiritual School at night while you are sleeping. Most people are not consciously aware that we soul travel at night to gain the higher knowledge and wisdom of God. The use of this Spiritual Body to its highest potential would be ultimately characterized by living and maintaining Spiritual/Christ/Buddha/God consciousness. Your Spiritual Body is paramount in learning of spiritual ascension. Your Spiritual Body maintains its balance throughout your light body structure through your thought process mainly derived from your perspective of spiritual consciousness. You must become diligent and devoted to achieving purity in the spiritual part of your consciousness in the same way that you integrate and balance the psychological and physical/earthly aspects of your being.

5. ATMIC BODY - The Atmic Body of Light is one of higher intellect and protection for all the other light bodies beneath it. It is not to be confused with your Merkabah, which holds similar qualities. The Atmic Body's appearance in your aura is one of transparent luminescence with an overall color of gold. There are varying degrees and shades of gold as there are with all colors. The purpose of this light body in your overall light body structure is one of protection, reception and transmission of light and energy. Through the intellect of this Atmic Body, it is determined at what vibration and force you can handle light, energy and higher wisdom descending from God to your physical body and consciousness. It is through the semi-permeable construction of the Atmic Body that you are able to transmit your conscious thoughts into the Universe where manifestation occurs. Through every stage of light body, it is your level of consciousness that creates a balance or imbalance causing a ripple effect throughout the light body system. This a good time to remember the words of Master Jesus, "Your Thoughts Are Things and As You Think - So You

6. MONADIC BODY - The Monadic Body of Light is a very powerful body. Its function within your light body system is one of a directional force. By this I mean its force and power are always directed to the higher realms of the Godhead. This Monadic Body takes the energy and thoughtforms of the other layers of light body beneath it and sends this energy in the direction of God. The color of the Monadic Body is of a luminescent silver and blue, with tints of violet. The Monadic Body is very intelligent in its actions and takes its direct command from God. This body of light helps facilitate the energy and thoughts you are transmitting out into the Universe. The Monadic body is instrumental in aligning itself with the higher energy and light of God and is set up as a receiving station for this energy and love. It also acts as a Big Brother or Big Sister to your Higher Self. What is meant by this? You all know Big Brothers and Big Sisters historically try to protect and teach their younger siblings and this is what the Monadic Body does. It tries to protect and teach its younger or lower bodies of light beneath its level. As light bodies are achieved to the higher levels, their potential and responsibility are greatly increased with each stage and level. The Monadic Body has a somewhat different structure in as much as God gives a different recipe to each individual's Monadic Body depending on the stage and level the initiate has achieved and to what degree within that initiation. The best way to explain this is to picture a pot of boiling water. There are varying degrees of boiling. You can have a subtle small rolling boil or you can have a fierce strong boiling over the pot boil! This is a good analogy to show you the varying degrees to which a lightworker will achieve a level of light body. You have achieved that level, but each initiate will have achieved that level to a different degree.

7. LOGOIC BODY - The Logoic Body is associated with your Higher Self and Monad. At this stage and level your soul has fully merged with your Higher Self and Monad. You have reached your seventh level of initiation in the Ascension process. Your Higher Self is directly connected to your Monad or Mighty I AM Presence, and has become your new teacher. The Logoic Body has an appearance in your aura as one of violet and luminescent seafoam green of the lightest hues. This body of light helps with the direct energy and teachings of God to all layers of light body within your system. There are all kinds of lessons directed to each different layer of light body. You all know this to be true. Some have emotional lessons, some mental lessons, and so on. You can see the direct correlation of lessons to different and separate layers of light body. God in His infinite wisdom gives us lessons to help and strengthen all layers of our light body system. This helps with our growth and development and keeps our light bodies and structure growing in a balanced and integrated way. I am sure not many people have ever thought of it in this way before, but God never leaves a step out! At the stage of the Logoic Body, you are attuned to a higher level of vibration and energy. Your consciousness in all areas of your light body system should be more balanced and positive. There are still lessons to learn, however, usually at this stage you have come to realize the importance of keeping an approach of even-mindedness through the lessons using your Higher Self and Monad as your guide without hesitation.


Saturday November 14 at 3:30pm EST
Cost $ 25.00
you can register here

Prepare for the NEW WORLD

Prepare for the NEW WORLD

These new set of Codes will be used by you when you move into the NEW EARTH. They will be inserted into you at this time so the transition of going into the NEW WORLD will be done with ease and grace. As the NEW WORLD will mean a lot of changes, we can do a lot to prepare ourselves for that. This set of codings will do just that.

They will assist in this world as well, but will be fully active once we move into the NEW WORLD.
the energies we are in right now are still of a too low frequency to have them fully active, but even partially they can be of great assistance in the now.

These codes for the new world are a spiritual dispensation for all those who are choosing enlightenment. In the past, not just on earth, but through the eons of time in this universe and beyond, there has been great mastery and learning through many modalities and systems that
led one to spiritual enlightenment and ascension. Also during this great period of expansion and
learning, there were those who allowed the ways of "ego" to influence the blessed material
coming in to them and they altered it to meet their own needs, causing certain ideas and
concepts to be lost in the translation and the creation of new concepts and ideas that were not ofthe highest purity in the name of the divine to be added that served to feed the "ego".

These new codes below will restore the master codes previously stored in your archives of
learning and knowledge to its utmost purity and divinity, as the Creator intended it, prior to anyalteration or manipulation. It will benefit individuals greatly to embrace all of these, for we haveall been different beings at different times and have studied these modalities at one time oranother throughout our evolution in the quest for enlightenment and to know the "GOD" within.
By accepting these codes, it will re-write the history of "you" in any and all stages of your
evolution and thus greatly accelerate the "you" on your path to enlightenment in this lifetime. Byaccepting these scrolls of light with these new codings, you will become a beacon of "truth" to
assist in the anchoring of this next Golden Age of Enlightenment. We commend you on your
choice to shine!

Listing of the Codes for the New World

1. Abundance Codes
2. Anasazi Codes
3. Angelic Codes
4. Apollo Codes
5. Ark of the Covenant Codes
6. Ascension Codes
7. Astrological Codes
8. Athena Codes
9. Buddha Codes
10. Camelot Codes
11. Central Sun Codes
12. Christ Codes
13. Communication Codes
14. Compassion Codes
15. Creation Codes
16. Divine Father Codes
17. Divine Mother Codes
18. DNA/RNA Codes
19. Dragon Codes
20. Druid Codes
21. Egyptian Codes
22. Elohim Codes
23. Enochian Codes
24. Excalibur Codes
25. Feng Shui Codes
26. Gaia Codes
27. Galactic Codes
28. God Codes
29. Greek God Codes
30. Holy Grail Codes
31. Holy Spirit Shekinah Codes
32. Immortality Codes
33. Isis Codes
34. Kumara Codes
35. Leadership Codes
36. Mahatma Codes
37. Master Healing Codes
38. Melchizedek Codes
39. Merlin Codes
40. Metatron Codes
41. Numerology Codes
42. Omniverse Codes
43. Osiris Codes
44. Resurrection Codes
45. Sandalphon Codes
46. Shamballa Codes
47. Sirian Codes
48. Solar Codes
49. Thor Codes
50. Tree of Life Codes
51. Universal Codes
52. Violet Fire Codes
53. Void Codes
54. White Universe Codes
55. Wind God Codes
56. YHWH Codes

Friday November 13 at 9:00pm EST
Cost $ 15.00
you can register here www.ascendemasters.org

Thirteenth Ray of Solar Service - Antares

Thirteenth Ray of Solar Service - Antares
We will travel to Antares, which holds the energy signature of the thirteenth ray of Solar Service through the Antarian Co-Creative Council of Twelve. With the assistance of your Antarian Higher Self of the Light, the archetypes related to thirteenth ray of Solar Service, and overlighted by Helios and Vesta, and Archangels Raphael, Gabriel and Sandalphon, you find the symbols related to this ray, that of the pyramid, magical circle and sandals. Following this, you will embody the magical images, those of a young woman, crowned and veiled, a beautiful, strong, naked man, a majestic king, a child, and a sacrificed god. You will then be taken to the Ascension Seat on Antares, where you will merge with the archetypes related to this ray as well as your Antarian Higher Self of the Light. You will activate your solar axiatonal lines and merge with your fourth dimensional selves, experiencing unification with all life in this solar system.

Sunday November 15 at 9:30pm EST
COST $ 20
Register here

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11-11-11 Jennifer Hoffman and Uriel's Message -- Be Peace in Action


This week introduces a new milestone for humanity, a powerful day with a powerful date. On November 11, the date will be 11-11-11, which combines 11, the number of the initiate, with 33, the master teacher. 33 is the sum of the master numbers 11 and 22, giving them new definition and the opportunity to express their energies at a higher level. So the question for us this week is how can we express our energies at a higher level and embody our mastery in our life at this moment?

This date is a reminder to us that we are the unfulfilled potential of our mastery and we have to express its energy for it to have a presence in our life. Until we own and use the energy that is available to us, it is just energy waiting for someone to claim it. How much unclaimed and unused energy is in your life? This is the week to start considering the untapped and unused potential that is within you, waiting for expression. What can you do to take action and claim your mastery?

At this stage of our journey, when we have done so much clearing after eons of being led by karma, we easily fall into the mode of waiting for someone to tell us what to do next. But as masters we get to choose what "next" is. We have the support of the Universe but it is not going to tell us what to do. We can create whatever we want, it is up to us to decide what that is going to be. And that is where we get stuck, wondering how we can be masters as we look back on every place where we stumbled, were afraid, despaired, felt powerless and let our power slip through our fingers.

Mastery is not about doing everything at the right moment, it is about taking action with faith and trust, having confidence in our power and knowing that there is a limitless pool of potential waiting to take form at our command. The only thing we have to figure out is what we want. So use the energy of this week to step into your mastery. Use this powerful day to expand your awareness beyond the human and into the spiritual. What is the greatest, most wonderful thing you can imagine for your life? That is your heart's desire, so set your intention for it and use your power to make it happen for you.
Spiritual attunements illuminate your path...

Uriel's Message -- Be Peace in Action

Your journey of mastery is a search for peace, the calm in the storm that is the energy of the third dimension. You seek peace in this storm and wonder why you cannot find it. There is no peace to be found on earth for peace is a gift from Source, the light that gives form to the darkness. This peace resides within you as your connection to Home, to Source, to your inner center of light that is within each of you. You are peace in action when you connect to this center and bring peace to the earth.

When you give unconditional love you are giving the gift of peace, which is the still voice within reminding you of your mission as Lightworkers and heralds of the new earth. You believe you have come to earth to find peace, to find the support and connection you believe is necessary for you to complete your work here. But your mission was to bring peace, which is bringing heaven on earth. You will not find it outside of yourself and cannot create it unless you manifest it from within. The peace you seek is within you, centered in your light.

The earth has no peace to give you for that is not its mission. Within every mountain there is a volcano, every cloud contains a storm, rains create floods and the sun both warms and burns. Peace transforms these energies into their higher octaves and the earth waits for you to extend the gift of peace you hold for its transformation. When you love yourself you create peace in your life. When you love others you open them to the peace that they have forgotten exists in the Universe because they cannot find it on earth. The third dimension is not a peaceful place, it is a storm of emotions and energies that know polarity and seek balance. It is not possible for peace to exist on earth without your help.

Within your divine center you have peace, knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is your voice of guidance that steers you from karma and the pain of your emotions to stillness. And within the stillness is peace. This is what you radiate to the earth as you remember your mission to create peace on earth, to be emissaries of peace and divine love. Do not look for peace on earth, be peace in action and give the earth your gift of peace. You are the conduit for the energies of peace and love for the earth. Let them flow through you so the earth can receive what it needs for its ascension and to establish the template for the energies of heaven on earth.

6 Kasım 2009 Cuma

ASHTAR TELECONFERENCE 3 NOVEMBER 2009 - Ashtar St Germain Kuan Yin



Well, good evening everyone! It is so delightful to be here. Ah-Aloha! They did it.
Never had we any doubt, but we must recognize, and we do, the fact that this was quite a mission, quite a move, a transition, change, whole new lifestyle, new missions and oh busy, busy, busy. We have so many exciting, exciting moments ahead. Oh yes, they’ll have some time to rest too. You cannot be in a place like this without being inspired to just be very mellow and be very joyful. For those of you who live in places where it is a bit dark in the world now, hang on, we are here, and we will be able to make the adjustment in the world’s weather that we have promised. And they are coming very soon.

As a matter of fact you may be aware of the fact that there is a weather station, well it has been used not entirely as a weather station in the past, but it will be, it’s pretty much neutralized now, and its next life will be as one of the monitoring, shall we say keeping everything on even keel, stations. It’s on top of the sacred mountain called Haleakala. And we will be helping from that point. The Kumaras will be there making sure that the world’s weather is a nice sunny 72 degrees or thereabouts everywhere in the world where people want it to be. This is going to bring alive the desert because they won't be cooking any more; they will be conducive to the growing of many crops.

The ground itself, the earth, that which you might call the sands of the desert will become fertile growing ground for all manner of wondrous fruits and vegetables and grains and what you call the sustenance of life, and cities will grow up in these places that are barren and they will be alive with joyful sounds of happy Lemurians living in the gardens of abundance and plenty for all. Communities will spring up where there have been no communities before, and those communities which have been somewhat crowded, will be able to spread out. People will be called, just as these ones were, to different parts of the world, for the experience, the expression of whatever they have passion for and just for the joy of living the Lemurian lifestyle. Now we have spoken of the Golden Age, we have spoken of the Aquarian Age. Well, those are nam es and lifestyles and they are all meaning the same, and because we have a focus here in this land of Lemuria, this part of Lemuria, this heart of Lemuria, we can also refer to it as the Lemurian lifestyle.

Now the Lemurians had technologies that far surpass most of what is in place on Planet Earth today because they had their own built in what you call replicators. They could create whatever it was they chose to create. They were highly evolved masters who came to Planet Earth, and it was a Garden of Eden as you call it, and it was plentiful and abundant and everyone was happy and dancing and singing. But as you know the volunteers brought about what you call the lowering of the veil because they had mission and purpose and it was not to have this high dimensional lifestyle forever and ever upon Planet Earth. It was the experience that brought you down in vibrations of being a spiritual being in a human body that was so dense that people often lost touch with who they really are. That is until they laid down their bodies and came back t o the other side of the veil. And these volunteers, well let’s just say they are you and you are they, Beloved Ones, because every single one of you has been Lemurian in the past and you have within your wondrous beings the soul memories, the soul of the soul memories, the heart memories of what it is to live this Lemurian lifestyle, this Golden Age. And if you are feeling down in the dumpies, not quite feeling that you are high vibe Lemurians, just be patient with yourselves and understand that you are in a process, you are on a path and the path is the Ascension high road. You maybe just have a little more experiencing to do, a little bit of a pothole in the road, as you call it. And that’s all it is. You are not buried in it, and you will not be buried in it. You can leap out of it, you know that guy in the cape? He can leap tall buildings in a single bound and so can you, and you can certainly leap up and out of a pothole. But it takes focus, it takes concentration, it takes, Beloved Ones, your heart and your wisdom self, and that which you call your higher self, and your inner child and all the wondrous parts of you that you are, all of your bodies and let’s not forget that wonderful part you call your ego. If you have your ego doing a little bit of a tap dance on you, then stop and give it a hug. Be grateful because your ego often times sounds an alarm for you. It often illuminates where you are, and helps you to see with more clarity exactly where you are and then you can clearly point yourself in the direction of where you want to be, if you are not totally pleased with where you are.

And so we suggest to you that if you are feeling a little unclear, a little down in the dumpies, get with yourselves, and with the wondrous guides and angels that you have there for you and if you have not introduced yourself to your team, do it. You each have a marvelous team and because you are who you are Beloved Ones – Volunteers - who’ve been here many times, who have lived all of the different experiences you could possibly cram into a thousand or so lifetimes, you are ready and you have understanding. You have understanding of the experiences and the emotions that have come about, or shall we say, have guided you through these experiences, and so you have the love-based emotions, and you have the fear-based emotions. And you have all chosen, we’ve done some scanning you know we always show up a bit early, and while a ll of you were saying ‘hello’ and coming on to the call, we did a little scanning and we want to tell you each and every one of you is headed for Ascension. There’s no doubt about it. And you are all beaming, Beloved Ones.

You may not feel like a beamer at this moment, you may have a bit of a headache or a tummy ache or you may feel as though you’re down in the dumpies a bit, but you all have your beaming lights on and you all have your loving teams with you ready, ready to step in and connect, communicate and commune with you. So focus in that direction and know that all is in perfectly divine order in your kingdom. Don’t fight it. Don’t say yabbit, yabbit, yabbit. Say “OK I accept and allow that all is in divine order, now tell me what to do. Clarify, communicate with me and by the way, I can use a big hug. So let’s get into the communion state too. I want to be One with the All I AM and with all who are here to help and guide me along my way.” And you know that I, Ashtar, am always ready to discuss with you what it is, well we have a little technology to set up and get set up before the Voice can do those things [since the move to Maui], but you know what, try calling on me outside of this discussion and see what happens. And then if you want to, in a couple of weeks she will be back and able to do some discussions on the telephone from Lemuria. How about that!
Now we have many, many items to bring up tonight. So we are going to do a little bit of skimming over the top as it were. First of all, and you are hearing it here what you have already heard. Confirmed, confirmed, confirmed! Yes! We like to answer the question before you ask the question, but we know you are all asking the question, “Is this for real? Are we really on our way this time? Are you guys really going to get announced before the end of the year (as the calendar flows in your time)? What other questions do we have that we have just answered. Yes, we are looking at big, big changes in the entire financial structure of Planet Earth. They are already in progress. They are already in place. If you could see what we can see. There is a curtain, just imagine a curtain, you are looking at a stage and behind the curtain are all of the banking computers, practices, and oh, lets not forget the bazillions of dollars that are there in the form of gold, silver, platinum and other things that you regard as being valuable. Well they are. They do have value because they enable the shift that is happening. So if somebody calls you up and says “I’m afraid I am going to lose all my dollars in oh, you know, that bank, one of the banks that have been owned and controlled by the dark hats”, please do assure them their money is safe, their dollars will be replaced with dollars that are backed by these things we call the precious metals. It might get a little rough and bumpy and a little cash in a very secret hiding place, and we are not talking about under your mattress, but you know use your imagination, but a little bit of cash for a little bit of time, hmmm, no dat es of course, would not be a bad thing for transitional purposes. But you do not need to panic. You see the thing of it is, because you have given us permission we are here to partner with you, these changes while they may be sudden, while they may take a good part of the world by surprise, but not really because they’re that part of them that they’re not really in touch with now, knows and sees and has already accepted and called for the changes, facilitating Nesara to move forward, and Lady Liberty, hand in hand, and Lady Master Nada is right on top of the removals that have to be taken care of in order to make this seamless - well it’s going to be as close to seamless as we can possibly make it.

So you have been given some information tonight - treasure it. You have a rather unique place in your homes on your telephones that gives you access to this and if you are not buzzing with it, check it out, do your testing, or call upon your group, check it out, be sure that you ask for the highest of truths. Get out Excalibur if you want to and wave the blue, the Blue Ray of Truth, and start asking some questions and verify for yourselves and confirm and then look anyone in the eye who says, "Oh woe is me, the economy is in the dumpster and they are going to toss me with it," and say, “Let me tell you something, I have some good news for you. I am a Messenger of Truth, and Love and Peace." And then say whatever it is that you feel inclined to say. Intuition, Beloved Ones. That’s a great word. Intuition. F ollow your guidance, speak your truth. And if you have a question that you want some clarity on, we have just said it, we will say it again, get in touch. Because you need to be in assurance. You need to be standing tall and know that what you are projecting to the world is the very highest of truths. You are Lemurians, Beloved Ones. We are living Lemuria and we are here to stand tall for the world and to beam the lights of Truth and Love and Joy and Peace - Peace that passeth all understanding. It’s your gift to the world. You came here to be in expression of this truth, and no matter where you’ve been in this lifetime or others, no matter how rough you may feel your life is at this moment, remember, and remember that you are loved beyond words and you are never, ever alone. Ever. Be the Joy that you came here to be, and let others be upl ifted by your joy, by your love and by the truth and the peace that you project, and some excitement is perfectly appropriate because these are the most exciting times ever seen on Planet Earth. Planet Earth is accomplishing what it has never been able to do before and it is because of you, Beloved Ones, because you are here and our hearts are full in joy and love with you. And because this is such a happy, happy joyful time for Planet Earth, let’s have a little joy ride tonight, shall we? Now most of you have already been well-acquainted and oriented to your crystal elevators. But we will just start right at the beginning. This is going to be a very interesting exercise. So if you will just take some deep breaths.

And if you will just open your wisdom eye and see in front of you a beautiful crystal elevator. It sparkles and shines so much that you are immediately drawn to it and as you get close you will see upon it your name, right there. This is your own elevator. Each and every one of you have your own private one. So we invite you to come close and as you do the door opens automatically, you don’t even have to push any buttons. And you see inside how it sparkles and shines and you just want to come in. And it is such an inviting space so warm and so beautiful. You may feel a little cool breeze, you may feel a little warm. Just come on it. And feel the joy of being here. You may hear some beautiful music or see some glorious colors reflected from the walls and the ceiling and the floors which are all crystal. No need for any artificial lighting here, not even a candle here, it is so bright and beautiful.
So allow the door to close and just let yourself know how secure and safe you are in this wondrous elevator. Now the elevator knows where to go so you do not have to direct it but you may notice something. Whereas before the elevator normally goes up to access other dimensions, this time it seems to be going downward, and that is interesting, but remember there are other dimensions downward as well as upward, because they’re here, they’re there, they’re everywhere and wondrous beings, inhabitants of those dimensions you call the higher ones, but that’s just a numerical ordering.

And so allow yourself to go in your elevator and just be happy and joyful and kinda getting into a bit of a high vibe state, shall we say, even higher than when you entered the elevator. And now when you open the elevator, it’s a crystal tunnel and you are invited to walk through this tunnel. It’s very short, there is a lot of light at the end of the tunnel. But a door closes behind you which is most necessary, and as you reach the other end of a tunnel, a door opens, and you are in the sea. Precisely under the water of the sea. But you can breathe, and you can swim, and it is a most delightful world, and you can open your eyes, and it is a most vibrant sea and there are all manner of wondrous creatures there to greet you. And they are so delighted to see you, and you are delighted to see them, and you don’ t need your mask and your snorkel and your swim fins or any of that, you don’t need your wetsuit or your little yellow submarine. They invite you to come out into the waters which are the most beautiful shade of turquoise blue and all of the creatures there seem to have a special sparkle, and the colors are beautiful and they seem to be leading you to a very special place. It’s what you call an underground grotto. It’s kind of like an amphitheatre.

And you swim easily over the rocks that form the circle of the grotto and there is your welcoming committee. Your own special dolphin guides are there to greet you, and you can hear the wondrous music of the sea and the dolphins invite you to swim and to dance and even perhaps if you so desire to have a little bit of a ride on the back of one of them. And it is the most joyful reunion because you see the dolphins are family with you as well, and they welcome you because there was a time in that Lemuria long ago when you actually swam and danced with the dolphins quite freely, quite easily and you know them to be wondrous creatures, wondrous messengers and communicators. And they communicate with you and give you messages of Love and Joy and Peace on Earth for they know who they are as they always have known, and they have been on Planet Earth since the beginning . And yes, they have had some difficult times, but they bear witness and they have never ceased their great love for you, their love indeed just grows more and more each day, and that is why you can be close with them and commune with them, and understand them and tell them what it is that you want them to hear from you.
So just take a few moments. Blow some bubbles if you like, bubbles of joy, dance and sing and commune with these wondrous dolphin guides of yours, and be One with them in harmony, in love, and in joy of the moment. And if you have felt a pang of separation in the past, heal it, and so it is. Because now you know of your Oneness with these magnificent creatures, and through them your Oneness with the kingdom of the whales and indeed all of the creatures of the sea and with the elementals who inhabit the sea, the mermaids and the mermen and all of the other wondrous ones that you thought perhaps were imaginary or in a different world, that you have come to meet with them and to commune with them. So they are all here. So hugs and joy bubbles all over. Dance and sing an d celebrate this grand reunion, this return, this homecoming to that part of Lemuria which you have for the most part not accessed for eons of time. And be in joy and know that all you have to do to return to this magical kingdom beneath the sea, is return to your elevator, and so it is. Because you have been celebrated, your coming has been long awaited, and now when it is time to leave this magical place, you know how to get back any time you wish, and so you can assure this wondrous, wondrous family beneath the sea that you will return to dance, sing, love and hug and commune at any time that they call you or at any time that you choose to reach out to them.

And so as you dance your way back to that tunnel you see that the door is open and waiting for you, this wonderful tunnel of light, and you go through the door and there you are at the other end where the door opens just as the other one has closed behind you and there you are back at your elevator having had a wondrous adventure. And now you can come back in your elevator to the place where you began loving and savoring this time, this reunion. And thank yourselves, Beloved Ones, for having the courage, the heart and the love to come back to this part of Lemuria and to reactivate the energy of it within your entire beings, you can know it your heart and in your wisdom space. And return whenever you choose.

And so now as you come out of your elevators, just take some time and breathe and relax. This was an expansion for you, a reaching out to another place where you had not been for some time. So just expand with it and for those of you who have had the experience before of swimming with the dolphins know that this was a reunion of even bigger, bigger grandeur, because it solidified your relationships or shall we say reopened them, reenergized them with these wondrous kingdoms beneath the sea. And so come back at any time you choose. And I, Ashtar, thank you for joining in with this and for bringing your light and receiving the love of the kingdoms beneath the sea. And so now we have another speaker who is waiting for you, and so, Beloved Family, I shall say farewell in this moment. But remember that I, Ashtar, and the entire Ashtar Co mmand are with you always in loving service even as you are wondrous beings of love light in service to all of Planet Earth and indeed the universe beyond. And so it is. Salute.

St. Germain

Good evening. It is I, St Germain, and I come to congratulate you all. Well done, citizens of Planet Earth and indeed of the Universe. That which has been spoken of this evening is truth and there is more. You have co-created a marvelous canape of adventures and excitement, of wondrous historical times and of times not so joyful as you have indeed traveled upon Planet Earth and in other places. Your reward is NOW. Your return is NOW. We are speaking of your homecoming. We are speaking of your realization of this citizenship and the honoring of you for all that you have accomplished. You have enjoyed freedom the entire time though it may not seem so from your side of what little remains of the veil. You have all served as slaves, bound in some manner. You have all served in prisons. You have all suffered, been tortured and killed for your expressions, for your beliefs and for your cries for freedom, you have all been at some time or other what you might call Freedom Warriors. And if you think that those expressions were in vain, think again. Because of you, because of your efforts and your actions, you have kept the light of Freedom alive upon Planet Earth. Because you volunteered to be a Freedom Warrior, you are now a Peace Bringer to the planet. Lady Liberty stands ready to come fully upon the stage in all of her luminous glory and she does so with great joy and appreciation to all of you for what you have done.

Now I want to share with you a little bit more of the banking situation. As you all know I have had many lifetimes and identities upon Planet Earth and other places, but what is important now is that I set up this Trust when I could look through the centuries, because when you have an ascended status you see past, present and future all as one. And I could see that I needed to start what I called a Freedom Fund, a way to enable freedom for the citizens of Planet Earth so that they would be free to follow their paths of joy. You see, the Earth evolved in such a way that when Lemuria was in full bloom, there was no such thing as money, nor was there need of it. But there became in actual usage, various mediums of exchange, items that were valued. Salt is a good example, and we are talking about true salt, not what the chemists have given as salt. And you have access to tr ue salt today and it is rich for you. Gold - gold was much prized all over the planet. Not always as a medium of exchange, sometimes it is prized for its beauty and sometimes for its healing powers in a certain state, called the high-spin state, and so on. Gold has been prized upon this planet for a long time. It was the gold of certain ones, bankers and their families, to own all of the gold, and by doing so they felt certain they would own the planet.

So I started a fund. That fund is rich beyond what most of you can probably imagine, and thanks to the Kumaras of Venus and others from other places, we have brought in sufficient gold such that every man, woman and child upon the planet will have so much abundance that they will fast get to a place where they won’t need it any more. Imagine. Just imagine. We have talked about the desert blooming. The people will bloom and thrive and prosper.

Gold has healing capabilities as do other precious metals. We have technologies to utilize in the form in which they can help people to heal, in which they can energize the planet, power the planet if you will. And yes, they can be used to create beauty, and just to sparkle and shine. If you want to wear it, if you want to decorate with it, if you want to pave your streets with it, except that there won’t be much left in the way of streets, but rather walking paths. But you can decorate the streets with it anyway. Imagine unlimited gold and other precious items. Your bodies are changing to the crystalline bodies. Does that give you an idea of how precious your bodies are because you prize crystals as well as gold, and they are precious. And many people pay many dollars or gold to possess various crystals and here your body is becoming crystalline.
But there will be no need to weigh you and to say that your value is so much an ounce. Your bodies will be utilizing what you call the monatomic elements in the high-spin state, well let’s just get right down to it, that’s gold and other precious metals in a different state. You will have access to all of this and more. Because the truth of it is, it’s all here. Its like the bank computers behind that curtain that we spoke of. They are all there and they are all ready and it’s a matter of pushing a button and I, St. Germain, have my finger on that button at this moment. Lady Master Nada is leading off with the activities at The Hague. And we ask that you empower these activities in any way that you feel most comfortable doing. Many of you are familiar with the healing of Ho’oponopono – it’s very simple. Many of you are starting to get to your Q-tipping in the Q-tipping way. Q-tipping the Q-tipped areas and you know that you might have a little bit of anger or resentment toward those you call the dark hats or the Illuminati, or their leaving the stage. Long ago Ashtar spoke of the man just at the edge of the stage, back stage, with the hook, to take anyone off the stage that the audience was not appreciating, that is, did not appreciate the actions of the players upon the stage.

Lady Master Nada has that hook, it’s called a shepherd's hook, but just imagine that it’s big enough to corral all of the players who have insisted upon staying upon the stage, and they are being drawn off gently but firmly. And so as they go, we ask that you give them a final applause, a final burst of love beams, a final gratitude because you are so aware of the differences and the changes that are coming about as a result of the blatant way in which they have acted. The clarity that you have about their actions, to be without judgment but simply to allow them to leave the stage with the grace that you can extend. So take a moment to say, "Thank you. Your darkness has stunned me for life. I give my light to you if you choose to accept it, and I send you off without anger or hatred towards you. You played your par t, and indeed you have over-played your part, but all is well and divine and I stay where I am standing tall, a warrior for freedom, a peace-bringer to the planet, a loving being in full expression and beaming. You go your way, I AM on my path and you have not taken me from it. And I now see the way to Ascension quite clearly, and I thank myself for being here at this time and for being a recipient of the gold and all of the abundance that has been prepared for me during these centuries, these eons of time." And if you can do that, Beloved Ones, you are living the teachings that I, St Germain, the one you call Jeshua, Sananda, the Buddha and all of the others have brought to Planet Earth. So now get ready, you might wish to give a standing ovation to those who are leaving, and you might wish to leap for joy as the curtain is about to re-open on that which you call the Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius, Lemuria Living. Thank you, Belov ed Ones, for being with us in this great venture. It is you who have made it possible for the Bank of St. Germain to open in this grand time on Planet Earth.
And so it is. Namaste.

Kuan Yin

Beloved family it is I, Kuan Yin, and I come to add my words to that which has already been spoken. I ask for your Compassion for these ones who are leaving the stage. I ask that you remember that they too came in mission and even though their mission may have been hurtful, painful, and even a terrifying experience for you in many of your lives, you have prevailed, the sun shines bright, and so I simply say, Beloved Ones, forgive and express gratitude for these ones who are so over, done, on Planet Earth. Send them off with Love. They may not want to accept it. They have clung to their programs in defiance of all of the Love Light that you have been generating but you, Beloved Ones, are shining brighter and brighter, and some of them have indeed taken off the hats of the dark and are now shining with the lights of love. Bless them all and if it helps see them as little children even as I see all of you shining pure, I see your inner children and you are all so beautiful, Beloved Ones, and it is such joy to be here with you. We are here now, here on Planet Earth, walking hand in hand with you and joining heart to heart. So let us join together in heartfelt gratitude, love, forgiveness, from our compassionate hearts to reach out and to say farewell to these ones and let us say "hello" to Lady Liberty and Lady Nesara and yes, to the grand opening of the Bank of St. Germain, and to all of the Love and the Peace and the Abundance and the pure Joy that results. Thank you, Beloved Ones, for opening your hearts. We are One Always. And so it is. Namaste.

Many thanks to Deborah Urquhart for these timely notes.

Multi-dimensional Portal Alignment and Soul Symbols

Multi-dimensional Portal Alignment Portal 1

(What in the "world" does this mean??)

Please do not think for a minute that we have the answer to that question. We would like to offer some insights that individuals have shared with us during their integration period, scientific explanations, translations "fro the other side", plus a few of our insights thrown in. The biggest trouble we are all having is trying to put into third dimensional terms - multidimensional terminology and experiences. We just can't quite express what we are feeing, seeing, sensing, doing, etc. What is occurring? What is happening to our bodies? How can the body can change to where it (or we) can disappear, and move through space and time in an instant? This phenomenon is very different than an out of body experience, where the spiritual self (or soul) can distance itself from the physical body.

"Welcome to the World of Beyond" is how one individual described her experience. Fourth Level is your passport - aligning you with endless possibilities of travel, both within and beyond other dimensions, other galaxies. You are a forerunner, mapping the pathways for other to follow. It is a full reunion of body, heart/mind, and spirit in alignment with heaven and earth. People have called the re-aligning all different kinds of names. It sometime is called physical, mental, emotional, and soul integration. We chose for consistency sake to call it body, heart/mind, and spirit, but realize that we are all talking about the same thing.

Every person has three portals. Each portal is a gateway. Each gateway has an assigned gatekeeper. Together you (your gatekeeper and you) work as a team enhancing and accelerating the growth for each other. The gatekeepers are the "Heaven" connection and are ascended masters. You are the "earth" - together you form a bridge. Portal 1 is the Gateway to the body and earth (made up of land and oceans). You can work with your gatekeeper in healing the body and/or earth healing. Portal 2 is the Gateway to the heart/mind. Heart/mind connections are very important for in the heart lies the answers and insights. Working with Gatekeeper #2, you are able to access more readily the true answers for yourself. Portal 3 is the Gateway of spirit. This is the jump point to the world's beyond. This is where the journey begins. Remember the old "space movies:? To go into the secret lab you had 3 stages to go through - put on your "space suit", acclimate your air to accept the new environment, and then walk in. This is the Fourth Level - each portal is important and is hierarchical in nature - 1 then 2 then 3. In the new "space shows" (Babylon, Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, etc.), they create jump points (worm holes) to go across galaxies and quadrants in their space vehicles. The Gatekeeper of Portal 3 creates the jump point and your spirit is the vehicle to take you to places you've never dreamed. So buckle your seat belts - enjoy the rides of your life!!!!

In scientific terms it is like the actual quantum shift that particles of matter take when they turn into photon, or particles of light. As third dimensional beings, we see and experience ourselves as solid objects of matter. Matter, in scientific terms is any substance that is composed of atoms and occupies space. The amount of matter that is contained in an object is determined by its mass. The mass or weight of an object is determined by the number and the arrangement of the electrons, neutrons, and protons of the atoms that make up the object. Depending on the surrounding, this mass can actually change in size, shape and form. (Are your eyes crossing yet?) A good example of the is H2O. This is water (as I am sure you are all aware). Water can be in at least three states: ice, liquid or vapor (gas). They all have the same atomic number, but are in different forms. It is easy to see ourselves as solid objects of matter. Just look in the mirror. We are made up of at least three comp9nents: Body, mind/heart and spirit. We can see these components easily in three-dimensional form - as our physical body. We don't think "oh, this part is my body, this is my mind/heart and this is my spirit (soul)." It is all one (as water is just water although it has components that comprise it).

How can we possibly change our form like water? It appears the best answer comes from the equation E+MC2. What Albert Einstein was saying here was that matter (M) and energy (E) are interchangeable in form? To understand this better, let's take a look at energy. Energy is simple the ability to perform work. There are different types of energy: kinetic, potential, thermal, chemical, electromagnetic and molecular energy. Energy is involved when you move an object, or when you heat something. It's present when an object emits light. Energy is there taking a part in every chemical reaction. All these forms of energy are found working in our bodies all the time. Energy can actually be changed from one form to another. For example, electrical energy can be converted to light, radio waves, heat, motion or it can cause chemical changes. It can also interact and change other objects by being either absorbed or released from that object. The study of electrons and how they orbit around the nucleus is an example of this. When electrons move from a higher shell or orbit to a lower one, the shift is accompanied by an emission of energy. The; movement of an electron to a higher energy shell or orbit is called excitation, and these energies are typically expressed as photons of electromagnetic energy or LIGHT.

As a third dimensional living, breathing, spiritual "object", we are continuously changing. We are constantly experiencing these electromagnetic shifts in every cell of our body all the time, but we normally have seen ourselves a solid objects of matter. Level Four assists us in effortlessly shifting ourselves through the ranges of "ice" to "liquid" to "vapor". Or for humans from solid matter to vaporous mist to pure energy (light) while still having all the components of body, mind and spirit. This is what the ancients called ascension. Level Four aligns the portals (rings or shells) of the body (perhaps like the electron shells of an atom). This alignment seems to affect the quantum mechanics of the matter of our physical body. This realignment provides the matter in our bodies with the unlimited resources of energy. This increases the potential for the entire "body (body, mind/heart and spirit): to shift its form in its entirety. Water changes it form by temperature. We change our form by vibration. As our vibrational rate changes (or shifts) - our form shifts.

One of the key differences appears to be the fact that prior to the alignment, we all "soul" traveled. That is our soul left our bodies to hang around in all the other dimensions. What happens after the alignment is that your entire "being or essence" will travel - your body and mind/heart as well as your spirit or soul. It feels quite different and again, there are no words to actually describe it. Re-united body, mind/heart and spirit (soul) is ascension as opposed to death where the soul leaves the body and mind/heart behind.

Sunday November 8 at 3:30pm EST
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Soul Symbols

Soul Symbols
As soul emerged from Source, it was given a set of blueprints/symbols. The symbols live in your auric field. The symbols are independent energies, but work as a carefully orchestrated symphony. Through the "ages" some of the symbols have become distorted, aberrated, or are missing. We will work with the masters to restore and somtimes replace the symbols as new symbols will be added as well conforming to your path.

Saturday November 7 at 3:30pm EST
COST $ 25
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Lord Melchizedek Monthly Message




Greetings beloveds. You are wondrous beings full of divine potential. When you came forth into this experience, you temporarily forgot who you truly are, and you forgot how powerful you are.

Yes, beloveds, you are very powerful, for you have within you the ability to create worlds without end. We know how far fetched that may sound, when some of you have trouble creating a consistent flow of income, but it is so. It is a matter of remembering your true essence, which resides within. When you tune into who you truly are, within your heart center, you reconnect with your Higher Self and reinforce your connection with Spirit.

As you renew this link and begin to regain your inherent attributes, you will find that life takes on a new meaning; you will begin to flourish and your radiance will grow like a prolific garden filled with beautiful plants and flowers.

How do you reconnect with your soul? We provided a method in our last message that will assist you to remember who you are. Essentially you get quiet and tune into your essence, which is within your heart center. We invite you to spend some time experiencing the love within.

Remembering who you are and becoming an enlightened human being takes some work and dedication. It takes effort on your part and it requires consistent application. Dear ones, no one is going to do it for you, because no one can. Moving on the ascension ladder is a very personal experience. You must apply yourself if you desire enlightenment. This can be done at whatever pace you decide; it is your unique path to walk. You can start the process now, by following the guidance of your soul, or you can wait and do it later in this lifetime, or in another lifetime. There is no judgment here. This is a very personal decision that only you can make.

Many of you are already on this path and we commend you for your courage. We honor you for following the guidance of your soul and for moving forward on the path of ascension!

The timing must be right. Do you feel an urge within your being to take action and start the process? It may be there today and it may be there next year, or it may be there in another lifetime.

If you decide that now is the time, we encourage you to make a commitment and start the process. It does not matter which path you take. There are many paths to enlightenment and yours will be one of a kind, like no other.

When and if you decide to move along your unique path, you will receive guidance and know what steps to take. It may involve daily meditation and/or contemplation. It may start with writing in a journal. It may start by helping others in need. It may start with teaching what you have learned. Each path is different and only you know the direction of your path.

What is your soul telling you?

Ask for our help and we will be there to assist you as you embark on your sacred journey.

You are loved beyond your knowing.

I AM Melchizedek

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Downloading Light Laguage ~ Arctiurian Corridor ~ October 2009

Downloading Light Laguage ~ Arctiurian Corridor ~ October 2009

Welcome back to our Corridor,

We Arcturians are joyous to be able to consciously communicate with more and more of our grounded ones. However, in order to discuss dimensions of the fifth and beyond, we will need to augment our means of communication. We have spoken of the difficulties of communicating about a multidimensional reality with a third dimensional language system. Hence, before we continue with our journey through the Corridor, we ask you to hold your sixth dimensional Merkaba in your High Heart, while we assist you in downloading multidimensional, Light Language.

Light Language is a component of the multidimensional light that flows from the ONE and is the form of communication for all Multidimensional Beings. Multidimensional light is alive and carries unconditional love, divine creativity and infinite knowing. Light Language is available to anyone who has regained multidimensional consciousness and remembered his or her true, Multidimensional SELF. Nevertheless, Light Language resonates beyond time and space and comes into your awareness in ONE moment of the NOW. You can’t reach out for it, as Light Language is like a flower that will come into full bloom only as it is ready.

Multidimensional Beings no longer use words that are separated from each other and strung out sequentially into sentences. We live in the HERE and NOW of the ONE. Hence, our communication is infinitely within our consciousness in the ever-present from of multidimensional light. When we communicate we merely share our Light. You may not understand our message, or even know that we have sent it, but you will instantly feel a KNOWING.

Your downloaded Light Language will assist you in translating our communications into your earth language so that you can share them with others. Once you downloaded Light Language, you automatically attune your consciousness to a frequency of our information. Then after you have calibrated your consciousness to that frequency and opened your heart to us, there is an instantaneous exchange of information. This information enters your consciousness all at once in a burst of light.


In order, to understand our communication with your third dimensional brain, you have to pull the light/information through your 3D Filter, so that it can arrange itself into words and sentences. We say arrange itself, as Light Language is a sharing of our true essence, a merging of our SELF with your SELF. Hence, Light Language carries a portion of our SELF and is a living intelligence. Therefore, even if you can’t translate our message into your language system, you still receive the great benefit of an inner knowing.

Because Light Language is the language of your Multidimensional SELF, downloading this language and integrating it into you’re your earth vessel greatly expands your consciousness and frees you from the confines of linear, logical thinking. As your consciousness expands into multidimensional thinking, you can receive and understand messages from higher and higher frequencies of light, as well as messages from the quantum realities and dark matter It is the Light of these multidimensional messages that turns on your junk DNA and begins the process of returning to SELF, even while you are still living within a physical form.

Since Light Language is multidimensional, you will perceive it in layers upon layers of information and understanding. Just as your human brain functions in a holographic manner so does Light Language, in that one small fragment of the Light Language carries all the meanings of that entire transmission. You will perceive these different layers/frequencies of the message through your expanded consciousness by matching each message with the corresponding resonant frequency of your multidimensional consciousness. Remember, you are not raising your consciousness you are expanding your consciousness.


In order to fully download the multidimensional Light Language, you will need to surrender to your Multidimensional SELF. Maintaining the resonance of your SELF will facilitate the integration of the Light Language into your consciousness and the language centers of your brain. In this manner, you can consciously perceive the multidimensional messages of Light Language. You can then translate these messages into third dimensional language so that you can better share them with others.

Remember to release all judgment regarding messages from the lower vs. higher dimensions, as it limits you to polarized thinking. In reality, all dimensions are ONE, and it is only in third and fourth dimension that the illusion of separation exists. First and second dimensional beings have no sense of separation and live in unity with all life. Hence, they already experience the Unity Consciousness that you have and will continue to experience via your fifth dimensional consciousness.

The difference is that third dimensional beings have forgotten their Unity Consciousness and first and second dimensional beings have forgotten their Personal Consciousness. On the fifth dimensional Earth that you are creating, and simultaneously accepting and entering, you will have Personal Consciousness while you also experience unity with all life.

In your other incarnations on Gaia, you have likely experienced a form of ascension in which you raised your resonance beyond that of the third dimension. In that case, your physical body died, and you consciously crossed over into the fifth dimension to meet your Higher SELF. Your ascension is to be quite different this time, for you have volunteered to be a member of the Planetary Ascension Team. Therefore, you have chosen, whether you remember it or not, to delay your personal ascension so that you could join in unity with ALL the inhabitants of Earth to ascend the entire planet into the fifth dimension.

This option was also available about 13,000 years ago, during the time of Lemuria and Atlantis, when your reality moved into a similar energy field as it now enters. However, the primary polarity, male and female, could not be merged into the ONE. Hence, Earth remained a dualistic reality, and the battle between the polarities of light and dark remained constant. Unfortunately, the dark polarity of destruction, which is vital for a polarized reality, was stronger than the light polarity of construction, which is also necessary for a polarized reality. It was during this pivotal battle between light and dark that many of you entered Earth’s evolution to assist in balancing the dark with your great light to avert Gaia’s destruction.

You are now completing the full 26,000-year cycle of the Progression of the Equinoxes and are returning to the Galactic Center. This cycle is also known as Annus Magnus or Great Year. The Great Year charts your journey through the twelve constellations of the zodiac, and many believe this journey to be a gestation or birth cycle. There are several other cycles that are also finishing around your year of 2012.

Another cycle that is culminating around the year 2012 is the close of the Galactic Year. It takes 225 million Earth years for the Milky Way to make one complete rotation in the sky. 225 million years ago Earth’s one landmass, known as Pangaea, began its separation into the seven continents. Since then the one land mass has individuated into many landmasses. In the same manner, humanity’s Unity Consciousness has individuated into Personal Consciousness.


Since you have chosen to assist in planetary ascension, it is important that you expand your sense of self to include your planet. As your consciousness expands, so does your sense of self. As you return to your SELF, your Personal Consciousness expands from dependent to independent to dependable. Once you have reached the pinnacle of human consciousness, your sense of SELF expands to embrace all of humanity and you connect to the Collective Consciousness. From Collective Consciousness, your sense of SELF expands to include the planet, and you regain your Planetary Consciousness.

Once your sense of SELF includes the planet, it is natural to perceive your SELF as a member of the Galactic Consciousness. With your full return to your Multidimensional SELF, you move beyond the confines of third/fourth dimensional time and space to embrace, and be, Cosmic Consciousness. To begin and/or strengthen this process, we will guide you by unifying your third and fourth dimensional body with Gaia’s planetary and etheric body.

Gaia’s planetary body represents your third dimensional form.

The lithosphere of Earth contains all of the solid land of the planet’s crust (or surface), the semi-solid land underneath the crust, and the liquid land near the center of the planet. This sphere correlates to the bones and dense matter of your physical form.

Take a long, slow, deep breath to align the bones and matter of your body with Gaia’s Lithosphere…
FEEL how you are ONE with land and the land is ONE with you…

The hydrosphere contains all the solid, liquid, and gaseous water of the planet and correlates to all the fluids within your physical body.

Take another long, slow, deep breath to align the fluids of your body with Gaia’s hydrosphere…
FEEL how you are ONE with the water and the water is ONE with you…

The biosphere contains all the planet’s living things, including all of the microorganisms, plants, animals, and humans and correlates to the flora and fauna that reside within your body.

Take another long, slow, deep breath to align the living organisms within your body with Gaia’s biosphere…
FEEL how you are ONE with all life and all life is ONE with you…

ATMOSPHERE ~ Gaia’s atmosphere represents your etheric body.

Upper Atmosphere

The troposphere starts at the Earth’s surface and extends 8 to 14.5 kilometers high. This part of the atmosphere is the densest. Almost all weather is in this region.

Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s troposphere…
FEEL how your thoughts and emotions create the weather in your aura…
Breathe your aura full of unconditional love to share with Gaia’s troposphere…

Middle Atmosphere

The stratosphere starts just above the troposphere and extends to 50 kilometers high. The ozone layer, which absorbs and scatters the solar ultraviolet radiation, is primarily in this layer.

Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s stratosphere…
FEEL the protection of your Soul…
Breathe your aura full of unconditional love from your Soul/SELF and share it with Gaia…

The mesosphere starts just above the stratosphere and extends to 85 kilometers high. In this region, the chemicals of the mesosphere are in an excited state, as they absorb energy from the sun.

Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s mesosphere…
FEEL how you absorb the energy of your Multidimensional SELF…
Breathe your aura full of the multidimensional light from your SELF and share it with Gaia…

Upper Atmosphere

The thermosphere, also known as the ionosphere, starts just above the mesosphere and extends to 600 kilometers high. The ionosphere is responsible for absorbing the most energetic photons from the sun.

Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s thermosphere…
FEEL how you integrate the unconditional love and light of your SELF…
Breathe your aura full of this Love and Light and share it with Gaia…

The exosphere starts at the top of the thermosphere and continues until it merges with interplanetary gases, or outer space.

Take a long, slow, deep breath to align with Gaia’s exosphere…
FEEL how your reality is merging with the fifth dimension…
Breathe your aura full of ALL your fifth dimensional experiences and share them with Gaia…

Once your sense of SELF includes the Earth and Her atmosphere,
Gaia will ascend with you for YOU are the Planet.


Remember dear ones, as you continue your inter-dimensional journey in consciousness, you are expanding your consciousness, not just raising it. Therefore, as you progress into the higher dimensions you also move more deeply into the lower dimensions. Before we begin the download, we wish to explain more about expansion of consciousness. While you are limited to third dimensional consciousness, you feel separated from all life that resonates above or below that frequency.

You do not raise your consciousness; you expand your consciousness. When you expand your consciousness into the higher frequency of the fourth dimension, it also expands into the lower frequency of the second dimension. Furthermore, you do not forfeit your awareness of the dimensions you have known in your third dimensional lives. Primarily, you will maintain your third dimensional awareness of your human self as you expand your awareness into your fourth dimensional Etheric and superconscious self and your second dimensional, animal and unconscious self.

Then, as you expand your consciousness into your new life, and Lightbody, of the fifth dimension, you maintain your awareness of the fourth dimensional realities of your ethereal self, your third dimensional human self, your second dimensional animal self and your first dimensional cellular self. As you expand your consciousness to include your Multidimensional SELF in the fifth dimension and beyond, you gain a great connection with your first dimensional cellular self, as they are both based on unity.

When you expand your consciousness to embrace the sixth dimensional matrix of all form that you choose to inhabit in the lower dimensions, you also become aware of the quantum reality where form is created by attention and intention. Hence, your sixth dimensional consciousness creates the matrix for form, and your quantum consciousness allows you to inhabit any form in any reality by attending to the sixth dimensional light of that reality. Quantum light does not travel like third dimensional light, as it exists beyond time and space. You will perceive that light, or reality, by attending to it with your conscious intention.

The sixth dimension is the hard drive for the divine blueprint of any and all forms you inhabit in any reality. Your reality is entering a time of paradigm shift in which consciousness precedes form, rather than form preceding consciousness. Because of this, your form does not choose to be conscious. Instead, your consciousness chooses to hold a form. From the perspective of the sixth dimension, form is a holographic light-matrix projected from your Multidimensional SELF to create a vessel which your consciousness can inhabit in a chosen planet, galaxy and/or dimension.

What we are saying is that YOU are your consciousness. It is not that your consciousness is within your body; instead, your body is within your consciousness. Once you have expanded your consciousness to include the Collective Consciousness, all of humanity is within your consciousness. When you regain your Planetary Consciousness, the entire planet is within your consciousness. With Galactic Consciousness, the entire galaxy is within your consciousness, and with Cosmic Consciousness the Universe is within your consciousness. These facts have always been true, but as with all spiritual knowledge, you must experience it before you can understand it.

By expanding your consciousness, you progress from Personal Consciousness to Collective Consciousness to Planetary Consciousness to Galactic Consciousness to Cosmic Consciousness. As you begin to awaken, your third dimensional Personal Consciousness expands to include the Collective Consciousness of all humanity. Then, as your consciousness expands into the fourth and second dimensions, you can unite with the Planetary Consciousness of Gaia and ALL Her inhabitants.

When your consciousness expands into the fifth and first dimensions, both of which are based on unity, one planet becomes too small to contain your consciousness, and the entire galaxy becomes your home. It is at that point that you have regained your Galactic Consciousness. As your consciousness expands to embrace the sixth dimension and quantum realities, both of which are free of time and space, you can travel through all reality with a thought and Cosmic Consciousness becomes normal.

With the conscious recognition and use of your Cosmic Consciousness, human language becomes totally inadequate as a complete paradigm shift takes place in your perceptions, and only Light Language can express the concepts that swirl through your heart and mind. Downloading Light Language will assist you in the paradigm shift from the third dimensional separation and limitation to multidimensional unity with the ONE. You will connect to and download Light Language in the same manner that you have connected to and integrated with all life through the power of your unconditional love.


At this time, you may wonder how you can connect with and download Light Language. The answer is simple. Unconditional love is the magnet of the Universe, and it draws to you whatever you love unconditionally. To assist you in expanding your consciousness and experiencing unconditional love, we offer to merge our Arcturian Consciousness with yours. Just as you have entered our Corridor, we are willing to enter your consciousness. You see, we are without form and are of total, pure consciousness. Will you allow us to merge our consciousness with yours?

It may be too much of a shock to my system,you may say. But, you are the creator of your life. You merge your consciousness with many people, places and things every day. However, you may be unaware of these experiences of Unity. We wish to offer you a merging with the unconditional love of our consciousness, as that is the frequency to which we resonate.

Another fact of which you may be unaware is that you, too, resonate to the frequency of unconditional love. Just as your ego/self merges with your automobile when you drive and your Spirit/Self merges with a loved one, pet or nature when you are with them, we can show you how to merge with ascended, multidimensional Beings such as we AND your SELF.

We want to share our consciousness of unconditional love with you so that you can remember the unconditional love that is the higher frequency expression of your SELF. We ask that you merge with the unconditional love of Gaia and Her planet. You, as a member of the Planetary Ascension Team, vowed to assist in planetary ascension. As you know, the members of this Team were amongst the first holographic projections to take form on this planet. Now, you have all returned Home to Earth to assist Her in Her return to Her Multidimensional Star SELF.

Allow us now to breathe our love into your Essence. With your multidimensional perceptions, visualize our mighty corridor. In the same moment of the NOW visualize a small flower in your garden or in a pot on your table. Unconditional love does not favor the simple or the grand. It simply IS. Just as quantum light can only be perceived when you look at it, unconditional love can only be perceived when you accept it.

Now, as easily as you may bend forward to sniff that flower, breathe in the unconditional gift that we offer. As you inhale our unconditional love it fills your heart, opening it to bursting. Then, as softly as the morning Sun caresses the top of your head, allow our Multidimensional Light to enter your Crown. As you inhale the blend of Love and Light, it creates a concert of memories and experiences of the many lives, planets, dimensions and realities that have filled your multidimensional existence.

Allow these memories to fill your heart with unconditional love and your mind with infinite knowing, which dance into the unity of divine wisdom and infinite creativity. Remember, now, the eons of unconditional love that brought you to this moment.

Observe as this love flows out into All That Is to create a pathway for the entry of myriad shinning symbols of Light Language. One-by-one, or all at once, these light symbols enter through the portals of your Crown and High Heart.

You do not need to understand their meaning, for they understand you. These symbols are intelligent Beings of Light who have always resonated within your consciousness, whether or not you were aware of them. Therefore, in reality, you are not actually downloading them, but uploading your consciousness into the YOU that has always been aware of them. The vision of the symbols entering you are actually an image we provide for your grounded self so that you can more easily believe in this process.

However, the expression of your SELF that is in the Corridor knows that YOU are the creator and everything is made up of YOUR consciousness. In order to make the paradigm shift from separation to unity, you must awaken from the dream of duality. When the dreamer dances awake from the dream of a polarized reality, the full potential of the center point is realized and the illusions of limitation and separation are transcended into the Truth of your Multidimensional SELF.


When you are ready, imagine a huge scroll unfolding before you and the Language of Light bursts forward, symbol-by-symbol. Each symbol holds lifetimes of information. Do not attempt to understand them. It will be enough for you to accept them into your consciousness. Surrender again to your Soul/SELF and remember that ALL is ONE. Therefore, the scroll before you is merely a projection of your consciousness.

Take a long moment to imagine that each symbol moves from the page, into your consciousness. FEEL how your Soul resonates to each Light Symbol. Breathe each symbol into our earth vessel and integrate it into your daily consciousness. However, your grounded self does not need to understand these symbols for they are the code breakers that will allow you to translate multidimensional messages into your third dimensional language system.

Later, when you are ready, you will see them, draw them, and hear their tone. Gradually, as you come to KNOW their meaning, you will use them for manifestation and experience. These symbols are your tickets to the multiverse. Take a deep breath to inhale every symbol and accept it into your SELF.

Actually, all the symbols have come into you in ONE flash of the NOW. The inhaling of every symbol is your third dimensional brain calibrating to all the symbols by separating them into each symbol. The concept of each symbol is no longer necessary from our perspective, as each and all are the same term in a resonance without separation.

Surrender now to your Multidimensional SELF and allow the rest of the process to be unconscious to your daily self, as you could easily become overloaded. Carry this sacred information within you until the time that you are called upon to use it. Remember that messages from Beings such as we will enter your awareness in a flash of light. There is no time or space in our reality, and we live in the Flow of the ONE.

When we call you, or you call us, feel the call in your Third Eye or High Heart. Then relax into the familiar feel of unconditional love and allow the message to enter your earth vessel. You can then translate it into third dimensional language through the power of your creative force. Some of you will write, others will draw, and some may dance, sing, play an instrument and/or run like the wind. In all cases, your surrender to the flow of your divine creativity will translate our message into your daily language.


You may feel as if you are in a cocoon. Your self is the caterpillar in the cocoon and your SELF is about to burst free. Return now to your vision of being in the fifth dimensional Crystal Temple and standing before the Light Ambassadors of the Galactic Federation. Among the members, you may see Ambassadors from the Pleiades, Antares, Orion, Sirius, Andromeda and Arcturus. There are others as well. However, at this point in your earth time, it is these Ambassadors who are in the forefront of helping Earth and Her humans to ascend back into the fifth dimension

Feel how all of us send our radiant love-force to you. Experience our unconditional love as it surrounds and caresses you. We are all here NOW ready to communicate and assist you in releasing ALL your beliefs in hardship, ALL your beliefs in fear. Envision yourself encircled by our unconditional love. Allow our love to be a poultice to draw-out your beliefs in difficulty and all the fear that those beliefs create.

As you absorb our message of love, feel yourself expand. Expand yourself beyond your beliefs and beyond your fears and beyond the circle of ambassadors. Below you, see the semi-circular table and the faces of the Ambassadors. Their bodies are glowing orbs of light with the semblance of their faces projected directly into your heart.

The projection of their multidimensional essence and unconditional love ignites a memory stored deep in your heart. Allow this memory to guide you. Your heart is so light and buoyant that you are floating through the Crystal Temple. You are moving up, up, up. You see before you a long stairway that appears to lead to a tower. You allow the pull of the tower to assist you in effortlessly climbing, actually floating above the many stairs.

Dearest, you may have been feeling fatigued because you believe that your human form is too dense to fully embrace your SELF. Now, from the highest step of the stairway, at the top of the highest tower in the Crystal Temple, direct the awareness of your true Being down, down, down, into the clay form of your physical self.

Imagine this projection as a beacon from your SELF to your Earth life. The you standing at the top of the stairway is YOU, and the you seeing these words is a hologram. From your place in the tower, would you like to make any revisions to that hologram? Everything is possible. You are the creator. Your human self may not be able to stop creating illusions, but the YOU at the top of the stairway can easily revise your hologram.

Can you feel your grounded self far below you like a long tail? Can you identify with your SELF who is standing on the top stair of the tower while you also identify with your self in the physical world? From this perspective, can you identify with you, the one who is in the cocoon?

Feel this cocoon around you, as you also feel yourself standing on the highest step of the Crystal Tower. If you can imagine that, you can create any reality you desire. Just behind you, you hear a doorway beginning to open, flooding your cocoon with sixth dimensional Light.


Due to the download of Light Language, you may be feeling great fatigue. Also, your meeting with the Light Council may have stirred up more hidden fear and darkness from your many earthly sojourns that you are now ready to release. We will gladly accept the feeling of your hardships if you wish to release them to us. We feel not their weight, yet we feel your sense of burden. The responsibility of being awake holds no such burden. On the contrary, it holds only lightness. Once you are totally awakened, you will realize that you have chosen to create these difficulties to spur you forward in your process of return to SELF.

Yes, we hear your confusion. Why would you want to choose to create hardships? The answer is that you have believed they will make you grow. And, since you believed hardships make you grow, they do. Once you are totally awakened, you will no longer have that belief. On the contrary, you will realize that hardships actually hold you back. Therefore, they are unnecessary.

The memory of your challenges may be necessary so that you can encourage others out of their hardships, but you no longer need to participate in hardships. We say, No longer need to participate, as there will be hardships aplenty all around you. However, you will not take them in, as you will not believe in them. You will not own them as a part of your reality.

Because this is your ascension life, you all can allow your self to feel the burdens of your old hardships because you are ready to release them. Just as your backpack becomes extremely heavy at the end of a long hike because you know that soon you can put it down, the burden of your hardships has become very heavy as you are now ready to put it down.

Once you are the one who is observing the sleeper, you are the one who is fully awakened. As you fall off to sleep tonight, observe your self in your bed. See the hardships that float within you aura, and whisper softly in your ear, I no longer believe in hardship.


We leave you with a message of love and comfort. We realize that your consciousness is being stretched far beyond what feels comfortable. Your download of greater light is flushing out deeply subconscious patterns that you believed you had long since risen above. Do not be discouraged, dear ones, for the grand finale of a VERY long play must pull up all unfinished business so that it can be cleared.

There will be no future third dimensional life to carry these burdens into, and old fears within your resonance impede your venture into Light. The threshold of the sixth dimension is especially challenging for it brings you into cellular memory, as well as places you in direct contact with the YOU that you are but are not yet being.

Live now in patience for there is nothing left to learn. The caterpillar is in the cocoon, the seed is in the flower, and the new life is in the womb. Just as thoughts precede actions, and emotions, consciousness precedes thoughts. Focus on your consciousness. It is your only eternal treasure and cannot be lost or stolen.

It can, however, be forgotten or travel the waves of light as they move up and down the multidimensional spectrum. Therefore, sit back and enjoy the ride. Breathe in our gift of unconditional love, which is now eternally in your aura. You are a brave warrior and an adventurous explorer charting a path into unknown territories.

For a third dimensional reality to ascend an entire planet is novel, indeed. The remaining fragments of your darkness have come up to be released, and the many hidden secrets that created a reality based on lies and illusion are coming to the foreground.

Remember to keep your consciousness above the storm and protect your heart with unconditional love. No longer believe in hardship! Instead, choose to LIVE in the FLOW of the NOW!

We are with you,


Source: http://goddesslight.wordpress.com/2009/10/15/multidimensional-news-october-2009/