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Multi-Dimensional and Timeless - Uriel/Jennifer Hoffman

Multi-Dimensional and Timeless
Every lifetime we have centers around our reconnection purpose, which is about the healing we create to resolve our separation. Our multi-dimensional soul chooses the best realities and dimensions that will allow us to fulfill our healing purpose. These are represented by the people and situations we encounter in each lifetime and sometimes, we have several experiences in a single lifetime, all of them occurring simultaneously. This provides us multiple options to heal many different aspects of an energy so we create the most complete, thorough healing process.

Our awareness of life is limited to what we can know through our third dimensional senses, which is whatever is right in front of us at any moment. However, as our raised vibrations expand our awareness, we have access to many other potential realities, all of which participate in our healing. And by becoming aware of the presence of these timelines, we can also become aware of the solutions they provide. Each one represents an aspect of an energy that we must connect with to transform it. We can do this individually or encompass several in a single healing process.

From the ego's perspective, every problem or dilemma has a solution that comes from our past experience. But we can also tap into other dimensions to find solutions that the ego cannot imagine. We do this when we ask our angels and guides for their help. They are aware of a multitude of solutions because they can connect with all of our soul's aspects, besides the one that resides in the third dimension.

One of our ascension challenges is to expand our awareness of ourselves as multi-dimensional, timeless and "super natural" beings and then use that new awareness as we create new realities and access new potentials. We know that we have access to dimensions beyond the third but can we also know that we have aspects of ourselves that are already part of those dimensions? This week, consider a problem or challenge that you are facing and ask for a different solution. Be willing to accept multi-dimensional solutions that go beyond anything you can imagine for yourself. Then be willing to take a risk and allow healing to happen so your path to connection is complete.

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The Uriel Heals Enlightening Life radio show
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