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A Hathor Planetary Message Through Tom Kenyon The Transformation of Self-limiting Thought Forms and Beliefs

A Hathor Planetary Message

Through Tom Kenyon

The Transformation of Self-limiting

Thought Forms and Beliefs

A Hathor Planetary Message through Tom Kenyon

Due to the Solstice/Galactic Alignment that took place on Dec. 21st 2012, you are now experiencing an increased influx of catalytic evolutionary energies. This state of affairs is potentially elevating as well as disruptive due to the increased polarization of humanity.

We shall focus our comments on the elevating aspect of these new energies.

As a result of the increase in spiritual light that is entering your solar system, your higher dimensional aspects are, in many ways, now more accessible.

In truth, these dimensions have always been accessible to you for they are a part of your nature, but with the passing of the galactic alignment some of the veils have been and will continue to be, lifted.

Your experience of this will differ from others, based upon your ability to sense subtle energies. But the shift has occurred, and it will affect the course of human history at its roots.

How this will be played out in your collective timeline is yet to be seen. What we wish to address here are methods and approaches you can use to positively affect your timeline and your personal evolution through the transformation of self-limiting thought forms and beliefs.

Philosophical Considerations

From our perspective you have been encumbered by many of your religious and spiritual philosophies. While these considerations may seem abstract, in point of fact, these thought forms affect perception, and by their very nature they limit your experience in the worlds of matter.

Many, but not all of your religious and spiritual traditions, look askance at the world of matter. They say that heaven, paradise or some such version of perfected existence, lies outside of your experience as an embodied human being.

Indeed, some of them consider your physicality to be an error or a “sin,” and you are tainted by the mere fact that you have a body. While you may have distanced yourself intellectually from such beliefs, these thought forms move through the underworld of your culture. They affect how the bulk of humanity views itself.

If you consciously or unconsciously accept this thought form then you are bound by it, and there will be a tension between your transcendent aspects (i.e., your multidimensionality) and your embodied existence. This is an unfortunate situation from our perspective.

We view consciousness as one continuum, from the highest vibratory levels where non-duality is the reigning principal, down through the realms of light into the realms of matter. There are vibratory boundaries, for sure, but the worlds of matter are just as “sacred” as the highest realms of light and pure consciousness.

When you attain this realization you will have access to all dimensions of your being, which will increase your spiritual courage, capacity for deep insight, and creativity, as well as your healing/self-healing abilities.

We wish to suggest a method for jumping into this reality—to experience it directly. Using this method on a regular basis will accelerate the transition from a limited sense of being into your larger multidimensional Self.

Some of you will be able to make this transition quickly. Others will require more time. How long it will take depends upon how infested you are with limiting thought forms.

The Method

This method uses the Central Channel of energy that runs from the crown at the top of your head, through the center of your body to your perineum, a point midway between your anus and your genitals. Some refer to this channel as the Pranic Tube, the Central Pillar or the Secret Channel.

In this method you first sense and imagine that this channel runs from your perineum upward, through the center of your body, to your crown at the top of your head.

Next, imagine that this channel extends to a point above your head. You can locate this point by temporarily raising your arms straight above you and then touching your fingertips together directly above your head. Where your fingers touch is the location. From the perspective of Egyptian Alchemy, this point is an energetic portal for your BA, your Celestial Soul. Your BA is an aspect of your being that is outside time and space as you experience them, and your BA is a source of immense spiritual insight and abilities. For us, this point is just one of several gateways to your multidimensionality.

Next, you then extend your Central Channel through your perineum into the Earth. Depending upon your personal energetics, this channel may move a few inches into the Earth or many miles. In some cases the Central Channel can extend to the center of the Earth itself. Through this extension of your Central Channel to the multidimensional gateway above your head and then down into the Earth, you symbolically join together the worlds of matter and the realms of light. Some refer to this as the union of Earth and Sky or the marriage of Heaven and the Earth.

The next step, in this method, is to play the Aethos Sound Meditation while holding an awareness of the entire channel, from the gateway above your head, through the center of your body and into the Earth.

We suggest that you work with the five-minute sound track first. Due to the high vibratory nature of the Aethos, you will set off in yourself a spiritual purification of your Central Channel when you hold your awareness in the manner we described above.

As you continue to work with the meditation in this way you will bring to the surface of your awareness all types of thought forms that are “housed,” so to speak, within your chakra system and cellular memory.

The end point of clearing limiting beliefs and thought forms is the realization that you are the Living Mystery. You are the union of matter and light. And by your very nature, you are a Bridge Between the Worlds and thus have access to all the treasures of all the realms.

Think of this method as a type of spiritual house cleaning. As thought forms arise during this meditation, you determine if you wish to continue living in this belief or not. If not, you discard it like an old broken piece of furniture you no longer need or want. If you wish it, keep it. If not, let it go.

When you are comfortable with the 5-minute track, you can experiment with the 30-minute version if you wish, or you could work with a few five-minute tracks in a single meditation session. DO NOT, however, engage this meditation more than once a day unless you are prepared for a journey into your underworld.

We are not dangling this warning like some type of “cosmic carrot” to entice you. It is a call to spiritual sobriety as you disentangle yourself from culturally reinforced negative and limiting thought forms.

This simple meditation can bring you immense benefit by allowing you to clear yourself of beliefs and thought forms that have limited you in the past.

If you are committed to the transformation of your own limiting thought forms and beliefs, we suggest you revisit this meditation method often.

The Hathors

February 20, 2013

Tom’s Thoughts and Observations

After receiving this message, I asked my mentors to explain further their thoughts about the Solstice event of December 21, 2012.

They are of the opinion that with this particular galactic alignment there was indeed a burst of intense spiritual light and evolutionary energies from the galactic center. But as they have always said, this alignment did not signal the end of the planet. It did, however, usher in a new wave of catalytic and evolutionary energies.

I imagine there were quite a few people disappointed on the morning of December 22nd when nothing external particularly happened after all the hoopla and hype. But then human history is full of similar prophecies of doom that came to nothing. A quick Internet search of the phrase “ the history of prophecies of doom” will bring up a veritable plethora of historic doomsdays that came and went.

But if the Hathors are correct, while the physical planet did not end on the Solstice of 2012, it entered a new epoch.

The Hathors are of the distinct opinion that humanity was infused with an increase of spiritual light as a result of this last galactic alignment. How that infusion of light will affect each individual will vary from person to person.

Furthermore, the Hathors believe that this infusion of light is now working itself through our individual atomic structures—literally affecting the interactions of light and matter within us.

I asked them to clarify this because it seemed a bit vague. What did they mean by interactions between matter and light?

Their view of these interactions is based on the premise that matter and light are intimately related, and in some ways they are two sides of the same coin. This relationship between light and matter was expressed by Albert Einstein in his famous equation E=mc2. From this perspective our bodies, which are composed of matter, could theoretically transform into light under certain conditions—under extreme and unusual conditions I might add.

But what I found truly intriguing about their answer was their take on the nature of light itself. For them physical light and spiritual light are also intimately related. The range of vibration that we call “light” (meaning the electromagnetic spectrum that we can see with our eyes) is only a small portion of the entire energy spectrum.

According to the Hathors, spiritual light vibrates much faster than physical light (and faster than any category of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum as well). But due to their intimate relationship, spiritual light can step-down into physical light under certain conditions and vice versa.

When I asked them to clarify their use of the term spiritual light further, they said that this type of light is an expression of consciousness and is normally encountered only during profoundly altered states of awareness—as in certain types of Samadhi (yogic trance) or during mystical contemplation. This is because spiritual light cannot be perceived with the physical senses but only through the agency of the deepest levels of consciousness itself.

When the Hathors said, “powerful interactions between matter and light are occurring within us,“ they were referring to both physical and spiritual light.

As in all things human, how each of us deals with this increased interaction between light and matter will be highly individualized. Some of us seem to be moving upward in consciousness, some of us seem to be treading water, and some of us seem to be losing our minds. Adding to the odd mix of irrationality, a disturbing number of us seem to be going berserk.

As these oscillations of matter into light and light into matter increase, the Hathors are of the opinion that we will see both an acceleration of human irrationality and luminosity (meaning an increase in spiritual awareness). And the world will be caught between this “seesaw” of self-destruction and self-realization. For this, and many other reasons, they think it would be very helpful—if not mandatory—that we clear out old thought forms and beliefs.

The Hathors view thought forms and beliefs as separate categories. Thought forms are concepts regarding reality, and when a culture accepts a thought form as true, it becomes a consensus reality—whether or not the thought form is accurate or not.

When an individual incorporates a thought form into his or her personal view of reality, the thought form becomes a belief.

The Method: Step-by-Step

1. Imagine and sense your Central Channel through the centerline of your body from your perineum up to your crown.

2. Extend the Central Channel to your BA point above your head. To locate this point, temporarily raise your arms directly over your head and touch your fingertips together. Where your fingertips touch is the general region of your BA point.

3. Next, extend your Central Channel into the Earth as far as it seems comfortable for you.

4. Place your awareness inside your Central Channel.

5. Play the Aethos Sound Meditation while focusing on the Central Channel. Begin working with the five-minute version of the sound meditation at first, so as to become familiar with how this Method works for you.

6. At this point in the Method, you have two options.

Option 1:

The first option is to work on a specific thought form or limiting belief you know you are dealing with. As you hold your awareness in the Central Channel, allow the energetic of the thought form/belief to present itself to you inside the channel. This energetic will present itself to you in the sensory modality or form that is natural for you. Thus, you might see it, or feel it in some way. You might also experience it in some other way(s). When the energetic emerges, keep your focus on it while the sound meditation is playing. When your mind wanders, bring it back. Keep working with the energetic until you feel that there is a sense of openness or resolution in the region where the energetic of the thought form/belief was located.

It could easily take several sessions to work with particularly dense or deeply imbedded thought forms/beliefs.

Option 2:

The second option is to use the Aethos Sound Meditation to bring the energetics of a suppressed (or unconscious) thought form into your conscious awareness.

As you focus your attention inside the Central Channel, notice what arises. When you get a sense of an energetic in your Central Channel, focus on it with your full attention. This will eventually reveal to you the thought form that is connected to the energetic. When your mind wanders, bring it back to the energetic.

It is possible for more than one energetic to arise in your Central Channel. In this case, intuitively choose one energetic and work with it until you feel a sense of openness or resolution in the region where the energetic of the thought form/belief was located. You can then return and work with the other energetics that you noticed, in a later session, if you feel inclined to do so.

As with Option 1, it could easily take more than one session to work with dense or deeply imbedded thought forms/beliefs.

You will know that the thought form/belief has been transformed when you have a sense of resolution or openness. If you don’t sense this in the region where the energetic was located, continue to focus on the space where the energetic was, while still listening to the Aethos Sound Meditation until you get a clear sense of this openness or resolution.

If you don’t get this sense of completion, return to the Method again in another session for the purpose of further transforming this thought form/belief.

You will sense something new in yourself when you have fully transformed the thought form/belief. And you will most likely have a new mental, emotional, and/or spiritual resource that you did not have before.

You may have to work the Method several times if the thought form/belief is particularly dense (i.e., stubborn) or deeply imbedded.

Final Thoughts

I believe this Method has the power to reweave the tapestry of perceptual reality through the conscious transformation of self-limiting thought forms and beliefs.

This capacity to perceive the world in new ways is, I believe, one of our greatest (though often overlooked) potentials.

The power to change our perceptual reality is nothing less than the power to reimagine ourselves and the world.

Click here to listen to and/or download the Aethos Sound Meditation. Note: You will be taken to the Listening Agreement Page, and once you read and agree to the Listening Terms you will have free access to all the audio tracks. Scroll down the list until you find the Aethos Sound Meditation. Clicking on that link will give you free access to both the five-minute and thirty-minute versions.

If you are new to the Hathor Planetary postings, you might find their first mention of the Aethos of some interest. You can find it in the Hathor Archives under the title, The Aethos and Non-dual States of Consciousness.

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The Sphinx Speaks Ascendedmasters.org

The Sphinx Speaks

I am here today to gather intelligence, or maybe I am mistaken and I am here to assist you in getting intelligent. Or maybe I am here to assist you in getting intelligence.

It's a strange world you live in; the information that is readily available around you cannot be reached by many as their understanding of the information is interfered with by the human understanding of the physical and spiritual realm.

They are however both one, even though many of you are seeing them separately at this moment.

The spiritual part of your realm is hidden for many and is reached by the few. As the few reach the spiritual part of your realm they have to deal with the information found within it and this is where the intelligence is being experienced in a way that is not understood by many.

Now I am talking about intelligence as this is what some are using to receive a greater understanding and more knowledge, without having to experience the knowledge or find the knowledge within them.

This is how it works when you have some clue of what is happening, but you are not capable yet, or not yet able to reach the place where you can experience full understanding.

Questioning others is a way to find answers, but they will never be real answers until you have received or understand the experience presented within the answer.

There is also a bit of ego involved for some as they want to be seen as the one that has the knowledge, but when they purvey their knowledge it is being received in many ways on a different level then what the purveyor would like to present.

Many are still trying to get the intelligence on an intellectual level, but forget that there is always more behind the intelligence they have received to fully understand the intelligence.

Others use another way of receiving knowledge by challenging the other with small facts and then wait for the other to reveal their knowledge and in this way they try to get intelligence, but are still not receiving the full knowledge as the personal experience to understand the knowledge is not there.

Many are also in a way a bit confused by all that is within the consciousness that is present within them, but also because they are consciously connected to others and they are not able to find the real intelligence because there is too much interference within the receiving channel.

This is also becoming more difficult as there are more humans upon earth than ever before and if you are looking for answers in many ways you will have to be able to completely disconnect yourself from this consciousness to find clear answers to your questions.

You will also have to be able to experience the answers, as this in a way is even more important than just finding the intelligence.

There is much to learn when you talk and listen to others, but there is also a lot that you will have to forget when you talk and listen to others. As much of what is being spoken is not the experience as many will not be able to explain their experience fully within your human language and misunderstandings are completely normal within these situations.

This is why it is so important to be able to find your own experience, but an experience without outside influences of belief systems and knowledge that was purveyed to you by others.

The Egyptians were very careful in their actions while they were exploring the spiritual part of your realm.

They would explore, but in a way that would be completely unbiased and not influenced by outside sources.

When they speak of your heart has to be as light as a feather, and use the balance scale to measure this, they mean that your physical and spiritual world have to be in balance to move into the next phase of your journey.

Within a world that has made fear one of their biggest influences ever, you are in a way most of the time almost doomed and not able to succeed. As many have purveyed their understanding of the spiritual realms through a biased filter of the human consciousness and understanding.

This has been the downfall of many as it has been in the past.

The fear of the spiritual judgment as well as the human judgment has been pursued throughout time as the ones that really understood remained quiet time after time as they were not able to purvey their understanding and knowledge without having the receiver actually experience their understanding and knowledge.

Many religions have tried to understand, to purvey knowledge, but as the religions were setup by the ones that most of the time had not experienced the knowledge, the religions were doomed from the moment they began.

There have been many religions, belief systems, understandings that were at first perceived by the ones that were able to experience the knowledge. Much of it was not understood by others as they were not able to reach the actual experience of the knowledge.

Many are traveling within the spiritual realm, but as they are traveling they travel within a reality based upon their belief system and understanding that has created their spiritual realm.

Influenced by the consciousness of not just mankind, but many other beings within those spiritual realms.

As well as many of the control systems that have been in place for some time not just around your planet but within your universe. Many of them created by the human thought system as well as by some that do not reside upon earth at this time. In fact as more and more humans incarnated upon earth, more control systems were created through the many belief systems of those incarnating upon earth.

Let me explain this a bit further so you can understand the meaning behind my words. As the earth was preparing for her shift, and humanity was preparing for her shift, many souls from other planetary systems decided to incarnate on earth to be present during the shift. This resulted in an enormous growth of the human population. This also resulted in many more history explanations added to the human consciousness. As each being brings with them their own history and understanding of their own.

This has allowed the control systems to grow as well as more beings/humans are connected into not only the human consciousness but also the earth reality as it is at this time.

This is also resulting in many seeing some of that history as their own, while in fact it is not.

Another part of the problem is that with all these other groups from other planetary systems incarnating, the energy exchange has changed in ways that are at times not beneficial. As some that are incarnated are not very experienced within a physical body reality and in a way need more energy to be present and they will and can do this at times by using the energy of the ones that have been on earth longer.

Some are more practiced in using their energies to attack in the spiritual realms as they use these techniques within their own planetary system.

Even though many do have the same disadvantage as most of you by not being able to see beyond the many veils that are present, they inwardly know how to use these techniques.

I will leave you for now, but I will return as much needs to be told for you to find more experience within to assist you in the merger of your physical and spiritual understanding.

From one Source to another

Petra Margolis

February 14, 2013


7 Şubat 2013 Perşembe

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic


8 Cimi, 14 Yax, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We return and bring with us Good News! The time for the

grand moment is arriving! Major elements of the dark cabal are now

under arrest and those in charge of planning the high-profile series

of trials are setting dates for formally reporting on these

significant events, which constitute the tip of a truly enormous

iceberg. The long wait for announcements is nearing its end and we

watch as the dark cabalists come to realize that the moment they dread

is beginning to manifest. To prolong the charade now in play, they

have concocted a fictitious picture of an American domestic economy

that is 'somehow' rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the past few

years. In truth it waits for the final blow to be struck. The world's

economies are mired in a collective debt that is the world's total GNP

many times over. The disaster your globe faces cannot so easily be

swept under the rug, which explains why Spain is sinking fast and

Germany is not far behind. The cabal has long treated the world as its

personal 'oyster' and has been indulging in a massive spending-spree

of unbelievable proportions. The way out is global debt forgiveness.

This solution is one that the dark refuses to countenance. They fear

an enormous loss of power and wealth if global debt forgiveness is

formally granted, and so these grand titans of hypocrisy refuse to

permit even a measure of freedom and dignity to the world's people.

They are dedicated to the preservation of illegal wage slavery and deep

indebtedness, as this keeps you securely under their control. This

defiance, as was foreseen, has actually been a great boon: it allowed

our various Earth allies to secure the legal means for ousting the

cabal from power. At present we have substituted what we call

life-and-light surrogates for those we have legally incarcerated, and

all this will be revealed when the new governance takes over. Until

then we are doing our part to make the transition go as smoothly as

possible. The gargantuan debt needs to be publicly exposed and then

fully forgiven, and to bicker about any aspect of this prime requisite

is just absurd. This national debt business is nothing more than

illusion, a control mechanism, deliberately set up by the dark to

maintain its debt-driven economy.

Besides the various substitutions being made to keep the

business-as-usual charade going, we have been busy forging a working

partnership between us and those who are to replace the wrong-doers who

still hold sway in your global governments, who swindle you each day

out of money and properties, and who pass judgments that are not theirs

to make. The sheer volume of illegal activity that goes on every day

is quite astonishing, and we cannot wait to send these scoundrels

packing! By contrast, your new governance may at first surprise you

with its transparency and is to interact with you in as useful and

honest a way as possible. Government needs to be seen as an instrument

that guarantees your sovereignty and welfare rather than adhering

exclusively to self-serving special interests. The new transparency

will approximate to some degree that of galactic society, and as you

grow in consciousness you will become more aware of how government

(while it exists) necessitates strict and dutiful oversight on the part

of the people. This is something you will need to monitor until the

mass landings occur.

As you morph the reality you now know into one that is quite

different, it would be useful to observe carefully each new component

of your society in order to understand how it might affect your world

as a whole. Change is to come rapidly once the various pieces currently

delayed by Heaven begin to flow. This time is getting very close. A

sacred accord was made with the Anunnaki nearly 13,000 years ago which

detailed a number of natural events that were to mark the end of that

agreement and herald the rise of a new epoch of Light for humanity.

These signals are arising and shortly a new reality will descend and

change your world forever. This is the sacred pledge of Heaven, and we

are here as mentors of this pledge and to ensure that the changes

decreed long ago appear. Heaven is moving you from your present state

of limited consciousness to your natural state of full consciousness. In

your natural state you will inherit responsibilities which we will

undertake jointly to render permanent the current galactic peace


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today in joy! Many of

the 'natural celestial events' referred to earlier have come and gone.

Only a few are yet to happen and all of these are very close to

occurring. As they happen, they bring your world closer to its sacred

destiny. These things are divine heralds of a new reality filled with

Light, Love, and prosperity. Everywhere the Heavens are preparing to

greet us with a display of energy that will signal the beginning of

your new epoch! Likewise, we are preparing our associates to announce

our coming schedule and begin a campaign that will cause your present

government to change. This change will lead to your liberation and to a

formal declaration that your space family is shortly to land on your

most beautiful living world. The Agarthans, who have long made their

homes available to us, are also preparing to announce their presence in

the interior realms of your glorious Mother Earth.

This planet has long been partitioned into two separate realms: one

exists beneath your feet and has often sent representatives to live

quietly among you; the other is on the surface where you live. The

Agarthan explorers to the surface realm returned home with large

amounts of data which is being used to ascertain the most harmonious way

to prepare surface humanity to learn of Agartha's existence. Since the

Agarthans are also domiciled there, they also wish to contribute, at

the right moment and in the most compatible way, to the unveiling of

this information. As these announcements are broadcast, we, your

Ascended Masters, will use our good offices to set the record straight

about your many religious practices and traditions. These truths can

provide you with the chance to learn more about full consciousness and

the plan to return you to this enlightened and divine state of Being.

In this state you will have the experiences we once did when we reached

the status we now enjoy as immortals of Spirit.

In this exalted state, you will rediscover who you really are and

why you came, so long ago, to Mother Earth. This knowingness will be a

foundation for all that you are to accomplish in divine service to the

Great One, and to this end we are being prepared for our roles as your

heavenly supervisors. Part of this service is to guide you and to

prepare us, your sacred counselors, to teach you more about your duties

in a galactic society. The Light 'knows' how you are likely to respond

to this realm, and is giving daily instructions on the best way to

oversee the start-up of Earth humanity's new sacred society. You will

reunite with your Agarthan family and together we will carry out the

initial duties of this new society as we expand our reach to our sister

planets and begin to coalesce these worlds into a new star-nation. We

are ready, and joyously anticipate our shared divine destiny!

Today we addressed what you are to expect as we change your society

and prepare you for full consciousness. We also touched on the creation

of your new star-nation. The glory of the heavenly hosts will be seen

and manifested by all! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and

never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat

Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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