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The Sphinx Speaks

I am here today to gather intelligence, or maybe I am mistaken and I am here to assist you in getting intelligent. Or maybe I am here to assist you in getting intelligence.

It's a strange world you live in; the information that is readily available around you cannot be reached by many as their understanding of the information is interfered with by the human understanding of the physical and spiritual realm.

They are however both one, even though many of you are seeing them separately at this moment.

The spiritual part of your realm is hidden for many and is reached by the few. As the few reach the spiritual part of your realm they have to deal with the information found within it and this is where the intelligence is being experienced in a way that is not understood by many.

Now I am talking about intelligence as this is what some are using to receive a greater understanding and more knowledge, without having to experience the knowledge or find the knowledge within them.

This is how it works when you have some clue of what is happening, but you are not capable yet, or not yet able to reach the place where you can experience full understanding.

Questioning others is a way to find answers, but they will never be real answers until you have received or understand the experience presented within the answer.

There is also a bit of ego involved for some as they want to be seen as the one that has the knowledge, but when they purvey their knowledge it is being received in many ways on a different level then what the purveyor would like to present.

Many are still trying to get the intelligence on an intellectual level, but forget that there is always more behind the intelligence they have received to fully understand the intelligence.

Others use another way of receiving knowledge by challenging the other with small facts and then wait for the other to reveal their knowledge and in this way they try to get intelligence, but are still not receiving the full knowledge as the personal experience to understand the knowledge is not there.

Many are also in a way a bit confused by all that is within the consciousness that is present within them, but also because they are consciously connected to others and they are not able to find the real intelligence because there is too much interference within the receiving channel.

This is also becoming more difficult as there are more humans upon earth than ever before and if you are looking for answers in many ways you will have to be able to completely disconnect yourself from this consciousness to find clear answers to your questions.

You will also have to be able to experience the answers, as this in a way is even more important than just finding the intelligence.

There is much to learn when you talk and listen to others, but there is also a lot that you will have to forget when you talk and listen to others. As much of what is being spoken is not the experience as many will not be able to explain their experience fully within your human language and misunderstandings are completely normal within these situations.

This is why it is so important to be able to find your own experience, but an experience without outside influences of belief systems and knowledge that was purveyed to you by others.

The Egyptians were very careful in their actions while they were exploring the spiritual part of your realm.

They would explore, but in a way that would be completely unbiased and not influenced by outside sources.

When they speak of your heart has to be as light as a feather, and use the balance scale to measure this, they mean that your physical and spiritual world have to be in balance to move into the next phase of your journey.

Within a world that has made fear one of their biggest influences ever, you are in a way most of the time almost doomed and not able to succeed. As many have purveyed their understanding of the spiritual realms through a biased filter of the human consciousness and understanding.

This has been the downfall of many as it has been in the past.

The fear of the spiritual judgment as well as the human judgment has been pursued throughout time as the ones that really understood remained quiet time after time as they were not able to purvey their understanding and knowledge without having the receiver actually experience their understanding and knowledge.

Many religions have tried to understand, to purvey knowledge, but as the religions were setup by the ones that most of the time had not experienced the knowledge, the religions were doomed from the moment they began.

There have been many religions, belief systems, understandings that were at first perceived by the ones that were able to experience the knowledge. Much of it was not understood by others as they were not able to reach the actual experience of the knowledge.

Many are traveling within the spiritual realm, but as they are traveling they travel within a reality based upon their belief system and understanding that has created their spiritual realm.

Influenced by the consciousness of not just mankind, but many other beings within those spiritual realms.

As well as many of the control systems that have been in place for some time not just around your planet but within your universe. Many of them created by the human thought system as well as by some that do not reside upon earth at this time. In fact as more and more humans incarnated upon earth, more control systems were created through the many belief systems of those incarnating upon earth.

Let me explain this a bit further so you can understand the meaning behind my words. As the earth was preparing for her shift, and humanity was preparing for her shift, many souls from other planetary systems decided to incarnate on earth to be present during the shift. This resulted in an enormous growth of the human population. This also resulted in many more history explanations added to the human consciousness. As each being brings with them their own history and understanding of their own.

This has allowed the control systems to grow as well as more beings/humans are connected into not only the human consciousness but also the earth reality as it is at this time.

This is also resulting in many seeing some of that history as their own, while in fact it is not.

Another part of the problem is that with all these other groups from other planetary systems incarnating, the energy exchange has changed in ways that are at times not beneficial. As some that are incarnated are not very experienced within a physical body reality and in a way need more energy to be present and they will and can do this at times by using the energy of the ones that have been on earth longer.

Some are more practiced in using their energies to attack in the spiritual realms as they use these techniques within their own planetary system.

Even though many do have the same disadvantage as most of you by not being able to see beyond the many veils that are present, they inwardly know how to use these techniques.

I will leave you for now, but I will return as much needs to be told for you to find more experience within to assist you in the merger of your physical and spiritual understanding.

From one Source to another

Petra Margolis

February 14, 2013


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