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Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic Federation

Update by Sheldan Nidle for the Spiritual Hierarchy and the Galactic


8 Cimi, 14 Yax, 9 Eb

Selamat Jarin! We return and bring with us Good News! The time for the

grand moment is arriving! Major elements of the dark cabal are now

under arrest and those in charge of planning the high-profile series

of trials are setting dates for formally reporting on these

significant events, which constitute the tip of a truly enormous

iceberg. The long wait for announcements is nearing its end and we

watch as the dark cabalists come to realize that the moment they dread

is beginning to manifest. To prolong the charade now in play, they

have concocted a fictitious picture of an American domestic economy

that is 'somehow' rising like a phoenix from the ashes of the past few

years. In truth it waits for the final blow to be struck. The world's

economies are mired in a collective debt that is the world's total GNP

many times over. The disaster your globe faces cannot so easily be

swept under the rug, which explains why Spain is sinking fast and

Germany is not far behind. The cabal has long treated the world as its

personal 'oyster' and has been indulging in a massive spending-spree

of unbelievable proportions. The way out is global debt forgiveness.

This solution is one that the dark refuses to countenance. They fear

an enormous loss of power and wealth if global debt forgiveness is

formally granted, and so these grand titans of hypocrisy refuse to

permit even a measure of freedom and dignity to the world's people.

They are dedicated to the preservation of illegal wage slavery and deep

indebtedness, as this keeps you securely under their control. This

defiance, as was foreseen, has actually been a great boon: it allowed

our various Earth allies to secure the legal means for ousting the

cabal from power. At present we have substituted what we call

life-and-light surrogates for those we have legally incarcerated, and

all this will be revealed when the new governance takes over. Until

then we are doing our part to make the transition go as smoothly as

possible. The gargantuan debt needs to be publicly exposed and then

fully forgiven, and to bicker about any aspect of this prime requisite

is just absurd. This national debt business is nothing more than

illusion, a control mechanism, deliberately set up by the dark to

maintain its debt-driven economy.

Besides the various substitutions being made to keep the

business-as-usual charade going, we have been busy forging a working

partnership between us and those who are to replace the wrong-doers who

still hold sway in your global governments, who swindle you each day

out of money and properties, and who pass judgments that are not theirs

to make. The sheer volume of illegal activity that goes on every day

is quite astonishing, and we cannot wait to send these scoundrels

packing! By contrast, your new governance may at first surprise you

with its transparency and is to interact with you in as useful and

honest a way as possible. Government needs to be seen as an instrument

that guarantees your sovereignty and welfare rather than adhering

exclusively to self-serving special interests. The new transparency

will approximate to some degree that of galactic society, and as you

grow in consciousness you will become more aware of how government

(while it exists) necessitates strict and dutiful oversight on the part

of the people. This is something you will need to monitor until the

mass landings occur.

As you morph the reality you now know into one that is quite

different, it would be useful to observe carefully each new component

of your society in order to understand how it might affect your world

as a whole. Change is to come rapidly once the various pieces currently

delayed by Heaven begin to flow. This time is getting very close. A

sacred accord was made with the Anunnaki nearly 13,000 years ago which

detailed a number of natural events that were to mark the end of that

agreement and herald the rise of a new epoch of Light for humanity.

These signals are arising and shortly a new reality will descend and

change your world forever. This is the sacred pledge of Heaven, and we

are here as mentors of this pledge and to ensure that the changes

decreed long ago appear. Heaven is moving you from your present state

of limited consciousness to your natural state of full consciousness. In

your natural state you will inherit responsibilities which we will

undertake jointly to render permanent the current galactic peace


Namaste! We are your Ascended Masters! We come today in joy! Many of

the 'natural celestial events' referred to earlier have come and gone.

Only a few are yet to happen and all of these are very close to

occurring. As they happen, they bring your world closer to its sacred

destiny. These things are divine heralds of a new reality filled with

Light, Love, and prosperity. Everywhere the Heavens are preparing to

greet us with a display of energy that will signal the beginning of

your new epoch! Likewise, we are preparing our associates to announce

our coming schedule and begin a campaign that will cause your present

government to change. This change will lead to your liberation and to a

formal declaration that your space family is shortly to land on your

most beautiful living world. The Agarthans, who have long made their

homes available to us, are also preparing to announce their presence in

the interior realms of your glorious Mother Earth.

This planet has long been partitioned into two separate realms: one

exists beneath your feet and has often sent representatives to live

quietly among you; the other is on the surface where you live. The

Agarthan explorers to the surface realm returned home with large

amounts of data which is being used to ascertain the most harmonious way

to prepare surface humanity to learn of Agartha's existence. Since the

Agarthans are also domiciled there, they also wish to contribute, at

the right moment and in the most compatible way, to the unveiling of

this information. As these announcements are broadcast, we, your

Ascended Masters, will use our good offices to set the record straight

about your many religious practices and traditions. These truths can

provide you with the chance to learn more about full consciousness and

the plan to return you to this enlightened and divine state of Being.

In this state you will have the experiences we once did when we reached

the status we now enjoy as immortals of Spirit.

In this exalted state, you will rediscover who you really are and

why you came, so long ago, to Mother Earth. This knowingness will be a

foundation for all that you are to accomplish in divine service to the

Great One, and to this end we are being prepared for our roles as your

heavenly supervisors. Part of this service is to guide you and to

prepare us, your sacred counselors, to teach you more about your duties

in a galactic society. The Light 'knows' how you are likely to respond

to this realm, and is giving daily instructions on the best way to

oversee the start-up of Earth humanity's new sacred society. You will

reunite with your Agarthan family and together we will carry out the

initial duties of this new society as we expand our reach to our sister

planets and begin to coalesce these worlds into a new star-nation. We

are ready, and joyously anticipate our shared divine destiny!

Today we addressed what you are to expect as we change your society

and prepare you for full consciousness. We also touched on the creation

of your new star-nation. The glory of the heavenly hosts will be seen

and manifested by all! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and

never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat

Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)

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