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Isis, you have a choice and now is the time to make that choice

Isis, you have a choice
and now is the time
to make that choice

Release all fear.
Release all judgment.
Open your heart and receive fully all that is offered to you.

I am here today to be the truth, to be the one explaining to you about what you do not want to hear.

Do you really want to ascend?
Is it your hearts desire to ascend?

So many say yes, I want to ascend with the earth.
So many are not willing to do the work. It is almost funny to see how this 3d consciousness around your planet is influencing you all in such an enormous way.
But in reality it is not funny, it is sad that so many are still tied up in this old 3d consciousness.
Many of you light workers are still caught up in this 3d consciousness. We see the truth behind it all and our wake up calls are being read and ignored.
You are being told by many what you want to hear. I am here to tell you what you do not want to hear.

You do not want to hear it because it is easier to stay in a world where not much is required of you but stay alive. You live your life, you work, you make money, you buy food, you do some classes maybe, and all that you do is staying away from the real truth.
You go with the energies coming in, you know and read some things about what is happening. Many of these messages have been there to support you, to tell you that everything is going according to the plan.
You are a magnificent being of light and just be the love and light that you are. Really strokes your ego, doesn't it? And you are a magnificent being of light, and you have already ascended in the past and future.
What many are forgetting is that if we do not fulfill the plan that is here right now, the future is changed in many ways.

So we wait until the time is there, no we don't, we do the work that has to be done.
Why do you think so many masters are here right now to assist you.
Why do you think so many new energies are being released unto your earth and into your universe.

The plan is bigger than you think, and that is why I am here.
To tell you the part you do not want to hear.
How many of you have awakened to the truth completely, do you not want to know the truth completely?
Yes, you can be the love and light that you are right now, but what if that is all that you are?
The plan, that has been made and prepared for your earth millions of years ago is now coming in to play.

This is what you need to wake up to right now.

The plan is to ascend the earth, you all know that. You also might have heard that the earth has become a very important planet in many other universes. Yes, in other universes they are waiting for you to fulfill your mission.
They cannot ascend fully until the earth has returned to the frequency it should have been a long time ago. This is your mission, this is why you have to fulfill your mission.
Your mission is to complete cosmic ascension. Not just planetary, no, cosmic ascension. This is why you came here, many of you from other universes as well.
To assist your universe and while you do that accomplish the fulfillment of the plan that was made for the earth and your universe millions of years ago.

Some of you have heard, and know about the battles that have been going on behind the scenes, as well as on your earth. The battles on earth are there to distract you from fulfilling your mission. Many things on earth are there to distract you from fulfilling the plan.
Even work is a distraction, taking care of yourself, making enough money, is meant to distract you from becoming who you truly are meant to be.

It is time to realize this and time to make a choice for you.

It does not matter what is happening on your planet right now, it is meant to distract you. So let it go. The news, the media, they are all distractions. They are meant to make you think that it is almost impossible to change this world. But we do not need to change this world.
Once we can ascend the earth, this world as it is right now will disappear.

The choice is yours to be in this new world, or to be moved to a planet similar to your earth right now and continue the way you are right now.
This is what is meant to happen to your earth. We want all to ascend, now we need a momentum to make this possible. With enough humans completing cosmic ascension we can ascend the earth.

Each human has to make their own choice, and you have that choice right now. Many will have this choice in the next two years. Yes, even third world countries will be involved in this process. In a different way they will be assisted in waking up and making the choice.
We do however need many making the choice right now, so we can raise the frequency of the earth enough to give others, that are way behind you, the opportunity to make that choice as well.

This is why we say, release all thought about changing your earth, the only change we need is the raising of the frequencies on your earth and inside your universe.
We need to start dissolving the 3d consciousness that is still around your earth, as we have already placed a new consciousness grid around your earth that will come into full play once we have dissolved the 3d consciousness grid. Another good reason to raise the frequencies.
It requires a lot of energy from you on earth to dissolve this 3d consciousness. Yes, from you, we can only guide you, we cannot interfere because you have free will to choose your destination at all times. We can only give you the information of what is needed for you to do at this time.

Ascension is part of your evolutionary process as a human.
Some might see it as a desire, it is not, it is the basis for all evolution that is inside of you, inside your DNA, inside you being.
Ascension is needed to progress, to evolve. Ascension is not something that we can just give to you. It is a choice, a complete surrender, complete devotion, and a complete commitment to yourself. It is the evolution of your soul, all that you are, the light being you are in truth.
Your human existence is nothing more than an opportunity for your true being to ascend, to evolve on its path to oneness.

This year, 2009, is the beginning of a new ascension path that is being allowed under the Law of One. It is your opportunity to ready yourself for cosmic ascension.
All that we are allowed to bring in, that will be available to you, is for this purpose only.
And yet, many have not made the choice.
Disconnect from your 3d consciousness, disconnect from the 3d world, connect with the new grid around and inside your earth.
Get ready, do the work.
The universe works by cause and effect.
It requires action and will react to this.
This can only be done if you take the steps.

So why are you waiting? Or is this world so comfortable that you would like to stay here ?
We can only provide the means, you have to use them.

This is the year of possibilities never seen before, and we are stepping into a new territory of something that has never been done before.
Everything is planned, but we continuously adjust the plan according to your steps.
This is the year where many rules will be set aside, it is the year where everything can happen. The rules that were set for the ones fighting the battle behind the scenes have been set aside as well.
This means that they are allowed to interfere and they will do so.
This also means that you are allowed to leave many rules behind and complete cosmic ascension without going through many of the life experiences previously needed to ascend.
You can evolve beyond this dimension and become the multi-universal being that you are right now.

You as humans are in charge right now. You make the choice.
Will you go for your hearts and souls desire and fulfill your mission to assist earth while you complete your cosmic ascension?
Or are you waiting for more proof, more events, that will tell you what is needed at this time.
Or are you waiting and thinking, no need to do anything, like she says everything is planned, we do not need to do anything.

Let me tell you the part you do not want to hear.

If you do not do the work, you will not ascend with the earth. It is your choice, your free will. What happens if you do not do the work to complete cosmic ascension?
Your earth will ascend, you will not have the frequency needed to ascend with your earth. You will be taken to a planet similar to earth at this time, where you will be allowed to work on your ascension as you have done in many lifetimes, under the rules that were there for many lifetimes.

Your choice, is your choice.

You will still evolve, much slower, but once you have reached the frequency needed you are able to join the new earth in its new path of evolution.
Like I said, it is your choice.
Do you want to ascend now, do the work.
If not, you will be given a new chance on the earth the way it is right now.
The ascension of earth will pass and go and you will be here waiting for it.
This is what you do not want to hear, and it is what you need to hear.
It is not a threat as many will say, it is your choice.

Let me summon it up for you.

The earth is going to ascend to its original ascension path, many are working on this from earth right now. This year is the year of the opportunity for you to be ready for this by completing the path to cosmic ascension.
It is your choice and yours alone.
Are you ready to make the choice to ascend with the earth, or are you waiting and staying on this part of the earth, this third dimension, while the other part of your earth is going into the higher dimensions.

Not what you want to hear?

Make your choice, it is up to you now!!

In the Law of One we are waiting for you.


Through Petra Margolis
January 13, 2009

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