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Archangel Raphael and New Healing Energies Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Archangel Raphael and New Healing Energies
Enhancing the Unity of Humanity- Part 2

Channelled through Natalie Glasson 30-03-09

I am Archangel Raphael and I bring forth the heavenly energies of the angelic kingdom to all, to aid a deep and new cleansing, healing and rejuvenating process that allows all to unite with the energy within them, with the energy of the Creator around them and energy of the Creator within physical form. Unity between people is the key to greater peace and harmony on the Earth but there must be a purpose or a reason for unity to manifest, it is the love of the Creator within you and the ability to recognise it within others that will aid the unity of humanity. When every person has different options and views this can seem very difficult but when you focus on viewing the love within every soul it will naturally become apparent to you wherever you go and whoever you meet. Unity, harmony and peace is something that we wish to develop on the Earth as it will soften the energies of humanity; when they look to any other person on the Earth and see a friend, this will allow the loving energy of the Creator to easily melt into the Earth and souls of humanity. When there is disagreement, violence and pain the energies of humanity are tough, almost as if some have metal shields that are hindering the love of the Creator in penetrating their souls. When humanity learns to be open to the energies of others understanding that they are completely safe and protected this will allow them to share the energy that they receive with another or simply think of another with positive thoughts free from judgment, hurt and negativity. This signifies that many more people will naturally become receptive to the energies of the Creator; it is as if all barriers are dissolved.
The energies that I spoke of last week have anchored successfully into the Earth and are beginning to emanate and radiate across the whole of the Earth linking many energies together and dissolving many blockages. We must remember that not only is the energy assisting the spiritual growth and development of humanity but it is aiding the cleansing of the Earth, shining light and love into areas where there is no nutrients and all energy has been drained. As the energies that have been anchored into the Earth, overlap spreading across the land, they will create a powerful healing affect which will aid humanity and Mother Earth in raising in energy vibration, if they so wish. When many people on the Earth invoke the energy through their body to channel into the Earth and then send it to other people on the Earth this will manifest a powerful unity, creating bonds of love that tie humanity together in the love of the Creator. Feeling connected to the energy of the Creator and then recognising the energy of the Creator within the souls of humanity and all around you is a process of mastery which will allow further integration. I wish to encourage you to accept the divine energy flows that are being anchored with the purpose of healing and unity, allow yourself to act as a valuable link that unites humanity in the love of the Creator.
I now wish to make you aware of where the other energies are initially being anchored so that you may add them to the list previously made.
The Silver Light of Courage is being anchored into the United Kingdom to assist the people of this area and the entire world to accept that courage can come from purity and love and is supported by the Creator. The silver light is a pure energy of clarity and precision; it can appear quite harsh but is of high vibrations and intense love. The silver light’s purpose is to energise courage and confidence that comes from the place of love within your heart. The silver light can be empowering when you are focused on love and wish to share the love of the Creator with all, also assisting in dispersing fear and negativity. Every light being needs to hold courage and confidence in their hearts and soul as a driving force to aid their spiritual advancement on the Earth.
The Orange Petals of Life Force Energy are being anchored into India and the entire world to aid the natural flow of life. Similar to blood flowing naturally within a physical body we wish to enhance and heal the natural flow of light within and through the Earth, creating a network of light that covers the entire Earth, seeping through the physical and spiritual layers that manifest the Earth so that the Earth and its humanity can be aglow with light, gaining nourishment and greater support. The colour orange symbolises wholeness, unity and the manifestation of the greater soul while the petals symbolise fertility, nourishment and the manifestation of the beauty of the Creator.
The Violet Light of Divinity is anchored into Europe and Australia. It is the energy of hope, of sacred memories and wisdom, of new beginnings by accepting the spiritual importance of the past and allowing them to draw forth into the minds of many. The violet light again brings forth healing to allow the truth and holiness of the Creator to unfold whether it is inspired from the past experiences and wisdom collected within the souls of many or the present energies that flow with devotion onto the Earth.
There are teams of angels overseeing each energy that anchors into the Earth and you can call on these angels to aid your integration and acceptance of the light. Ask that the angels help humanity and the Earth in accepting this sacred light with ease. Remember that you can always call on my energies, Archangel Raphael to assist you in accepting the light and anchoring it deep into the Earth while sharing it with humanity. If you desire to experience these energies we would be happy to assist you in anchoring each light energy into your being individually so that you can benefit from the qualities of each energy, boosting your light and love quotient. You may wish to follow the instructions given in my last communication or you may wish to simply sit peacefully gaining a meditative state. Choose an energy that you wish to integrate with and note the country or place of origin that the energy is anchoring into. Then invoke the team of angels connected to this light energy and I, Archangel Raphael, to draw close to you. Ask us to assist you in experiencing and anchoring the energy into your being, allowing it to flow through you into the Earth. Allow yourself to bathe in the light and when you are ready let it flow from your body to where it is needed on the Earth. This will allow you to anchor new energy into your being gaining healing, assisting Mother Earth and aiding the healing of humanity. This is a wonderful service to all and I hope you will take this opportunity of healing the Earth, its humanity and building bonds of unity to allow the energy of the Creator to anchor with greater ease on to the Earth.
With many blessings and much love,
Archangel Raphael

Best wishes and blessings, Natalie
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