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Isis, Planetary or Cosmic Ascension

Planetary or Cosmic Ascension

Planetary and Cosmic Ascension and what is the difference.

I see so many people say and think, oh I have completed Ascension, so many people have completed their Ascension and are Ascended Masters walking the earth.

I would love to see all of them, but have not so far.

I don't know what anyone sees as an Ascended Master walking the earth, but I see it as someone that can actually change their physical body into a light body and the other way around.

Have not seen anyone like that, I know I can't do it.
So when we talk about Ascension, and many have done this, they have done Planetary ascension.

That is the easy part, many have done that in previous lifetimes and it's only the beginning. Yes it's a big step, but why stop there. Why is everyone so convinced that this is ascension? When we look back in history and one of the biggest stories out there is of course Jesus. He Ascended; he changed his body into light.
Why does everyone think that what they did is the same?

This is all part of the disinformation that is been given at this time.


Because someone out there does not want you to look any further, someone out there wants to prevent cosmic ascension. Have you ever thought about that? Why does someone want to prevent you from actually changing your physical body into light? Why would anyone want to do that?

It s all about, you're going there, and it's going to be different in the 5th dimensional energies once you get there. You are already Ascended Masters walking the earth.
Do not do anything, just wait and it will all happen.

Just focus on love and peace, do not concern yourself with anything else, it will all disappear once you are in these 5th dimensional energies.
Many say they're in 5th dimensional energies. Let me ask you, did everything disappear?

No it didn't, so why is there someone out there telling you, do not worry, the change is happening, just send your light, be the love that you are. You are an ascended master already here on earth.

Why would anyone want to prevent you from really becoming that ascended master walking the earth? And we mean a real one, walking the earth in your light body. Being completely who you are in spirit and be that here on earth.
Why would anyone want to do that?

There are Masters that have done Cosmic Ascension; we know that, we also know it took them a long time. For example, Saint Germaine, Kuthumi, Sananda, just to mention some of them.

Funny we can only come up with the male ones at this time. There were not many female masters that we really know that much about as these masters at this time. But there were, Mary Magdalene completed her Cosmic Ascension in that life.
So why do we settle for Planetary Ascension at this time.

Why not just go for it and do Cosmic Ascension when we have the opportunity to do it in this lifetime.

Isn't that what we came here for?

That leaves one question, why does someone want to prevent you from completing Cosmic Ascension? Why are you letting someone interfere with your Cosmic Ascension?

There are many messages out there, and some of them actually do give you some clues, but many are saying you are already there. Why is this?

Just remember you have choices, and your choice is what matters.

In the Law of One


through Petra Margolis

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