28 Mart 2009 Cumartesi


Ascension series - I AM MAHATMA


Dear Sevgi Ozer,

This Saturday, March 28th at 9:00 pm EST, will be our eigth transmission for the I AM Mahatma series.
"The Source, our Creator, has given us this exciting contact called the Avatar of Synthesis, Archangel Metatron, and the divine orchestra and Sanat Kumara and Vvyamus, the MAHATMA, so that we may use it as a tool to become a clearer participant within the overall pattern of Existence, which is termed the Plan. The Source, in recognition of your need to integrate, has given you this help with synthesis and unity, to recognize the cosmic aspects of yourself beyond your own individualization that leads you to the awareness of the support, the expansion, and the overall participation you have within the Plan." "Mahatma I & II, The I AM Presence" by Brian Grattan. It is both individual initiation and major world service, opening the pathways and providing what has been missing for expansion into your I AM presence. This allows for full, open expression of your core identity and essence.

The cost for this conference call is $ 35.00
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