18 Mart 2009 Çarşamba

Ascension series - Violet Fire Disc of Light

Dear Sevgi Ozer,

As we have just finished up the Ascension series - 18 rays, both Cosmic and Planetary, I have been led to have a couple of calls with a few discs of light.

These discs of light are very powerful and work on clearing many layers of our bodies and higher aspects of self.
As we are working on many layers and dimensions of ourselves the technologies that work are different than before. Many of the rays are cosmic energies that can clear blockages on many levels.

The first class will be working with the violet fire disc of light and the Christ consciousness disc.
The second class we will be working with the sapphire blue disc of light and the orange sherbet disc of light.
There may be a few more. I will see what Creator has in store for us.

Love to everyone, Sherry

The cost for this conference call is $ 35.00
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