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What are the 12 tribes, who are the 12 tribes and what is the connection to Source?

What are the 12 tribes, who are the 12 tribes and what is the connection to Source?

I was thinking about it this afternoon, and suddenly the answer was clear.

But how to explain it was not.

So let me just give it a try.

Let's say Source is music, a symphony of instruments playing together.

So you have instruments, and you have the sheet music for all instruments.

Something happens and the instruments get of tone and the sheet music is shredded into a million pieces.

How do you get the symphony together again?

12 Ani He Yar were created before this event happened, all carrying the whole symphony, but all 12 focusing on just one twelfth of it.

They were able to start assisting the million pieces, and were able to bring some of them back to carry one twelfth again.

So we have twelve groups, each carrying one twelfth of the symphony.

Now the symphony is two parts, the instruments, and the sheet music.

So each group carries their own instrument, and starts to learn about the other instruments to assist in bringing the sheet music back together.

As humans we see the 12 tribes as groups of people, but we forget that a human body has a life span average of say about 80 years. So I don't think it really started as 12 human civilizations incarnating.

I do think certain civilizations carried certain instruments and incarnating within that group would allow the soul to start learning a new instrument. It is also connected to certain places upon earth. The earth is our connection; we are physical as the earth. The whole process of returning to the symphony is just as important for the earth as for us.

Now the earth, which has supported us, is also supported by us. We are as human beings one with the physical earth and the process is to change the physical manifestation into nonphysical.

All the experiences, things we learned along the way are added benefits to the bigger plan.

The bigger plan is to bring the symphony back together, this includes the earth.

So the story of the 12 tribes is not so much a physical story with a physical location, it starts with 12 groups of souls incarnating on earth to assist in returning the symphony.

There are groups of souls spread out over the earth right now, carrying all 12 instruments, assisting and teaching as many souls as possible to carry these instruments. But their main goal is to bring back together the sheet music to play the symphony needed to transform the physical into nonphysical. Bringing it back to the Source symphony.

Now I don't see it as moving back into the Source, as Source is already everything. We are not moving into a different part in space or the void. We are returning our universe to the Source frequency.

The many souls that have incarnated with these groups will greatly benefit from this at it will allow them to have access to all instruments and the complete sheet music.

Petra Margolis

August 26, 2010

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