2 Eylül 2010 Perşembe

I wanted to complete cosmic ascension.

I wanted to complete cosmic ascension.

More questions than answers at that time. Information was coming but never complete.

I was guided to start teaching different classes, like the J-seal removal, the cosmic Axiatonal.

Activation and changes within myself as I went through bringing in all 12 chakras, changing them into electrons, changing that into a crystalline tube. Slowly everything that I needed was revealed one step at the time. And this is still the way it is happening, even though the information is now coming from my own source being. It has not been easy, there were times where I just wanted to leave, give up. Sometimes I would be so sick I thought I was going to die. Other times it felt like someone had taken out my brain put cotton balls in its place. The headaches were not fun. The changes to the physical body, releases of energy are hard sometimes. The emotional pressure of working through them is depressing and I have had many times that I was at the point where I was going to kill myself

I pulled myself through, cursing the masters many times for letting me go through all of it.

For not helping me, for everything that went wrong, no matter what.

I know, I had said I would completely dedicate myself and what I did to teach others, to assist the earth with her process and everything else that was need of me. But there were times I gave up. It was too hard, too much to go through, and it still is sometimes.

But I moved forward while I was guided to bring in my higher self, my soul, my I am presence and so many more pieces of me that seemed to be out there. Every time I did I felt like I had changed into another person, not knowing who I was, looking in the mirror and seeing someone I didn't know.

I dealt with some of the changes by changing my hair color, driving my hair dresser crazy, going from pitch black to blond in one try. He never complained and it helped to integrate the new parts of me.

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