14 Nisan 2010 Çarşamba

Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation (tomorrow night we are getting this at sleep 4 AM in Turkey)

2. Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation


Rainbow Ascension Package

These are five Rainbow Ray Activations - one for the crown, one for the DNA/Genetics, one for the Love Bodies and one for the Aura. They are so pretty and sparkly and bubbly that I downloaded them immediately for myself. I felt quite high energetically for the rest of the day.

It feels to me like a cosmic dispensation of grace from the great masters who are responsible for the Cosmic Rays. I get that just by saying Run Rainbow Rays, it can be used to promote healing, clearing, transmutation, etc. of about anything you can imagine.

It feels like this series of rainbow activations focuses primarily on spiritual growth and heart oriented ascension.

1. Rainbow Crown Activation.
2. Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation.
3. Rainbow Love Bodies Activation.
4. Rainbow Aura Activation.
5. Rainbow Rays Profile

"I did the aura one first, and just felt my aura being rearranged, like tubules were being cleared that ran between the bodies themselves. This was an incredibly intense physical activation. I then activated the rest. I was taken out for the Love Body and part of the DNA one. I came back in to realize that my DNA was being reconfigured to open up to the frequencies of the Rainbow Rays, which ALREADY existed in my DNA. Very neat feeling. I kept 'slipping' in and out between dimensions. The Crown activation simply blew me open (again). I was merged with a very very clear wave. This wave flowed thru me, my chakras, my nadis, the meridians, strange flows... taking with it anything that blocked the Rainbow Rays frequency. I floated for a long time on this wave, at times 'attaching' myself to it and going into the chakras, nadis, etc. and watching them change so they resonated with this wave. I finally activated the Rainbow Rays Profile Activation. I became aware of both the frequency and the color of each ray as it poured into my crown and flowed throughout me. I BECAME the frequency/color and stored this resonance in my cells. I was also taken 'out' during parts of this activation, and rested in what I call the VOID. Incredible activations..."

2. Rainbow DNA/Genetics Activation

WHEN: April 15 AT 9:00PM EST

COST $ 20.00


You can order the first one Rainbow Crown Activation
right here

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