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St. Germain’s Message of March 23, 2010


St. Germain’s Message of March 23, 2010

"Good Evening! It is I, St. Germain. And I come to you to facilitate the great changes which are so needed in this world. I have a unique overview of the banks and the businesses. I have told you before, as have others, that I do myself own for you, because you are really the owners, the largest, richest bank on Planet Earth.

"And all of us at the Bank of St. Germain are so excited, because the abundance that you have so patiently waited for, Beloved Ones, is ready to flow to you. Oh yes, there are a few details, a few more papers to sign, messages to get out, arrangements to triple check, and so on, but the time is so close, we ask that you just spend your days remaining in glorious visions of all that is about to come to you, because it has your name on it.

"So, as to those details, there are still some programs running, particularly in the largest institutions that you call the banks, and in the corporations. Everyone is scrambling trying to wring the last ounce of gold out of each and every one of you, trying to take as many of your dollars. When a law is passed they immediately have an entire room full, or an entire floor in one of their skyscrapers, of attorneys, whose sole purpose and mission is to figure out ways around the law.

"How can they make more money? What loopholes can they find? How long can they ignore it without having to start paying fines; and that’s the only thing that matters to them. They will continue to break the law for as long as they can get away with it. What will make them stop will be when it is no longer profitable to do so, when it costs them more than they make by breaking the law.

"And this extends not only to the stealing of money, dollars, but to the flim-flam schemes, these derivatives, and the Ponzies, and all of these different ways that these very, very rich, very powerful people have stolen from everyone else. This includes the corporations who have been manufacturing. And first they've polluted the waterways, and the earth, and the air in this country of the United States and in Canada, and now they're moving into other countries.

"Think about all of those who have lost their jobs, honest hard working people, who have suddenly been fired from their jobs, because their job has moved south or east. Think about those who are doing those jobs now, working in sweat shops, making enough to feed themselves, but just barely; working long hard hours, because there are no laws there to help them to have decent working conditions, and living conditions.

"Think about the corporations who manufacture products that are not safe to use, the GMO, the toxic chemicals, the drugs, which the traditional medical profession uses, because that is all that they are given, that is all that they know. There are situations in which not only does the government shut down someone who has a humane and high dimensional answer for an illness, or a situation, but, they have even been known to terminate the lives of those inventors and gifted ones, who bring forth solutions which are healthy for all individuals, and for Mother Earth as a whole.

"So now we have painted the picture. And yet what we're saying is that they need Peace; they need reconciliation; they need resolution; they need to get those programs turned off. The banks and the companies need people of high integrity, heart-based people, to come in and fill the spaces where those who would not give up the dark programs have left, or shall we say more accurately, been removed from those positions.

"And so we are asking us, as Family, all of those who come in their Spirit bodies, all of those of you who are in your human bodies, and all of the Kingdoms, because this affects every kingdom upon Planet Earth, to join with us in holy Oneness, in sacred mission, and we shall be sending Peace. And when we are complete with this, let us just stay in the silence for a few moments, and then you’ll hear more about the mission that Ashtar has proposed.

"And so let us begin, Beloved Ones, let us begin. Breathe, breathe in the Love. Breathe in the Oneness of who we are. Breathe in your own Divinity, Beloved Ones, and as you do so, as you fill yourselves with it, let your brains relax into the messaging state, into the meditative state, if you wish to call it that, where you can travel and send messages around Planet Earth everywhere.

"And so we are going to ask that we fly together on this journey. And so how you fly, or what method you use, is up to you. For some of you, you may wish to step into your own ship. Imagine it, gleaming there in the sunlight. You are the pilot; you are in charge. Step up and into the ship, and walk forward into your comfortable captain's chair. Do whatever you need to do to get the ship ready for take off.

"Some of you may wish to simply unfold your wings, your beautiful, beautiful crystalline wings, and as you do so stand ready for take off. Some of you may wish to fly in the mothership. You are welcome to come aboard. Come aboard the 'New Jerusalem,' and let’s have a hug as you pass by and find your place. All of these are open and available to you, Beloved Ones. And some of you may wish to just rise up, and fly with your own energy fields, spinning and rotating, and carrying you at warp speed.

"So let us all take off together. And we are going to visit some of the centers of banking, corporations, and yes, capitalism in the world. So fly up and over the nearest city to you, first of all. That is an individual kind of a thing, but we shall name some. Let us name New York City. See the buildings, see the river, the rivers, the bridges, the autos, the great park, see it all, and see those buildings. Send them loving outpourings of Peace. All is well.

"These changes will bring Joy into these buildings, into these offices, and board rooms. These changes will beam Joy at the windows of the tellers, and those who give service in the banks. These changes will bring Joy to the board rooms of all of these places.

"And now having sent Peace, this joyful Peace, this change to Peace to those places in New York City, let us fly over some of the other major centers of business and commerce. Those would be your large cities, first in the United States of America, places like: Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Kansas City, yes, Kansas City is a banking center.

"All up and down the Pacific Coast are major cities. All up and down the East Coast are major cities. See them. You may be in one, or you may have been to one. Fly over it, all of these cities, and send this wondrous Peace throughout the entire land, to all of these corporate headquarters, to all of these additional corporate locations, to all of the headquarters of the banks, and spreading out, and be sure to send this Peace, this Love, to the offices, the headquarters of the Federal Reserve.

"So spread it all over the United States, and then go north to Canada to the great cities there: Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and all of the places. And just fly over all of those buildings, all of those corporate headquarters, all of the corporate offices, and yes, the banks. And send this Peace to all who are there.

"And say, 'Stay in the Peace that is coming, that is now. And if you choose to leave, we can help you with that too. Go in Grace. Go with our thanks for showing us what needs to change, that we may implement it as the one we all are, as Family, and as Lightworkers.'

"And go south to Mexico, Mexico City, a great center of business and banking, and go further south down through Central America, all of the cities there with the buildings. And let us remember that there are corporate headquarters in rural locations as well, particularly in the countries which are called 'Third World.' And let us remember that the corporations often go into those countries and destroy villages and crops, and lifestyles for all.

"They literally invade, make war upon all who resist, and take over in order to access the resources of that country, its people, and the treasures of its land. Peace now, Peace to all of those, and go down to South America to the great cities, and to the rural locations where these corporations have taken over: Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Santiago, and all of those places, and the places in the countryside.

"Now, for those of you who have seen the movie 'Avatar,' you know what that looks like do you not? When the invaders come with their machines, and their armies, and they take over, unlike in 'Avatar,' this has been going on for a long time, and it is to stop now, and come to a peaceful conclusion.

"So send the Peace out in all directions of South America, Central America, North America, and move across the ocean, sending the Peace to every island, and yes, sending the Peace to the oceans where the oil drilling is going on, or where it is envisioned to start.

"And go across what you call the Atlantic Ocean to the continent of Europe, and again see the tall buildings, the Bank of London, Deutsch Bank, with its many branches, the corporations there, the companies, and all that is going on in the name of greed and conquest and power.

"And send the Peace there to literally transform and transmute all into Joy. I accompany you, by the way, and many of you have already seen that the Violet Ray is everywhere, as we spread Peace to these institutions - transmutation and transformation, bringing Peace, bringing honor, bringing integrity, into these worlds. Notify those who remain of the thirteen families, that it's done. The Central Bank of Europe is ready to go into an entirely different phase of operation. It will make a great distribution point for the Bank of St. Germain!

"Rejoice, see the Violet Flame spreading even more beyond the continent of Europe, as it spreads across Eastern Europe to Asia. Oh, there are so many centers now in what you call the Far East, in what you call India, the city of Mumbai, full, full of the corporate greed and the banks' empowerment. Send the Peace there. Send the Peace throughout the entire country of India.

"And move east - Singapore, another great financial center. Send the Peace everywhere, Hong Kong, Beijing, and all the cities of the East Asian continent, and all of the rural areas where the corporations have polluted and taken over - send the Peace, the peaceful resolution, the Peace of reparation, the Peace of Oneness.

"And now go across the ocean a bit to that great country of Japan, to Tokyo, and the other great cities there. And yes, the corporations reach out into the countryside as well. Land is scarce there, and it is somewhat difficult to find new places to build, so they keep going up higher and higher, and there is pollution from the industry. The Peace, the honor, the integrity is back - in honesty, and in service. Spread the word - spread the Peace.

"And to all of the islands of the Pacific, spread the Peace. And to Australia and New Zealand - yes, there are great centers in Australia too, particularly along the seacoast: Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and in New Zealand, Auckland, and there are other centers there too.

"And there are those of great integrity who are ready to step forward into the positions of responsibility for the corporations, and for the banking institutions, and the financial brokers. So send the Peace there, and send it strongly - the messages of Peace, the Violet Ray of Transmutation, to change it. To prepare for Ascension, there must be Peace in all corporations, in all banks, and financial institutions who keep their doors open. It is a new day.

"No, Beloveds, we have not forgotten Africa. Why do we go to Africa at this moment? Because Africa, more than any other continent, has suffered from colonialism, imperialism, corporate greed, financial robbery, plundering of its resources, killing by the millions of its children and men and women, wars, starvation - and for what? - for greed, for power, for control.

"Let your Love Lights shine there, Beloved Ones. Let the Peace flow forth from you to change forever the situations that exist there. Be generous with your Love Lights, be generous with this Peace, and help to fan the Violet Ray everywhere on this continent.

"Yes, there are great cities there as well. There is Cape Town, a great center of business and finance, and there are many, many, other places in Africa on the African Continent, for instance in the country of Egypt, so known for its ancient treasures, but at the same time full of business.

"To all the islands of the world, and yes, even to Antarctica, it has been touched by this greed. There are operations there to discover, and find ways to access, the riches that lie under what is left of the ice there. So complete your world tour Beloved Ones. Perhaps return to a place you want to emphasize, or that you feel as though you might have passed by too quickly.

"Get this Peace out and everywhere worldwide. Let the Planet shine with it. See the Lights of Gold. See the White Lights of the Christ, the silver platinum, the pink crystalline heart, and Violet Ray of transformation, transmutation and change. Spend some time within yourselves now, Beloved Ones. Take these final moments of this exercise to share the Peace even more.

"Literally let it blow out upon your breath. Push it to all, all places in the world, with Joy and Love and Gratitude, with which you are participating in such grand changes. Thank yourselves, Beloved Ones, for having the courage to be there, to stand forth and to bring the Peace to the institutions of this Planet.

"And I, St. Germain shall stand back and give you some moments to finish in what ever manner you choose. I thank you, and with me this entire company, thank you for your participation. And so we say unto you, 'Well done, and Mission accomplished!' We can already see the results.

"We Love you beyond words. Keep your Lights shining, Beloved Ones, and know that on this day, and in this time, you have made a difference to the world and the Universe beyond. And so it is! Namaste!"

Many thanks to Arnold Troeh for this transcription.

© Susan Leland 2010. All rights reserved; however, this is a gift to all of us and it may be distributed freely on condition that all accreditation is acknowledged and that no part is altered.

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DVD Project Update
We are up to 10 percent of our intended goal of sending one letter and DVD of Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story to each Senator and Representative, a total of 535. We have posted some wonderful sample letters as we received them. One of our family also located links to the Citibank Plutonomy Report that was mentioned in the DVD, if you're interested in reading it.

We have one member who wants to send a letter and DVD to Nancy Pelosi in California and needs someone in her district who will volunteer their name and return address and perhaps be willing to write the letter. Our understanding is that these messages should be from someone in the Representative's district to be most effective. If you live in Nancy Pelosi's district and are willing to participate, please email us at peace@wethepeopleforpeace.org You can identify your Representative by clicking on the link at the top of the "Senators/Reps List" page and typing in your ZIP code. Please go to our website for more information: www.wethepeopleforpeace.org

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Please join in, if you haven't already, to help us reach our goal and let us know the names of your recipients as soon as you commit to the project. Ashtar says that even supporting with your loving energies and just sending a personal letter if you can't afford to send the DVD will be a great help in the success of this project.

We look forward to our continuing co-creations with you.
Namaste, Susan, Fran & Elise

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