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The Crown of the Planet is Opening

The Crown of the Planet is Opening

Dear One,

I have absolutely wonderful news for you!

The Crown chakra of the planet is finally opening.

For a long time, the crown chakra of this planet was sealed shut, in order to allow the game of forgetfulness / delusion to exist on this planet.

The "crown center" of a person or a planet is the golden region / magnetic plane / thought plane of the physical spectrum of reality, corresponding to the human brain in our bodies and to the magnetic field and outermost layers of the atmosphere of the planet.

When a planet has a fully active crown center, all people who dwell on that planet must have an active connection to their Higher Selves and be True to themselves and their purpose in life.

Since planet earth's crown chakra was sealed shut, the people of this world were capable of not having an active connection to their Soul / Higher Self and were therefore capable of forgetting their past lives and true mission in this lifetime.

But now that has all changed.

Two days ago, with the help of the Angels, I was able to open the seventh seal, the crown chakra of this planet.

Now Her crown chakra is beginning to blossom, and as this is happening, the planetary vibrations are beginning to rise dramatically.

As the planetary vibrations rise, you will feel more and more comfortable, as if protected inside a sun-like radiant globe.
As the planetary vibrations rise because the seventh seal has been broken and the crown chakra has been activated, you will see that the governmental and social structures of this world will change faster.

I assure you, all that you have been waiting for is very close to happening now!
How You Can Help
As you take care of yourself and continue to heal yourself, you are facilitating the crown awakening of this planet.
I highly encourage you to do this practice:

Rama's Crown Activation Technique
Focus on feeling deeply at the top of your brain, just beneath the center of the top of your skull.
As you feel inside of your skull, at the top of the brain, you are stimulating your Golden Element, your crown chakra.
As you do this to your individual body, you are facilitating the crown awakening that must now occur en mass, among all people..

For as the planetary crown chakra activates, so must the crowns / brains of all the humans on the planet.

Truly, all the joyous future pathways have been restored to you and to this planet.
The planet is recovering Her Divine Future and so are you.

Beautiful things are coming your way very soon!

Many new beautiful vibrations are already here!
Please realize that as vibrations of the planet rise, beautiful actions and thoughts of all people become the predominate expression of life on this planet.
So think beauty, live beauty, act in ways that are beautiful and loving, and activate your crown center daily.
Thus you facilitate the coming of all that you have longed for, for your life and the whole world.

Victory to You!
PS: Feel free to post this message to all you friends and on any internet forum that you like, I just request that you paste the whole message and include my website, http://www.evernewjoy.com

Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

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