8 Şubat 2011 Salı

Are We Making a Difference? Jennifer Hoffman

Are We Making a Difference?

One of my Facebook friends posted a comment that asked whether we could know if we were making a difference. I replied that we can't know what kind of difference we are making, if any at all, because the desire to make a difference and confirmation that it is happening are not simultaneous. We have to set our intention to be the difference we wish to see in the world, allow our efforts to support that intention and move forward, whether we see results or not.

If we want to create peace in the world, which most of us do, and we work hard to accomplish that, why isn't it working? We hear about violence and discord every day. Change is happening but the results come slowly. As the saying goes, "it takes time to stop a train", and the faster the train is moving, the longer it takes to stop it. If we set our intention for making a difference, get confirmation that it is not happening and then stop, discouraged by our lack of results, we have to look at our expectations and the level of commitment we have to our cause.

Making a difference in the world starts with each of us in our own personal lives. We can't look at others to gauge our success because then we have the ego involved. What are we doing in our own lives? If we want peace in the world, are we peaceful within ourselves and with the people in our lives? If we want a more loving world, are we loving to ourselves and those around us? It is impossible to ask the world to be at an energetic level that's higher than ours and we will be aware of what resonates with our own vibration. If our attention is drawn to discord and non-loving people, we need to look within for the solution.

We make a difference every day, by being in integrity, loving, kind and thoughtful to ourselves and to others. We enable great shifts in consciousness by keeping our thoughts in alignment with the peace, joy and love we want for ourselves. And we make a difference every time we set our intention to make a difference because that, by itself, creates an energetic opening that allows more light to shine on the world. So don't ask whether you are making a difference; instead, ask what kind of difference you want to make and then do it in your life and you will do it for the world.

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