8 Şubat 2011 Salı

Destiny and Density Jennifer Hoffman

Destiny and Density

Life is the vehicle through which our soul assists us in completing our healing work. Through this process we experience life as destiny until we can find a higher path for our energetic expression. The path of density is within the third dimension so its initial presentation will be in the energy of fear because that is the foundation of the third dimension. So is it any wonder that the words destiny and density are so similar?

When an energy is dense it vibrates at a low frequency, it is heavy, feels thick, is hard to move through it and it is sticky. This is why we say we feel 'stuck' when we have a problem that we can't seem to resolve. We are within an aspect of our destiny whose energy is low and without the knowledge that a higher vibration is required to move us through it, we can stay stuck for a long time. Our destiny has moved us into density and is waiting for us to shift into a higher gear.

If your car has ever been stuck in mud or snow, you know that trying to get out by pushing the gas pedal just spins the wheels. Something needs to go between the wheels and the ground in order to get the car 'unstuck'. That's the same way we get through density, something needs to come between us and our destiny in order to move forward. Now that we know this, what do we do? What can we put between us and the density of our destiny to shift the course of our path?

Destiny is our soul's healing call and our status is either stuck in density or free of it. When we're stuck we try to move and spin our wheels because we have to work smarter, not harder. We can't push our way out of the destiny path and we know that because it's the first thing we try. But there is a fast way out of density (and destiny) and that is by using our light and inner resources to shift our energy. Then we can literally fly out of our destiny path and into a more fulfilling, higher vibration. The question to ask is "what do I want instead of this" and that opens the door to new possibilities that will move us out of density and destiny and onto the path of creation.

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