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NEW EARTH RISING Adventures in the New Consciousness by CELIA FENN jan 2011

NEW EARTH RISING Adventures in the New Consciousness


January 20th : Wolf Moon /Leopard Moon and Living in a Vertical Reality...... Last night was the Full Moon for January, the first Full Moon of 2011 and the first since the powerful Full Moon in December that lifted the Earth into her new trajectory for the Fifth Dimension. It was a powerful and beautiful Full Moon, indicating midwinter in the North and Midsummer in the South. Here is a time lapse picture that was taken in France, courtesy of the Spaceweather website (www.spaceweather.com).

The Moon is called the Wolf Moon by the Native Americans in the North because in the midwinter when the land is covered by snow, the howling of the wolves can be clearly heard at night. I attended a Full Moon circle on a beach near to where I live last night, and it felt to me very much like the midsummer Full Moon energy was that of the Leopard. Leopard energy is powerful, silent and regal, very much like Jaguar energy in South America. I love to work with Jaguar energy in South America, and so working with its "brother/sister" energy in Africa was really wonderful for me. In the course of our circle the rain began to fall gently, and it felt like a loving cleansing from mother nature, although I was freezing by the time I got home!

But, speaking of rain, brings me to the topic of the deep trauma that is being experienced on so much of our Beloved Planet as the Earth shifts into the Fifth Dimensional matrix and allows the deep cleansing that is needed. But, for us there has been much stress and loss of life in Australia, Brazil and Sri Lanka. We are all one, and so, on a deep level, we do feel and experience with those who suffer. Those of us who are awakened are also able to send our energy of Love and Light to these places to assist in bringing comfort and sustenance to these ones who are affected.

As we move into the Fifth Dimension and the New Earth reality, we have to begin to think differently and to accept responsibility for what we are creating. The rain cleanses, but much of the damage and destruction is due to the way in which we are working with the land and our lack of awareness of what our actions are doing. We need to make a conscious step to ask forgiveness of the Earth to let her know that we love her and all her peoples. In Australia, the Great Barrier Reef has been threatened by the levels of pollution that have been sweept into the sea by the flood waters. Yes, that is what floods are designed to do, to be cleansing agents, but when the cleansing takes toxic chemicals from agriculture such as pesticides, and heavy metals from the mining industry, into the Ocean, then life in the Ocean is also threatened. We are all connected, and the actions that we take today will have effects for many years to come. In Brazil, the deforestation of the hills and mountains and the building of unsafe low cost housing, has resulted in many deaths through landslides that could have been avoided. Here in South Africa, in our biggest city, we are about 12 months or less from a major ecological disaster. The extensive mining below the city, for over a hundred years, has created a network of tunnels that are filling with acidic water. The intense rains and flooding in the area means that the water is rising rapidly, and is expected to pollute the fresh water sources and overflow into the streets and rivers within the year.. So far, no one knows what to do.....

The Earth is asking us to think and feel and to begin to be responsible. We are, of course, being helped in this process in every possible way from the Spiritual Higher Dimensions of Light. In the course of this month, we have been activating the Cosmic Diamond Light Body, that is giving those of us who make this shift immense energy and power and immediate connection to Cosmic energy sources. That is why so many of you have been experiencing strange energy phenomena in your lives, and strange accidents and events. The power of this new energy flow, connected to the Platimun Ray and the creative power of the Shekinah, creates intense vortexes and eddies of light in your Light Body as it comes on line and settles down.

But, when it does, you feel the most immense peace and joy, and yes, the power to begin solving things that seemed impossible, both in your own lives and within the Planetary Reality.

For myself, as I have spent these last two months in my own home, I have finally felt that life is manifesting the way that I want it to, and that I am living with peace and calm in my heart and soul. In this space, I am able to come to know myself better, and to know what it is that I want for my life and what it is that my higher self wants for me at this time.

This includes living in more conscious and sustainable ways in relation to the Earth. But, I am also guided to remember that I am now living in a "Vertical Reality". The third dimension was a "horizantal reality", where movement on the horizantal axes of time and space defined life. It was important to "do" things and to keep moving forward in order to make life work for you. But now, on the vertical axis of the Fifth Dimension, it is necessary to first connect with the consciousness of the Higher Self and the Divine Mind, as well as the Earth consciousness as expressed through the Earth grids, before making any movements on the horizantal or material planes.

This means that the Divine Feminine energy is what takes primacy in the New Earth. To work with this new energy, means first to center in the Heart in Peace and Calm, to feel what is asked of you within that space and in connection with All That Is, and then to make choices for your life based on what is felt on a deep level. The Feminine energy takes the first step, and then the masculine energy can act in the world. And, with the powerful new Platinum Shekinah energy that is infusing the new grids, there is a powerful creative energy that is leading to almost immediate manifestation in the material realms.

It is this power to manifest at accelerated speed that creates the unstable energy that some of us feel around us, and that can produce small accidents and "blow outs" until we have grounded the energy into our Light Body field and begun to flow the power in ways that are supportive of our new reality.

Please remember that this is a high frequency energy, and working with it is like learning to drive a sports car after you have been driving a bus. You need to be very careful and pay attention, until you get the hang of it, and then it will be such fun!

So, essential skills for coping with "right now" if you are having this experience. Don't panic, stay calm and be calm. Enter into the Heart Space and breathe deeply. Feel.....what is going on and what needs to be done. Until you feel an answer, don't do anything, If you need to rest and be peaceful, do that. Rushing around and pushing for solutions will only take you to a dead end now. The answers come in the Peace and in the Heart Space, and then the solutions manifest almost immediately.

We really are living in a New Reality, and it can be an adventure if you get the hang of this new way of being in the flow of Creative Energy and within the Divine Power of Who You Are.

The song that keeps going through my head right now is this one by Miten, called "Vertical Reality". Enjoy!

January 7th 2011 : A New Year and a New Beginning So, here we are at the beginning of the year of 2011. This is certainly a New Beginning in every way. The powerful shifts and transitions in 2010, starting with the Grand Cross Alignment and ending with the Lunar and Solar Eclipses around the Solstice, have shifted the Earth into a trajectory alignment for her date with the 2012 Timegate and her entry into "No Time" and the New Reality of the Multi-Dimensional Earth.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 21st of December provided the initial impetus. At this time, the Divine Feminine Shekinah energy was fully activated in the Earth Grids. The preparation for this had been undertaken throughout the year, starting in Jerusalem on the 1st of January with the activation of the Temple of Golden Light, and the later activation of the Earth Keeper Crystal in April. Other centers were also activated to align with the Shekinah flows, and so by the Eclipse and Full Moon on the 21st, this powerful Divine Feminine Light was flowing through the Earth Keeper Crystalline Grid system. This energy created a powerful grounding energy for those who were awakened and ready for the Fifth Dimensional Timeline, for at that time the Earth moved fully into the Fifth Dimensional Time trajectory that will align her with the Galactice Plane for the 2012 Solstice.

And so, the Solar Eclipse on the 4th of January provided the closure or completion of this series of shifts. At this point, the Divine Masculine energies balanced with the New Divine Feminine Light Codes, and the New Energies were set into motion within our reality. A powerful time....a new beginning for certain. And, at this time, the celestial energies have been very active, with powerful solar winds being felt in the last few days! Here are some beautiful images, taken from the Space Weather website (www.Spaceweather.com). First, an image of the Solar Eclipse taken from Italy:

and here is one of the Aurora or northern lights created by the Solar Winds:

Several people have asked me, after the Solstice webinar and the January channel, what exactly it means to live on the New Timeline, and how that affects our relationships with those still on the old timeline? My experience has been that you beceome extremely sensitive to when people on the old timeline are trying to "hook" you into a drama that involves low frequency emotions and energies. You immediately feel a loss of energy and focus, and old frequency feelings such as anger and depression and anxiety. However, once you become conscious of this, it can be a simple matter to remove yourself from the drama and the hook, and return to your Calm and Peaceful Fifth Dimensional Space.

I try to perceive the two timelines, or ways of being in the world, as parallel lines that can cross each other at times. You, as an individual, can move between the two timelines of perception quite easily at this time. At this point, we all have to be very conscious and awake as we seek to keep our frequency in the Fifth Dimension of Peace and Love, and not to fall into the old frequency of Fear and dualistic dramas. And, if you do slip down there, remember to forgive yourself and just simply focus your energy back to the higher frequency. It really is simple, although it may require some effort on your part to hold that focus and stay within the energy of Peace.

Simply remember that Peace is an energy that is within you, and as you focus on inner Peace and Harmony, you will restore those energies on the outer levels as well. Peace, tranqulity and quiet meditation all help to bring the inner being back into the higher frequencies of connection and joy.

But, those who seek to remain on the lower frequencies at this time, will find life becomng increasingly difficult and stressful. This is the pressure of evolution! Our evolution has chosen to shift us and the Earth into Higher Frequencies, and it is here that we will find life easier as we connect with the Flow of Divine Love. Those on the lower frequencies are choosing the "dead end" path in evolutionary terms, and so will find life difficult, as if there is no way out. In reality, there is no way out except "up". And so,you may find that initially you may lose touch with those who are not yet ready to make that shift, and prefer to choose their dramas and the known way of life. But, as Archangel Michael says, know that every person on the Planet has agreed to make the shift, and that they will catch up at some point. You are the wayshowers, and it is your role to go ahead and show others the way.

According to Michael, by some point in mid 2012, the old timeline will fall away as the Earth aligns with the Timegate and begins her journey into this New Age and we all prepare for the great evolutionary Leap into the New Time. It is certainly a great Adventure in the New Consciousness!

But, in this time where we have just entered this new path, we too may intially find it very stressful to keep our focus and our intention in place. This is New Territory and unfamiliar terrain, but we have the courage and the confidence to find our way. In the last years, we have developed all the skills and the tools that we will need to successfully manifest and co-create in the New Reality in a spirit of fun and adventure.

So, having said this, what about the topic of the moment, the mass deaths of birds and fish at various places on the Planet, primarily in the USA. There are many explanations for these occurences, ranging from the "scientific" argument that says this is "normal" and due to disease and trauma, to the more metaphysical explanations that say that this is due to the new energies and shifts in the magnetic fields. Well, until we can know for sure, we can only speculate. My feelings is that this is a "mass demonstration" by the animals that life in the Old Timeline is facing a Dead End. We have abused out environment in the name of greed for too long, and now it is "shutting down". As we shift to the New Timeline, we must shift into sustainaable lifestyles as well. If we want our animals and plants to share our New Earth, we must hold then in our Hearts with Love and see that we are all connected in Love on the New Timeline.

We can draw them "up" to us, rather than acting as though we only value them dead! Let them know that we value them as living beings and that we want them to share our New Earth with us. Let them know that we honor them beyond their value as food, but for the beauty of who and what they are! It is time for that shift in consciousness that will take us all into the New Earth and through the Timegate into the New Time.

And so, one more "new" thing is that the "old" Earth Log has been reborn in this space as "The New Earth Rising : Adventures in the New Consciousness". The Transition is over, we have arrived in our New Reality, from here we are co-creating and manifesting in partnership with the Earth and with Spirit as we move towards that New Dawn in December 2012. We have waited 26 000 years for this moment, and we move towards this "leap of consciousness" with anticpation and love and joy!

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