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The Energies for February 2011! Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou

The Energies for February 2011!
Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou | Athens, 2 Feb. 2011

Beloved ones, in the month of February 2011 time is accelerating as humanity perceives it generally. The increasing action of the Light anchors in depth the energy patterns and the new models on which the new way of thinking and the societies of the Light will be build.

Loved ones, we understand that the physical dimension goes through many changes which upset many groups of people but also bringing commotion to many societies, even to whole countries. You realize that this process is happening because their function is not based on truth, equality, love and unity. Beloved ones breathe and give the space needed in order for this deep transformational process to complete.

Support yourself and people around you so to make their transition through grace, from a cycle of lessons that is completing into and new state of expanded consciousness. The memories of pain, the energies of fear and oppression are being disengaged and released out of the fields of earth and her people. Breathe in love and the power of the Light supporting you now. The last debris and the remains of the past are plucked now and we help you every moment. You prayed for these changes so the entire planet to be directed on a new course. The spark of awakening is shining now within you; your reconnection with the divine.

Loved ones, the new codes of the Christ Consciousness empower the pure light field that exists within every human and sentient being on Earth. This clear, pure and glorious energy of Love dissolves now all fears and bonds, empowering your light core, to move one and give shape to your reality according to your inner guidance and higher ideals.

Many energy upgrades are taking place right now all over the planet while the energy bodies of Mother Earth are woven minute by minute. The glorious paradise body of mother earth which will bring closer the new reality that you will live. And this is not far beloved; the new era of the Light has come. Like it happened already, attune with the new reality and let the old state now fall and be removed away. Transmuting all drama and separation, transmuting all misused energy.

You see many things changing on the global scene. At the beginning you saw the changes taking place within you and in your families. Now this is spreading and affecting entire groups and countries, bringing root changes on a climax that touches not only the residents of an area or a country, but gives shape to the global scene. A transitional period which leads you to enter the center of the heart in a much more essential way. And this is unity, peace among the beings who are housed on this planet, respect to every being, and appreciation of the gift of life. The return to the frequency of pure Love which holds everything in divine order and harmony, a continuous spiral of harmonious expansion and co-existence with the All.

Beloved light workers, year 2011 is a year of action. As we told you in our previous message, order will arise from chaos. We encourage you to support yourselves and also each human that needs and asks for your help. While you journey on the bow of return back Home, massive awakening waves are taking place. Within each human the memories of the paradisian state awaken and you cannot accept any more within you the control, oppression and manipulation that were played for so long.

Restoring Freedom on a New Level!

Loved ones, throw away the old shoes and move on. The path of decay has finished. A new birth for the new course to the Light is rising now. Celebrate! Celebrate the closing of the old cycle and the beginning of the era of Joy! Yes, beloved ones, the era of joy is a right for all people. Let joy return in the hearts of men and may you live again the miracle of the divine. Move on the waves of your spirit, the Luminous Presence within you, which is alive and illuminates every aspect of your life. Let the drama go off the stage of your life.

The freedom of your being, the freedom of your consciousness, the freedom of yourself in the Light is here, this moment. Realize that you can be free since you choose it so.
The energies of February and the effusive trend of Aquarius impel people and groups to claim their birthright freedom. Now is the most perfect time for this. The issues of respect and boundaries return now and need to be resolved, and this concerns all types of relationships, in families, friends and the societies generally. Freedom to expression, freedom to "movement", freedom to choose the course of your own life. Freedom to all beings on earth.

The planetary grid of the Light & Power Places!

The activities of the Light and the Spiritual Hierarchy are working intensively right now restoring the energy grid of planet Earth. There is so much activity in many sacred places and nodal points which are upgraded and reconnected so the new light grid to transmit the new light codes and hold the new incoming energies of the Light.

You worked for a long period with the male and female energies, establishing for once more these qualities, bringing a balance to the planet that was lost long ago. While we restore together this balancing, networking the grids around the planet, this helps the spreading of the Christ consciousness which diffuses and anchors every day, bringing about deep changes on all levels.

This looks like planting seeds, the Seeds of the Christ Consciousness, which open and push the soil, breaking any barriers and obstacles, so to emerge to the Light, to the freedom and glory of the sun. So to shine, to diffuse their beauty and their fragrances and grow and then offer their fruits. A transformation, a miracle, a new birth.

Empowering the Inner Core: Love, Wisdom, Power!

Beloved, the continuous climax of the Light energies create an opportunity now for everyone to shift from the old patterns and situation in greater easement. The entire dynamic and the support you need to do it are provided to you. The information, the tools and the persons that can provide you a different perspective in order to help you in this transition will present themselves on your path. Remain open to the Spirit for further guidance and everything else will flow in the best possible way for a new beginning.

Many issues of the past remaining open and have not been resolved or just being hidden in the shadow or "under the carpet", are coming forward asking you to complete these cycles in order something new to begin. Strengthen your inner core and give courage to yourself. Handle them with honesty and take any decisions with responsibility. If you wish to be the creator of your reality, without being tied from the lower consciousness, then act in a new way and allow your Bright Self within you to lead the way.

In the previous message we gave you we said how important it is the daily energy cleansing. While the energies of the lower consciousness are released now through the energy bodies, through the physical body, the recordings and the memories in the cells and the DNA of humanity; it is extremely useful your everyday contact with the cleansing energies. When you release the bounded dynamic which is pent in situations, peoples or facts then a part of your power returns back. The passing through this course of breaking old patterns might seem difficult, bringing doubts to the mind, insecurity for the future and feeling this resistance in your bodies. Know that this purification is taking place on many levels and through many incarnations. Apply any Light practices you know and can empower you and free yourselves.

Return to the Center of Love:
Reconnection with the Heart of the One!

Beloved of the family of Light, we embrace you know and transmit to you the energies of love and support. In this period it is necessary for each individual to feel and experience within the essence of love. Create, beloved ones, the living field of the Light. Bring the Presence of the Divine in your lives beloved. The living light fields being created now on the planet, the sacred temples of the new age, will assist people to reconnect back to the core of Love. Establishing again the connections with the One heart, the heart of the One, and all beings on earth, all people to experience the love of the Divine within them. Realizing the security and the protection of the Light. Loving and feeling loved and welcomed on this land. Beloved, running away of situations or out of the planet, is not the solution. Indecisiveness and the fear to take your power, will not take you anywhere.

Loved ones, remember the power of the essence of love. Remember what this is. Bring it much closer to you. This is what the entire planet needs now. Love. Love that embraces everything, every being, without judgment. Love that forgives and understands. Love full of power and wisdom. Come closer to her. As much as you approach Love, so much more unity will be created among people. Let's direct towards love and then at a point, all and everything will be together, in unity and harmony.

You have all the support and the love of Heaven. May this month be the first step for the era of peace for all beings on planet Earth.

Archangel Jophiel.

Channeling from Archangel Jophiel through Frixos Christodoulou| 2 Feb.11, Athens



The cosmic waves infuse Earth with many powerful energies and light forms. The

Avatar Light is carried as one of the frequencies of the sixth cosmic wave. Your

planet has reached the capacity to begin a massive infusion of Avatar Light. The

light from the Avatar Plane alters the very basic light principles of your lightbody.

The lightbody is accelerated. The lightbody is powerfully expanded in its capacity

to generate the cosmic frequencies, the holy vibrations, and the golden light of

creation. Thus each of you who have initiated higher frequency lightbodies are

ready to be the vessels of light for the integration of Avatar Light onto the planet.

from SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE!
Feb. 2011, pp17-19

Judith K. Moore
Records of Creation.com

Adi Gaia
Universal Citizen

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