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Ascension through Unified Oneness.

Ascension through Unified Oneness.

Ascension is still something that is very unclear to many as ascension is happening at all levels and yet we have different forms of ascension.

We have heard some stories of physical ascension, the story of Jesus appearing in his light body, while his physical body was gone from the cave.

This for many is the ultimate of ascension as it takes you out of the physical body and/or actually transforms the physical body into light.

With all that is happening on earth we see another type of ascension happening as well where a large group is moving into a new dimensional reality.

As it seems to me this large group is all of humanity, but it also includes all animals and every other living being upon earth including plant life.

The earth herself is like us a spiritual being that took a physical appearance, the only difference is that the earth took on the physical body of this planet and became one with this planet.

We took a physical form by actually changing our own energy to have a physical appearance.

The earth was built through many meteorites/asteroids/spacedust actually slamming into each other forming a greater and greater mass until it was about the size of what we see as the earth at this moment. It took a long time for this mass to cool off, and actually the only things that really cooled off is the outside shell of the earth as the inner earth is still very hot and the core itself is a mass of fluid metal that is still at a very high temperature.

Every physical property has a spiritual property or spiritual energies, so the earth has her own core source energies just like us, but she assigned a different spiritual property to her energies than we did. We can already see this in the fact that the earth does not really regenerate her energies, her physical energies move but that is it.

Everything living thing that is on the surface of the earth is growing upon her, it is not a part of her energy, but moves in balance with her energy.
We as human regenerate our physical cells, just like every other living being upon earth, plants grow seeds that make new plants for example.

In this way the earth is in fact a lot of energy put together that at one point formed the earth and became one conscious being.

Rock, sand and water occur naturally within the surface of the earth, the small microbial beings that were the beginning of life upon earth were already within those meteorites that made up the earth.

The atmosphere around the earth was formed through the cooling of the outside surface of the earth. All the planets that are surrounding the earth are actually all held together by magnetic fields, it is these magnetic fields that keep the earth connected to the sun.

The largest magnetic field is just below the surface of the earth, while the core is also magnetic but in a different way and the mass of fluid metal flows in a different direction than the mass on the outside of the earth. This is why we have plate shift and the buildup of the mountains and rocks at certain places, while we have other places with just sand.

You can actually see this when you look at the pieces of land on a map and you can see that probably at one point those pieces that are now forming different landmasses, at one point were one big landmass.

The water that is on the surface of the earth is also part of the cooling of the surface as the heat was released through the water, the water is the condensation of all that water that assisted in creating the atmosphere and started to cool off and fall back on earth again, while the lighter particles, not just water but also other chemical particles started forming the atmosphere around the earth.

The leylines within the earth are the grid system of energy within the earth, as the earth has many smaller grid systems as well.

The crystals within the earth are naturally formed crystals, many think the crystals within the earth were used to form a grid work for the humans to stay connected to their spiritual part but the crystals were actually formed through manifesting them and none of the crystals were taken out of the earth.

As humans we took on a more physical life in stages, it was like we just took on this physical body we have now, we adjusted it over time to what it is now, and some of the adjustments were made through the control system and sometimes with the assistance of groups that were not from the earth.

The control system that we have now was started slowly over time as well. It started with just a small not really control system but a rule, one rule, the law of one, to live in balance with the earth and all other living beings upon earth.

This was easy in the beginning as everyone was connected to their spiritual part and able to see and be one with everything, every energy.

When we became more physical and the connection to the spiritual became less important, some rules were added and a new support system was built, this system is what we now call the mass consciousness. This was still outside of the earth.
The mass consciousness was used to align the thought system and to stay within the law of one and balance upon and with everything on earth.

There was at all times a small group that stayed connected with their spiritual part fully and this small group was in charge of the balance upon earth, they were capable of making slight adjustments and changes to the energies to keep the balance under the law of one.

When we look at the fall of Atlantis, we see the change, the shift that happened as this small group was changed, the power that this small group has was seen by some and members of this small group became attached to this power over all others as they were able to control the reality of these others.

At this time humans were only using the crystal grid system and the mass consciousness to create the reality and experiences that allowed for a balance upon earth while we as humans went through the experience of living a human life.

When the fall of Atlantis happened, it was more a takeover of the control system and this is when the large crystals were either removed or destroyed. This was also the time the crystal skulls were manifested to record history by the ones that belonged to the group that was in charge of the crystal grid and consciousness.

The crystal skulls were manifested by the ones that were forced out of the group that was in charge and the ones that wanted power took over the creation of the reality upon earth. This was done by creating a new grid within the earth to also bring in a connection or greater attachment to the physical reality.

All that we had left at that moment was the mass consciousness, and the grid system within the earth was added by using the crystals within the earth as well as other devices that were used to keep the energy of the human connected to the earth.

The energy was used to fuel the grid, to change the energies and make a sort of rotating system where the energy of humans was brought into the grid system in the earth, change it through the devices in the grid system and bring in emotions like fear and anger to get more control as the energy was fed back to the humans and brought into the mass consciousness.

Sort of a closed system of flowing energies, almost like within our physical body, only our physical body does the clearing of what comes in and this system actually brought in denser energies instead of higher energies.

As time went by more control came into place as the earth was going through shifts like we are approaching right now and the ones in charge of the control system did everything they could to keep control.

Although some over time changed their mind and returned to the system of balance and the law of one, we still have some of the original souls that are in control at this time.
They have incarnated upon earth at times and used large groups to keep control, as they also used the assistance of groups not of the earth at times.
Groups of humans have been able to get away, or out of the control system and this is why we have some civilizations that seem to have disappeared from the earth completely.

As the earth moved through the spiral motion within our universe some that were in Atlantis have been back and we can see this by looking at the groups that ascended and the more evolved spiritual civilizations that we find in our history.

They have been involved several times in returning the spiritual connection for humans but never at such a great scale as we are experiencing at this moment.
We have reached the lowest density, or frequency possible for the human body and this time the shift is being used to sort of force the control system to allow for a change back into a less dense and higher frequency, the 5th dimension.
Now I know many see the dimensions as present everywhere, but this is not the case as the dimensions we have around the earth and within our earth reality are specific for the earth as us as humans.

The reason this is only done at certain times is that just like what we have now at this point in time, the energy surrounding the earth as the earth is spiraling through our universe brings in the opportunity or thinning of the veil between the human and spiritual reality.

At these specific times it becomes easier to access the spiritual reality for us humans, as we move through the galactic core where the energies are at a zero point, so no dimensional frequencies, no time and a change to either step out of the control or move the system into a new reality.

Now many would say, why don't we completely destroy, or take away, or change this control system back to what it was in the beginning where everyone was aware of the physical and spiritual reality.

When you think about this, you can also imagine the chaos it would bring as many are not aware there is a spiritual reality, they belief in a spiritual reality, but cannot see or feel the spiritual reality to an extent that makes them connect with it. It is a belief and not really a part of their reality.

So bringing it up to the 5th dimension is one step in the right direction and at this point the control system is sort of forced into that direction as more people than ever have been able to wake up to a certain point.

Of course the reality is still controlled but there will be more that are awake than ever and it will allow for more teachers to step forward and allow for more and more people to start connecting again to their spiritual reality.

We see that the civilizations that were able to move out of the control system have left us many buildings, and clues to what happened and what can be done.
We are assisted by some of the ones that were there in Atlantis as they opened our eyes to what is really happening.

We also still have the control system that is giving us information to keep us attached to the physical reality, and of course we have some of the groups out there that are working for the control system to keep us within this physical reality.

We have the spiritual teachings and as always some of it is truth and part of them are fiction. This is being used to control us as well as many of the teachings do keep us attached to the physical reality, even though they allow for an exploration of the spiritual reality to a certain point.

What most of the teachings do is keep us within certain dimensions and they allow us to feel and see those dimensions, but they don't take us beyond actually seeing what these dimensions are and what lies beyond the dimensions.
Many talk about the feeling of oneness with everything, but seeing the oneness is different.

When you really see the oneness, you also see everything that is created and present within the oneness, you see that the earth dimensions are created, the physical body is a creation, the physical reality is a creation, but you also start to see beyond the earth, beyond our universe and get a greater understanding of how and what creation is within source, within the oneness.

Now of course as we know it is not meant for everyone at this time to actually see all this as most human are only meant to move into the 5th dimension.
It is however important to see part of what is happening as we are all part of the process of making this shift happen.

The problem lies within the fact that to keep control the reality we live in is adjusted to what many want at this time, change, but we cannot really decide what the change actually is.

To keep control the system has adjusted over time and the best way to control a large group is to give them part of what they want, but make sure they are not looking too far outside of their reality they belief in at this moment.

So as we are moving toward another cycle and the zero point, the natural awakening in many is happening and more have become aware of the spiritual world again.
What better way to control this than through giving information about the spiritual world, but information that is partly truth and most of it not truth.

When we look at the channeled messages you have to realize that a lot of what is channeled is coming through the mass consciousness and the belief system of each channel.

There are very few channelings out there that are in fact coming through the way they are supposed to be coming through as many are so within the spiritual belief system and the untruths that are within the spiritual belief system that it is hard to really separate truth from fiction.

Many of the channelings have information but they are still very focused on the physical reality and only limited as far as connecting to the real spiritual reality.
For myself I have noticed going through that process as well when I look back at the messages I received over the years, but I have noticed a difference in the last two years or so as the messages and experiences they have brought me have taken me more and more out of this reality into my spiritual reality.

It has not been easy and it still is a lot to go through of trying to understand the spiritual reality, but with each passing day something new becomes more clear and the most important part is that my human part is understanding more and more of the spiritual reality.

I do think that some of us that came here at this time already came in with a stronger connection to our spiritual reality as we have already gone through some of the adjustments needed to step out of this controlled reality or at least be the wayshowers to assist others to awaken to the fact that we are moving through this shift toward a new reality and to assist with this shift.

We have choices at all times, although choices are limited according to what we belief our reality is, or what we see as our reality and of course what our belief system is.

At the moment toward and during zero time we have a chance to make our own adjustments to the reality and the control system.

This is why it is so important to be aware not just of the spiritual reality, but also understand more about the spiritual reality and how everything fits together as we work on bringing in a stronger connection to our spiritual reality.

And of course and understanding of what is happening during this shift and how we can create a different reality at this moment.

Now this is all completely separate from what is happening with the earth.

We have been taught that we are connected to the earth, but as we look back in history we can see we were never connected to earth, except for the control system that keeps us connected to the earth.

The earth is going through an ascension all on her own and what happens to the earth does not have an influence on anything within our reality as it is the spiritual part of the earth that is ascending and the physical part is only moving up in frequency, or dimension into the 5th dimension. This is happening no matter what as the earth is not controlled through the control system.

We remain upon earth, either still within this reality or within a new reality as it can go different ways as the adjustments will take place upon what is being created by us at this moment as far as we bring in our view of what we would like to see happening on earth.

There is the reality of even a more controlled system as well when we look at what is being brought through now by certain messages and groups that are part of the control system.

Many see this as fear and the control is something that can be taken care of by just not admitting there is a controlled reality in place, but to me it is important to understand why we are within this reality, how this reality works and how we can bring change in the reality for everyone at this time, not just close our eyes for what is happening, but see through what is happening and make sure we can bring in the change.

Balance and harmony is one of the most important parts of this process as this allows you to see without attachments, it assists you in staying within balance to find a deeper balance within as you work on releasing the form of control that is related this this physical reality within creation.

Love is something that is universal and many see this line of questioning as not being loving, oneness is everything.

Many feel the oneness, but as they feel it they only see or feel a static picture of oneness, there is no movement as they are only focusing on one specific detail of oneness, being love and light.

When I see oneness it is a constant movement of creational energies that happen in an instant and yet seem to be eternal as well. Infinite realities are being created within the oneness and sometimes beings can get stuck within their created realities as they stop seeing the movement that is there within creation at all times.

This is what is happening to many souls upon earth, they are stuck within the created reality, they stopped seeing the movement and don't see the movement that they are themselves as well.

The reality upon earth has anchored our energies into the earth and this is what makes us stay connected within this reality, stuck within this reality, incarnating over and over within this reality, as the death of the physical body does not release us from this reality as part of our energies are anchored within the earth at all time.

It's almost like we have an anchor around our feet that stays upon earth, the death of the physical body does not have any influence on it as the anchor is made of energy that is not physical.

Now many are not ready to move beyond all this, so everything that is written down here will sound like fiction with a little hint of truth.

For the ones that are ready, there will be more truth than fiction.

We have been told too many stories about ascension and what can be done to ascend to even start to comprehend part of it unless you have some experience of it. The problem is that even the experience is being influenced through what we have heard, what we know and what is being released through the control system.

This is a simplified version of all that is happening behind the scenes as I just wanted to explain the overall view of what can be seen at this moment.

In the next couple of days I will be working on explaining the ascension process as it happens on all levels within us and I will try to explain why it is that our ascension process is in fact not related to anything outside of us.
Petra Margolis
April 1, 2012

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