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Irelands' Devic Lucidity,Ireland & The Kingdom of Fae,ELEMENTALS,FAIRIES James Tyberonn


Irelands' Devic Lucidity

Ireland produces the most tangible interface of the Elemental Lifeforms than any other place I have as yet examined. Charles Leadbeater - UKTheosophic Society 1913

Ireland & The Kingdom of Fae
The belief in the existence of Fairies, Elves & Pixies most prominently surfaced in the period writings & folklore of medieval Western Europe.

Many notable channels such as Edgar Cayce, Jane Roberts (Seth Material), Charles Leadbeater ( Theosophical Society) spoke of the validity of the Devic (Fae) Kingdom. Gaia & Metatron have also spoken on this topic.

Elemental beings are of the fourth dimensional Nature World. What we call a fairy is actually an elemental of the air. They take on this appearance only to be recognizable to those humans who have clairvoyant abilities. As they are vibrating at a much higher rate than us we cannot see them. They are invisible to the eyes of the majority of third dimensional beings. When Earth begins her ascension into the 5-12 dimension many will be able to see and communicate with these loving entities. Certain pockets of energy, such as those found in Ireland, are already in this field, and indeed have been for quite a period. The Ascension will further enhance the unique light spectra of parallel and higher dimensional aspects specifically in energies such as Ireland.

** Authors Note Insert - There will be a full channel from Archangel Metatron on the topic of The Kingdom of Fae next month....


Elementals are spiritual entities of a different dimension who tirelessly toil unseen by most of us in the Third Dimension. The elementals of the plant kingdom care for the development of all plant species that spring to life from the soil of Mother Earth. Just as the human body possesses spiritual life energy of love and light, so too does inanimate forms of one kind or another undergoing growth upon or within this planet called Earth. For instance, quartz crystal grows slowly deep within the earth over many millions of years. This growth is nurtured by a loving consciousness of an elemental nature.

Elementals are a fourth dimensional life form attached to anyone of the four elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. Elementals of the Earth element include those who assist the Plant Kingdom and those of the Mineral Kingdom.

Greenman is considered by many to be the head of the elemental 'plant' Nature Kingdom and is often depicted in carvings, paintings and glyphs. Other elementals include Ondines, Nymphs or Sprites of the Water Kingdom, Gnomes of the Earth Kingdom, Sylphs of the Air Kingdom and Salamanders and Dragons of the Fire Kingdom. Sylphs of the air sometimes show themselves to humans in the guise of tiny winged creatures we call fairies. They often 'appear' to humans in this form in order to be recognized, but in truth they are light orbs of plasmic bio-electrical nature.


Charles Leadbeater's book, The Hidden Side of Things (1913) described nature spirits, including gnomes, fairies, elfins, sprites sylphs, and elementals in an entire chapter devoted to their energies and nature. Analogies between material, Devic parallels and spiritual evolution literally pepper Madame Blavatsky's Isis Unveiled (1877).

Leadbeater goes on in further lectures and works, to say that certain parts of the world have a somewhat differing type of elementals. He also said that the 'full-spectra energy field' of found in certain areas determined the quantity of the Fae Kingdom as well as the ability to see them. He noted that certain areas of Britain and Ireland were among the richest in Devic energies.

Leadbeater expressed that Ireland, more than any other area he had visited or reviewed, was home to the greatest variety and populace of the Faerie and Elfin Kingdoms, and that those in Ireland were far more willing to interface with humans. That is precisely why so many rich folklores of the Devic exist in Ireland.

There are indeed rich pockets of Devic Beings that timelessly inhabit the green hills and river valleys of Ireland. The Devic Kingdom in Ireland is more tangible, more lucid, than in other places of the planet, and can thus be more vividly experienced.

I experienced this first hand in a trip to Ireland a few years ago. I literally saw blue-green transparent orbs containing visible faeries in several locales, including the Ring of Kerry, Killarney National Park and Skellig Michael. It was quite amazing and serendipitous, an unexpected and delightful occurrence. Although I had 'seen' such aerial Devics in other locations including Arkansas, England, Brazil, Canada and Scotland, these were comparatively brief glimpses that did not last long enough to provide certainty that I had truly seen what I felt I saw. In Ireland, the elementals did not appear and disappear in a quick flash, I was able to view them for up to 30 minutes on Skellig, before they dimmed back into total transparency.

Edgar Cayce explained the Devic Kingdom, as being a very real, form of nature consciousness, relating directly to and somewhat projected from the elements of air, water, earth and fire.

While my life-partner Anne & I did have a 10 minute consistent visual of an amazing Devic in the Trossachs of western Scotland, in 1982, I had not experienced the clarity visual since then, until visiting Ireland. And what was presented on Skellig Michael was simply amazing. Literally dozens of orbed faeries and elves flew and scrambled about in small flower gardens and pools at the top and along the slopes. The Faeries in several instances, seem to be aware of me, several particularly attracted to a large Vogel Phi Crystal I had placed on a grassy, flowered patch of land atop Skellig. Two appeared right over it and exuded a delightful energy that made me laugh, instantly & contagiously in pure delight.

One of the differentiating aspects of experiencing Ireland is this unique visual interfacing with incredibly light and delightful beings.

There is available the experience of not only seeing the Devic in lucidity for confirming periods of time, there is also the absolutely awareness of a communication, a knowledge that they are interacting with you. An undeniable sensation of pure bliss.

There is certainly a unique combination of telluric energies and Cosmic alignments at work, that are unique in effect in the amazing synergy of enabling Spiritual opening and lucid tangibility of parallel dimension in the Land of the Emerald Isle.

James Tyberonn

Irelands very unique 'cocktail' of energies include gravity anomalies, ley energies, and telluric blends of rare mineralogy. These symbiotically combine to allow a very lucid visibility of full-spectra life. There are varieties of the Devic in Ireland that do not occur elsewhere, these include the gnome like elementals lorically referred to as the Leprechaun, as well as the 'White Unicorn' often reported in mythology.

The Faeries exist as aerial devics and are extremely lucid in Kerry and Skellig. These are benevolent in nature, very positive in resonance.


" The function of the nature spirits of woodland, meadow, and garden ... is to furnish the vital connecting link between the stimulating energy of the sun and the raw material of the form. That growth of a plant which we regard as the customary and inevitable result of associating the three factors of sun, seed, and soil would never take place if the fairy builders of the Elemetnal Evics were absent" Arthur Canon Doyle - 'The Coming'

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