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Science and Spirituality - Soul Searching by Mitch Battros

Science and Spirituality -
Soul Searching

by Mitch Battros - Earth Changes Media

Soul is a name given by the spiritually-inclined to the life giving substance. The word itself does not describe its composition. Given that spirituality has traditionally probed this question in great detail, can science provide a parallel?

When a key component is knocked out from a system, some correlation is usually noticed. For example, knocking out a gene to know its function is a standard practice in molecular biology. Extending this logic to spirituality - the absence soul is noticed when a person dies.

Interestingly, immediately after death, genes, RNA molecules, proteins, pathways and networks are still in fully operational mode but the person is 'lifeless'. Common spiritual belief is that the missing substance that keeps people alive is the 'soul' or spirit.

At the highest level, living beings exhibit features in the form of mood variations. Physiologically these variations can be mapped in cell and molecule interactions. The interactions are determined by the chemistry that exists between molecules. Chemistry is further determined by the physical atomic structure. An atom is held in shape by a strong physical force that exists among sub-atomic particles. Though protons and neutrons were considered fundamental particles, they are in turn made of quarks. Quarks are held together by a strong force called 'color charge' mediated by particles called gluons.

Though the current model of atom describes several fundamental forces and particles, it is unable to explain how living beings are constitutionally different from the non-living. From ancient times, a force has been described in spiritual texts as the 'life giving substance', spirit or soul. A scientific parallel to that has not yet been described.

The electromagnetic spectrum describes all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation ranging from long wavelength used for radio communication to short wavelength gamma radiations. In theory, long wavelengths can extend up to the size of the universe itself, while the short wavelength can be as short as the Planck (spacecraft) length.

If the life giving force exists, can we find a 'soul spectral signal' in the electromagnetic spectrum? If yes, what would it possibly look like? Would it show up in the middle of the spectrum, towards the gamma ray end (shortest wavelength) or towards the radio wave length (longest wavelength)? There is no scientific evidence to support or refute this theory.

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