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Understanding Fear by Lord Buddha Channelled through Natalie Glasson

Understanding Fear by Lord Buddha

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 28/06/10

May the abundant blessings of the Creator shower onto and into your being now, bringing forth the greatest existence of joy, happiness and bliss. My dear friends it is not only your privilege to be happy on the Earth but it is your truth and the natural existence of your being. Happiness is an emotion of love and love is the truth of the Creator’s soul. At the high vibrations of the Creator universe it is only the vibration of love that is in existence, this is because every essence, consciousness or focus within the Creator’s soul is of love and so this emanates limitlessly into the universe. It is important to realise that it is your divine right to align with the Creator’s soul and to receive sacred energy and illumination. It is also your sacred right to become one with the Creator and embody the soul of the Creator on the Earth and the many levels of the inner planes. With the realisation of your divine right you are able to take action and focus your existence on accepting these sacred blessings, which you naturally are anyway. Due to the fact that every soul on the Earth is an aspect of the Creator when they align to the Creator this creates feelings of comfort, joy and happiness as the soul is reunited with and reminded of its truth. In fact, happiness and a sense of relief or safety manifests because the illusions, fears and limitations of the Earth are stripped away at that point of reconnection with the Creator which brings an immense liberation.

When we enter onto the Earth as souls we descend into a low vibrating energy which feels abstract and somewhat uncomfortable after the high vibrations of the inner planes. Whereas on the inner planes everything manifests with precise speed and vitality, the slow vibrations of the Earth allow for a feeling of heaviness and restriction. For many it can feel as if the soul is being caged and trapped. The slow vibration of the Earth means that we experience all emotions, thoughts, actions and reactions at a slower rate, it is as if they hang in the air for you to view and examine before letting go or accepting. The process of growth is slowed down and all experiences are intensified for greater development and further exploration of the Creator’s energy. When we are aware that everything we experience is at a slow rate, is therefore weighty and can sit heavily on our shoulders then we have a realisation that allows us to break through the illusions that the slower vibrations create to connect with the high vibrations which bestow a greater appreciation of the truth of the Creator.

When we allow our mind especially to be drawn into or embedded in the slow vibrations we truly feel the reality of fear, limitations and hopelessness. This can be overwhelming creating the awareness that no other reality is true other than the reality of fear. It is this reality that causes so much emotional, mental and even physical pain, allowing an experience of the numerous manifestations of fear. It is important to realise that fear is a manifestation of the Creator’s energy, but it isn’t a manifestation from the Creator, rather a projection from our own energies within us when we are off balance or disconnected from the truth and love of the Creator.

As I stated previously the soul can feel trapped or caged within the slower vibrating levels and this manifests numerous fears within the mind and being as it no longer feels supported by the energy of the Creator and can feel separated from everything else. If we were to rise up to completely embody the higher vibrations of the Creator’s light then all fears would simply flow away and we would see their lack of importance, but because we are constantly in existence within the slower vibrations even when we reconnect with the Creator we can still feel or recognise the fears rising from within us. It is almost as if there is a lack of trust in the Creator’s support and this is evident because of the continued manifestations of fears. When we place our complete and absolute trust in the soul of the Creator then fear has no place within our beings as we are cradled in love entirely. Love becomes our only reality and truth prevails.

With the understanding that fears are magnified due to the slower vibration of the Earth and that all fear or negative situations start within us and are projected into our reality, we can then begin work on dissolving and removing fears to exist as love. The slower vibration means that we will experience fears more fully but we must be aware that this doesn’t make them real; they are still delusional projections from within your being. When you begin to learn what is the truth and what is false within your reality then you will gain a greater perspective of clarity and balance. This doesn’t mean that we can pull away from our reality and responsibilities but simply signifies that we do not have to allow fears to affect us as fully and can avert our concentration to the truth and our alignment with the Creator.

These are realisations that most light beings on the Earth will accept at a certain stage of their growth or already realise, but to place the perceptive into your reality and examine when you are being grasped or deluded by fears brings forth a great illumination to all aspects of your being, allowing for a greater connection with the mighty soul of the Creator.

In many ways we can state that all fears are false because the only truth is love; the love that pours from the Creator’s soul and exists within your being in abundance. To experience and truly embody this love simply requires a shift in perspective from fear to love, allowing yourself to remain focused on love at all times but not forgetting the valuable lessons that can manifest from fear. Many people believe that fear is needed on the Earth and that one cannot live without fear but when fear is released the soul becomes prominent and guides you accordingly creating perfection and purity within your reality. When we cling to fear we are holding on to the greatest fear of all, fear of connecting with the Creator’s soul and of being loved completely and absolutely. It is every soul’s divine right to be loved; it is now time to allow this divine right to come into fruition through your acceptance of the Creator and understanding of fear.

The love of the Creator encapsulates you now,

I am Lord Buddha, Planetary Logos

Natalie Glasson, Wisdom of the Light, www.wisdomofthelight.com

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