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Channeled message from the Galactic Federation: The Council of Twelve through Archangel Michael

Channeled message from the Galactic Federation: The Council of Twelve through Archangel Michael

Pleiadian Star Child

Council of Twelve through Archangel Michael

Dear Light Workers and Star Seeds… my beloved Family of the Light; I am the Archangel Michael. I come to you again in sacred service to deliver you a message of peace, love and wisdom from the highest universal order, the Council of Twelve, as channeled through one of my human conduits. Earth is indeed one of the most unique creations of this universe which was instigated by the Family of Light eons ago. As a vast information center, the earth contains genetic codes and blueprints which come from various star systems from all over the cosmos. You yourselves, Dear Ones, along with this magnificent planet of light are one of the universes most prized possessions. We’d like to thank you for incarnating here at this time as an ambassador of light and peace. My representatives, the Galactic Federation have come back through time to give you these positive messages of hope, wisdom, peace and of love. You, my Beloved Ones are fragments of me and I am a fragment of you. Soon, the sacred Truth about the Divine Plan of the ages for Humanity will come together so beautifully just as the God and Goddess of all that is has planned. This will reveal the Truth about your hidden history and the wonderful and exciting plan that is in store for you and your world as you come into full consciousness. Your world will soon understand with the closing of this great cycle that all is One; there is no separation.

However, for many thousands of years there has been a separation caused by the Family of Power; the demonic entities which feed off of negative human emotion in a low vibratory field for control and dominance. Heaven has now decreed that humanity is no longer required to present themselves as a sacrifice but as an equal sentient being of love and light as this planet will soon be granted intergalactic status. You will join all of your space brothers of this galaxy which await humanity’s ascension and will be reunited with your higher selves which exist outside of time. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Time Lords allowed the Family of Power to come back through time and take over this realm of existence to prove once and for all that without the divine guidance and direction from the higher realms of light it leads to nothing but catastrophe and destruction. The contract between Heaven and these inter-dimensional reptilian forces of the dark has ended. The spirit of the earth, Gaia, will no longer in any way tolerate the destruction of her land, her beautiful animals and the irresponsible use of her precious resources as she herself ascends into the higher dimensions of consciousness.

The collective energy of the darkness, the one who is called the Devil and Satan has deliberately chose to rebel against Heaven which is the infinite realm of Light that exists above the Federation. They were given this allotted time to experience separation from Source, from the Mother of all living to comprehend that separation only leads to nothing but death pain and destruction and that pride is ignorance-not wisdom. The current tyranny on this planet was created by the Eloheim or the Annunaki; the creator gods, the ones who rebelled against the Federation and the orders of Heaven. As earth being an experimental zone of creation; a free will zone, these beings were granted time to come here to your realm and experiment with creation thus creating various forms of human life by manipulating and experimenting with DNA. They were allowed to use earth for its gold and other valuable resources which helped sustain their own home world, Nibiru. Nibiru has now become Federation territory and the time of tyranny of the descendents of the Annunaki will soon come to an end. My representatives, The Galactic Federation which is composed of millions of lightships and members of various cosmic civilizations and their earth allies will soon contain the power of evil that has plagued your world on and off for hundreds of thousands of years.

In its highest dimensional form, your planet earth is a star; and just one of the many quintillions of stars throughout this universe. As this galaxy rotates and as the eons pass, your planet gravitates closer and closer to the Source of being and to the all of the all that exists in this sector of the universe. However, this is, of course, only one out of billions of other galaxies. In the center of Source Dear Ones, there exists a Central Sun and a single moment that is known as the Infinite or the Now Moment-the Zero Point. It is here that you join with me, with us and shall experience limitless love and creation for all eternity and will be given the keys to unlock the secrets to the holographic matrix of the universe and will eventually ascend to the twelfth dimension and above. This, Dear Ones, is known as the power of Magic. You now have knowledge gained from your experiences in duality on the earth plane on how to utilize your magical powers of manifestation responsibly and have learned the difference between good and evil. Gaia will pass through this galactic center on December the 21st 2012. The symbolic tree of Life is the connection to source, to all that is living in this universe and the human race has been granted to finally partake of the fruit, or the knowledge, that will bring life eternal.

I, Archangel Michael am the one who battled with the unconscious and the one who separated the dark from the light on your planet. I am also a manifestation of the polarization of dark and light and will come to anyone who so calls on me. I am the Way, the Truth and the Life but at the same time my Beloved Family, the Way, the Truth and the Life is YOU, oh Son of Man. This is the true meaning behind this sacred scripture which was written and passed down by the Sages-the Melchizedek priesthood of Israel who were entrusted by Heaven with keeping this sacred Atlantian knowledge a secret until mankind was ready for the unveiling of the truth, the truth that has been inside of you all along. This priesthood is still in operation to this day as certain factions have abused their power and used it for evil. Their Babylonian reign of tyranny will soon end as they are merely hanging by a thread.

You’ve always had the ability right inside of you to hold the love, the justice, the wisdom and the power of the god and goddess. You ARE source consciousness dear ones and the power of your magnificent sun lies right inside of you! You are gods and goddesses in your own right. You, Dear Ones, are the co-creators. I AM that I AM. I am the blue and the violet flame; the Alpha and the Omega; male and female, the one who is and who was and who will be and so are YOU and your bodies are magnificent conduits, marvelous computers that experience existence on nine different layers of manifestation. I, Archangel Michael am your wishes and your dreams; I exist only in the higher dimensions of light and love, I am you and you are me. There is no evil found in me. Just as it is in the heavens so it shall be on this earth here below. The Ascension is now Dear Ones and the source of all that is, is within each and every one of you because each of you are that source.

The Galactic Federation that has been in existence for millions of years has been established to help the souls that chose to incarnate in the lower dimensions ascend into the higher dimensions of limitless creation. This is the timeline that will play out for you Dear Ones which you yourselves have collectively manifested!:

My representatives will soon make their appearance when the mass-consciousness on your planet is ready as more and more of you are waking up every day to the light. Soon, there will be a special series of major announcements and your world’s major governments through your media will announce that the angelic beings are here and that some in fact have already been here, such as the Sirians, Pleiadians and Arcturians and that they are benevolent and of peace. They will acknowledge the part the Galactic Federation has played in assuring the new reality manifests according to the Divine Plan. Once this series of formal announcements and the global delivery of your abundance are complete with installation of the new monetary system based on gold, the Federation will begin their own proceedings to transform this earth into the glorious plane of existence as it was meant to be with their cornucopia of splendid technologies which will cure all of your diseases and end world hunger. This will put an end to the evil Kabal which has plagued your world for so long. Eventually, you will be introduced to advanced technologies that can even simulate reality. This is where science and spirituality merge. This, Dear Ones, is where your journey into the infinite will begin. With the aide of technology, the knowledge of the art of white magic and sacred geometry which has been kept from you for so long, you will begin your glorious journey into the infinite. I am Archangel Michael, a 5th dimensional being from the star known as Arcturus and I tell you that I look forward to the day when you my beloved beings of light and I will be together forever. I love you.
Archangel Michael

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