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Mother Earth and her view on the Planetary Grid

Mother Earth and her view on the Planetary Grid

The Planetary Grid is within me, I am not connected to this Grid.
You as humans are. The Grid is an energy collector and your collective consciousness is fueled by this energy as an ocean running through me.
This collective consciousness is a dark and heavy energy within me.

Some have already disconnected from this grid and from the collective consciousness.
What this does is it makes the collective consciousness, this ocean of energy smaller.
Can you imagine having to carry an ocean of energy within you, it affects you, don't you think.

When more people disconnect from the grid, this ocean of energy will become smaller.

The collective consciousness was created millions of years ago, as was the grid. it is one being, one structure.

It was created for the humans, as they were not able to look up for their connection to source.
This collective consciousness has been polluted, used, and is has come to a time where it will need to be dissolved as we all move toward ascension.

Being connected to the collective consciousness is a safe feeling for many, and its scary to disconnect.
But you have to know that you are all source beings, you know this within you heart. As a source being you can look up, you don't need a consciousness that keeps you down.

We have reached the accelerated time and are getting close to zero point where you will have to look up.

The collective consciousness is already being dissolved, being released from within me.

It is time to disconnect and be free from all that holds you back as a human, only this way you can find the real truth of your being within source.

It is hard when many messages will tell you a different story, but within your heart you know the truth, you also know the fear that overrides the truth many times.

Many messages are there to awaken, from that point on it is time for your own research.

Look up to Source, do not look back.

Release the fear that holds you in its grip, the fear that is within the collective consciousness.

I do not need this energy, I have supported this energy by holding it within me, to support you.

I can ascend without this grid, this consciousness, in fact I will have to, as its not my energy, it is yours.

I will still be here to support you, as you can call upon me at anytime.

But now is the time to stand on your own feet, to focus on your ascension as I focus on mine.

We will all work together as one being to ascend, but we each have our own work, our own path.

The frequencies within me already surpass those of the 5th dimension, and even more.

You are still in the 3rd dimensional frequencies as we will keep these running for the many that have not awakened.

Part of your path is also to bring in your higher frequencies into the 3rd dimensional frequencies to be able to fully ascend.

Oneness does not just mean One with every being, it also means One with every frequency, every energy that is out there.

For everything is within Source, as it will be within you once again.

This is why you release the old, the energy you do not need and embrace the ones that were with you, that are you.
By releasing I mean the energy that was created to support you in your ventures upon me, they are not you, they are only supported by you, by your energy.

Become the fullness of your own being.

As you made this choice millions of years ago to venture upon me, to evolve upon me, to ascend upon me.

Now Is the time To fully embrace that choice and know that lessons have been learned and it is time to bring it full circle.

Mother Earth

Through Petra Margolis
June 26 2010

We are offering a free class this weekend on Saturday June 26 at 10:00pm EST to disconnect from the Planetary Grid.

I only have room for 25 people at this time, but the recording of this meditation will become available for free on our website.

Its a first come first serve base. If you would like to come on the call, email me

at petra@bluelightstar.com and I will email you the call information.

Please only email me if you are serious about coming on this call.



Feel free to forward this to anyone, the more we can disconnect, the more we can actually change.

Lets Step Out of the Illusion of Change and make Real Change Happen

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