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Princess Diana's Message on the Oil Spill and Solstice

Princess Diana's Message on the Oil Spill and Solstice
From the Realms of Light
Channeled June 21, 2010
By Marcia McMahon

Diana: I am glad to see some progress being made with regard to easing restrictions upon the innocent and suffering people of the
Gaza strip. Israel's actions on the aid ship in avertedly caused her to make these concessions so we are glad they will ease up a bit on the noose they have had on Gaza for some time.

Right now I am joining in the meditations for the solstice being done for Mother Earth Gaia and the terrible oil spill that has caused the
loss of life of sea life and human life as well. I am sending light and love from all the Ascended Masters including Jeshua who is with
me and John Lennon. - And all the spiritual hierarchy. We are all concerned and holding on to hope for this latest disaster to find the
right solution.

It seems inconceivable that people could invent such deep-water wells that would not have a through back up system for stopping the leak. The Spiritual Hierarchy is working on the situation as well as the Galactic Federation of Light, who has advanced technology to stop such disasters but who will not intervene without the permission of the people of the earth. There are light beings in other dimensions, which can also be called upon to perform miracles for earth, and there are counsels going on now to that effect.

I will not say more as I understand how controversial this topic of so called "alien" life forms is to most humans but it is however true and there are those from other star systems who are perfectly aware of this and they intend good to the planet.

It is understood that this is a most unfortunate learning experience for the human habitants who still believe that oil and her spoils are
good for the human being, which in effect, they are not! And the more natural resources, which can be used such as solar, and wind and other more controversial energy sources will be put to good use in coming years.

Technology these days is always a double edged sword since it can be harnessed to aid so many and yet is still under the control of darker forces who have wanted to control the masses of people for many hundreds of years.

As mankind awakens to the Golden Age of Light and Peace there will be little interest in this outmoded use of technology and in it's place will be those technologies which are harmless to the human and animal bodies much less the body of the whole mother earth Gaia.

So my dear friends reading my message know that great things await all of you in this new age of Peace, and while you do struggle with the darker forces; there will be a time when this is no longer an oppressive issue for the masses who yearn to be free.

I bow to those peace workers reading my messages and book and ask you to look into the book my channel has written for she works with the light of God.

With love from Diana, Princess of Peace and light.

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