26 Haziran 2010 Cumartesi

Now is the time for Oneness

Now is the time for Oneness

We have learned all we needed to learn, all that is happening now is your creation.

There is no need to follow life lessons, there is no need to break free from karma.

This is the time, we are approaching the zero point.

The time to do what needs to be done to assist mother earth.

We have reached the point of completion in many ways and are ready to take back our own power.

This is why we are here.

Many of you have awakened to the new light upon earth.

You have the chance now to awaken fully.

Awaken to the inner, instead of looking for it in the outer.

There is only you, and you are One with all that is.

This is what you are searching for and have been looking for all this time.

Take a chance on life within.

Find yourself within.


Source is within you as within all of us, we can only be One with Source if we can find it within.


Through Petra Margolis
June 26, 2010

We are offering a free class this weekend on Saturday June 26 at 10:00pm EST to disconnect from the Planetary Grid.

I only have room for 25 people at this time, but the recording of this meditation will become available for free on our website.

Its a first come first serve base. If you would like to come on the call, email me

at petra@bluelightstar.com and I will email you the call information.

Please only email me if you are serious about coming on this call.



Feel free to forward this to anyone, the more we can disconnect, the more we can actually change.

Lets Step Out of the Illusion of Change and make Real Change Happen

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