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Messages from The Mentors and Sananda

Messages from The Mentors and Sananda

"We are here to remind you that our first Message in this Month of Love will be delivered tomorrow, in your time. We invite you to register to receive it, and those to follow in February, if you are so inclined. We give these Messages to further empower your Ascension preparations, and we are honored and delighted to be called upon to do so!

"Blessings and Love to you all!"
The Mentors
Ashtar, Sekhmet, Sananda, St Germain, Kuan Yin and the Arcturians

"Beloved Mentors,
"This, Your Message is so powerful that I am replying to you with my tears of joy still coming down my face.
"You invite yourselves into our hearts and I am welcoming you into mine with all my Love and Gratitude. I do feel the energy of each One of You and I shall regularly be, or even try to be all the time, in this
special Communion with You.
"There are no words that could express the happiness I feel thanks to this offer of communion of Oneness between us.
"I am Yours, with all my heart." F.H. Spain, 2-1-12

"I, Sananda, shall be in service to and with those of you who choose to join with me on the very Day of Love on your calendar.* It is to be One in the closest of Communions that we come together. For this Communion is with the High Dimensional Christ Consciousness which dwells within all of us, but which is often obscured by the densities of your humanity. So, Beloved Ones, I invite you to commit to this endeavor with Me, that we may awaken your Christhood through the sharings of our Love! Namaste!"

* Valentine's Day, February 14, 2012 To Register for Sananda's Call plus the Messages from The Mentors

"Thank you so much for such a Divine Night ~*~ What an incredible feeling , I think my heart is going to burst , so much Love , what an amazing feeling , I was uplifted into the Sky and we were surrounded with Beautiful Light, energies and Unconditional Love ~*~ What a Feeling !!!!! If the Teacher would ask me : Child what was the Lesson today ? – I would reply to Him : sharing a Love , the feeling that I felt sharing this Love and Light of Christ Energy with our Loved Ones standing in the middle of the circle - I can hardly find words to describe this feeling - but I learn to “know “ this feeling in my heart and from now on forward - whenever I want to share the Unconditional Love and Love that our Masters gave to us to share , I will know how to go to my Heart , open my Heart and share that Love , and in true word – no conditions attached ... just give a Love and now I know how it feels."
G.R., Canada. 1-15-12.

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