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Solar Eclipse May 2012 Earth Keeper Galveston Gathering

National Science Foundation - Researchers have found that the sun's magnetic field allows the release of wave energy from its interior, permitting sound waves to travel through thin fountains, or "spicules", upward and into the chromosphere. The chromosphere is the region of the sun that looks like a red ring of fire during a Solar Eclipse like the one of May 20,2012.

Sound waves escaping the sun's interior create fountains of hot gas that shape and power a thin region of the sun's atmosphere which appears as a ruby red "ring of fire" around the moon during a total solar eclipse, as per research funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF) and NASA. This region, called the chromosphere because of its color, is largely responsible for the deep ultraviolet radiation that bathes the Earth, producing the atmosphere's ozone layer. The energy of such Ring of Fire Eclipses is enormous.

U-Tube- Galveston Island & Moody Pyramids:

Spend the Eclipse Inside an Enormous Pyramid !

Experience the Cosmic Trigger on the Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 inside an enormous 'Modern' Pyramid. We have exclusively rented the 'Moody Blue' Pyramid for a meditation Ceremony. The Moody Tri-Pyramid Complex consist of the Blue Aquarium Pyramid, the Glass Rainforest Pyramid (complete with a Quartz Crystal Cave of genuine crystals) and the Copper Pyramid. The Moody Pyramids are located on the exact same latitude as the Pyramids of Giza.

Moody Gardens: Three Amazing Pyramids

MoodyGardens is a huge complex in Galveston,Texas and consists of three gigantic pyramids and other attractions. The Discovery Pyramid is filled with science-related activities and exhibits. The Rainforest pyramid is the home to tropical plants and animals. The Aquarium pyramid is one of the largest aquariums in the world and contains thousands of species sea life.

Among the pyramids is Palm Beach, a landscaped area with freshwater lagoons, sandy beaches, and activities for children. But, wait, that's not all! The complex also includes a MG 3D theater with a six-story screen and a 4D special FX theater, a RideFilm Theater with motion-based seating, a cruise boat, a golf course, a convention center and a hotel.

Each pyramid in Moody Gardens is a different color and has its own unique exhibits. The Aquarium pyramid is blue and is about 12 stories tall. There are over 8,000 species of fish, reptiles, mammals, invertebrates and plants in the massive pools inside the pyramid. Visitors can walk through a tunnel, surrounded by one-million gallons of water, and watch the tropical fish swim right by.

The Rainforest pyramid is 10 stories high and is white with clear glass. This pyramid features a popular Rainforest Rediscovered Exhibit and bat caves. Visitors will see massive trees, crashing waterfalls, and wild animals including cottontop tamarins and two-toed sloths. The Discovery pyramid is a deep magenta and is home to the motion simulator RideFilm and other traveling exhibits from around the country that provide visitors with the opportunity to interact with science.

- The Atlantean Sphere Disscovered By Dr Ray Brown Will Be at the Earth-Keeper Galveston Gathering. Personal Sessions Are Available to Attendees

Video-Dr Raymond Brown - The Atlantean Sphere & Dr Marcel Vogel

The Moody Gardens Hotel & Pyramid Complex

The amazing Moody Gardens Hotel, Spa and Convention Center in Galveston, Texas is a Tropical paradise perfect for a conference meeting, spa-weekend getaway or a family vacation.

Housing 428 luxuriously appointed guest rooms and over 100,000 square feet of state-of-the-art meeting and convention space, this truly world class Galveston hotel and conference facility is set among 242 acres of botanical beauty and accented by 3 magnificent pyramids that contain a living rainforest, a Texas-sized aquarium and a Giant Screen 3-D IMAX Theatre.

Please contact the Moody Hotels Reservations department to book your rooms at 1-866-762-7480 ! Mention the Earth-Keeper Group to get a very special discounted rate. Limited rooms available at the discounted rate.

Limited Rooms Available at the Discounted Earth-Keeper Rate

Our Galveston Island Venue: The 5-Star Moody Gardens Hotel & Pyramid Beach Resort www.moodygardenshotel.com is our venue for the Cosmic Trigger Gathering.

The Moody Gardens Hotel is an elegant state of the art luxury hotel with 5-Star amenities . It is located on the Beach and overlooks the 3 Moody Pyramids.

We have a special rate of $159 per single-quad room. We have 60 rooms now blocked at a very speical discounted rate for the Earth-Keeper Gathering. the special rate. Attendees can book the hotel rooms and receive the discounted rate by calling Moody Gardens Hotel at 1-888 388-8484 and mentioning the Earth-Keeper Group. The normal rate is $229 per nite during the Summer Season beginning in May. To get the $159 Earth-Keeper rate you must book before 1 April and mention Earth-Keeper.

As this is the beginning month of peak summer season and Galveston Island is a beach resort town, hotels will fill up quickly, and rates will be much higher in this peak season, double priced in many cases. Plse book quickly. We will also assist in finding room-mates and sharing of rental cars to help attendees economize.

Private Sessions with the Atlanteon Sphere Available in Galveston for Event Attendees- Details Forthcoming. You must attend the event to have access for sessions.

Completing the Cosmic Trigger-The 2012 Solar Eclipse Alignment
Moody Blue Pyramid - Galveston Island Tx
May 18-19-20, 2012

The Blue Octahedron - Meditations Inside for the Eclipse Weekend in May

Venue - Moody Gardens Hotel

Abundance Exchange - $444

$333 - Early Registration Discount
If Registered Before March 7th
Click Link - http://earth-keeper.com/ProductInfo.aspx?productid=EVENT69

Special Discounted Hotel Rates for Earth-Keeper at the Moody Gardens Hotel.

Questions ? Call 936 447-9119 or Email Anne at Tyberonn@hotmail.com

Early - Discounted Rate for Galveston Ends in 2 Weeks !

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