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Athena and Avatars? and Isis

Athena, Avatars, Isıs..Adi Gaia's new blog

Hi Honeybee,

I had my first reading by Lavandar a year ago in which she spoke about me being closely associated with Athena. Well, I had never really thought about mythology characters as actually being real beings who lived on this earth. I was told Athena worked with and taught 96 goddesses about bloodlines and how to preserve the royal bloodline of Yeshua and Mary. Athena had to leave the planet and sometime after she left, some of the women holding the codes to the bloodline began to mix the bloodlines. Lavandar told me during that reading that she sees me possibly receiving the Athena award in Nashville one day. It sounded cool and I took the information and didn't do anything with it.

But about four months after my reading Athena began coming to me. I have had several episodes in which with Athena's help I AM remembering bits and pieces of past lifes. One of those experiences I wrote about in the forum called, "Athena, it's me, Bethany". There is another in which I haven't written about in public but I will here. I didn't know Athena even had a birthday, never thought about it.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011 I watched Mama Mia and was so uplifted from the singing and the happiness and of course the Greek Isles, but didn't think anything of it. Why should I at this point...

Thursday, March 10th after meditating I felt a strong energy in my head. I didn't recognize it right away because it was different this time. I remember telling my friend Starr that I thought someone was viewing me and I felt it was intrusive. After the feeling went away, I was on line and the thought came to me to look at "Athena costumes" I spent most of my morning looking at the differant costumes and picking the ones I would want to wear. In fact I sent Marcie Heeter a couple links and we had fun with the subject. I still hadn't put Mama Mia and the Athena costumes together yet, nor the energy in my head that morning. In the afternoon I did something rare and turned on the tv. The channel was turned to the parthenon structure in Greece. The next show was about the parthenon in Nashville, TN. and this one included Athena. The next show went back to Greece and spoke about Athena...

Sunday, March 13th I received an email from Tammie Stair telling me about a ceromony for Athena's birthday and the Super Full Moon. It wasn't until I received Tammie's email that I put all these experiences together. I feel what felt like an intrusive energy in my head on Thursday was actually Athena giving me a new download. It was stronger and filled my head when usually she comes through my pineal.

I don't know that this has anything to do with it but during the same time while in the dream state I was told I was a templar. Whether or not I was a knight or held some other position I do not know. France was a definite and Joan of Arc was indicated. Well, there are a couple hundred years between the last of the templars and Joan of Arc, but I have always felt a connection to Joan of Arc without knowing why. I AM beginning to believe Athena/bloodlines/Yeshua & Mary/ templar/Joan of Arc/France are all connected and little by little I AM unfolding the story. During the next tuesday night radio show I had never heard Lavandar speak of Joan of Arc before but she brought her up. Some people do not believe in affirmations but I have had so many I will not discount it.

I know that if you want to know the truth about Athena then you are in some way connected with her. Ask and Athena will come to you, and she will help reveal the answers to your questions.
Hi everyone :) There is a long history connected to Mary Magdalene and the Goddess lineage she is part of, that almost nobody knows about...she is part of a great energy pattern that has the capacity to splinter itself off into little segments of energy, that imprint a particular Human at conception, or sometimes even at birth. This has been pre-ordained by the person/Being receiving the imprint, by their Over-Soul presence, to add to the journey of that Over Soul, also to the origination of the imprint...in other words, those of us who agree to carry this imprint of energy of a great Being, are to move through certain experiences or heal certain stories and situations, in order to add something to the whole for all concerned.

Not everyone wakes up to the knowing of the imprint they are carrying...so there's a good number of them seeded, so to speak, knowing that a certain proportion of them will make it through the chosen healings or experiences. As well, there is the capacity to link closely with those of similar bloodlines, or in some other way, have the chosen attributes of Service, Love of Truth and so forth, who get activated later in life, when their path opens up to a particular level to allow for that to happen.

And...carrying the imprint of an Avatar, which is to us what Mary Magdalene is, can be a challenging process - life does not run very smoothly, very often, for those who carry her Light strongly :) At least for the ones that I know about :) Until they have healed/integrated/experienced what was on the plate for completion, anyway.

Many who incarnated at the time of Jeshua/Mary returned in the time of the Templars, to reactivate their Mission of bringing Divine Love to the planet...as we know, they got wiped out. Ditto Joan of Arc...so there is a powerful message of now coming together, sharing the journey, and creating together in ways that empower ourselves and others around us, who are willing to be part of it in some way, and moving beyond this overlay of the past...starseedhotline being a great example :)

There is also a great deal to remember from the time of Lemuria in the beginning and closing stages, for this is when the Goddesses incarnated as Lemurians, and shifted the frequencies that allowed for its arising as a beautiful template for us to Love from now...and oversaw its releasing back into the ethers/mostly under the waters (apart from Hawaii, Australia, and parts of the Pacific Rim Islands), when the time came for it to be completed, so that other forms of experience could arise or reach their completion.

Many are awakening now in some form to their Lemurian Goddess heritage, knowing that they came back at this time, about 50,000 years later, to oversee the Peaceful and most Loving resolution possible to the issues of Humanity, to prepare and be ready for the next stage of our evolutionary process...living in greater connection to our Divine nature, in Harmony and Peaceful cooperation with our greater Galactic families and friends...by living in and sharing in Loving and empowering ways with others.

Ask yourself...am I a Goddess Light? The answer will often be yes, for those who participate here :)

Love and Blessings, Takeli MMagdalen, of the Lemurian weave of Violet, in the Lemurian Goddess colours :)
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Isis/Athena same divine? The ancient Greeks associated Isis with Athena and Tethys. In my opinion, Mark of Athena or Mark of Avatar means these divinities can use you as a conduit for sending healing to others, with or without your knowledge. You are available at that frequency, like an antenna to receive the signal, then retransmit it.

Here's some food for thought:

excerpt page 80 of the book "The Great Shift - Co-creating a new world for 2012 and beyond" chapter entitled "Mary Magdalene and the Hathors".

Regarding Emanations and Incarnations

Isis herself never fully incarnated. She was far too smart to do that, but she did incarnate emanations of herself.

Isis is a transcendent energetic expression of the feminine. She has a body, but it is an energetic form; it is not physical. she can be experienced directly in her various forms - and she has more than one - in what the Egyptians call the Duwat (the spirit world). But she herself does not have a physical form.

When one encounters her in the Duwat, she can have a human form, the form of a woman, and this form of a woman sometimes has wings. So the forms that a goddess or god takes in this other world, the Duwat, can shift, can take many aspects, and can be seen in different ways depending on which aspect is being expressed.


When Isis, in her compassion or understanding, determines that her presence is required here in the realms of matter, she can cause an emanation, a light fragment of herself, to incarnate into a Human form. But she never fully incarnates. For instance, when Isis incarnated in Mary, the mother of Yeshua, it was a very powerful presence, yet it was still only an emanation of Isis, so that Mary, the Mother, was a mixture of both Isis and herself.

.....page 83....

We live in a very vast universe, and I have not encountered all beings, but based on my experience, I have never seen or witnessed a full embodiment of a divinity. Always it is an emanation that has incarnated, and it is the responsibility and the necessity of those who encounter beings who possess such emanations to be aware of this. The reason for this is sometimes the person possessing the emanation identifies with the emanation and is not aware of other atributes in its personality. i feel this is vital information especially now in this time, because many divinities are sending emanations into this world.

So I would like to reiterate something I just said: I have never seen a divinity fully incarnate. I would imagine that some readers immediately recognize the intellectual implications of that statement, but for those who don't, let me fill in the blank. The statement applies to all beings I have encountered, including my beloved Yeshua.

He possessed a clear, powerful emanation of the divine. When this emanation spoke, worlds trembled, and yet as one who lived with him, he had other aspects as well. In other worlds, Yeshua was a mix of God and man. He had his moments of doubt, uncertainty and personal suffering. There are those who would like to believe that he was always a clear beacon of light, unwavering, ... As a woman in love with him and as his confidant, I found these moments when he shared with me his personal darkest to be treasured moments.

....page 84....

Return of Isis

When I refer to the return of Isis, I am talking about two aspects of her return. One involves emanations of her into this world embodied in individuals. And in a more metaphorical way, as a return of the honoring of the feminine and the expressiion of the enlightened feminine qualities in this world - and this takes place through individuals. So what you are finding now in this world at this time and the coming years is that more children will incarnate with divine emanations. This is already happening. ..... Parents of enlightened children will find it more interesting and challenging.......In some cases older individuals (meaning not children) are suddenly awakening to the fact that they have an emanation of the divinity within them.

The other aspect of the return of Isis that I refer to is metaphorical. This is simply a shifting of cultural imperatives, the days of patriarchal domination are ending. ..... one other apsect of this metaphorical return of Isis is that more women, sepecially the younger generations, will be taking the reins of power - not asking permission - just taking the reins. And teh growing number of men, especially the younger generations, will gladly share, for they will know with unyielding certainty that it shall take two - male and female - to bring Human civilization through the portal of these times."

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